the vape


jeanne and amakusa hanging out: doing manicures and talking about how much they love their edgelords

jalter and dantes hanging out: vaping in empty convience store parking lots at night while questioning their existence and the meaning of life

A concept: Richie Tozier in his late 30′s, showing up in Derry with a fucking, man-bun, soul-patch, and mismatched crocs. Probably vaping. Despite all he’s been through since Mike called him, he greets everybody with a whooping “S’up, fuckers,” and a big, dumb smile. This grown ass adult man could not look any more like douche, but Eddie Kaspbrak is still like OH, SHIT, THAT’S RIGHT, I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS MORON, oh, no, he’s hot, what the fuck is going on???

When Richie lays eyes on his little Spaghetti Head, he’s SHOOK. This tiny man in a fluffy cardigan, who seems to regularly be wearing glasses now, is a literal angel? Did Eddie just crawl out of a Renaissance painting? 

“Still as cute as the day I met you, Eds.”
“Beep beep, trashmouth.” 

Richie instantly falls head over heels all over again, and it hits him like a train.  

“Kitty’s still got claws too.”

Eddie smiles.