the vault life

***Light Fallout 4 spoilers kinda maybe***

So imagine Chloe is the Vault Dweller and she has to watch how Rachel gets killed in the beginning, being frozen and all. She sets out to find the killers and meets Max, the photographer, who is determined to bring the truth to the people through her photos. AND TOGETHER THEY HAVE MANY ADVENTURES AND FALL IN LOVE WHILE KILLING GHOULS.

(It makes me sad that I’m too stupid to flirt with Piper)

(Rachel could be missing like in LIS but that could turn out a little awkward in the end……. hmmmm)


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Zero Dark Thirty (2012)

A scale model if Osama bin Laden’s compound is shown during the planning phase of the operation. In reality, this is a mock-up of the actual model that was used by the CIA (currently in their vaults).

Trivia: In real life, the SEAL team repeated drills at a 1:1 mock-up of the compound in North Carolina. Mock-ups are quite a big deal.

It’s my Friday so it’s time to unwind and put some inks and colours to a sketch I did a while back of my all time fave Vault Hunter <3  This one suffered an unfortunate marker ink drip but at least I can edit it out in the scan.

Pre and Post Op Timothy Lawrence.  Again, the Pre Op design is by dequidt whos art you should really go check out (and I’m not being biased because they draw a ton of Timothy stuff…but that helps too!)