• portal: probably like 15-20 minutes long in its entirety
  • portal 2: get ready to devote your entire weekend to learning GLaDOS' tragic back story

“We shouldn’t be friends, but I know you’re bored so here’s a piano for you. Oh, and I brought us Mexican Food. Tell you what, a lot of young people got eaten today. Knew you liked that!! Let’s have our date and I tell you all about it.”

Totally not The Master in there, though.
Why would anyone think that.
Totally not. It’s just every Thoschei-Fanfic come to live.

Turns out that Friend from the Future, the short of the Doctor and Bill running from Daleks that the BBC used to announce Pearl Mackey, is deliberately intended to fit in The Pilot!

  • Pilot reuses the “What’s that thing?” / “A Dalek.” / “What’s a Dalek?” / “Never mind. It’s a Dalek.” dialogue from the start of Friend, but then cuts directly to Bill and the Doctor running down a hallway, as we see at the end of the short. It’s albeit a different hallway - fewer bodies strewn about - but still.
  • Moffat has even gone out of his way to put Nardole someplace else, so it’s just Bill and the Doctor in that bit, as we see in Friend.
  • Most convincingly, Friend actually explains a little gap in Pilot:
    • In Pilot the Doctor mentions that the psychic paper will alert him if anyone tries to break into the Vault.
    • Later in the episode, he says something about his sensors getting a false alarm from a student vomiting, which isn’t really given any context.
    • However, in Friend from the Future the Doctor sees something in his psychic paper and says, “We need to get back to the future. 2017 needs us!”
    • When the short was released, this was intended to mean that series 10 will come out in 2017, but in this new context it means that we can narrow down Bill’s spot in the timeline to the current year.

Pretty great that someone clearly put a lot of thought into making this all work. BRAVO MOFFAT!


“A smile better suits a hero…”

The Vault.. I hated it. I hated that part and it broke my heart..
I knew something bad would happen, because I went slowly through the MSQ and thus some comments were made, some arts were drawn and I knew that there was something at the end of this dungeon I’ll probably dislike.
But I didn’t know what exactly was happening..

The other day, as I leveled an alt, I came to that point where the WOL meets Haurchefant for the first time, and I just felt so sad. I stood there, pretty much like I did at the end of the Vault, just looking at him and doing nothing for a little while. Sillily enough, it was feeling nice to see him alive.

new theory: missy’s in the vault and this screenshot could show it bc 

a) you don’t need a coat in the vault 

b) she’s not gonna do her hair if all she’s gonna do is bang things on the piano like für elise and the doctor

c) those blue bars, which @milokerrigan pointed out, look like the bars used to imprison the master in the eighth doctor tv film