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Mom mom mom! How is Nathan gonna keep kosher if he's a werewolf? I think I might have missed whether or not he can control himself while he's a wolf, but how does it work?

True blooded werewolves in Hunger Pangs are better able to control what they do as wolves, with full moons being the exception where the human brain takes a backseat and tries not to cringe too hard at the stuff that goes on. It’s sort of accepted mythology that an agreement with the gods was reached, and that in exchange for their powers they have to go through the change once a month without fail as payment for their long lives and supernatural abilities, and as with any culture when new people come into it, certain new traits and beliefs shifted and changed over the years, and at some point the werewolf culture in Nathan’s part of the world, began to include the practice of keeping kosher during human phases of their life, as a means of separating themselves from actual wolves.

And I’ll level with you at this point, this idea is something purely from my childhood. 

My dad was raised by his Jewish grandmother, he grew up keeping kosher and went on to become a kosher butcher and our household was kept kosher purely out of habit and familiarity even though us kids were all baptized Christian. 

He was also a story teller and liked to mix and match his myths, and at the time when I was getting super into the local Celtic mythology and reading everything my grubby little hands could reach in the library, was also when my dad started writing stories for me and telling me about Great Grandma who was Different from my other Grandma and also why we had two kitchen sinks in the house and two fridges and two sets of knives for everything, and why the family sometimes lapsed into Yiddish when arguing, because I dunno if you’ve ever heard angry Scottish people arguing in Yiddish, but it’s a damn fine way to be expressively ticked off.

One of the stories was a werewolf (wulver in Celtic lore) whose angst came from needing to atone for the things he ate as a wolf, not because he was inherently a monster, but because he was Jewish and couldn’t keep kosher on full moons. And my dad made it funny, he made up stories about all the things this wulver would do to try and keep to his faith, about going to see his Rabbi and asking really specific and weirdly obscure questions and the Rabbi was eventually like listen, kid, whatever is going on, take it up with the Big Guy, you’re doing your best and that’s all you ever can do. If He doesn’t like it, that’s His problem for letting it happen, tell him that…in the meantime…make amends however you see fit for…whatever you got going on. Just be a good person, kiddo, or…whatever you are. G-d will understand.

Which was how my dad worked in the Celtic lore part about how wulvers would guard children and feed starving families and give money to charity and just generally be a swell guy who after the end of every full moon had a tendency to brush his teeth really hard while muttering about being chosen for this life. In the end, the man realizes it is not a curse, but a means to help people who need it the most. What is actually a small inconvenience to him (ie not always being able to keep kosher due to circumstances outwith his control), has prompted him to do great wonderful things for those around him, and perhaps without his monthly suffering he would not be the good, kind person he became. Which I suppose was my father’s heavy handed way of trying to tell me—in the way his grandmother told him—you can overcome suffering, and that which you cannot overcome, you persevere with and try to do good anyway.

A little thickly laid on perhaps, but it stayed with me, evidently, as some 20 years later I write about a werewolf who doesn’t quite know if he believes in gods, but still keeps to their in-world-version of kosher out of habit and looks at the suffering in the world around him and decides kindness is the remedy.

Andromeda Ask Meme [SPOILERS]

Thirty Questions About Your Decisions

It’s been a month since the game has launched, and anyone who has finished playing has probably been itching to talk about it.  I know I have!  So let’s get into the real nitty gritty of the choices we made.  Drop a few numbers in my ask box, and reblog so your followers can ask you! (Due to the spoilery nature of the questions, 25 are behind a cut)

The Basics:
1. Male or Female Ryder?
2. Feelings on being the Pathfinder?
3. Your Pathfinder’s feelings on SAM?
4. When your comatose sibling asked about the current situation in Andromeda, did Ryder lie or tell the truth about Alec Ryder and Habitat 7? Why?
5. Romantic entanglements, if any, and hopes for a future with your partner?

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“Executing everything from hip-hop moves to military drills to martial-arts kicks, they’re the sultry cylinders propelling the show’s creative engine inexorably forward — a physical expression of the breakneck speed at which Hamilton vaulted through life.”


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What about the companions reactions when they first realize they have a massive crush on the sole

You got it anon!

Cait: Sometime after the events of Vault 95, Cait and Sole are watching the sunset from a rooftop in Sanctuary Hills, they’re drunk having “great CRAIC” together. Cait could not be happier with her best-friend, however when Sole pulled her close and rested their head against hers as the sky grew a more passionate red, she felt something else and couldn’t help but think with a wide smile “Dammit, Cait, how’ve ye’ gone an’ let yerself fall for this doofus.” She thought to herself, although she wouldn’t have wanted anything else. She wanted to cry a little, not out of sadness but joy, Sole had given so much without wanting anything in return, when she thought about all they had done for her, she only fell for them more.

Curie: Already fond of Sole for shedding new light on her life after Vault 81, as well as literally giving her a new life in Goodneighbour, Curie had seen many of the abundance of wonders the Commonwealth had to offer, but it was when Curie was patching up Sole’s wounds after another violent altercation with raiders was when she realised. The way Sole’ whimpered a little at the anti-septic made Curie melt inside, to her everything about Sole was perfect. When Sole kissed her cheek as a thanks for saving their skin again, Curie turned bright red and couldn’t help but let out an innocent giggle as she felt Sole’s perfect lips on her cheek. 

Danse: It’s in the wake of battle, when Sole emerges from the battle grounds, covered in a thick layer of smoke with the odd cut mixed in. As Sole exited their power armour and washed their face with water from their canteen, Danse was in awe. Sole had gone from the stranger who lent a hand while he, Halen and Rhys were hold up in the police station, to a valiant warrior of which Danse could do nothing but fall for. Whenever Sole walked by Danse always smiled into his chest plate.

Deacon: After doing right by the Railroad and putting up with Deacon’s “Bullshit” as Deacon calls it, it was at the Colonial Taphouse that Deacon fell for Sole, as the pair overlooked the rest of Diamond City, Deacon talked as Sole listened, the fact that Sole listened and cared for what Deacon had to say made him feel comfortable, Sole was not stupid and when Deacon lied they called him out on it, thus making Deacon not only respect Sole but also feel as if there was something more. When Sole promised Deacon they were in it for the long haul, Deacon knew he considered Sole more than just a friend.

Hancock: Hancock had always thought about what it’d be like if he and Sole were a thing, but had always been nervous to float the idea to Sole, however a night out together, getting drunk and high and into all manner of trouble, the two crashed back at Home Plate, such a combination of drugs and alcohol meant for all but the next few hours was just laughter and some light wrestling, Hancock truly felt closer to Sole after weeks of travelling. It was when Hancock had to tuck Sole into bed after they passed out on the cold hard floor, Hancock sitting on the bed parallel to Sole, that he realised it wasn’t platonic any more. Hancock’s realisation of his feelings for Sole was better than any drug trip he ever had or yet to have.

MacCready: When Sole hired MacCready he thought of it as another contract and not much else, however spending more time with Sole he grew fond of them. Listened and cared for what MacCready had to say and when Sole went above and beyond to help MacCready, MacCready couldn’t help feel something else towards them. It was Sole’s perfect smile at MacCready’s stories which made MacCready realise Sole was more than just his friend and employer. MacCready felt happier within himself that he could admit to himself at least his feelings toward Sole, actually telling Sole could come later, as for now MacCready was quite content with Sole just being there for him by his side.

Nick: Nick realised he had feelings for Sole during their time together travelling through the Commonwealth, Sole was kind to those in need, be it human, ghoul, synth or something else. Nick loved and admired Sole’s passion for helping others and their ability to look past whether they were a ghoul or synth, unlike so many others who abused Nick for being who he was, Sole treasured him as a companion, it didn’t matter to Sole that Nick was a synth, in fact when someone would abuse Nick, Sole would jump right in and stand up for his companion. Nick’s golden eyes glistened as they though of all the good things Sole had done despite such adversity, despite Nicks usual suave self he couldn’t help but turn into a big softy when thinking of his Sole, at which point he realised he loved Sole as more than just a friend.

Piper: It’s something little Sole had done, like giving Sheffield that Nuka Cola or being a kind to Nat, picking a lock or helping her out with the paper. A sudden warmth came over piper as she realised she treasured her Blue as more than a friend. To Piper, Sole was perfect and she couldn’t have asked for anyone better than her Blue, whenever Blue hugged her she’d hold on extra tight, savouring the moment and that one time they kissed the corner of her lips instead of her cheeks, she almost died from the excitement she felt as for only a split second she felt Blue’s lips on hers.

Preston: When Preston fell for Sole he felt a little worried, he knew very well the lives both he and Sole led and would hate if they were together for something to happen to either one of them, however Preston adored the way Sole put others ahead of himself and was always helping others, Preston’s apprehension soon quietened as he remembered how capable a fighter Sole was, saving his skin Concord and helping defend Preston and the gang as they travelled to Sanctuary Hills, he felt a little more at peace as he envisioned the possible future he and Sole could have together.

Enjoy guys!

(Strong, X6, Codsworth nd Dogmeat weren’t included as I doubt they’d fall for Sole, except for Dogmeat who loved Sole straight off the bat anyway)