the van man

Remember when Hugh Jackman wore a long leather trenchcoat and had long gorgeous hair, and Faramir followed him everywhere being witty and cute, and then at the end Hugh Jackman ditches the trenchcoat for his loincloth/hot werewolf look, and battled an awesome-looking Dracula?
Remember the movie Van Helsing?

*leans back* good times, good times

Luis was the real hero of antman. He saved that random security guy because he was a rando security guy and didn’t deserve to die. The whole building was about to implode in a fiery vortex of pain, and he’s thinking “Oh no, I better make sure that guy I tied up earlier is ok!” Most main characters would have forgotten about the security guard they beat up and shoved in the nearest closet, but Luis is better than that. He’s here to save everyone.

I’m almost fully recovered from top surgery and the first summer that I can be outside shirtless is heading our way. Testosterone and top-surgery did their jobs, now it’s my turn. I want to improve my posture and regain the weight I lost last year, while trying to work on my figure. I’m not fond of the hip dysphoria that showed up, but the only person who can do anything about it is me, so let’s see how far I get. I’m not good at keeping motivated for sports especially when depression shows up, but I will be fucking proud of myself if I manage to push through.