the veloras

I can’t stop thinking about the idea of Velora visiting Whitestone in the year time skip.

It takes months to organize, and obviously Vax and Keyleth are told and come to visit at the same time.

Velora being told about the Grey Hunt/shown the forest around Whitestone.

Velora getting to see her big sister’s fancy manor home.

Velora asking all sorts of personal questions re: Percy and Vex’s relationship (and Vax and Keyleth’s for that matter).

Velora being at first intimidated by Cassandra but ultimately coming to love her.

Velora! In! Whitestone!

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Percy trying to start a relationship with his new little sister-in-law, Velora, but all she really wants is to hear more stories about Vex'ahlia.

ooooh yes i love this

futurefic/established relationship, obvs.  conclave is dead, percy and vex had a quickie wedding and now they’re going to syngorn to get vex’s inheritance shit worked out or somethin idk.  if velora seems older it’s because she is.

Percy stood awkwardly in the doorway, watching the girl play with her owlbear doll.  Vex had left to go get revenge on someone-or-other with one of his explosives, and they had both decided it would be best if he had a clear alibi.  Luckily, Percy had something he wanted to do anyway.

Velora was clearly important to Vex.  Siblings were important to Vex.  And Vex had met his sister, so Percy felt he should get to know hers.  

Children, however, had never been his strong suit.  They didn’t like him, and he generally didn’t like them.  Oh, well.  He cleared his throat and knocked on the doorframe to announce his presence.

Velora looked up from her owlbear.  “I already knew you were there.  You’re not very sneaky.”

“I am when I want to be,” said Percy, affronted, and then took a deep breath.  She was a child.  Right.  He took a few awkward steps into the room and sat down on a chair.  “Do you know who I am?”

“Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Kowol–Klossowski De Rolo III,” recited Velora in a prim accent that Percy thought might be mocking him.  Or perhaps her father.  He hoped the latter.  “Of Vex’ahlia.”

Percy smiled despite himself.  “Well, yes.  I see you’ve done your research.”

“Papa made me learn it when we heard you were married.”  She put her owlbear down.  When she turned to him, Percy could see the scraggly blue feather stuck behind her ear, nearly buried under her long dark hair, and had to repress another smile.  “Can you tell me about how Vex killed dragons, then?”

“I rather hoped to learn about you.”

Velora scowled.  “Well, I wanted to learn about Vex.”

Percy glared.  Velora glared back.

Deep breaths, Percival.  “Perhaps a deal can be arranged.  I shall tell you a story about Vex, and then you shall tell me something about yourself.”  Under his breath, he muttered, “brat.”

“I heard that.”


“But it’s a deal.  And you have to teach me more bad words.”

Percy considered this.  “I suppose I haven’t added ‘corrupting youth’ to my list of bad deeds yet,” he said, and offered his hand.  “Shake on it?”

Velora considered and took it, shaking like she hadn’t done so before.

“Alright,” said Percy, “the first–the most important–bad word you need to know is fuck.”

I feel like Velora is just wholly unappreciated. She sits around playing Ranger and Rogue because of her admiration for her siblings, and she has so much excitement and passion for them! And the twins adore her too and would support her in all things. I can totally see her leaving her father of dubious-arse-hole-ery and become a rogue/ranger of her own. Continuing the legacy of the Half-Elf twins and saving the world one villain at a time, making a nice amount of gold along the way. 

Can you imagine her introducing herself as “Velora Vessar, sister to Vax’ildan and Vex’ahlia of Vox Machinca” and completely disregarding their father all together? Because I can and it’s awesome. 

I have a theory with elf ears, that half elves have the small, lotr-esc ears which are human put pointed; and full-blood elves have the larger, pointer ears. I imagine this also lead to Vex and Vax having their ears hidden behind their hair when they were children living in a human village, and on full-proud display when they were teenagers in Syngorn.  

But yes, Velora! WOOO!

Like...This was the Beach Episode.

I’ve seen so many tumblr critters ask for a beach episode, along with so many other things that happened tonight.

We got a Pike arc

We saw Pike’s family

Pike and Grog got beads and braids

Prank war is back in full swing

Doty 2.0

THE FREAKING SLAYERS CAKE! Like are you kidding me? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? That’s freaking adorable, and I can just imagine the girls and Tary in there all the time laughing, having a good time, and bonding and holy shit.

And the cast totally had one too many drinks when coming up with that and decided to do it after having been sitting around for a long while, emptying their glasses.

Pike fought in the pit and DOMINATED!

We now have a fancy party in canon for Vex. Fanfic writers please, gods please deliver.

Also fanfic writers, I’m so interested in what ya’ll write now because it’s all so much feel good stuff. Please write about the year long break, please.

Vex built her house. She built it and is now rooming with Tary and they are best pals and the Little Elf Girl and Blondy nick-names kill me and I’m so happy.

Vex is an ambassador to Syngorn. She visited Velora and has now finally stopped looking for her Father’s approval. 


Keyleth and Vax have Tattoos now. Gods now I have to figure out how to draw Keyleth’s mantle tattoo.

The Ashari, Whitestone, and Emon now have life alert. lol.


Percy is gonna steam-punk the shit out of his city, isn’t he.

Gods…that’s so much information. Just…aug so any images and scenes I now get to mull over it’s absolutely awesome.

Thank you Critical Role crew, for the beach episode we deserved.

Critical Role

Okay, so I said before that when the new Campaign starts I didn’t want it to be full of references from the old one because I wanted it to feel different, I didn’t want us to end up comparing it to the first one.

But then hearing Matt say that the new Campaign will be about 20 years down the road from the current one, I realized something. 

When the new campaign starts, I don’t want the new characters to run into the surviving members of Vox Machina. I don’t want them to run into Allura, or Gilmore, or Kima, or Any of the Guest characters that we know so well. 

I want the new team to help out the stealthy ranger, Velora.

I want the new team to buy a world map created by the world renown map maker Tyriok.

I want the new team to find temple after temple around the world now constructed for Sarenrae as a new surge of followers begun to worship her once more in recent years. 

I don’t want to see how Vox Machina is doing in 20 years. I want to see how Vox Machina changed the world. 

Whatever you do, don’t think of little Velora Vessar hearing about Vox Machina’s fantastic adventures while in Emon and getting turned down when she tries to get the other elven children of Syngorn to play Vox Machina with her during playtime.

Don’t think of Velora Vessar returning to Syngorn with fantastic stories of her older siblings to tell all her friends only to be told by their parents and her teachers and eventually even her friends that Vex and Vax are gross and dirty half breeds.

Don’t think of Velora Vessar getting into fights over her siblings and the fantastic battles they’ve had (“My brother and sister killed a dragon!”) and coming home with scraped knuckles and bruised arms.

Absolutely do not think of Velora Vessar yelling at her father across he dinner table because he’s told her they’re not really her siblings (“Yes they are! They love me and I love them! I wish they were here!”) and getting sent to her room where she hugs an owlbear plushie and looks out the window, dreaming of the day she can be just like her heroes, her siblings, her Vex and Vax.

Velora liked Shaun. He was kind and good to her, even after the death of her brother. When she visits, he takes the time to ask her about herself and what’s going on with her. It’s nice to have a friend.  He teaches her magic, and he teaches her to be kind and calm.  To be understanding of the differences that the elves of Sygorn never taught her. She loved Shaun like he was her older brother.  It was nice to have another brother again, and it was fun to know that he considered her a little sister.

In her latest trip to Emon, he invited her to stay with him for the night instead of trying to find an inn.  The back rooms of his shop were warm and welcoming. Like a good home. With offers of tea and small cakes, they chatted and practiced. Spells, and other things. When she was almost asleep, her head lulled onto Shaun’s shoulder. “ My god.” He said softly as he touched her hair. The braid was knotted and tangled a bit. “ Sit up.” He told her, him tapping her shoulder. With a groan, she forced herself to sit up. 

As he worked out the knots and tangles in her hair, she struggled to stay up. At times, her head had gone forward and she had gotten moments of sleep. He worked oils into her hair, ones that she could she pick out as peppermint, myrrh, and patchouli. Something that always reminded her of time with him.

With another bout of mini naps, she felt a tap on her shoulder. “ Come on..” He said, offering out his arm to her. Taking his arm, they made their way back to her guest room. “ Good Night Velora, ” Shaun kissed her on the forehead, before opening the door. “ Have sweet dreams my little sister.” She barely heard as she shuffled in and laid down.  As he walked away from the door, from under her cover, softly she said, “ Have sweet dreams, my brother.”

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perc'ahlia ofc

who’s the werewolf and who’s the hunter

ok ok ok i know the obvious one here is werewuff perc and hunter vex, which is SO GOOD. but also?? let’s not ignore the grade a+++ potential for wuff vex who has her powers under control forming an uneasy alliance with Normal Human percy who becomes a hunter to avenge his own family’s slaughter at the hands of the unknown

together, vex helps him come to terms with his loss and anger while also showing them that not everything has to be solved with the smoking end of a gun or a silver bullet, and instead they help keep the line between the supernatural and the normal world at bay

(featuring fellow wuff vax and vox machina as an assortment of other supernatural creatures and tary as a Normal Human who wants to become a hunter because he read about it and did RESEARCH and everybody in vm just like LOL percy this was exactly like you at first!!!)

who’s the mermaid and who’s the fisherman

i mean, perc was literally a fisherman for a while and mermaid/siren vex is my favorite. especially if percy’s still in his running from everything and hiding stage before the vengeance and he immediately realizes what he just caught in his fishing nets and is just like “oh god, oh god what the fuck did i just DO” and at first vex is rightfully pissed because she just got tangled up in a net like a common sardine

ft. percy letting her go obviously and trying to bring her little trinkets (lol) and food from the land as an apology and her begrudgingly coming to like him and eventually realizing hey, this human isn’t so bad, is he? until they’re meeting up at the dock by his little shack every night and exchanging presents and just talking. and she learns about what happened to his family and what he used to be and he learns about her brother and everything that they lost.

(bonus points if eventually vax shows up too and begrudgingly befriends percy too, EXTRA bonus points if keyleth is percy’s best friend and the local “nutjob” of the village because she works with magic and people are scared of her because of it, so she ends up figuring out a way that vex and vax can have legs as long as they wear something magical that she enchants for them?)

who’s the witch and who’s the familiar

vex is the witch, obviously. although i think i’d probably enjoy it more if percy was straight up a human who makes a deal for protection and her help for vengeance on his family’s murderers in the future, and in return he gets the ability to shapeshift into a crow and helps her run her little shop while they bide their time and collect resources because vex will NOT let him just rush in and commit suicide because just from what little she’s heard, these people they’re going after are horrifically strong.

who’s the barista and who’s the coffee addict

either would work but i adore barista vex who’s intrigued and Seriously Worried about this guy who only ever orders a straight up large black coffee and nothing else every single day and constantly looks as if he’s about to keel over and die.

who’s the professor and who’s the TA

i don’t really like this one for them so my alternative is they’re both professors and all of their students know they’re flirting and their colleagues know they’re flirting but honestly? i don’t even think vex and percy realize they’re flirting until one day vex cracks a joke about how she could just kiss him and then just stops because, like, she could, couldn’t she?

ft. the entire student body and the other professors totally having a betting pool on when they’re gonna finally bang and get it over with

who’s the knight and who’s the prince(ss)

ummmmmm prince/lord percy being brought back home by Brave and Beautiful vex in her shining (slightly bent and rusty) armor and mediocre gear because she took a contract from lady cassandra to find her brother and bring him home after whitestone was taken back from the briarwoods but percy is still missing because he’s just been in hiding ever since he ran

ft. a lot of on the road bonding and percy being smitten with this woman from the moment he meets her even if she isn’t a typical knight in shining armor from his books because it doesn’t matter because that doesn’t even compare to vex

who’s the teacher and who’s the single parent

perc is the teacher, vex either gets custody of velora somehow or trinket is LITERALLY her son and a human kid from a one night stand

who’s the writer and who’s the editor

writer perc, editor vex who is incredibly fed up with him more often than not but also has a friendly bicker-y relationship but ALSO is very worried that he’s overworking himself to make deadlines and is scared for is health (and rightfully so)

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pLEASE write out some arranged marriage au's for perc'ahlia. i BEG you

literally all you have to do is ask, so long as you don’t mind a summary of ideas rather than actual fics because…..i would die if i tried. but i have many ideas regarding these two and marriage, and quite a few are arranged marriages. let’s see….

You have your classic arranged marriage, based on a timeline where the de Rolo family is alive and Vax and Vex are far more controlled by their father’s wishes. I like to think of this one as the left overs idea, seeing as it’s founded on the principles of Frederick and Johanna having to arrange a marriage for their third child who will not go out courting, and Syldor having to make a match for Vex before he can feasibly find a future husband for Velora. The deal is struck after months of arguing, when Vex finally agrees to marry some little lordling from the north because, well, the rumors about him are that he can’t be bothered about a wife, so he ought not to mind one that spends more time in the woods than by his side, right? And she’s heard Whitestone is lovely if chilly and distant (thought, really, that’s a virtue when it comes to getting as far from Syngorn as possible, and she even gets to take Vax with her).
They meet as proper nobility and this would be the fic in which Percy politely offers to cut his finger on the sheets. Instead, they stay up most of the night with Percy carefully explaining Whitestone’s traditions and Vex explaining how rubbish some of that is, and the maid finds them asleep against each other in the morning, still propped up against the headboard in casual day clothes, a map and what looks like half a written and scribbled-over argument in parchment pieces strewn across the bed. She’ll have to be checking the linens later, then.

Then we have the canon-compliant arranged marriage that I have seen written in some form or another, where Vex was supposed to be married off to Percy, but then of course the Briarwoods happened and Byroden happened and it never got all worked out. This idea mostly involves me wanting to write Vax being an ass about it on principle and/or Cassandra casually mentioning Percy’s betrothed, which causes a whole slew of confusion and one ill-fated quest to make sure he isn’t still engaged (which of course he is) because Percy really does not want to be engaged to anyone but Vex (which of course he isn’t). The endgame of this whole comedy of errors being Vex holding the papers legally binding them hostage, while Percy tries to grab them back because “It ought to be our choice, I don’t want to push a deal on you that you had no say in.” “Oh, so you’re not interested in making deals you don’t know the full repercussions of now, hm?” “I’m not - It’s not the repercussions I’m working about, it’s - I’d rather make this deal with you - give me the damn papers, Vex!”

I also have this idea for something very Swan Princess-esque where Vex and Percy grew up knowing they were going to be married, but then i also have this love of doing things a little backwards. So Percy is the one who starts falling in love first - in tiny inches, with the way Vex stands straight and tall with her brother when they’ve gotten in trouble again, with her laugh when it’s soft and light and then also when it’s too loud and sudden and she sometimes looks as though it’s caught her by surprise. He falls in love with her messy braid and the feathers in it, her awful-sounding Abyssal and the way it makes their tutors cringe, her insistence on keeping both a pet bear and a table full of cosmetics, the both of which she learns to wield and treasure for how they keep her safe and happy.
Vex, on the other hand, feels only a grudging sort of friendship. Sure, Percy’s alright. He’s clever enough and polite and stopped trying to lock her and Vax out of his rooms years ago (for all the good it ever did him when Vax was more than happy to pick said locks). And Vex knows she’s going to marry him one day, and that will be fine, but she doesn’t expect him to have grown to tall over a year. She doesn’t expect him to have a jawline she can see her lips following or eyes that beg to go darker with passion, and she certainly doesn’t expect his familiar wry grin to punch the breath from her chest when it’s directed at her now. He shows her the siege arrows he’s made (”They’re much more powerful than the exploding ones, you see. You’ll have to test them, but I’ve also had an idea for something like a grappling arrow that I’d like to try if you’re willing to give me some input.”) and Vex remembers the things he’s made and done for her and all the times she never thanked him and he never seemed to mind, and oh. Well. There’s an idea. Perhaps he loves her, and Vex finds herself a little in love with the thought.

The last thought I’ve had is angst-ridden and only half-formed, but it begins with the Briarwoods deciding to marry off the surviving de Rolos instead of Percy escaping, and he gets shipped to Syngorn. Vex is determined to hate him, just like everything Syldor has ever brought into their lives, but he’s so damn fragile when he arrives, and Vex has never been able to walk away from broken things. He’s her husband, yes, but Vex does a lot more of being his only friend than being a wife, and Percy slowly opens up. The twins are not nearly as bad as he’d dreaded and it’s certainly better than staying trapped in his old home, shadowed by monsters and wraiths, or chained in the dungeon and left to Anna’s tender mercies. He behaves because of Cassandra, but she is also why he never can quite enjoy his new life. Vex catches him, eventually, in a moment where he seems to be truly happy for once - and a breath-taking sight that is, when he’s creating and thinking, beautifully vibrant and casually sharp-tongued - just before he catches himself out and remembers to be quietly miserable.
“Tell me what you’re thinking about when you do that,” Vex insists. “What is it that always makes you force yourself to look guilty for enjoying things.”
Percy tells her, in halting, almost forgotten and definitely avoidant sentences, about his home and the people who took it from him, about the sister he left behind and why he’s never on anything less than his best behavior. Because if word ever gets back that he isn’t, it will be on Cassandra’s head.
“Well,” Vex says, after she’s swallowed down the impulse to simply hold Percy as close and as tightly as she can. “Let’s go get Vax. If we have to go liberate our city, we’ll need him.”
“You don’t have to get involved,” Percy tries. “It’s my problem, not yours.”
“By law, it’s half mine,” Vex says, flippant in the way she knows gets across how serious she really is. “The problems and all. That’s marriage, darling.”
It’s the first time Percy says he loves her, so quietly any human wouldn’t have caught it, but luckily, Vex is half elf.