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Imagine dancing with Elijah to ‘Two Evils’ by Bastille.

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“I’m the lesser of two evils
Or am I, am I tricking myself nice?”

The song plays across the party, causing you to look towards Elijah who seems to read your mind as he asks, “Would you care to dance?”

You take his offered hand, letting him lead you out onto the floor and into a slow dance, “I would.”

“…Only a winner and a loser
You and I, oh you and I
We’re not that different, you and I
Oh you and I, you and I
We’re not that different, you and I…”


(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 3 679
summary : (based on the song ‘I See The Light’ from Tangled) // events begin a little before the Jolaric wedding and continue after that.
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It was a few months in the school year and for the first time Y/N had time to go back home to Mystic Falls. Y/N was born and raised there but always felt a little out of place. Like something was missing from her life. Y/N had loving parents , friends … her life was absolutely mundane. Almost. Some of her friends were vampires , others were witches , werewolfs or hybrids. And each of them had something special with someone , everyone but her. She loved her friends and was happy for them but sometimes that made her feel like she was on the outside looking it. Like she would never have what they have. Like she will always be alone.
Y/N parked her car in front of the Salvatore’s and headed inside the house. Damon had said he’d be there so she’d be able to pick up some things she had left there before going off to college. Her fingers wrapped around the doorknob and she pushed the door open , hearing a the sound of a bell ringing as she did so. A small smile showed on her face hearing the familiar sound. Just as she was about to call out for Damon , her eyes fell on an unfamiliar face.
“Who are you?” wondered Y/N.
On the sofa was sitting a young man with brown hair , smoky blue eyes , perfectly chizzled jaw wearing a black trench coat , his feet had been outstretched and rested on the small coffee table. He held a glass with bourbon in his hands and smirked at her the second his eyes met hers.
“Oh hello. You must be one of Elena’s friends aren’t you ? God she has a lot of them …” he muttered a little annoyed. Y/N stared at him with a confused expression. There had been a note of hurt in his tone but she couldn’t figure out why that would be.
“Right…” she trailed off. “DAMON ?”
The young man got up , leaving his drink on the table and took a few steps towards her. He was a little taller than her , she noticed.
“Why don’t I know who you are ?” he asked looking at her with curious eyes. “Are you a witch or a vampire ?”
“Erhm … I don’t hang around much here anymore.” she smiled nervously. “Just a boring human in a sea of supernaturals… Who are you again ? DAMON !”
“OH sorry manners. I’m Kai.” he smiled widely at her. “Damon’s not here. He went to talk to Bonnie about ..something.”
“I’m Y/N.” she smiled outstretching her hand to shake his. Kai looked at her suspiciously but shook it anyways. The girl didn’t appear to have the usual reaction her friends had when they heard his name. Everyone either backed away or looked at him with judgement , fear and disgust in their eyes. It was like she didn’t even know who he was.
“You don’t know who I am ?”
“Nope. Not a clue.” replied Y/N taking a few steps towards the sofa and sitting on it. “I’m a little behind on things here. You can tell me if you want.”
Kai sat next to her and began his story. He told her everything - about his childhood , figuring out being a siphoner. What he had done and where he had been the past 18 years. He was surprised none of her friends had warned her about him considering they thought of him as a dangerous person. Kai could see Y/N shift uncomfortably in her seat when he told her about the events that had sent him in the Prison World but she didn’t run away. There was no judgement in her eyes , only curiousity and understanding. Yet he kept waiting for her to run away from him screaming.
“Aren’t you scared I’d hurt you?” he wondered a little amused. “We are all alone in this giant house. No one would even hear your screams for miles.”
“Honestly ? Perhaps a little bit.” replied Y/N. “Things are not always plain black or white. And you seem nice , plus if you wanted to kill me - I’d be dead by now.”
Hearing Kai’s story she couldn’t help but notice a few similarities between his life and her own. He wasn’t evil. All he needed was a friend , someone to care and love him and Y/N wanted to be this friend. And she was curious to find out who really is Kai and get to know him. Perhaps he was dangerous , but most of her friends were vampires and the bar on danger in her life was a bit different.
“Wow , you are either really brave or really stupid.” he studied her face for a few long moments. “I like you. You are not as annoying as the rest of them.”
“Was that a compliment ?”
“Not sure. Emotions are not easy to understa-”
In that moment the door opened , followed by the sounds of a tiny bell ringing. Y/N couldn’t tear her eyes off her new friend. Because he felt like a friend , not an enemy. Damon walked inside and his eyes went wide seeing Y/N hanging out with Kai. The vampire didn’t like how Kai was starring at her. Something about it was very unnerving to him , then again to Damon everything Kai did was unnerving.
“Not back a day and already leaping into danger , are we ?.” teased Damon.
“Danger ? No.” she smiled looking away from Kai. “ Just came to get a some of the things I left here before I went to college. ” she got up turning towards Kai with a smile on her face. “It was nice to meet you.”
“Yeah , nice to meet you too.” he smiled , watching Damon give her the keys for the attic.
“See you around Kai.” she winked at him , heading down the hall.
“Hey Y/N?” called out Kai , getting up to chase after her. He’d be damned if he let his only potential friend slip away. There was something about this girl , he couldn’t quite understand but liked very much. Maybe it was because she hadn’t looked at him as if he is a despicable human being just for being a siphoner. He didn’t know. All Kai knew was , he wasn’t going to let her go that easily. Not when he didn’t know if he’d ever see her again. “Do you want to go get coffee or something sometime?”
“Sure. Give me your phone.” she smiled. Y/N knew well if she asked Damon to give Kai her number , it would never happen. During her time with Kai it had become clear that her friends and Kai were frenemies , more enemies than friends. Kai watched as Y/N entered her number not even flinching at the death stare Damon was giving him. She had surprised him with her reaction again.
“That’s my number. You can literally call me whenever you want. Even in the middle of the night.” she winked at him , handing him back his phone before going upstairs.

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Under The Stars

(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count: 4 561
warning :
summary : Reader feels insecure because of all the supernatural girls throwing themselves at Kai and she doesn’t feel like she is good enough.
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Almost a year since Y/N and Kai had started dating and every day felt like the first. They loved , supported and cared for each other more than any of them would care to admit. Their life together was perfect , well as perfect as life in Mystic Falls could be with all the supernaturals. There hadn’t been any threats lately , so from that side things were calm but from the other - word had spread about Kai being the all powerful leader of the Gemini coven (even tho most of them were dead) vampire witch hybrid. A lot of vampires and witches even werewolfs rolled into town to meet him and every single girl of them threw herself onto him. They’d giggle around him , laugh at his jokes even when they weren’t funny , feeling his musles , buying him drinks… Y/N knew he loved her and she had seen multiple times how he turns the girls down because of her , but the more that happened the more Y/N felt like she wasn’t good enough for him. Like she was holding him back from the life that he could have with a supernatural girlfriend. Being human felt amazing but the past few months it felt more like a burden. They had talked about her turning into a vampire but he kept insisting on her staying human , at least for the time being. Y/N knew it wasn’t because he didn’t want her to be one , he just wanted her to have a full human life , for as long as possible before their eternity together begins. Only until that happened , there was a lot of time and he could change his mind about being with her… and that only fueled her insecurity about not being enough.

Y/N sat with Elena at the sofa at the Salvatore’s , the music muffling most of her words. It was a party for Stefan’s birthday and of course over the years , he had made a lot of vampire acquaintances all of which were at the party. The guys were fine , the girls … they were too busy hitting on Kai the entire night , not even remotely frazzled by the fact he had a girlfriend who was sitting right there. Her eyes followed Kai across the room as he went to get them drinks. Every girl on his way turned after him , looking at him with desire. Every one of them threw themselves on him but he kept rejecting them. Kai only had eyes for his girl.
Y/N could see Kai through the crowd talking to some girl near the keg. She kept batting her eyelashes at him and feeling his musles. Y/N could see it all across the room - she was a vampire , not the first one to hit on Kai the past few hours either. Y/N couldn’t blame them. Kai was absolutely irresistable , with his perfect chizzled jaw , those sexy blue eyes …
“He loves you Y/N.” said Elena snapping her back from her thoughts. “I never thought I’d be defending him of all people… but that much I know. It’s in his eyes every time he is around you and even when he is not. He wouldn’t cheat on you.”
“I know… its just …” she sighed. “I’m human. He is a vampire.”
“Trust me , I get it.” said Elena. “I’ve been where you are… ”
Y/N dropped her head in her hands.
“I don’t think you do. I feel like I am holding him back.”
“You are not holding him back.” said Elena , rubbing her back. “If anything , you are doing the opposite. He was a completely different person before meeting you.”
“But I am holding him back Elena!” she raised her voice a little. “He can’t be himself with me , not completely anyways. I can’t give him what they can. I’m not .. I’m not good enough for him. Arhh , being a human sucks…”
Elena started to say something but quickly stopped herself noticing Kai coming over. He was vampire now and probably had already heard their conversation but she didn’t want to risk her friend getting into an awkward situation right in the middle of the party. Kai reached them in a few steps , swiftly avoiding all the people dancing and ignoring every single girl who tried to pull him towards her. Elena glanced at him then at Y/N and a moment later got pulled away by Damon.
“Here you go ..” he said passing Y/N a red plastic cup. He sat next to her and putting his arm over her shoulder.
“Thanks.” mumbled Y/N taking a sip. Her eyes drifted across the room noticing how pretty much all girl’s eyes were on him. There it was again - that feeling.
“I love you.” whispered Kai in her ear , snaking his hands around her waist and pulling her onto his lap until she was sitting sideways on it. Kai rested his head on the crook of her neck , placing gentle kisses on it. One of his hands slid up her hip towards her stomach , making her cheeks flush when he stopped at her lower stomach. He smiled at her , noticing the sudden change in her heart beat. “Do you want to go home ?”
“Mhmm…” she hummed , starting to lose focus thinking how close his hands are too close to her core. Y/N got up reaching her hand for Kai. He intertwined their fingers together and both of them walked outside. His eyes were on her the entire time , seeing only her and no one else. They walked to his car , only Kai didn’t open the doors. Instead he pinned her against the car door , drowning her in a deep passionate kiss.
“I want to show you something.” he whispered.

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