the vanishing of the bees

For Bee’s birthday, which was over a month ago, based on her weirdly specific prompt, which I did not completely fill because there’s no hair fiddling. <3 thanks for challenging me <3

Headcanon! They’ve been traveling around Italy and in Florence they ask an elderly tourist to take their picture and she keeps changing positions to get it just right and give these nice young men a perfect memory of the Boboli Gardens and Stiles mutters through his frozen smile ‘get on with it already’ and “don’t look at the camera with your freaky eyes” and pokes Derek in the back with his knee and Derek laughs.

8 Formidable Facts About Bees

Let’s hear it for the bees! (Let’s give the bees a ha-aa-aa-aaand!)

Spring is (supposedly) on its way, so we want to send a little love and appreciation to all the bees out there, making our everyday possible. Join us in celebrating these 8 reasons to celebrate our tiny, but mighty friends.

1. Bees make our surroundings beeee-autiful. In addition to pollinating our crops, bees are responsible for pollinating all of the things that make spring sing. And they’re no novices - they’ve been producing honey from flowering trees (fruit trees, nut trees, and bee-yond) for 10-20 million years! From the TED-Ed Lesson The case of the vanishing honeybees - Emma Bryce

2. Bees are social insects. Honey bees live together in large, well-organized family groups and engage in a variety of complex tasks not practiced by solitary insects. Communication, complex nest construction, environmental control, defense, and division of the labor are just some of the behaviors that honey bees have developed to exist successfully in social colonies. And they are not the least bit lazy: one single bee colony can pollinate 300 million flowers each day. From the TED-Ed Lesson The case of the vanishing honeybees - Emma Bryce

3. Bees are above words. They communicate through ‘dance’ and pheromones. By performing what’s referred to as the ‘waggle dance’, bees can share information about the direction and distance to patches of flowers yielding nectar and pollen, to water sources, or to new nest-site locations. From the TED-Ed Lesson Why do honeybees love hexagons? - Zack Patterson and Andy Peterson

4. Bees make great wingmen. Bees are very busy little matchmakers. The bees’ side of the whole “birds and the bees” business is to help plants find mates and reproduce. Today, around 170,000 plant species receive pollination services from more than 200,000 pollinator species, a good many of which are bees! In return, flowering plants are an abundant and diverse food source for pollinators. For instance, fossil records suggest that bees may have evolved from wasps that gave up hunting after they acquired a taste for nectar. From the TED-Ed Lesson How bees help plants have sex - Fernanda S. Valdovinos

5.Bees put food on our tables. Bees pollinate our crops on an industrial scale, generating over one-third of U.S. food production. Their work alone has contributed an estimated $15-20 billion of value to the U.S. agricultural business. From the TED-Ed Lesson The case of the vanishing honeybees - Emma Bryce

6. Bees can totally pack up a car better than you. Honeybees are some of nature’s finest mathematicians. Not only can they calculate angles and comprehend the roundness of the earth, these smart insects build and live in one of the most mathematically efficient architectural designs around: the beehive. Charles Darwin himself wrote that the honeycomb is a masterpiece of engineering. It is “absolutely perfect in economizing labor and wax.” From the TED-Ed Lesson Why do honeybees love hexagons? - Zack Patterson and Andy Peterson

7. Bees are hooked on coffee, too. When bees pollinate coffee plants, they consume low doses of caffeine from the coffee flower nectar, which means that bees are **BUZZZZZING** from a caffeine high just like us, AND helping us to get our coffee fix on the daily! From the TED-Ed Lesson The case of the vanishing honeybees - Emma Bryce

8. Honeybees are disappearing at astonishing rates. Not to be a **buzzkill**, but here’s a not-so-fun fact. In the past decade, the U.S. honeybee population has been decreasing at an alarming and unprecedented rate. Bee mortality rates in commercial production have more than doubled in the last decade, and in 2015, 40% of bee colonies were reported lost in just a single year. There are a variety of factors causing Colony Collapse Disorder, and scientists everywhere are working to prevent further loss of bees. Keep reading to see how you can help. From the TED-Ed Lesson The case of the vanishing honeybees - Emma Bryce

Love bees as much as we do? Well, let’s give the bees a hand, for real! Plant some bee-friendly flowers this spring and remember, when bees have access to good nutrition, we have access to good nutrition through their pollination services

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Do you know any cool documentaries about bees? Love your blog btw xx

Hi! I do know of a few that are quite interesting. 

Vanishing of the Bees (2009) - This one looks at all the different economic, ecological and political factors that would change if the bee were to disappear.

Colony (2009) - Beekeeper’s perspective of Colony Collapse Disorder. 

More than Honey (2012) - “Beekeepers, scientists and others discuss the world’s declining bee population and what it may mean for modern society.”

Burt’s Buzz (2013) - The story of the founder of Burt’s Bees. Pretty sure it’s on Netflix!

These are just a few! Let me know what you think!

In the past decade, the US honeybee population has been decreasing at an alarming and unprecedented rate. But why?

Emma Bryce offers some explanations in the TED-Ed Lesson The case of the vanishing honeybees.

One solution?  Plant flowers! In Marla Spivak’s TED Talk Why bees are disappearing, she reminds us that when bees have access to good nutrition, we have access to good nutrition through their pollination services.  

So get out there, Tumblr - and plant some bee-friendly flowers!

Animation by Lillian Chan

rebuilding honeycomb, ch2

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oooo it’s been a while. also! bee kwami revealed!!! a little more development in this chapter, although this chapter is kind of short. i just wanted to update and get it out of the way (and i still am working on the actual plot part of this)

a little bit of chat being a heartsick loser and background marinette being the same. chloé’s done with all of them.


Her crown beeps as she flies back home. When she touches down on her balcony, she’s engulfed in a flash of yellow light, and then she’s Chloé Bourgeois again.

“Could you really not wait another two minutes?” Idette snaps.

Chloé blinks in surprise. This is not the sweet Idette who’d tried to stop Chloé from swatting her. She crosses her arms. “What’s your problem? I saved the day, didn’t I?”

Idette buzzes angrily. “You didn’t let me finish telling you the rules.”

Chloé rolls her eyes. “Rules are for losers,” she says as she walks past the kwami towards her still open balcony doors.

“And miraculous holders!” Idette trills. “Bet you didn’t know that once you use your powers you only have five minutes before you detransform, huh?!”

Chloé slows, hand on the door knob. “Five minutes?”

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Somewhere Between

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Fandom: Star Wars
Pairing: Ben Solo x Reader / Kylo Ren x Reader, Poe Dameron x Reader
Request: “Could you please wright a one shot of reader experiencing guilt for getting close to Poe when reader really loves Ben and is still hoping to help him come back to the light side ? Maybe throw in some Leia ?! :)” - anonymous
Words: 1.230

Author’s Note: Wow, this was harder than expected. I have to admit it has been kinda difficult for me to slip into kylo/ben-fangirl-mode but I think in the end I managed quite well. I hope it has not too much Poe in it for your liking, anon :D

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Somewhere Between

There are new guys that just don’t fit in. And there are the ones that capture everybody’s hearts in an instant. Poe Dameron is definetely to be counted among the latter category.

It isn’t that long ago, the day General Organa persuaded him to leave the Republic’s Starfleet and join the Resistance instead. It isn’t that long ago, him getting lost somewhere between his quarters and the hangar. It isn’t that long ago when everybody asked who this new soldier-guy with that charming smile might be. By now these questions have stopped, obviously, and it has become quite the habit of him to join you everytime he spots you sitting in the canteen.

A habit you have become rather fond of lately.

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Bees - DP
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Hey Cori, have you ever written anything at all about Danny being sterile? I’m pretty sure I’ve read a fic on the subject somewhere but my memory fails me. Anyway, it seemed like the sort of thing you might have covered. Just asking.




Being the son of next-generation scientists, Danny had seen many things most people wouldn’t believe.  After the accident when he was fourteen, Danny had seen things nobody - living or dead - would believe could happen.  After four years of ghosts, government agents, time traveling, and attempted world-domination… Danny would have sworn he’d seen everything.

This, though, was new.  And Danny wasn’t sure if he should be chuckling in delight or gripping the edge of his seat in terror.

Vlad Masters - the Vlad Masters, the great and powerful and rich - was shifting nervously in his chair.  “Daniel…” the man trailed off, ending his fourth attempt at starting whatever this conversation was going to be.

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The Happening Starters
  • I'm just going to talk in a very positive manner, giving off good vibes. We're just here to use the bathroom, and we're just going to leave. I hope that's okay.
  • I'm talking to a plastic plant. I'm still doing it.
  • It makes you kill yourself. Just when you thought there couldn't be any more evil that can be invented.
  • Alright, there appears to be an event happening. Central Park was just hit by what seems to be a terrorist attack. They're not clear on the scale yet.
  • It's some kind of airborne chemical toxin that's been released in and around the park.
  • They said to watch for warning signs.
  • The first stage is confused speech. The second stage is physical disorientation, loss of direction. The third stage... is fatal.
  • You're not interested in what happened to the bees?
  • You should be more interested in science
  • Now if you were interested in science, you would know facts like the human nose and ears grow a fraction of an inch each year. So a perfect balance of features now might not look so perfect five years from now, and might look down right whack ten years from now.
  • What could be the reason bees have vanished?
  • An act of nature, and we'll never fully understand it
  • Science will come up with some reason to put in the books, but in the end it'll be just a theory.
  • I mean, we will fail to acknowledge that there are forces at work beyond our understanding.
  • To be a scientist, you must have a respectful awe for the laws of nature.
  • How much does the human nose grow each year?
  • You're going to be a heartthrob your whole life.
  • I was just messing with you.
  • Hey, I'm going to tell you something that you should never tell your best friend.
  • Why is everybody saying that?
  • Where are we?
  • Does anybody know where that is?
  • Why are you giving me one useless piece of information at a time?
  • What's going on?
  • Hey, why would you just stop?
  • You can't just leave us here!
  • We're packing hot dogs for the road. You know hot dogs get a bad rap? They got a cool shape, they got protein. You like hot dogs right?
  • By the way, I think I know what's causing this.
  • It's the plants. They can release chemicals
  • The toxin's affecting them?
  • Are those people killing themselves?
  • We need to do something!
  • Just let me think!
  • They're dying!
  • We can't just stand here as uninvolved observers!
  • We're not gonna be one of those assholes on the news who watches a crime happen and not do something! We're not assholes!
  • I need a second!
  • I need a second okay? Why can't anybody give me a goddamn second?
  • All right, be scientific, douchebag
  • They're already dead!
  • What if they're targeting us as threats?
  • The world don't care about me. I don't care about it.
  • You know plants have the ability to target specific threats.
  • Tobacco plants when attacked by heliothis caterpillars will send out a chemical attracting wasps to kill just those caterpillars.
  • We don't know how plants obtain these abilities, they just evolve very rapidly.
  • Plants have the ability to communicate with other species of plants. Trees can communicate with bushes, and bushes with grass, and everything in between.

Hey petals,
Bees are vanishing and I’m like crying my ass off because without them i won’t have any food or pals ya know that’s what happens when all you eat is plants!
I just wanted to say that we all have to start appreciating bees - they’re great lil pollinators and without them we won’t have most fruit, nuts and veggies or even flowers! Bees are the best i mean thanks to them this whole planet is functioning - without plants herbivorous\vegetarian animals won’t have what to eat so they’ll die, and then carnivorous animals won’t have vegetarian animals to eat so they’ll die and damn this whole world will collapse aye??

So please do this planet a little favor by helping the bees!
1. Don’t eat honey (the bees’ winter food source) because bees in honey hive farms just leave the hive and never come back.
2. If you have the money for it, try to buy organic fruit & veggies.
3. You have a garden/yard? great! Plant bee friendly flowers (asters, clover, cosmos, foxglove, roses, snowdrops, sunflowers)
don’t use chemicals and pesticides though.
4. Try not to be a jerk and get stung ok bees aren’t very thrilled to sting you so don’t get all scared when they fly near just don’t move.
5. Love bees alright they’re the bee’s knees ♥


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“I was eating honey walnut shrimp last night when I heard that…”

what is the Game of Games equivalent of this

SEASON FINALE The errant bolt strikes Kendrick Lamar with a thud.

The sound of the battle dims to silence. Handsome but simple King Drake reins in his white warhorse. Ye stills with his scimitars. In his silent bedchamber, Frank Ocean drops his head.

No-one looks more horrified than Macklemore. A child prince, the sun-bleached upstart from the sea, nominal ally and friend to the court. But admiration cannot right all wrongs, and tweeted apologies cannot call back the flight of his arrow.

Kendrick’s great Andalusian rears, silhouetted against the battlefield. His rider slumps to the ground.

The good kid, Rosecrans-born, crown prince of the West, is dead.

SEASON 2 TEASER TRAILER A twilight shot of Drake’s fairytale kingdom. His castle rises, illuminated, over the sleepy valley. The winding river reflects the glow of the houses.

2014 has been kind to Drake. Against all odds, the lord of Toronto has done well without his greatest friend and advisor. Lords Frank Ocean and Macklemore remain staunch allies. A tenuous treaty has been forged with badlands king Beyonce and her all-female murder gang. Even the political alliance/marriage with warlord Nicki Minaj has been largely uneventful. Drake’s halls echo with the whines of her hyenas.

Only one absence has marred the halcyon summer, a disappearance Lord Ocean alone has noted: the Based God has left the court, vanishing into the meadow, taking the bees and the sun and the bloom of spring with him.

Under cover of darkness, three figures emerge from the west.

On the right stands an ancient warrior. His black armor glints dully in the moonlight, his flail swooping in slow, easy circles. Too long has the might of Compton lain dormant. Too long has he coiled in his den, tolerating Kreayshawn, Mac Miller, the twerks of Miley the Tongue. Dre rides for blood, for vengeance, for the second rise of the West.

On the left, a pair of lions slink from the gloom, their shaggy throats wet with gore. They drag a war chariot behind them. Holding the reins stands a lanky figure, draped in shamanic furs. Smoke rises from his dreads. Elegant fingers raise a spell cane of bone. Only one thing could rouse the Dogg from his slumber in the dankwood: a shared vision from a raven’s eye, the careless slaughter of the prince of Compton.

In the center, a cloaked figure pulls up his skeletal horse. He stinks of iron and bile. A year of wandering the dusk lands has left him with a pronounced slump in his wounded shoulder, a bloodless chill in his flesh, a pale fire in his eyes. His hands twist the reins. He raises his gaze. It is KENDRICK LAMAR.