the vault redux


Rough Comic For 12/2/09
[Originally Published 12/2/09]

This comic is about lab grown meat and is probably going to called “Makin’ Bacon.”

Here’s the full script, plenty of which didn’t make it into the comic:

hold on to your towels bitches, we’re in the future! ahhhhahahaha!

hmm… don’t see an exit wound. whatever’s eating your brain must still be in there.

come on out little parasite, or ferret or whatever you are. save some for next time.

nothing is eating my brains, but soon i will be the one doing all the delicious eating! earth scientists have started growing pork in a lab!


what’s so great about that?

it means we’re one step closer to the singularity. the point at which science can create the perfect piece of bacon.

the singularity is about eternal life through mechanical enhancement. not por…

ham clones! space bacon! science pork! hooray!



just like god used to make

you can taste the science

MMM mmm tastes like science

from the makers of bleef

pulsating with deliciousness

probably can’t feel pain!


test tube steak

makin’ bacon