the vantases are fun to draw

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I know you don't want a tyrian! Vantas au, so I hope it isn't rude if I ask if they rule side by side, the sufferer mentoring Karkat, or if the tyrian must kill other tyrians still applied. Also any other random tidbits to maybe like vent them out and leave them? ? Sorry I just love every au you do ;__;

Ahh, anon, you know me and my AU-mongering ways well. XD  Um…I guess I can try, let’s see.

  • This emperor has bucked the trend by putting all his heirs in charge of steadily larger and larger sections of the empire, starting with the volatile homeworld as a sort of trial by fire.  If they screw up, they die.  Karkat is now ruling ten planets and is still going strong.
  • His Imperial Sufferance (The Sufferer for short) has the empire’s first voluntary and non-mutilated helmsman.  Everyone is like >8I WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM but honestly he gets along great with his helmsman, so fuck all y’all he’s the emperor.
  • Karkat’s lusus is the Speaker of the Vast Skree but people have a tendency to call Karkat that too because goddamn that boy can shout.
  • It is instant death to reveal that the imperial family starts involuntarily tearing up from pain when they get their fins pierced, but neither of them will take anesthetic because it’s not badass.  They decided this independently of each other.
  • Karkat collects mutants and ‘oddities’ with him in his imperial hive.  Also anyone he likes (I DON’T LIKE THEM SHUT UP THEY’RE JUST AMUSING OKAY), especially anyone he likes who might be in danger on the planet.  And their quadrants.  
  • Karkat is a giant marshmallow with a thorny loud and violent exterior.  Some things do not change.
  • Those are all the thoughts that come immediately to mind. :D  Fortunately I have no ideas for a plot, so I can’t add it to my massive pile of AUs.  Still fun to draw Vantases with jewelry and freckles though.  Very enjoyable. :)