the vault

  • portal: probably like 15-20 minutes long in its entirety
  • portal 2: get ready to devote your entire weekend to learning GLaDOS' tragic back story

With a blade of steel and spirit unbreakable…
He came. 
           Casting down foul believers and wicked men…
           He came.
                      An unbeliever of Gods and Protector of the people…
                      He came. 

“Be with mercy!” Beseeched them as they grasped at the statues of their /Gods/. He would have none of it, for what God would allow their followers to spill the blood of innocents and to let Knights prey on the weak? Gods of Falsehood. God’s whom welcome to fervent prayer of cowards and traitors. 

                      With Righteous fire and sight unhindered…
                      He returned.
           Freeing the people and breaking their shackles…
           He returned.
A Knight earnest and Guardian of man…
He returned.

Happy Vaultaversary!!

She remembers everything from that night. The desperation, anxiety mixed with passion, her heart thundering as he spoke of being righteous and true, having honour and a code to live by. His eyes confused, hazed over by what she now knows was a few too many whiskeys, and yet they were clear as day, bright blue depths of honesty as he stepped forward slightly, gauging her reaction.

She remembers her own puzzlement. If he was spewing about being a good man, why was he even here, with her, after she told him time and time again to forget, to move on, to love his wife. It didn’t make sense, but somewhere deep, buried behind the stoic mask, a bubble glowed, hot and sparking. Just him being here, carrying on about not knowing what to do, had her heart jumping. He’s torn, which means she still had a hold on him, a piece of him.

She remembers asking why he was here, not really hearing what he mumbled out before his lips were colliding on hers, messily pressing and pulling, asking for everything, giving everything. She knows he felt her hesitation, brought on by momentary shock, but his fingers held strong in her hair, holding her to him, waiting to either be pushed away or melted into. It was dangerous, but since when was she afraid? She is always afraid. For more than good reason now. Her heart won, pushing her mind into the darkness as her hands curled around him, letting him haul her onto unsteady feet, swaying and spinning them slightly, pulling back for a much needed breath, though only lasting a moment.

She remembers it all. How his hands scoured her body, needy and gentle, tugging down the zipper, letting the red cloth slide off her curves, the hitch in his breath at the newly revealed skin and lace, red lace, dark wine colored silk that he could do nothing but gape open mouthed at, heat flushing her cheeks at his breathless sentiment at her beauty.

She remembers feeling his lips trail across her collarbone, the wet trail left between her breasts as he sank to his knees, hands unabashedly squeezing her behind, the groan and scratch of his stubble on her stomach, making her shiver tip to toe. She felt wanted. For the first time in a very, very long time, she was being chosen.

She remembers the tears that momentarily lined her eyes, brushed quickly away as desire took over, his fingers tugging down the lace between her thighs. How she stayed standing when the heat of his mouth painted her, she doesn’t actually know, but she remembers the shake of her knees, clawing her fingers through his hair, calling out his name as she fell from the peak, the soft tingle of his lips on her ribs as he moved back up, the taste of herself on his tongue, his arousal pressing between her thighs she opened without question.

She remembers the look in his eyes as he slid inside, the bright blue overtaken by lust, the fraction of a second he waited, simply watching her from above, his fingers brushing back the fallen sweaty locks behind her ear, the sweet simple kiss before he rolled into her, pushing them towards that bliss once more.

She remembers his voice, thick, gritted and never ending in his words, how she felt, how he wanted her so terribly, how he’d never leave, the smell of her, the softness, the perfection in her curves, his overt affection for the way her own voice hitched and gasped out his name. He wanted to give her everything, have her take whatever she needed, he would do it, whatever she wanted, he promised himself to her, only to her.

She remembers lying there afterwards, her still on her back, Robin on his stomach, legs locked together on the fur blanket, his face nuzzled into the crook of her neck, hand on her chest where her heart was finally slowing back to normal, his lips dotting a line across her skin. It was quiet, serenely so. For a wonderful moment it was just them and the sound of their breathing as she combed through his sweaty hair, scratching lightly at the nape of his neck, smoothing over his shoulder.

She remembers everything of that night.

It’s a curse and a blessing all wrapped into one. The memory of being loved, feeling loved, loving back fully.

She’s seen him here, walking hand in hand with Regina, has watched their happy affectionate kisses when they think no one else is looking, but she is always there, in mirrors, in the darkness of corners, taking in their happiness, a happiness she was one a part of, had felt, had known, silently to herself wishes for again.

To be sucked back into one person, Mayor and Queen sharing the same body once more, even just for a day, so she could remember how his lips feel on her own, hear him say he loves her. She said it once, the worst curse was being alone, and the Queen has never believed in that statement more than she does right now. Wishing for something, or rather someone, she will never have again.

All she has are her memories.


New comic! This one’s based on a true story – all but one line in here was real! Shout out to Shibo Shasu, Chachamu Chamu and Grey Form for one of the most entertaining dungeons I’ve had the pleasure to run! :)

This actually started with that snarky comment from Shibo, our elezen tank. I decided to start try and annoy him because I like to annoy Lala-haters. Much to my pleasant surprise, everyone including Shibo started playing along, all the way to the end! I had a lot of fun and laughs and Grey said it cheered him up from a bad day as well, which made me very happy :) I just had to draw it out.


“A smile better suits a hero…”

The Vault.. I hated it. I hated that part and it broke my heart..
I knew something bad would happen, because I went slowly through the MSQ and thus some comments were made, some arts were drawn and I knew that there was something at the end of this dungeon I’ll probably dislike.
But I didn’t know what exactly was happening..

The other day, as I leveled an alt, I came to that point where the WOL meets Haurchefant for the first time, and I just felt so sad. I stood there, pretty much like I did at the end of the Vault, just looking at him and doing nothing for a little while. Sillily enough, it was feeling nice to see him alive.

anonymous asked:

I have seen every single episode of AT but the thing is that I didn't watch them in the right order. This will sound totally dumb. Did the mushroom bomb or did a comet cause the creation of Ooo? Did the mushroom bomb cause the creation of the Lich or vice versa? Can you PLEASE post, in the simplest explanation you can, a linear timeline of how many comets and mushroom bombs have happened in AT (including a separate line for the alternate dimension/s)?

We infer from the Farmworld universe that the Lich was created by the detonation of the Mushroom bomb during the Mushroom War. Finn wished to Prismo that the Lich never existed and was transported to a timeline in which Simon Petrikov used his ice powers to freeze the bomb and stop it from ever going off. Farmworld Marceline tells us that if it weren’t for Simon:

Of course, Finn ultimately DOES detonate the bomb in that timeline, and we see Farmworld Jake become a Lich. Given all that, we accept that in the alpha timeline, the Mushroom bomb DID detonate, and it birthed the Lich. This assumes that Farmworld is THE closest timeline in which the Lich does not exist, and not simply A timeline in which the Lich does not exist.

Princess Bubblegum visited a crater in the S5 episode ‘James’ and was met by an army of goo zombies. This crater, in what Jake calls ‘The Desert of Wonders’, is relatively consistent with what we’d expect the size of the Mushroom bomb’s destruction to be.

In the S6 episode ‘Evergreen’, which takes place during the Cretaceous period on the alpha timeline, we see a special comet that people around here have taken to calling the Lich comet. This is for its color and its stated purpose being so similar to the Lich’s. That and its horns.

That comet hit Earth, 65.5 million years ago, presumably bringing about the dinosaurs’ extinction. Our standing theory is that scientists around the time of the Mushroom War [early 2000s-ish in the alpha timeline] took the ~essence of the Lich comet and used it as an ingredient in the Mushroom bomb.

There are other comets, too. Up to three different deities over the course of the past half a season have all referenced that something is coming.

Evergreen insists that the Lich comet is not the same as the sort of comet that hits Earth every 1000 years.

In ‘Astral Plane’, Tetra-G identifies the recurring comet as one that does leave a lasting impact on Earth - it brings an agent of change. 

Matthew doesn’t explicitly mention a comet, but when his episode dropped four episodes after ‘Evergreen’ and three episodes after ‘Astral Plane’, it felt a heck of a lot like building on S6 foreshadowing:

Of course, Lemongrab dissolved Matthew, so that protective force appears for the moment to be gone. 

Again, there’s no guarantee that Matthew’s referring to anything to do with the recurring/agent of change comet, whose nature is still unknown. Is the agent of change always different? Sometimes bad, sometimes good? Given that this season’s two-part finale is made up of [assumedly] ‘The Comet’ [though ‘The Comet’s’ episode slot is NOT yet confirmed] and definitely ‘Hot Diggity Doom’, we might hazard a guess that the coming comet and Matthew’s Second Age of Terror are related.

As S5’s ‘Simon and Marcy’ confirms, it’s been reaaaally close to 1000 years since a-short-while-after-the-Mushroom-War. Those similar numbers and S6′s foreshadowing suggest it’s probably definitely time for another agent of change, and the last one hit approximately the same time as the Mushroom War:

Given that there’s a massive crater in the side of the Earth whose scale is NOT consistent with either depiction of the Mushroom bomb’s detonation [Farmworld Marcy’s vision and the Farmworld detonation in ‘Jake the Dog’, both GIF’d above], we expect that the bomb detonated AND our planet was ravaged by SOME comet at SOME yet-unknown point in time.

Was it the agent of change comet that hit at around the time of the Mushroom War? Is it possible this crater was formed by the Lich comet millions of years ago and our real-life timeline breaks apart from Adventure Time’s timeline even more distantly than we think? Real-life human civilization is over 1000 years old, so if they share a timeline, what events in our history count as the every-thousand-years comet’s impact in Adventure Time?

A pic posted by the Bravest Warriors crew on Earth Day lends itself towards the two shows maybe being set in the same universe, and I haven’t personally watched BW yet.

If there’s some possible backstory clues in there, I dunno about em yet. 

So far as other comets that have popped up but haven’t had a tangible impact on the storyline that we can fully grasp and quantify are concerned, in S5′s ‘The Vault’ we were given a glimpse at (some of) Finn’s past lives, among which was a comet [an agent of change comet? Just a random one?]:

And, in S6′s ‘The Visitor’, Finn, carrying a baby version of himself, met a comet in a dream that we speculate was symbolic of life-giving:

Within the context of this episode, this dream accompanied Finn wandering in his sleep to Tetra-G’s comet from ‘Astral Plane’, which was not a recurring comet but rather Finn’s dad in an out-of-control spaceship. But since we’re sort of inclined to view ANY S6 comet as foreshadowing for the comet coming at the end of the season, however, its life-giving imagery might suggest something less sinister than ‘Hot Diggity Doom’ and Matthew’s Second Age of Terror.