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After med school, I came home to Mystic Falls. It felt right. It’s where I wanted to grow old, and… I did. And that’s my life. Weird, messy, complicated, sad, wonderful, amazing and above all, epic…

Elena (Gilbert) Salvatore 8x16 → {I Was Feeling Epic}


I’ve been in hell long enough to know that there is no such thing as redemption. There are only promises and bargains and tricks we play on ourselves to make us believe that we’re good people. I’m not a good person. I own that. And if I’m going down, I’m going out with a bang.

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Warning: angsty

A/N: so this wasn’t requested but its my birthday so this is what became of it.


Waking up seems like a big task until I realize that it is my birthday, which essentially puts me in a good mood. I turn towards where my loving and caring boyfriend, Damon, is, or should be at least as he is not there. Thinking that he might be making me breakfast, I get up walking towards the kitchen only to see instead of seeing Damon I see a note instead.


Elena needed my help, sorry.

Don’t know when I’ll be back,

Love you


I sigh, maybe he is planning a surprise party for me, yeah maybe that’s it, I thought.

All throughout the day no one even once told you happy birthday just talking to me like it was just another day, and maybe it was, it just hurt when my own boyfriend spent the day with another girl, not once wishing me a happy birthday or even wishing for me to have a good day.

It’s 9pm when I get back to the boarding house, thinking that maybe just maybe they did plan a party but it was the opposite of what I was expecting when I walked in. Damon and Elena were making out on the couch in the lounge room not even noticing my presence so I walk out going straight towards the grill for a well-deserved drink. By 10pm Klaus walks in and notices me at the bar, slightly tipsy, he walks up to you

“No why on earth is the birthday girl drinking alone?” he asks, surprising me as no one has talked to me, only the bartender asking what drink I wanted.

“What?” disoriented, I glance up at him. He looks at me worriedly

“You alright love” he asks

“Define alright?” I mumble into my drink, taking a sip

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh a part from the fact that I have horrible friends? Well let’s see, I woke up alone, my boyfriend spent the whole day with another girl, no one besides you, in this god forsaken town, wished me a happy birthday, not my family, no one. I have had a shit day only wanting to come home to spend the night with my loving and caring boyfriend only to find him making out with Elena. But apart from all that I have no idea what you are talking about” I rant, looking to Klaus afterwards with a tired look on my face and a tired smile, he just looks at me, listening to what I have to say.

“well they are idiots especially that Salvatore for ever betraying you like that, that Scooby-doo gang that you hang out with don’t deserve to be your friends or even look at you “Klaus says with the sincerest look on his face


“Absolutely, I haven’t, and wouldn’t lie to you sweetheart” he says truthfully

“You mean that?”

“Of course” he says just as a group of people walk through the door, who just so happen to be my so called friends

“Ignore them love” he says to me, pulling my face away to I was looking at him instead

“Oi! (y/n)! what are you doing talking to him come over here?” Caroline calls out to me, I look over at them and look straight at Damon who has a confused look on his face. I look back to Klaus, seeing him look calm but also worried, for me, and I felt nice because it has been a long time since someone, anyone has looked at me with such tenderness and love.

“Nah, I’m good” I say, they all look surprised at what I said. I turn back to Klaus and grab his arm pulling him out of his chair and pulling him towards the door

“I’ve got a hot date to celebrate my birthday with” I say as Klaus and I pass by them. Klaus made the rest of my birthday the best birthday I have ever had.


It was time to tell them, you gulped as you walked to the door of the boarding house. Kol squeezed your hand in support.

Once inside, you took shaking steps slowly towards the parlour. Your presence causing your eldest brother Damon to turn around, his eyes immediately dropping to yours and Kol’s intertwined hands.

“No.” He said, “Not Kol, anybody but Kol.”

“Damon-” You tried to calm him.

“Have you been compelled?” Damon asked.

“I can assure you she’s not.” Kol answered for you.

“What’s going on?” Stefan asked as he entered the room.

“Our sister is dating Kol.” Damon said in a sarcastic manner, clearly unhappy with the situation.

“Oh, I know, I saw them in the Grill a few weeks ago.” Stefan shrugged.

“And you didn’t tell me?!” Damon shouted.


delena forever appreciation week

day seven: favorite romantic moment ♡ 6.07 Do You Remember the First Time?

It was going to be something beautiful and epic, so the rain was a way of us [honoring] this group of fans who spent five years begging for this one thing. … I think it’s because of The Notebook … oh, and Spider-Man. Basically, there’s something about people coming together in the rain that’s the ultimate expression of love in the minds of most audiences. 

—Julie Plec

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“Why do you care so much about what happens to Klaus aka the devil?” Damon questions you. You have been in love with Klaus Mikaelson since he saved you from a pack of werewolves one night and took you back to his place and took care of your wounds.

“You wanna know why? It’s because I love him!” you shout back at Damon, sufficiently shutting everyone up

“Wait, what?” Elena asks shocked

“You like him?” Caroline questions nervously although no one had a clue as to why

“No, I don’t like him, I love him” you correct her

“How can you possibly love him?” Caroline screeches

“I- it’s just- I didn’t plan on it, trust me it just happened” you try to explain yourself

“Well you can’t, you can’t be in love with him” Caroline says affirmatively

“And whys that?” confused you question, your feelings weren’t getting in the way of logical thinking

“Because I like- I mean he could manipulate you” Caroline corrects herself

“Wait you like him, don’t you Caroline?” you realise, but confused as to why she didn’t tell you, as you are best friends

“No” she mumbles

“Care you’re a really bad liar” you sigh

“You. Like. My. Boyfriend?” you slowly ask

“BOYFRIEND?!” everyone screeches

“Oh didn’t I forget to mention that? You reply innocently

A Distraction - Kai Parker Smut

I sat in my rolly chair in front of my desk, the only light in my warm room coming from a pink lightbulb in my lamp in front of me and the tv Kai was watching Jeopardy on.

Two in the morning and my mind was focused on literally anything but the work I had to do.

And it didn’t help in the least that Kai had taken his shirt off for no good reason and tried coaxing me into taking mine off too. I wouldn’t fall for his crap, especially in the middle of something important. Even if it was pleasant seeing him wearing only jeans and laying on my bed like a model.

“I’m bored.” He said, falling back. I ignored his sighs. “Hello? I came over so we could have fun, not so you could ignore me, sweetheart.” He said, throwing one of my beanie babies at me.

“Screw you. No one asked you to come over, if you want attention go bother someone else… sweetheart.” I gritted my teeth. Kai stifled a laugh, standing up from my bed.

“Poor honey. You’ve been at it all week, uh?” He started, his hands landing on my shoulders, forcing me to relax as he massaged me. “I’ll bet you haven’t had a break the whole time, hmm? You’ve just got all this built up emotion in you?” He cooed as he gently moved my hair to one side.

“Kai.” I sighed, my eyes fluttering closed, my pencil falling out of my hand. I could practically hear his devilish smile.

“I can help you.” He whispered, all serpentine-like, dragging me to the seventh circle of hell with every unholy touch.

He pressed his hard dick against my back, his hands running under my shirt. He leaned over to kiss me, his face upside down.

“Bed.” He suggested, his breathing a bit shallow. I nodded in my trance, biting my lip. I laid down and he took my bottoms off at the advantage, pressing kisses up my leg, holding my thighs in his arms. “Pretty.” He smiled at the sight of the little bow on my panties, pressing a kiss there as my hands entered the messy hair sticking up in all directions on his head.

He finally met my face, a pretty little smile on his lips as he pushed his mouth against mine. I felt an energy surge through me as he held me.

I rolled over on him. He pulled me close to him, tearing off my underwear. I gasped as he balled them up and threw them, causing me to pull away.

“Unnecessary. But hot.” I smiled hazily, taking my shirt off too. Now completely naked, I pulled away so he could discard of his jeans. He snaked me back on him and I moaned at the feeling of our skin touching.

“Good grief.” He moaned as I took his dick in my hands. “Turn around, sweetheart.” He swallowed. I shuffled so that I faced away from him, looking at him through the mirror mounted on the wall.

He laid back against the mass of pillows and stuffed animals, his hands running up my back. I sunk onto him, my hands finding his to grab onto as I adjusted against him.

“Oh my -” He leaned his head back as I began moving up and down slowly, his hands crushing mine.

My eyes blurred in madness as I felt his hips rise with every one of my movements, quickening our pace. I moaned out loud as he let go of my hands and grabbed my arms, slapping me up and down rapidly.

Tugging at my hair, he grunted. “Just like that, princess.” The sound of our moans and breathing filled the room, air shifting hot.

I bounced on him, my hair wet with sweat as he yelled behind me, his head thrown back in agonizing pleasure.

He stretched his legs out over the bed, curling his toes on as he grunted animalistically and bit his lip hard.

“Don’t you ever stop fucking me!” He smacked my ass hard. My breath got caught in my throat, my sobs of bliss choked as my knees began to ache. “Fuck! Oh, you god damn bitch!” He cursed, gripping my waist hard as he pushed into me one last time, frozen as he spilled into me.

I slumped and stumbled off of him, laying right beside him as he breathed deeply, his eyes closed. They finally opened once he had calmed down and his stomach relaxed. “You have officially rocked my world.” He sighed hopelessly.

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“Hey brother, what are you looking at?” Damon asks, walking into Stefan’s room where Stefan was

“(Y/n) found out about ‘the ripper’ and she left a note” solemnly, Stefan replies

“Well, what does it say?” Damon asks not understanding his brother’s brooding mood, ever since you and Stefan became a couple no one ever saw a brooding Stefan.

“I don’t know, I haven’t read it yet. And frankly I don’t want to” Stefan sighs

“Fine if you won’t I will” Damon replies and snatches the note from Stefan’s grasp leaving a gaping Stefan. After a few moments of silence Damon bursts out laughing which leaves Stefan highly confused

“What? What does it say?” Stefan gets up from his seat and walks to his brother grabbing the note from his hands and starts to read it glancing at Damon every so often still worried especially now with Damon’s response to the letter.

Can you love a monster?

There’s this nice and caring person…. but there are times were this person has certain cravings and a frightening cruel mood, it’s incredible that this person’s loving and caring boyfriend can ever put up with her but he does and it just turns out that this boyfriend has a similar side to him so it would be incredibly rude and wrong for this person to judge and discriminate their boyfriend when she can be even worse sometimes

I love you Stefan Salvatore and nothing with change that and hopefully you stay with me, I know my cravings and sometimes frightening cruel mood can be difficult to deal with.



After reading the letter Stefan leaves the room and the boarding house in a haste running to find you which was at the grill where you were enjoying some drinks with the girls. When everyone at the table notices Stefan rushing to your table they give each other questioning glance, when Stefan reaches the table he pulls you up and kisses you passionately on the lips pulling away to rest his forehead against yours

“I love you” he whispers both of you smiling broadly as it was the first time either of you have told each other, verbally, those three important words

“I love you too”