the vermin project

Photographing stills for my first title sequence - when I was doing all the boring bits like cropping and resizing afterwords I experimented in IrfanView with turning my images into negatives. I don’t normally like the look of negative images but with my title fonts it suddenly seemed to make everything grimier and gloomier all of a sudden, like it had been bleached and soaked in rainwater - perfect for a short film inspired by the rats of East London.


the other day i showed my boyfriend a sneaky preview of my film so far and he told me it reminded him of terry gilliam’s old monty python animations, which is a huge compliment. his films used to thrill and terrify me when i was little, he can make such frightening and peculiar imagery from the most simple shapes and collage. i think i will be revisiting my Flying Circus box set tonight for inspiration..