the vamps on tour

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another world is prob one of my fav songs they perform bc brads vocals in it are heavenly

These two should not be aloud in a picture together when it’s just the two of them😍😧


This was amazing😐😍😍

Tristan imagine -Short but sweet.

You had always been small,but never really been bothered.It became more noticeable as you grew up,with your friends growing and you staying the same height.It was also annoying having people constantly questioning your age.And having a boyfriend of over 6ft tall,really didn’t really help ethier;as it made the two of you look slightly odd when out together. Due to the large height difference it always meant that there were constant “fights"over where things were kept-and by fights it means you placing something somewhere and Tris moving it to one of the higher shelves later on. "Trissssss"You whined,looking into one of the cupboards in your kitchen.You had noticed that somehow the (random food you like) had "magically"moved from the bottom shelf,where you had placed it earlier ,but was now located on the highest shelf-way out of your grasp-even when standing on something. "Yes my little one?"Tristan said,walking into the kitchen.You could feel him smirking behind you and you already knew that he had yet again done this on purpose. "We have a problem"You said,turning round to face him,but pointing at the food you wanted. "Oh you offering y/n?-I’d love to have some.Could you get some for me?"He said,deliberately teasing you. "Shut it Tris,can you get them down for me?"You asked. "I don’t know if I should babe,maybe if you get it,you be stretched out a bit more"He laughed,resulting in you shooting him a death glare. "Well I rather be small than a giant"You said,now climbing into the counter as you had given up hope that Tris was going to help you. "Well the best things do come larger packages"Tris answer,laughing at you many attempts to try and grab the food. "I think you find that not the saying"You said finally touching the food before falling off the counter,alongside many of the cupboards contents. "Careful now babe"Tristan laughed ,managing to catch you. "Urgh your so annoying sometimes"You said,lightly pushing him. "But you love me anyway"He laughed,pulling you closer. "Sadly"You mumbled jokingly into his chest. "Love you too short stuff”.

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