the very best of the stone roses


ARIES-LIBRA:Aka everyone’s favorite pair,the best balance between beauty and conflict,one is the gold crown and the other is the sparkling gem stone embellishing it,the creator-destroyer pair,the fire tornado of astrology,super loyal and protective towards each other.

TAURUS-SCORPIO:The embodiment of the pleasing seasons:spring&fall,very intense relationships full of love,really keen on keeping each other happy,royal blood running through their veins,one is the the rose the other is the thron,their bond will never truly disappear

GEMINI-SAGITTARIUS:The diamonds that glitter beautifully and break glass,meditate together while listening to nature sounds,one is the arrow the other is the red target point,have the grace of old school swing dancers,the most beautiful song players,one is the ocean the other is the wind

CANCER-CAPRICORN:The most wonderful parents,the stoic couple that will survive every battle,one is the timeless wooden box and the other is the haunted treasure,fairies with star sparks in their hair,the sweet scent of old perfume bottles in their palms,give the best kisses

LEO-AQUARIUS:The Gods drinking ambrosia on the white clouds,always wear nice fabrics that fit well,one is the candle light and one is the butterfly orbiting around it,have and impressive old book collection,feel at home on old wooden stages that crack under their feet,the stars that attract us towards them

VIRGO-PISCES:The glamorous rebel pair that don’t care about your opinion,one is the crystal glass the other is the cold pink champagne inside it,their skin makes them look like sculptures in moonlight,can almost physically music notes at concerts,put daisies in each other’s hair,the embodiment of the lovely new year’s kiss

spell jar for focused creativity

here is what you’ll need:

  • a jar! 
  • sand; for focus and organisation (use beach sand if possible, or at least very fine sand)
  • clear quartz point; for focus, energy and direction
  • citrine; for creativity and positivity
  • tiger’s eye; for motivation and concentration
  • dried rose petals; for inspiration and passion (could also use rosebuds)

how much of each thing you put in is going to depend on the size of your jar. you want it to be about half full of sand but not so much that you can’t easily see anything else. add half as many rose petals as there is sand. for the stones you can use one of each or lots of smaller crystals but whatever you use make sure you can see them amongst the sand and petals. combine the ingredients (?) in whatever order seems best to you (i like to say what each part is for as i add it). you can seal the jar if you want but it works very nicely if you can take the lid off and touch the things inside sometimes! keep it on your desk/creative space and when you need a creative boost this is where you’re gonna get it from. turn it over, shake it, get the stones out and feel them in your palm, watch how the light comes through the glass and reflects on the crystals. talk to the jar, hold it in your hands. this jar is like a little friend that can guide you in the right direction, but only if you pay it some attention once in a while!

Got these great albums today:

Top left - Bring me the horizon - Happy Song single on vinyl

“We are possessed
We’re all fucked in the head
Alone and depressed”

Top Middle - Oasis - (What’s The Story) Morning Glory on vinyl

“How many special change?
How many lives are living strange?
Were where you while we getting high?”

Top Right - Noel Gallagher’s high flying birds - Lock all the doors single on vinyl

“Lock all the doors
Baby they’ll never find us
I can be sure
Like never before
This time”

Bottom Left - Dexy’s Midnight Runners - Too-Rye-Ay

“Come on Eileen
Oh I swear (what he means)
In this moment
You mean everything”

Bottom middle - The Stone Roses - The Very Best of the Stone Roses

“Sent to her from heaven
Sally Cinnamon
You’re her world”

Bottom right - The Verve - Urban Hymms

“I’m a lucky man
With fire in my hands”

These songs are the reason I love music.

                                         - Nick Southall

                                           Stylus Magazine, September 1st, 2003

To me, music digestion has always fallen someplace between the spectrum of two poles: complete desolation, and pure bliss– where your listening habits fall usually depends on your mood and/or environment. Andrew Jackson Jihad, Swans, and Mayhem are the artists I often reach for when I’m up to the former. But as for the latter, well, I feel every human being should pay respects to these Madchester greats whenever he or she needs total, life-affirming rapture.

This compilation of (most of) The Stone Roses’ best work will have you so up-and-at-‘em, you’d swear 50mg of X somehow found its way into your morning tea. Not only is every sole track here a mini-masterpiece, The Very Best of the Stone Roses, aside from their seminal debut album, is the best possible introduction to the band.