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Yay for a bunch of things at once!

Just got skill combos implemented, as a counterbalance to Cardinal timed-hits. Some Mutable abilties get to chain into other skills and attacks if you press the right key before the little gauge that’s shown on foes/virgo, you get to cast a new turn-free ability! (Thanks Moghunter

At first only basic attacks (and with a new weapon with new animations!) will work with this since abilities will still have their purity costs deducted, and if you don’t meet the requirements, the combo’d skill won’t be cast.

Also in the gifs, first two enemies you may find in the NEW AREA OH MY GOD I was so absurdly tired of Capricorn’s snowy hallways I could write a book about it. These guys are from Pisces (with a new battle background which is dead and morbid and I love it!). I’ll post more info on them this weekend!


Selection of VOBs best Expedition Trucks from 2016/17

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Had a blast at Ragnar Great River 2016! Here are the 6 of us from Van #2 of our team, the Vanimals. Our team was in the first wave of 20 teams at 5 am, and that made for a stress free event with an early finish. It was a bit lonely out there and most of the time I couldn’t see any other runners, but having done it before andhaving already experienced the crazy side of Ragnar, it was nice to see the quieter side.

The weather was great which, combined with having a bit faster of a team, we finished 5 ½ hours faster than last year. Being out there for less time made it a lot less physically and mentally taxing. It was super fun!!

In other news, Mike and I found out today that we are going to the Emmy’s in September! We have been once before, in 2007. That means I get to shop for a dress! I don’t have a picture from us at the Emmy’s in 2007, but here I am wearing it for a corporate event the following holiday season:

I’m super excited! 


We can’t get enough of these Vans and animals photos.
Vans + animals= Vanimals! ♥

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