the vault keeper

Wonderful 4 color nightmares

I wanted to share some memories about one of the inspirations for this years inkober stuff and my love of EC. My first exposure to EC comics was through the TV show to which until now i had never seen a full episode due to never being able to stomach more than the opening as a kid. The Crypt Keeper was enough to keep me away.

One time at a mall I found a calendar that featured a lot classic covers from the comics themselves. Until then I didn’t know that Tales from The Crypt were adaptions of actual EC Comics. And I was starting to get interested in the history of American Comics. I remember being utterly fascinated by the images shown in the covers. Even though I was very young and a big chicken (afraid of the dark, going into my basement, and being eaten alive by blob monsters that live in lakes) I really wanted to buy it even though it terrified the hell out of young me.

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