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Princess Bubblegum - Analysis

Disclaimer: I’m well aware that a lot of folks probably already knew all of what I’m going to say here.  This doesn’t apply to you if that’s the case.  I do hope that it sums up everything nicely for you, though. I am repeatedly astounded by the naivete of Adventure Time fans when it comes to any information regarding Princess Bubblegum.  Over and over again, people have seemed utterly shocked and amazed at “reveals” of information that has been more than clear for a very long time.  And even worse, people take this new information and conclude that Bubblegum is evil, or deserving of some other needless criticism.  This character is more awesome, complex, and strong than AT fans, even those who love her, seem to acknowledge.
Let’s stop being in denial and lay down some facts (and theories too).

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  • portal:probably like 15-20 minutes long in its entirety
  • portal 2:get ready to devote your entire weekend to learning GLaDOS' tragic back story