the vampire from hell

The vampire squid, (vampyroteuthis infernalis; “vampire squid from hell”), is a unique deep-sea dwelling creature commonly found in temperate waters. This fascinating species is believed to be an evolutionary bridge between squid and octopuses, having features of both. Unlike other of its kind, the vampire squid is incapable of inking when frightened.


“don’t take this the wrong way, but i’m glad this–us–scares you as much as it scares me. and i’m even more glad you still think it’s worth giving it a shot.”
>  buffy & spike in s10#30

Child of Light and a Devil Vampire (Modern AU)

( @lightinmismatchedeyes )

*The Crimson Warrior was known as the most powerful SSS Class Devil Vampire ever to exist. Seeing as he is the last of his kind, it would make sense to have such a powerful and wise Vampiric Swordsmen despise the Light of the Heavens. Strangely being from Hell, the Crimson Warrior does not discriminate against any he deems fit to possess untapped talent and help them awaken their inner power.*

*The goal of his Dojo and as a Sword Master is, “To become your true self, you must believe you can achieve your own greatness”. His students have ranged from Humans and Demons, to even Angels and Lesser Gods. The Crimson Warrior had many different classes of allies and friends but missed one crucial one…..a Mage…a Healer so to speak. He was part of a large guild until his false banishment from the Tomb of Nazarick, so he ventured out on his own and made his dojo specifically to counter those who opposed potential.*

*as the Sword Master exited from the halls of his dojo, he noticed a blond, beautiful, and voluptuous woman linger outside the entrance of his dojo. Raising an eye brow at this he walked over to the woman, being 6'5 and very muscular, he towered over towered the woman as he gazed down at her with his deep crimson slitted eyes that seemed to glow with anticipation as he drew close to her. He noticed she had two different colored eyes. One Red and One Blue. Curious…..*

“Hello miss, welcome to my dojo, can I perhaps assist you with anything?”

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Kyle lugged his bags up the stairs to the apartment and knocked on the door. He was hoping the two here were nice. But then again anyone was better than Adam. He needed to start over and get away from his ex vampire boyfriend from hell. He felt embarrassed for having to beg for these two vamp’s help, but he was low on options. But he as happy to be helping them none the less. He knocked then waited patiently. Still slightly nervous. 


The vampire squid is neither a vampire, nor a squid.

Its Latin name translates as “the vampire squid from hell.” And while its crimson skin and glowing eyes support its title, deep sea ecologists like Bruce Robison of the montereybayaquarium Research Institute have come to see the vampire squid as the antithesis of a bloodsucking predator. In fact, studies have shown that Vampyroteuthis infernalis is actually a gentle steward of the ocean’s depths, gracefully foraging on marine detritus.

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Imagine. Dean almost getting the two of you killed during a hunt  while trying to do his job and yours and after the hunt, you confront him about it. 

“Dean, what the hell?” You walked to him after the last vampire from the nest was killed. His leg was bleeding and his forehead too. Sam took a walk to check if there were other vampires lurking around. “I had to look after you. Y/n I can’t loose you. I love you too much.” 

A Hollow Faith - New Hannigram Fic!

@empathalitis and I started writing A Hollow Faith as a small priest/vampire AU, and suddenly we realized we had created a whole new (and complex) universe! 

This is currently a work in progress. Many chapters are planned! Please read the tags and notes.

Summary:  Father Graham is a Catholic priest sent to Rome to further his religious studies. Mentored by Padre Pazzi, he hopes to learn the ancient art of exorcism, but struggles with the inner darkness he finds festering and growing inside himself. When he meets a wealthy, mysterious stranger, the priest is eventually thrust into a world where not only demons – but vampires – are known to exist. Enter Hannibal Lecter, an old and powerful pureblood masquerading in a psychiatrist-person suit, with the intention of making Graham his next victim… The only problem? Hannibal can’t seem to bring himself to kill such fascinating prey – at least not right away. Can Father Graham save himself from his own vicious demons, and from the vampire hell bent on corrupting him?

___________ “He reached inside his pocket to retrieve a business card and offered it to the priest. “I don’t know when you get some free time, but if you’d ever like to talk about anything or perhaps see some new places in Rome, consider me a friend.”

Hannibal held the card between two fingers, in a way that would be almost impossible for the priest to take without at least brushing the tips of his fingers across his. He craved the contact, yearned for it, and he couldn’t wait to seduce this man – corrupt him forever, corrupt his soul like he’d done to many others before him. A priest would be so much more fun than other humans, because priests knew about the vampire’s existence. Father Graham would inevitably notice what Hannibal was, eventually, and by then it would be too late. Hannibal enjoyed seeing the fear in his victim’s eyes right before he leaned in to bite into their throats.

“Are you offering to be my tour guide doctor?” Graham asked, sounding a bit more flirtatious than he’d planned. Dr. Lecter was clearly a cultured man, if he said he was too busy travelling to take care of pets or have… companions, then he had no reason to doubt him. But he’d felt his face flush at the playful tone of his own voice; could feel it spreading to the tips of his ears – he was suddenly thankful for the darkness and the soothing coolness of the night breeze against his heated skin.” 

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The Bestiary: Vampire Squid

It came from the depths of the ocean! Millions of years on the bottom of the sea have transformed the small squid into a rampaging monstrosity ready to destroy America! Guaranteed terror! SQUID ATTACK! Watch at the nearest cinema!

Today’s Episode: The Vampire Squid

No, don’t be afraid, they don’t actually drink blood… as far as we know.

We already talked about the fact that the bottom of the ocean houses some of the most bizarre, outworldly and terrifying monstrosities on this earth. If this goes even for the creatures considered to be less threatening, such as isopods, what do the epitomes of nautical awesome and inspiration of oh so many cheesy 60s horror movies, cephalopods get warped into down there?

The answer, naturally, is that they get warped into this.

This is the Vampyrotheutis infernalis. That name literally translates to Vampire Squid from Hell. You remember the part where science is hard cold fact and doesn’t let itself be affected by emotions? Well, you can throw that out to the dumpster, because this unholy bastard child of Cthulhu and Béla Lugosi freaked biologists out so hard that they decided to name it Vampire Squid from Hell.

Actually, the name “squid” is largely a formality - this thing is neither an octopus, nor a squid. It’s so strange and unplaceable in cephalopodic taxonomy that, after years of frantically searching up and down the cephalopod family tree, they managed to dig up an order of long-extinct Krakenesque monstrosities known as Vampyromorphida and place it there.

This is the Leptotheutis gigas, one of its alleged cousins. I don’t know about you guys, but as far as I know, animals are usually named “gigas” for a reason.

Aaaaand crash and burn. Considering that the vampire squid is only 30 centimeters long, this thing can be considered downright colossal.

Now, consider that all these creepy betentacled fucks died out, and the sole survivor of the entire nightmarish order is a relatively small “squid”.

Common sense dictates that all the omnicidal, dripping, primordial evil of the Vampyromorphida is likewise present in vampire squid, only in higher density, because they’re smaller.

The squid itself lives a fairly slow-paced life, either because fast movement is power-costly and it’s hard to regenerate energy down there, or because it secretly plots the downfall of human civilization. I subscribe to the latter theory.

Notably, it lives in a depth of approximately 800 fucking meters, giving all the better-known hardass deep-sea monsters such as the anglerfish or the pelican eel a run for their money. To put this in context: oxygen is so rare down there that the water is theoretically unfit to support areobic life. In simpler terms, the water is so oxygen-poor that the only things that are supposed to be able to survive there are bacteria for whom oxygen is explicitly harmful. And yet the vampire squid can survive in these mind-boggling depths, and has absolutely zero problem breathing in water with an oxygen saturation of just 3%. Three. Percents. Three. An oxygen level that low wouldn’t only cause a human to die at superluminal speeds, it probably wouldn’t even be enough for his body to start rotting. And this dark, slimy piece of shit just dilly-dalles along in nearly no oxygen. God dammit.

It also has these little earlike fins on its head body it flaps to move around, because once again, using the mega-awesome bionic jet engine most cephalopods use would be to damn costly in energy. However, this makes the vampire squid not only an outlandish hybrid of Count Dracula and a Great Old One of your choosing, but an outlandish hybrid of Count Dracula, said Great Old One and Dumbo.

Let’s talk about the bioluminescence, shall we? Because this guy is covered head to toe in bioluminescent photophores. Not only that, it releases a bioluminescent fluid instead of ink in order to fuck with potential predators and its eyes glow with different colors.

Epileptic disco squid. Yum.

As if all these defensive tactics weren’t already enough, the vampire squid takes defence to the level of a crazy survivalist hoarding shotguns in his toolshed in case the President turns evil and declares martial law. Namely, they turn their webbed umbrella-like tentacles inside out until they become the deep-sea equivalent of Sonic the Hedgehog, that is, a fleshy ball of spikes that kill you to death if you as much as touch them. Well, that’s what this sneaky little fucker wants you to believe, even though the spikes are completely harmless.

Here is what it looks like.


Iä! Iä! Vam’Pyre Squ’Id fhtagn!


You grinned, 

“Thanks Dean!” You kissed him on the cheek, grabbed your keys, and ran out the door. Sam looked from the door to Dean with a confused expression, 

“Really? You’re just gonna… Let her go hunt a vampire all by herself?” Dean took another gulp from his drink, 

“Mm, hell no. She gets a five minute head start and then we head out.” Sam chuckled as they gathered their things, “Lets stop at that diner and get some pie too.”