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Lush Mask Of Magnaminty Review

The Promise:  This is a fresh face and body mask designed to fight breakouts and calm redness.

My Thoughts:  So this was a bit of a blind buy but I have to say it well and truly paid off!  This mask does exactly what it says on the tin, and more!  It smells amazing and applies like a dream.  This is one of those face masks you can really feel working while it’s on, with the gritty texture of the aduki beans it contains gently exfoliating as you apply it.  However, the real magic once you wash it off.  My skin immediately felt livened up and super soft, with raised spots and redness reduced in an instant.  I suffer from a lot of stubborn outbreaks as well as very sensitive skin, but since adding this in to my routine spots are way more manageable without my skin becoming dry and patchy.

A Beauty Must Have?  Absolutely!  At £5.50 for a 125g tub that will last forever, this is definitely a must have, especially for spot prone skin.

If you miss the taste of meat, you’ll love this. It tasted so much like meat that I checked the box more than once to make sure I had the vegan version. That aside, the sauce and rice are aromatic and delicious. So if you’re not offended by food that tastes exactly like meat then this could be a winner for you. Did I mention it has 20 grams of protein? Seriously filling!


Mighty nut vanilla powdered peanut butter!

This taste like a nice blend of both vanilla and peanut butter, with the peanuts being the stronger flavor!

All you have to do to make this into spreadable peanut butter is add water! The texture becomes smooth, and you can adjust to however smooth you want it to be by adjusting the amount of water!

Overall like the taste and texture of powdered peanut butter more than regular peanut butter because it’s less oily! It’s also perfect to make into an icing bag for food art!


Pretty Pimpin’ out in California! 

You know how people like to think way too much thought into something, yeah well this video is just the right amount of thought. Yes, this video. THIS VIDEO! It’s just perfect. Yes, it’s Kurt Vile times triples! The video is how Kurt will tell you a story about his life–he made justice to his own lyrics.  He added community and from what I know about him is that he was once a Fishtown resident and one thing I noticed is that they are ALL about community…and he brought that to the state of California–and like I told a friend, “My knowledge of California comes from watching Clueless more than ten times, does that count?” AND YES IT DOES! 

This is a great music video and the editing is beautiful. I would have played with color temperatures but it’s not even a big deal! And also the phrase should be “Put a Cat on it!” 

I can’t wait for the album to come out because I’ll definitely take off from work! 

His sixth studio album comes out September 25th, 2015! 

Why do we treat cockfighting as more cruel than the slaughter of chicken for food? Your average Tennessee gamecock will be pampered during its two year life, running free with 150 feet of lawn and a private bed, fed special rations, being exercised like an athlete, able to mate, then sliced by the Mexican short knife after a fight to the death. Your average industrially raised Cobb 500 chick will live in utter squalor, bred too large for its aching legs, lungs burning for 24 hours a day from ammonia-laden air, never seeing daylight, pumped full of medicated chicken chow, then will be jammed into a crate, suspended upside down and electrocuted around its 42nd day of life. There is a hypocrisy of trying to make cockfighting a felony while permitting wholesale torture for food production.
—  Karen Vaughan on Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat: Why It’s So Hard to Think Straight About Animals

Note review over breakfast 🍓 I type out my notes and then hand write them the morning of my exams. This way, I really memorize the main ideas. // For breakfast today, I’m having oatmeal covered in berries, a bowl of strawberries on the side, and some coffee with vanilla almond milk. Yum! 😋




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