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No Strings, Just Friends

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                                                 Stand Alone
No Strings, Just Friends.


Trying to sneak through the bunker was not the easiest task in the world. Y/N knew that. They all knew that. But that reality wasn’t going to stop her. She just wanted to find a bath and drown in it. Not literally, but a bottle of wine, bubbles and some alone time seemed like the best given the events of tonight.

Dean smirked when he heard the door to the garage close. Y/N was back earlier than anticipated. Her night didn’t go any better than his. He grabbed a beer and walked over to the door way, knowing she would walk past momentarily.

He smiled at her as she looked up and gave him a sad smile, along with an exasperated sigh. He took in her appearance, short black dress, that hugged every one of her curves, killer heels now in her hand, her once perfect hair slightly messed up, her make up a little smudge. Maybe it wasn’t as bad as his night.

‘How bad?’ he asked, handing her the bottle.

‘Amazing kisser, what I wouldn’t have given to feel that elsewhere,’ she sulked.

‘What happened?’

‘The photos of his wife serving overseas was a buzzkill.’



‘What a douche.’

‘He knows that now. I showed him why waiting for the missus is a good idea,’ she grinned. ‘You?’

‘Ah, pink room, fluffy pillow, tiny dog named schmookins, and she declared he love for me and was talking marriage and we hadn’t even left the parking lot.’

Y/N laughed. ‘You win. Please tell me you didn’t give her your number? I’m not up for playing the pissed off girlfriend to yet another stalker.’

Dean grinned, ‘I gave her Sam’s.’

Y/N chuckled, Sam was going to kill him.

‘Go put on sweats and come watch TV and sulk,’ Dean suggested, watching as she nodded and headed towards her room, downing half the bottle as she went.

Two weeks later Y/N came into the war room.

‘Tell me we have a job in Idaho?’

‘Why?’ Sam asked, frowning.

‘Friend’s passing through. And I’m desperate,’ Y/N realised that was a bit obvious. ‘To see them, it’s been ages and all.’

Dean grinned at her knowingly. She hasn’t had a chance to hit a bar since the last disaster.

‘Nope, nothing planned.’

Dean watched as her face changed and she swore silently.

‘How long exactly has it been since you seen your, friend?’ Dean smirked.

‘Too long.’

‘Give us a time frame to work with.’

Y/N stood there quietly, looking at the Winchester. She raised an eyebrow and Dean grinned cheekily at her.


She shook her head.


He watched as she bit her lip.

‘A lot of months.’

‘Long enough that I’m almost willing to take Charlie up on her offer of friendship.’

‘I thought you and Charlie were already friends?’ Sam frowned, clearly still distracted.

‘Not close friends, she’s not my type. I get along better with men.’

Y/N told him, before pouting and heading to her room.

Sam looked at Dean confused, who gave him one of those “Really?” looks.

‘What was…Oohh,’ he cringed.

Dean watched after Y/N and considered things. They were friends, they had bailed each other out of bad dates and hook ups. If they headed out it was usually together. There were no romantic feelings there at all. The two were platonic friends. But he understood how she was feeling, he was going through a similar dry spell. He thought about helping her out, but that would just be awkward. Although, he doubted disappointing. She was definitely worth exploring. He had always found her attractive. And he will admit some day’s perving on her and using her image was what got him through the worst of it.

Dean sat there in his chair and thought back to the outfit she was wearing, the short shorts, and the emerald green tank that showed off her curves and made her eyes pop. He could definitely help her out. He stood up to go find her, when Sam stopped him.

‘Got a case. Virginia, looks like a ghost.’

‘I’ll let Y/N know.’

Dean knocked on her door and smiled as she opened it.

‘We have a case.’

He grinned at the hopeful look in her eyes.


Y/N shot him a bitch face and slammed her door.

Dean knocked again, watching amused as Y/N opened the door, still pissed off.

‘You’re going to be a bottle of sunshine this hunt aren’t you.’

Y/N gave him the finger and went to shut the door.

‘Hear me out,’ Dean groaned, as he caught the door.

Y/N turned and looked at him.

‘I know you must be getting tired of only being friends with yourself.’

Y/N couldn’t help but give a small laugh. Dean watched as her side swept bangs fell gently across her face. He licked his lips. He was liking the idea of his offer more and more.

‘I’m happy to be friends with you if that’s what your after. No strings just “friends”,’ he air quoted, watching her face careful.

Her expression changed to confused, shocked finally unsure.

‘You know if you, or even I, are going through what we are now?’

‘How long as it been since you last had a friend?’

He looked at the curiosity of her face. Dean checked behind him and the hallway for Sam, before walking into the room.

‘Remember that shifter case in Grand Forks.’

‘Holy Shit. That’s like a year ago.’

‘I know, I’m a lonely man. A very lonely man. You?’

‘Wendigo at Aspen, and I wouldn’t call that night having a friend, if you can’t feel it it didn’t happen right? So it would have been Vamp at Seattle.’

‘Serious? That’s like 14 months.’

‘We haven’t had time and when we have I’ve been healing.’

Dean nodded, understanding what she was saying. He knew she had no trouble picking up. Neither of them did. Time and non injured was another story.

‘So,’ he grinned, stepping forward and running his hands down her sides.

Dean watched as she squirmed slightly. He smirked, knowing it wasn’t a ticklish squirm.

‘No strings.’

‘It wouldn’t be awkward?’

‘Sweetheart, I doubt either of us care about that right now.’

Y/N screwed her face up slightly and nodded.

‘We should.’

‘We don’t.’

Dean leant down and ran his tongue and lips along her neck.

‘Holy shit, Dean,’ she moaned.

He felt her melt in his hands. His own body turning weak as she ran her fingers up his torso, and she kissed his jaw. He was ready to take her without any care for her own enjoyment.

‘That’s a yes, right?’ he begged. ‘Please, tell me it’s a yes.’

Y/N nodded and Dean moved to shut her door.

‘We need to leave, is she ready?’ Sam called.

‘Yes,’ Y/N groaned through gritted teeth.

‘She needs a minute, we’ll meet you at the car,’ Dean called.

He waited until Sam was out of sight, before shutting the door and turning back to Y/N. The look in his eyes matched her own. He crossed the room quicker than he ever had and both found the release they needed. Both surprised at how amazing it was. Everything from the feeling of the other’s lips to the way their bodies seemed to lock in place like a jigsaw puzzle. Both were equally surprised to find that despite it being a quick, desperate form of release, it was the most fulfilling and satisfying “friendship” either had experienced.

Over the next few weeks the two used their friendship to its full advantage. The bunker, Baby and motel rooms became a much happier place. As time progressed, Dean found himself staying around afterwards. No longer being a wombat as Y/N joked, “Eats, Roots and Leaves.” Not that she minded, she approached it the same way.

Dean realised it was getting complicated when he found himself wanting to spend more time with Y/N in a normal way, not sex related. He wanted to sit with her and watched movies, he wanted to cuddle afterwards, to run his hand through her hair and feel the silky strands shift through his fingers. He found himself wanting to run his hand over her back, hold her hand, rest his hand on her leg when she sat next to him. He wanted to kiss her when she smiled, hold her when she was sad. He wanted to drive for hours, alone with her, just so they could talk. He wanted her as more than a friend and it was killing him.

The trio had just finished a hunt in Minnesota, it was simple enough and the bones were burnt before the day was out. They decided to stick around a day or two, relax and then look for the next case. Dean watched as Y/N licked her fingers after finishing a slice of pizza and the way her lips wrapped around the beer bottle. He needed her. It had been a couple weeks thanks to girl issues and an injury. He came back to reality and heard Y/N and Sam talking about hitting the local bar.

‘You’re going out?’

‘Dude, we’ve only been talking about it for 10 minutes,’ Sam laughed.

‘I’m going to go get dressed.’

‘Why not wear what you’re in?’ Dean asked, slightly annoyed.

He knew what she meant by getting dressed.

Y/N looked down at her outfit. Yoga pants, oversized college sweater, messy hair.

‘Cos, I wouldn’t even touch me right now,’ she frowned.

‘Nothing wrong with it. Relaxed casual’s still hot.’

‘Sure. So’s a leather mini skirt and low cut shirt. I’m going with option B.’

Dean frowned at her and watched as she smiled and left.

‘Dude, you so broke the cardinal rule of friends with benefits.’

‘Shut up Sammy.’

‘Tell her.’

‘Nope. She’s obviously not interested if she’s looking to pick up. Well, we both can can’t we.’

He got up and went to get ready, making sure everything was perfect.

He looked up as Y/N came back into their room. If Sam wasn’t there he would have jumped her. She wasn’t kidding about the leather skirt, or the low cut top. It had a deep v neck, that had strap type things criss crossing over her breasts, exposing her cleavage. Dean fought back a growl as even Sam noticed and appreciated the view.

‘Want a jacket?’ Dean asked, through gritted teeth.

‘Nope. I’m good.’

‘That shirt doesn’t need a cami or something under it?’

Y/N looked down and then back at Dean and smiled.

‘That would defy the point of wearing it.’

‘I’ll meet you at the car,’ Sam commented, clearing his throat.

Dean waited until his brother left the room, before raking his eyes over her again.

‘You know we can skip the bar, stay here, or go to your room. I’m happy to assist you in anyway. You know that.’

Y/N gave him a seductive smile and Dean had to force his knees to not give out. To stop himself from dropping to his knees and begging her to be with him and him only.

‘I know. But I’m in the mood to go out. And I lost a bet to Sam earlier and need to win my money back. Besides, I figure you’re probably getting bored with me by now and can’t wait to find a new plaything,’ she winked.

Dean nodded reluctantly and followed her out the door. The entire night he didn’t leave her side, he blocked any guy’s attempt of coming up to her and shot down any girl that approached him. He had plans for tonight and it only involved Y/N.

By midnight Y/N was pissed to say the least. She sat at a table and sulked over Dean’s attitude. Sam had smacked him round the head about an hour earlier when he left for the motel. Dean kept going to tell her everything but he was so scared he would ruin what they had if he did. Was it better to be with her just for sex than to lose her altogether?

‘Y/N,’ he tried, finally getting the courage to talk. ‘I’ve been thinking-.’

He watched as her face lit up at something behind him and she jumped up. He turned to see a tall man, who was rather well built wrap his arms around her and kiss her neck.

‘Given that you haven’t answered any of my messages for the past couple of weeks I was worried that you were mad or something,’ the man purred.

Dean felt his face darken. Tony. The guy who had been texting her trying to hook up. The guy whose texts he “accidently” deleted from Y/N’s phone, before blocking his number.

‘I never got any texts,’ she frowned.

Dean watched as realisation crossed her face and she turned to him. He was a dead man.

‘We should head back to the motel,’ Dean offered.

Y/N ignored him and continued to chat with Tony. He watched the way Tony’s hand ran along her leg, as he sat next to her.

Dean tried several times to talk to her, but all he got was a cold shoulder and daggers. He knew he screwed up. That he acted petty, jealous and possessive. But truth be told he didn’t care. He’d fallen for her hard. He wanted her as his girlfriend, not as just some booty call. This guy he just wanted sex. Why couldn’t she see that? Why couldn’t she love him like he loved her? Dean froze, his beer almost to his lips. Love? He sighed, he didn’t even bother questioning it. He knew it was.

‘Can we talk?’ he tried again.

Y/N’s eyes rose to look at him.


Dean held her gaze, his eyes begging for her give him a chance. He watched Tony out the corner of his eye, as he stared at her breasts yet again. Every time she looked away, his eyes dropped to her chest or her thighs. It was really starting to piss Dean off. Yes, she was hot. Yes, she was extremely hot. But there was more to her than that.


Dean looked at her, she was still pissed with him.

‘Can you give us a minute Tony?’ Dean spat.

‘I believe she said tomorrow, Dude. Tonight I’m pretty sure she’s with me and with that thought…’

Dean watched as he slid his hand up her leg and behind her sliding her forward on the chair.

‘Let’s go find a place to hang out privately for a few minutes,’ Tony purred.

‘Y/N?’ Dean pleaded.

Y/N looked at Dean, his eyes pleading. She considered her options. Tony was…well, Tony. He was great for one thing and one thing only. As a person though he wasn’t a ring up, hey wanna catch a movie type friend.

Dean however, Dean was someone who Y/N had fallen for hard. The more she was with him the more she wanted. The more she knew she was getting in too deep, thus tonight. She had to pick up else where, try and distance herself before she caved and told Dean everything, ruining any chance at ever being with him again.

But then Dean did whatever the hell stunt he was pulling tonight and it pissed her off, no more infuriated her. She couldn’t be with him. Neither did relationships and yet he was stopping her from being with others.

Tony grabbed her hand and pulled her off the chair, grabbing her jacket and handing it too her.

‘Y/N? Please,’ Dean begged.


‘Two minutes, I don’t even need that. I just…’

He watched as Tony said something quietly in her ear and Y/N looked at him but didn’t say anything. She pulled her jacket on and walked off with Tony. Dean watched as she looked at him, hesitation and pain flicking across them before anger took over and she walked out.

Dean felt his heart break, he fought back tears and fought even harder to stop his hands from shaking. She had just walked out on him and left with someone else. He couldn’t even believe how bad this was affecting him. He’d watched her leave with men countless times, hell he’d even helped her pick up. But this time was different, he wanted so bad for the man to be him. He considered getting blind drunk, but decided against it.

Y/N and Tony headed towards his car and he was already kissing her trying to get in her pants before they even reached it. But as hard as she tried, Y/N just couldn’t get into it. She felt horrible for walking away when Dean wanted to talk, for even looking at Tony. As stupid as it sounded she felt like she was betraying him.

Tony’s hand started wandering up her legs when Y/N stopped him.

‘Sorry, I don’t think I can.’


‘I can’t. I’m just not there tonight.’

Tony glared at her. She had to admit she’d never let it get this far before turning him down. She doesn’t recall ever turning him down.

‘So I spent the night?’

‘Catching up?’ she offered. ‘I’m sorry I am. It’s just, things have changed.’

‘Whatever. I’ll go get it elsewhere.’

‘Course you will,’ she smiled.

Tony climbed into his car and slammed the door. Y/N watched as he drove off and took a deep breath. She needed to go find Dean.

‘Where’s he going?’ Dean’s sad voice came from behind her, making her jump.

‘Ah don’t know. He’s pissy so probably another bar.’

‘What happened?’

‘Turned him down.’

Dean looked at her surprised. Y/N turned around and looked at him, the sadness in his eyes, the moisture that threatened to overflow any minute.

‘Sorry for being a bitch,’ she said quietly. ‘I’ll listen if you want to talk still. If not, that’s fine I don’t blame you.’

‘I should apologise Y/N. I acted like a possessive jerk tonight, and with Tony’s messages. I deleted them and blocked his number.’

‘Yeah, I got that.’

‘I thought I was fine with friends with benefits. But I started falling for you hard. I wanted more. I want you in every aspect, not just cos either one of us is horny. I really want to go to sleep and wake up everyday with you in my arms. Then well I couldn’t handle you wanting to get some elsewhere. And it made me jealous and a douche.’

Y/N looked at him and didn’t say anything. She felt a burning in her eyes. And like such an idiot. He felt the same way she did.

‘Y/N?’ Dean moved closer and reached out and took her hand.

‘I came out tonight because I needed to distance myself from you,’ Y/N explained.

Dean looked at her upset and unsure.

‘I broke the one rule in friends with benefits, Dean. And I was struggling.’

He looked at her and felt his face light up. He pulled her in and kissed her. A light rain started falling on the two but neither cared. Dean pushed his hand through her hair and pulled her in so her body was pressed against his, his other hand resting on her back.

‘So tonight?’ Y/N asked, as they finally broke apart.

‘I’m staying in your room, all night and plan on waking up next to my girl. Tonight and hopefully every night.’

He watched as she smiled at him.

‘Sounds good.’

He kissed her again there in the rain, ignoring the shirt that now clung to body. He just let himself get completely caught up in her lips. He’d never felt more grateful for taking a chance on becoming her friend.


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