the vamps*

you guys.. .. .  . we are getting new harry music, videos, interviews and niall is coming out with new music soon and the vamps announced a new single and album and they’re also coming to the US soon to tour… ….. im SO EXCITED AND OVERWHELMED AND I JUST FEEL SO BLEsSED RIGHT NOW


I was really happy with how the colors and the variants turned out so I had to include them all !

Vampire! McCree waltzing into town or such.

My vampire McCree is most powerful in the sun – at high noon! The weaker the vampire, the less sun they can take. When McCree bites Hanzo in a fit of blood lust, it’s during the day, and It’s the last time Hanzo sees the sun for decades after. 

McCree will never stop feeling guilty for biting him, but selfishly is glad he did in the long run…

please do not repost or share without credit – please contact me if you do share – please do not delete the caption – photoshop cs6 – kyle brush gouache brushes

- toiek