the vapors

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can i just ask, kind of out of the blue, if you're more the type of person who will abandon a good fic because of one thing you really hate about it, or the type who will read a fic full of stuff you hate if there's one thing you really love about it?

Actually…….both? I will do both of these. For the same reasons really, though! It’s stuff that jars/feels like stumbling over a missing stair on what should be a full solid staircase and makes me feel betrayed by the author, that is most unpleasant for me. So, a sudden awful wrong note in an otherwise great fic stings really badly. And by the same token, a whole cacophony of wrong notes in a fic I know is loaded with them, if the reason I’m reading it is for one thing I really love, is not really that bad if I’m expecting it.

Though uh…usually the only situations where I’ll be reading a fic of the second type is to get my fix for some serotonin-flood-inducing idfic thing, and….the kind of fics that deliver that sort of stuff usually only have the sort of underwritten id-y flaws that are easy to just absorb without taking it seriously as anything but the trappings of gut-level sugary stories, unlike the much-more-unbearable flaws seen more often in fics with a lot of thought put into them and written to be serious and meaningful but with a really nasty basis/viewpoint, or mean-spiritedness-masquerading-as-subversiveness, dismissive-callousness-masquerading-as-insight, etc

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I must say I am incredibly disappointed in your company. I have yet to receive a body pillow that resembles Corin's likeness for me to hold and softly hump while I sleep.

What? Are you serious? You haven’t gotten yours yet? Oh, that makes me ill. I have to go down to the Division of Comfort and RAISE FUCKING HELL because you don’t have your Corin likeness body pillow. How are you alive right now? What have you been doing without this? It’s like hearing that someone hasn’t been on the Internet before. I think… I just swallowed some vomit. I’m… I’m gonna cry. You poor soul. Oh, I need to lay down.