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The Literary-Inspired Baking Video

This trope doesn’t really need explaining at this point, because it’s in literally EVERYTHING now, but why is that? Why has such a random thing become the most iconic aspect of the literary-inspired webseries genre?

The first LIW to include a baking video was Welcome to Sanditon, but the first one to follow the format that would later become more characteristic – in which baking happens but the focus is on the characters (or occasionally the plot) – was The Autobiography of Jane Eyre. This completely fabricated baking episode contained important character development for Johanna and was also extremely entertaining. The recipe was in the description, but the recipe wasn’t followed in the actual video, and unlike Clara’s Welcome to Sanditon episodes, it wasn’t meant to teach anyone how to bake anything.

The next LIW baking episode was in Green Gables Fables and is (I think) unique on this list in that it was adapting an actual plot point from the source material. So, while it counts as an LIW baking episode, it’s not quite as much of one as some of the others.

Next, of course, was the baking episode of Nothing Much To Do. As with most of NMTD, it wasn’t really revolutionary at all, but it cemented the mechanism for how these sorts of videos are done. In it, Beatrice and Hero actually do bake while also bantering around quite a bit and preparing us for Hero’s birthday, an important plot point coming up next. It’s a completely unnecessary video. It doesn’t teach us anything new about the characters. It has nothing to do with the source material. And yet what would we have done without it? It’s one of Beatrice’s and Hero’s most delightful vlogs (and the last one before everything becomes horrible), and therefore completely necessary.

The next LIW baking episode is also the most famous one: George Squared’s “A Baking Video” from Call Me Katie. If you’ve seen it, there’s no need for me to explain how amazing and iconic this episode is, and it was the first time an LIW used a baking video as a framework for a bit of actual plot (that was either original or had nothing to do with baking in the source material). 

After this best of all baking episodes, everyone in the community has regarded the baking episode as a mandatory part of every LIW. Almost all of them are very emotional. Some actually manage to create a baked good. Others are actually plot. A few do both. 

After going through all of this, I have decided that there are two main types of LIW baking episodes:

1) The video where something actually gets baked and nothing much else happens, but it’s ridiculously adorable and/or angsty the entire time.

2) The video where baking may or may not get accomplished but the video is actually part of the plot.

The first type is more common, but the second type is becoming increasingly popular in a lot of series (including the two most recent baking episodes, in The Emma Agenda and Middlemarch: The Series). The George Squared video also fits into the second category. 

So what is it about baking videos that this community loves so much? Is it that they help contribute to the realism of these fictional characters’ YouTube channels? Is it that it’s just immensely satisfying to watch people bake? I mean, I care hugely about realism, as you can probably tell from my reviews. I also love watching videos of people cooking/baking things that I am never going to actually make, so…

Honestly, I think it’s a bit of both. Whatever form they take, LIW baking videos bring us closer to the characters. They make us feel good. They’re sweet, quite literally. And isn’t baking an emotional experience for all of us?

The absolutely lovely @greatestvoyagehistoryofplastic made a playlist of all the LIW baking episodes, and you can watch that here:


New video on my YouTube channel!

If you follow me on other social media, you would know I’ve been having difficulties with my personal life but also technical issues with my internet.

Either way, I hope you enjoy this video <3

Lush Mask Of Magnaminty Review

The Promise:  This is a fresh face and body mask designed to fight breakouts and calm redness.

My Thoughts:  So this was a bit of a blind buy but I have to say it well and truly paid off!  This mask does exactly what it says on the tin, and more!  It smells amazing and applies like a dream.  This is one of those face masks you can really feel working while it’s on, with the gritty texture of the aduki beans it contains gently exfoliating as you apply it.  However, the real magic once you wash it off.  My skin immediately felt livened up and super soft, with raised spots and redness reduced in an instant.  I suffer from a lot of stubborn outbreaks as well as very sensitive skin, but since adding this in to my routine spots are way more manageable without my skin becoming dry and patchy.

A Beauty Must Have?  Absolutely!  At £5.50 for a 125g tub that will last forever, this is definitely a must have, especially for spot prone skin.

If you miss the taste of meat, you’ll love this. It tasted so much like meat that I checked the box more than once to make sure I had the vegan version. That aside, the sauce and rice are aromatic and delicious. So if you’re not offended by food that tastes exactly like meat then this could be a winner for you. Did I mention it has 20 grams of protein? Seriously filling!


So excited to celebrate Halloween with new vegan candy finds! If you haven’t tried J.Luehders of Germany (affiliate) I highly recommend these vegan soft candies. 

I’m also interested in checking out more Black Forest Candy (affiliate) to see if they have anymore accidentally vegan products. Have you tried any of their organic treats? The fruit chews (affiliate) have a mango flavor! 

Check out my latest video to see my review of these! 


Mighty nut vanilla powdered peanut butter!

This taste like a nice blend of both vanilla and peanut butter, with the peanuts being the stronger flavor!

All you have to do to make this into spreadable peanut butter is add water! The texture becomes smooth, and you can adjust to however smooth you want it to be by adjusting the amount of water!

Overall like the taste and texture of powdered peanut butter more than regular peanut butter because it’s less oily! It’s also perfect to make into an icing bag for food art!

I did smoke tobacco for about a week when I was thirteen. It was boring. I was never interested in chemicals making me excited or loving or happy. It’s like with sexual stimulants—it would make me feel as if someone else were making love to the woman I was with. I want to be the person making love to her, not the chemical.
—  Jack Gilbert, The Paris Review Interviews, vol. I
Why do we treat cockfighting as more cruel than the slaughter of chicken for food? Your average Tennessee gamecock will be pampered during its two year life, running free with 150 feet of lawn and a private bed, fed special rations, being exercised like an athlete, able to mate, then sliced by the Mexican short knife after a fight to the death. Your average industrially raised Cobb 500 chick will live in utter squalor, bred too large for its aching legs, lungs burning for 24 hours a day from ammonia-laden air, never seeing daylight, pumped full of medicated chicken chow, then will be jammed into a crate, suspended upside down and electrocuted around its 42nd day of life. There is a hypocrisy of trying to make cockfighting a felony while permitting wholesale torture for food production.
—  Karen Vaughan on Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat: Why It’s So Hard to Think Straight About Animals
DIY Makeup Removing Emulsion

Sick of wasting too much money on makeup removers that contain nasty ingredients? Searching for a 100% natural and vegan way to remove your makeup? Maybe I have just a thing for you - an oil-based makeup removing emulsion that’s cheap, effective and kind for your skin.

All you need is only 3 ingredients and a container (I prefer using glass bottles with pumps because it’s easier to use and refill). The ingredients are: polysorbate 60 or 80 (these are emulsifiers used in cosmetics and there is no major difference between these, they work the same) and 2 types of oils. You can use 3 types of oils if you prefer, but I keep things simple with just 2 and they should be cold pressed oils. I use: jojoba oil, sunflower seed oil, apricot kernel oil, wheat germ oil (only in small amounts because it can cause acne and it smells funky) and linseed oil. Last 2 months I’ve been combining apricot kernel oil with wheat germ oil and sunflower seed oil with linseed oil (one lightweight and one more nourishing).  

The amount of polysorbate should be 10-20 ml for a 100 ml glass container (the rest 80-90 ml are oils). If you want your emulsion to be “lighter” you can put more polysorbate, but I wouldn’t recommend more than 30 ml of it (for a 100 ml container). If you are using a larger container, like a 200 ml one, just double up everything. 

Usage: apply a small amount of the mixture on dry face with makeup using your hands and rub in gently. Rinse with warm water and dry face with washcloth. This process doesn’t dry up your skin so a moisturizer isn’t needed after (only if you have super dry or sensitive skin). 

I have been using this method for the last couple of months and I am addicted to this. It costs almost nothing because I always have some of these oils in my kitchen and polysorbate is cheap - around 4 US$ for 100 ml which lasts for 4-5 months, depending on how much you use. I always use the same recycled bottle so everything cost less than 2 US$ (!). I call that a winner my friends. 

One of my favourite lipsticks of all time by Aromi Beauty - “Preppy Red” it’s a liquid lipstick that dries to a beautiful matte, long lasting and comfortable to wear shade. I can eat and drink and this lasts for HOURS without drying or settling into any cracks. I cannot recommend this brand enough especially if you’re wanting a dupe of Lime Crime velvetines but aren’t comfortable with supporting the brand plus they’re better products in general!

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anonymous asked:

Could you make a list of vegan eyeshadow palettes specifically please?

Too Faced Matte Eyeshadow Palette 
E.L.F has many
Red Apple Lipstick eyeshadow palettes - review here
Neve Cosmetics 
Lunatick Cosmetic labs 
Paulas choice nude palette (would be a great dupe for urban decays naked palettes) - Review here 
Bh cosmetics also have many vegan palettes - listed here
Barry M 
You can also make your own palette at Makeup Geek, some of the shadows do contain carmine so check this list to confirm if vegan before buying - Review & swatches here 
Yaby palette 
Silk Naturals (not actually a palette, but they do spot on dupes for urban decays naked palettes)
Arbonne Sugar plum & Victoria Lake palettes

If anyone knows of some more vegan eyeshadow palettes, definitely let me know and I will add them to this list!

A frightening first full week of Halloween. Here’s what was...

Originally posted by zachzane

  • The skeleton war rages on. No new casualties are anticipated.
  • Inktober: The scariest month for shirt pockets.
  • October 3rd: the third most important day in October.
  • Another heartbreaking reminder of the need for gun control.
  • Nicki Minaj was a motherfucking monster in T Magazine.
  • The Twilight gender swap: is it fanfic if the author wrote it?
  • Disney announced the adorable owner of Moana’s voice.
  • A Haikyuu!! haiku:
    The squad needed more practice.
    Volleyball 4 life.
  • And the Monster High homecoming. Bite! Bite! Bite!

Don’t forget the blogs:

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What are some of your fav vegan/no animal testing makeup tumblrs? I need more to follow!

ooo I have a few ;)
Cruelty Free Cosmetics - Ran by the lovely Erin <3 (also runs an instagram by @Cruelty_free_cosmetics 
Vegan Makeup Dupes - Celeste runs this blog and it’s one of my favourites!
Vegan Beauty Review - Ran by Sunny, She is so great n.n
Vegan Beauty Studio - Ran by beautiful Kat from Germany =D
Vegan Cruelty Free Face - Ran by Samantha, A fellow Australian ;)
Creestaaal - Wonderful lovely beauty blogger, she has a great instagram called @veganmakeupshare too!
Pretty Vegan Things - Elle W, who also runs the veganbeautysource instagram!
Logical Harmony - Tashina is so amazing! :)

Those are just the ones i know on tumblr, I think there are plenty more on instagram :) let me know if you need a list, I know that I started this beauty blog to get the word out there about vegan and truly cruelty free beauty and makeup products so I am so happy to help boost any of these lovely people. I admire everything they do and wish that our little vegan beauty community was united instead of some people seeing each other as rivals. 
Also I am so sorry if i forgot anyone, I did not do that purposely, so if you are a vegan beauty blogger, message me and I’ll add you <3
<3 love love to you all