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Ur utterly amazing like the fact that you took the mere idea of 'pumpkin vampires' and turned it into like, an emotionally charged and unerving fairy tale is spectacular and now I gotta go learn about this vampire pumpkin myth stuff other anon was talking about


Murata stream update: Suiryu, your desperation and concern are duly noted but the egg has already taken care of this monster situation!

This year, I’m doing the 30-day robot writing challenge in June (from this prompt list) on my original fiction blog @backwardscompatibility. if i were to attach it to some kind of personal fundraiser towards the purchase of a computer, would anyone actually want to support that?

zenosanalytic said: and also irrelevant. You make a cogent point and they say something entirely unrelated in response. It’d be like if you were talking about accessibility in buildings, they were arguing against it, and you pointed out some people are born with limited mobility, or rendered limitedly mobile by illness or injury through no fault of their own, and they said “Yeah, but some people try to jump motorcycles over cars and crash out, so we shouldn’t have ramps and auto-doors”

‘but what if while helping 999 people, 1 person gets something they didn’t deserve??’ is a bizarrely common worldview

zenosanalytic said: oh man this guy lives in an entirely different world. He obviously doesn’t know that most job advancement REQUIRES degrees. That a hell of a lot of non-menial jobs, even generally bureaucratic people-facing stuff like social workers and case-managers, requires a master’s degree, at minimum.

the guy has been in the federal government since 1997, he is completely detached from reality

and so is my state that keeps electing him back

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If Rinehart died his teeth green and put on a top hat and cloak. He would slay cosplaying as black hat.

He’d never cosplay anyone ever, he’s already beautiful and perfect.

Besides, I already have a character with sharp green teeth - Rabbit!


Color practicing and an exhausted Bakugou sketch 


“Last Night in Bucharest”

by Bjørn Jakobsen, the wonderful and amazing husband of Lisa Jakobsen, aka lowkeysebastianstan

So this happened. My husband, who, I’ll gladly admit, functions as a daily sounding board for all things Bucky, had me stunned and in a heap of tears on Christmas Eve when I opened his gift for me, the introduction of my story in comic book form. I can’t even begin to describe the level of gratefulness and astonishment I felt when I realised what he’d been working on, I mean, I thought he might give me a painting, but this… I’m in awe and so thankful to have this person in my life, he’s an amazing human, and my best friend. And it’s perfect. Just perfect. My pal, my buddy, my Bjørn, I love you.

UPDATE: So after that beyond anything beautiful, stunning, magnificent gift my fantastic and extraordinary husband made me for Christmas, my birthday rolled around and he gave me the cover. I cried, I swooned, I bawled, I laughed, we hugged, we kissed, I called Cindy, we squeed, he got embarrassed, we didn’t give a flying fuck, there was a bit more crying… You know, the usual. And so I’m finally updating the post to show you guys. I didn’t do it sooner bc a) it took a while for it to be scanned, and b) I’m a master of making up involved excuses for not doing something bc it has to be just right and perfect.  Which is insane, bc this actually is. I love it so much, I’m still baffled and dazed he’ve done this for me, and I’m not at all imagining him doing the whole thing… Nope.

Last Night in Bucharest