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Memory - Gabriel x Reader

Written for the @gabriel-monthly-challenge​ if you write and love Gabriel, please go and check the blog out! They have great prompts for this month!

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GMC November Dialogue Prompt: “Stop saying you’d take a bullet for me. You’re immortal, it doesn’t count.”
Warnings: SPN type violence.
Words: 2,597

Part I - Part II (Coming Soon)

It’d been weeks since they came back into her life.  

Still unable to completely remember their lives together, finding herself feeling safe and back home was more than enough to trust them entirely.  

Rain fell heavily as she stepped outside the building. The sound of her heels tapping against the pavement as she walked towards the parking lot, gave her something to synchronize her breathing with, hoping to soothe the anxiety that was making her stomach sick.

Something was coming, and her heart was trying to tell her.

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*Rushes in out of nowhere* 52. “Why don’t you tell me why you really came here tonight?” with Gabriel *runs away, already flailing*

Drabble 3/?


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Your hand trembled as you raised it to knock on the motel’s room door. Before you did, you took a second to contemplate what you were about to do.

When you asked him to meet you in order to talk, he only agreed as long as it was somewhere far away from the bunker. No one knew where you were, nor with who. That should’ve made you rethink your decision.  

But it didn’t, you had to get to the bottom of this.

“It’s open.” He said before you could knock.

You could feel your heart dropping down to your stomach, and a sick feeling coming up your throat. Yet you had to be strong, for him.  

The real him.  

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Prompt 88 with

sumara62 said:Or 34 or 55. Up to you.

Drabble 2/?

I’m taking two lol

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You slammed the door of the motel room with a strong shove, somehow wishing that would be enough to keep him outside. It didn’t work, of course, he was already inside waiting for you.

“Leave, Gabriel.” You ordered, taking your jacket off and kicking your shoes away.

“Can’t we talk about this?” He sighed as his head fell down to the floor. He wanted to come closer, touch you, but decided on giving you your space instead.

To say you were upset was an understatement, and he knew. Which was why he was trying his best not to act his usual playful self, and try to fix things instead of letting it go worse, as he often did.  

“We have nothing to talk about.” Every word left your mouth full of bitterness and hostility, but he wouldn’t give up.

“I don’t understand why are you so upset!”

Of course you don’t!” You snapped, finally yelling at him. “Because you were too busy flirting on that stupid, slutty waitress at the bar to notice.”

A wave of regret came over you after speaking, while a huge shit eating grin began to pull Gabriel’s lips. “Are you-”  

“I’m not jealous!” You spat, throwing one of your socks directly on his face.

A moment later, Gabriel ran to tackle you down in the bed, laughing and teasing about your jealousy. But as much as he tried, he couldn’t get you to admit it at least once.

Surely there would be another chance.

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Ohhhhhh drabbles!!! Can I get Nevada and “Well now I’m all wet.”? 😈 -Tina

Drabble 1/?

Thanks for requesting this one @justraulesparza <3 love me some Nevada

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There were times when Nevada wouldn’t stop surprising you. Even more after he declared his feelings for you, and was decided to convince you to give him a chance.

After denying many of his invitations to his club, one of your friends had insisted you to accept, at least once. And that’s why you’d witnessed a certain scene from the very front row.

A particularly tipsy blonde approached him as soon as she spotted him on the lounge, and immediately tried to place herself in her lap. Soon enough, you recognized her as one of Nevada’s girls. Not the ones who worked for him, but the ones he used since he couldn’t have you.

That night however, a moment before she could fully accommodate herself in place, and lock his lips with hers, as she often did, Nevada stood and pushed her away with full force. The girl fell on her ass with a loud thud, miraculously keeping the drink in her hand intact.

Your eyes widened in surprise, as you tried not to laugh out loud, for the look in Nevada’s face was priceless. Nervous and flustered, searching for yours in hopes you wouldn’t think he was still messing with that girl. Or any, to be honest.  

The girl stood with the help of one of his guards, to quickly take her away from the lounge. But before they could, she threw her drink towards him, leaving Nevada drenched in the sugary liquor.

You were torn between laughing at his shocked expression a moment ago, or the one after having the drink thrown at him.

He suddenly turned to you, no longer paying attention to the blonde yelling all types of obscenities at him. You held a hand over your mouth, simply giggling to avoid laughing in his face. Nevada’s tense posture quickly relaxed, as he approached and leaned closer to you.

“Well now I’m all wet, because of you.” He accused, one of his fingers dangerously close to your face. “Want me to return ya’ the favor?”  

Boy, were you in trouble.


When Ladybug and Adrien gave each other an air kiss