the venezuelan poodle moth

The Venezuelan poodle moth is a possible new species of moth discovered in 2009 by Dr. Arthur Anker of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, in the Gran Sabana region of Venezuela. It bears similarities to the Diaphora mendica, the muslin moth, but most likely belongs to the lepidopteran genus Artace.


finding a venezuelan poodle moth for the first time allowed me some inspiration! drew a cute moth character, non-binary but very fem and chub obviously. i like so far •3•


9 Incredibly Strange Animals That Really Exist

Here are some more of the rarest and weirdest animals you’ll ever see. Some of these appear to be hybrids (like the hummingbird moth or the zebra-deer-pig up there), while others look like they are straight out of Mars. I love space travel and all, but before we go all crazy exploring the cosmos (which we should still totally do), it’s nice to remember that we’ve got plenty of aliens right here on Earth. 

Source: Imgur user mrpimplesquirter