the vatican

One day, Pixar animator Andrew Gordon discovered a hatch in his office revealing a passageway just large enough to accommodate a human-sized creature. As luck would have it, Gordon was in fact a human-sized creature himself, so he crawled right on through to what would surely be either Narnia or the slavering jaws of some awaiting hellbeast.

Disappointingly, all he found was a small, stark room providing access to the building’s air-conditioning valves. But, after presumably clearing out all the janitor skeletons, Gordon set straight to hauling in a full bar, groovy lighting, and leopard print bedding for, um, entertaining.

Thus was born the Love Lounge, and – as the signatures on the walls can attest – over the years it’s been a happenin’ hangout for the likes of Tim Allen, Michael Eisner, Roy Disney, and Steve Jobs, who preferred to call it the Meditation Room. Hey, whatever makes you feel better about masturbating at work, Steve.

Sadly, Gordon eventually upgraded to an office not connected to the air vent room. That simply couldn’t stand, however, so he transformed the space neighboring his new digs into the Love Lounge’s spiritual successor, the Lucky 7 Lounge. Visitors are no longer forced to crawl through a cramped duct, instead entering via a sliding bookcase activated by a button hidden within a Shakespearean bust – which is, of course, the proper way to enter a top-secret watering hole for animators and Batmen alike.

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Sala Regia- The Vatican

The Sala Regia, or Regal Room, is a state hall in the official residence of the Pope, the Apostolic Palace. The room houses the papal throne. Traditionally used for the reception of Royalty, its most common use in modern day is for music recitals.