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Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
3 252
warning : smut
summary : Kai and Reader are best friends. After the transition Kai finds himself wanting to bite her , feed on her and … (lets just say the deleted scene got to me in a way and this story is the result.)
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It wasnt the first time Kai had shown up at Y/N’s place at midnight hours. It was their thing , or one of them at least. None of them knew that this night was going to change everything between them. Ever since Kai had turned into a vampire it became clear he had a thing for the real thing - no blood bags but feeding directly from someone. He liked how the warm blood dripped down his throat. Problem was Kai wanted one person’s specific blood - his best friends’ Y/N’s. Only her blood was able to wake up every fiber in his body. The young heretic didn’t know why that was and at first he had been worried to ask her , afraid she might push him away and he’d lose their friendship. After one accident with Damon , when the vampire tried to kill him again , Kai had shown up at Y/N’s place and she had been the one to offer to open up a vein for him. Later on Kai had told her how he cant stop thinking about her , biting her and being around her and she had agreed to help him , hiding a secret of her own.

It was one of those hot summer nights and Y/N laid in bed with a book in her hands. Reading was her escape from reality and every spare moment she had she took as an opportunity to do just that. Her life wasn’t ordinary , not in the traditional sense of the word anyways. Most of her friends were supernaturals and she was one of the few humans left in the group. Her best friend was a vampire witch hybrid. Though he was more than a friend to her - he was the missing piece in her life she never even knew was missing until he showed up.
Y/N flipped another page of her book when a gust of wind blew through her window and with a muffled thud someone’s feet landed on the floorboards. Her heart skipped at bit when she looked up from her book and saw Kai standing there looking hotter than ever. He was wearing jeans , a white shirt and his favorite dark blue / black jacket.
“Hey.” said Kai grinning motioning towards the window. “Why do you keep your window open so widely at night ? Don’t you know it’s dangerous ? Someone might sneak into your room.”
Y/N laughed , putting her book away moving a little on her bed to make space for him.”It might be , but not with you around.”
“Your friends would say the opposite.” replied Kai , kicking his shoes off climbing onto the bed next to her. “I am a dangerous sociopath , remember ? Even more so now that I am a heretic.”
“The only thing I find dangerous about you is how I could never get enough of your constant talking.” she laughed.
“You don’t find it annoying ?” he asked amused. “Most people would literally put a sock in my mouth to keep me from talking you know. Damon tried once.”
“Not at all. I love the sound of your voice.” she laughed. ”Are you hungry?”
Kai smiled at her , his hands behind his head. “Always am , sweetheart. Being a vampire is so weird. I can hear things from miles away and thats awesome except when I have to listen to your friends bicker. They do that a lot by the way.“
“Yeah , things are a little on edge lately.” she sighed tossing herself onto the pillow next to him. Kai turned to his side , his fingertips touching the skin on her neck feeling her blood flowing , pulsating in her veins.
“May I?”
“How many times do I have to tell you Kai ?” she said smiling moving her hair to the side. “You don’t have to ask.”
“Yeah but its nicer when I do.” he said rolling on top of her , his knee between her legs. Y/N smiled as Kai gripped her wrists holding them on either side of her head , purple black veins flickering under his eyes. The sight of Kai’s vampirism always did things to her - send butterflies to her stomach and shock waves *down there*. He smirked devilishly and sank his teeth into her neck.
The feeling of having a vampire feed on someone’s blood is hard to explain. Its a rush , pleasure and the good kind of pain at the same time. Of all three when Kai was feeding on her , Y/N felt the pleasure most of all. That night as every other night Kai had fed on her she felt the waves vibrate through her body , concentrating mostly on her heat. It was impossible to avoid the feeling. Her crush on him had grown into strong feelings and having him this close and personal did things to her nothing and no one else could.
A low moan escaped her lips as Kai drained an artery , slowly pulling away from her feeling Y/N slide down a little and grind her crotch against his knee. He wiped away his mouth looking at her with a surprise and curiousity in his eyes.
“S-Sorry.” she muttered. “I dont know why I did that…”
Kai was starring at her , only then realising the feeling he always got while feeding on her went both ways. He had thought it was one sided , a side effect of his vampirism or something but maybe he had been wrong. Y/N’s eyes met his , noticing a different kind of glow in them. He smiled nervously , brushing his fingers against her cheek for a moment before his lips touched hers , kissing her gently for a second but long enough to make her head spin even more than before.
Y/N’s heart beat faster than ever and she had trouble remembering how to breath, blink or function for that matter. Kai gazed into her eyes , trying to figure out her reaction. He could hear her heart racing after the kiss but had no idea what that reaction meant. Her heart always raced like that when he was around.
“Kiss me again” she whispered and his lips crashed against hers again ,demanding and hungry for more. He leaned towards her pressing his crotch against hers as their lips felt like they were glued together. Y/N moaned into he kiss feeling Kai’s hand slide between their bodies towards her heat. Kai pushed his way into her panties , rubbing her clit slowly with his fingers. He wanted her , not just her blood but her , all of her. He wanted to kiss every square inch of her body and make her his again and again.

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Fandom: The Vampire Diaries

Pairing: Damon Salvatore x reader

Summary/Request: A bunch of people asked for a part two to #Unbothered so here it is.

Word Count: 3130

A/N: Italics indicate a shift in perspective. This was meant to be fluff but it turned out to be the complete opposite. #sorrynotsorry

Hair? Check.

Makeup? Check.

Purse? Check.

Card, just in case? Check.

Keys? Check

You heard the honk of the horn of your cab and rushed out of your house. Once you’d sat down in the backseat and told the driver your destination, your phone went off - Damon.

Damon: What are you doing tonight?

Y/N: Got a date. Sorry babe xx

Damon: Biggest eye roll in history.

Y/N: Did you really just full stop me?  Wow, Damon

Damon: Send me your location in case you need an emergency pick up

Y/N: Yes sir

You used the send location feature and then locked your phone, sliding it into your clutch bag. It had been 4 months since you met Damon and found out about his abilities. Since then the two of you had become best friends. Your friendship came easily and you two bounced off each other’s sarcastic comments and sexual minds.

You were on your way to a date with a guy you met in the men's department of H&M. You gave him advice on a few t-shirts and he asked for your number. He told you to meet him at an upscale burger joint 20 minutes from your house. The cab driver dropped you off at the kerb right outside the burger place. You quickly paid him and got out of the cab to see your date, Ryan, smoking a cigarette outside.

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Call of New Orleans

A/N: I’ve been binge watching The Originals and had this idea while listening to this version of House of the Rising Sun but the AHS cover is pretty cool too.

Warnings: Nudity that you can’t see cause words, but I’m definitely picturing it.

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Because you can never have enough bonkai in your life... Bonkai Fic Rec post!

Happy Bonkai Anniversary! One of my favorite things about this wonderful fandom, is how many great writers we have that can fix all the shitty choices the writers made in S6 (and the show as a whole, lol). But there are a lot of excellent, quality fics that seem to go unnoticed or don’t get the amount of appreciation they deserve, which then discourages these writers from perhaps writing more stories or finishing their WIPs. And fandoms + fics are like Tinkerbell + applause: Fandoms need fics to live. And this might be a little selfish of me, but bonkai fics are like crack to me and I don’t want this supply to ever end, because I need these fics in my life. 

With that said, here are some of my favorite one shots and WIPs that deserve more appreciation! Of course there are way more stories out there that are also wonderful and that tend to go unnoticed. This is just the tip of the iceberg. :) 

One shots: 

  • Axis by Florence930 (
    • rated M, AU, awesome because they’re from different planets and they’re different species and enemies and Kai is Bonnie’s hot hot prisoner and there’s a lot of mutual thirst! 
  • The Art of Payback by @sweetsourwolf (Ao3 link)
    • rated M, 1994!bonkai, bonkai at its finest, back and forth teasing, very very hot and well written! 
  • The Coffee Date by minor distractions (Ao3 link
    • Rated T, fluffy and cute and really funny but still very much in character. Bonkai with a side of Baroline! One of my all-time favorites, but it’s so slept on and it shouldn’t be because it’s amazing. 
  • When Fate is Laughing by chestofstories 
    • AU, Bonkai on Hawaii, relationship!bonkai (sort of), good angst, great read and fluffy and cute, too! 
  • You Wanna Go…On a Date With Me? (x) by @mayhaptomorrow / Definitely-Yesterday 
    • rated K+, AU post 6x17, a really great read because it’s incredibly fluffy and it’s funny and cute and relationship!bonkai! 


  • Blue Moon by @sobeyondtwisted 
    • Kai is a werewolf! Gemini wolf pack shenanigans! One chapter so far but a very exciting start! 
  • Control by @goldscribbles 
    • The first chapter was posted yesterday and it’s so good! I beta’ed this for the writer in question and I can’t say too much about it because spoilers, but it’s fantastic. Post-6x22, rated M. Does so much justice to Bonnie herself, both Bonnie and Kai are very in character, awesome Baroline friendship, dark and twisted, heretic Kai, AND with a really intriguing plot.
  • Dream girl by cinemariel 
    • 4 chapters in, Bonnie escaped from the prison world much earlier than in canon, pre-merge Kai, awesome chemistry between bonkai and it’s a very fun read! 
  • Hunted by bennettparkersalvatore 
    • This deserves way more love! Rated M, 3 chapters in, it’s really well written and the story as a whole is very interesting. Witch hunters, bonkai teaming up, fun stuff and a lot of potential for a truly epic story. 
  • Oblivion by @bloodbeverage / respectablealcoholic 
    • Sequel to The Invitation Barrier , which is mandatory for anyone who enters this fandom, tbh. Post-6x22, Bonnie and Kai in a new prison world and it’s so, so good. Both are completely in character, it’s hilarious and heartbreaking and so wonderfully written, like actual word porn. 
  • Ventriloquy by Beloveddreamer  
    • This fic is so slept on! It’s 2 chapters in but it’s already showing so much potential. Rated M, post-6x22, takes the events from season 7 but way better and this writer has a really original way of including Kai. So well written and truly fantastic! 


If you read a story that you liked, review it. Leave kudos on Ao3. Even a one word review saying nothing more than “great” helps. Even anonymously if you don’t want to make an account or don’t want the commitment of having to review every single chapter. Maybe drop a review saying that you are *going* to read it when it’s finished. Heck, drop a positive, general review for a story you’re not even reading tbh.

This was a PSA. Happy reading!!! 

The One With The Angel and The Demon | Shadowhunters x Vampire Diaries Crossover (Part 3)

Pairing/s: Alec Lightwood x Reader x Damon Salvatore

Summary: Elena’s absence in Damon’s life had led him right into your arms, that was, until The Huntress marked you, putting you on the run. You leave Damon, looking for Magnus to put a cloaking spell on you, only problem is that he has too much on his plate. In an attempt to help him, you find yourself fighting alongside Alec, who hates vampires.

A/N: I didn’t get around to publishing the rest of the votes but Alec did win by a landslide! Sorry it took so long but I hope you guys enjoy! (Also, Damon fans, there will definitely be a Damon imagine soon!) 

MASTERLIST, MOBILE MASTERLIST (you can like it and save it for later!)

It wasn’t a difficult choice, picking which one would keep you alive. You knew it was Damon. Despite the façade he put up, you knew he cared for you. Maybe not as much as he does for Elena, but as a friend, maybe more, you knew he would risk everything to save you. But there was no denying that it was safer here. Mystic Falls was the first place Rayna would look for you – it was be stupid to go back there.

“I have to go,” you laugh softly, “I can’t stay here – I’d be risking the lives of all the vampires staying at Hotel Dumort.”

“So stay here.”

“Here at the Institute? Yeah right,” you chuckle.

Alec’s expression remains serious, “I think you’re seriously underestimating how badass Shadowhunters are – whoever this Rayna chic is, she stands no chance.”

“And you’re seriously underestimating Rayna – there’s a reason she’s called the Huntress, Alec. I’m immortal and I’m still scared.”

“Yeah, well I’m not.”

“You should be.”

“Why is it so hard for you to let someone protect you?!”

“Alec, we literally just met! I can’t just let you risk your life and the lives of everyone here because of a little crush!”

Alec’s eyes widen, “I – I don’t –“ he swallows hard, “I don’t have a crush on you!”

“Oh please, Alec. I can hear your heart racing.”

“It’s – I’m – I’m just afraid of heights and we’re on a rooftop,” he mutters.

“You – who is not afraid of the Huntress – are afraid of heights?”

You knew he was lying, you could tell by the way his heart was beating. You smirk, linking your arm firmly through his before jumping over the ledge. For a moment his scream pierces the air before he opens his eyes and realizes his feet are planted firmly on the floor.

“Your heart is still racing.”


“Technically, I just carried you off one.”

Alec breathing was still heavy and he presses a hand to the wall to stand up straight.

“It’s still beating really fast.”

He was staring at you intently, wondering what to say next and when he finally spoke, even you were surprised.

“There’s nothing wrong with protecting someone you care about.”

“C-care about? Alec, you’ve barely known me a day!”

“So? Romeo and Juliet got married after barely knowing each other for a day.”

“Are you really using one of the greatest tragedies as an example right now?”

Alec’s brows furrow together and he shakes his head, “T-that’s not the point.”

“Well, what is the point?”

“The point is – the point is – the point is-“


“You may be used to hanging around people like Damon who don’t express their feelings clearly and don’t really care what happen to you but I’m not like that. You need help and I’m going to help you, just like I would any other person.”


Damon’s voice makes the two of you jump apart as his car pulls up beside you. He climbs out, leaning against the car, “Said your goodbye’s?”

“Not exactly,” you say, your eyes stuck on Alec, “I think I’m going to stay for a while.”

“Like hell you are,” Damon scoffs, stepping between the two of you.”


Before you can argue, he snaps your neck.

“Don’t worry, she’ll bounce right back up in a few hours,” Damon say casually, turning to Alec, “Can’t say the same for you.”

“Fuck,” you groan, rubbing your head as you wake up, “Damon,” you mumble, remembering what he had done. Suddenly you were aware you were moving and you sit up to find yourself in the backseat of a car.

“DAMON!” you yell, hooking an arm around his neck from behind his seat. The car swerves between the lanes before he finally slams his foot on the brakes. He slaps a hand against your arm in an effort to get it off, “How could you do that-“ you pause, “And Alec! You better not have hurt him!”

“He didn’t but you are,” a choked voice escaped the figure. You pop your head through the seats, only to realize you were strangling Alec.

“Shit, sorry,” you apologize, letting go. He pushes his door open, almost falling out and you climb out after him, “I thought you were Damon and we can’t really-“

“Be killed. Yeah, he told me once he snapped your neck and then tried to snap mine.”


“Yeah, he came at me but as it turns out I was better.”

You bite your lip to keep from saying something sarcastic or insulting.

“And I had some help from Jace,” he admits sheepishly, “Anyway, we agreed it was better for you to stay with me.”

“There’s no way Damon agreed to that.”

“It took some convincing,” something about the way he says it makes you picture Damon being tortured and you shake the thought from your head.

“So where is he now?”

“On his way back to Mystic Falls.”

As though recognizing the disappointment on your face, Alec holds out a piece of paper, “He wanted me to give you this.” You unfold the small slip in your hands.

‘Dear y/n,

Stefan is the only one who’s good at doing sappy crap like this and right now I just feel really uncomfortable, however, your idiot friend wants to me to leave immediately so I don’t really have any other option. I mean I could text you, but you know how I like to be dramatic.

Its better we’re apart.

Eventually I would’ve done something stupid to risk your life and Rayna would have caught up to us. I know what happened to Stefan and you was my fault and I promise you, I will fix it.

Until I do, you’re safer in the hands of these Shadowhunter people – but just know, I am only a phone call away.

I love you.


Your eyes skimmed over the words over and over again until they became a blur. You were sure that being away from him was what you wanted right up until it happened.

“We better keep driving,” Alec says awkwardly before getting back into the car. You climb into the passenger seat, the letter crumpled in your hand.

“Put your seatbelt on,” Alec instructs.

You slowly lift your head to stare at him, “D-did you just tell me to… put my seatbelt on?

Alec nods slowly.

“You saw my get my neck snapped and come back to life and you still think I’m at some sort of risk if I don’t wear a seatbelt?”

Alec frowns, rolling his eyes before leaning over and buckling you in, “In any case, I don’t want you flying out the window.”

“Where are we going anyway?”

“Magnus gave me another location on Jocelyn, I would’ve checked it out alone but I didn’t really know what do with your dead body so…”

“Crap, Alec-“ you mumble, realizing how dangerous it was for just the two of you to be out like this, “If Rayna finds us-“

“Magnus already did the cloaking spell,” he places a hand over yours, squeezing it lightly, “You’re okay.”

You rub your temple before letting your fingers run through your hair, “Thank you.”

Alec nods silently, watching the sun set over the horizon, “You’ll get out of this alive, I promise.”

You weren’t sure it was a promise he could keep but something about the way he said it made you hopeful.

“Not there?” Magnus asks as Alec walks in, followed by you.

Alec shakes his head before collapsing into a chair and letting out a sigh, “I feel like we’re never going to find them.”

Magnus looked as defeated as Alec and plops down beside him, “How’s the search going with Jace and Clary?”

Alec shrugs, “Knowing them they’re probably making out in a closet something.”

“And the two of you did nothing of the sort?” Magnus asks smugly. Alec stares at him with wide eyes, sitting upright, “Wha- No, of course not,” he huffs.

You place a hand over your chest, faking offence, “I have to say Alec, that really hurt.”

“No – I – that’s not what I meant!”

“So you guys did hook up?” Magnus raises a brow.


“Don’t sound so offended,” you tease.

No, I’m not offended, I mean you’re – you’re-“ Alec’s cheeks were flushed and he buries his head in his hands, “You both suck,” he grumbles.

You and Magnus both chuckle quietly until the sound of his phone ringing interrupts the room, “I better take this,” he winks at you before leaving.

“So what now?”

Alec looks up at you unsurely, “I guess we could get a head start on your problem.”

“How, exactly?”

“Well, why don’t you explain to me this Huntress mark and all that crap?”

Alec nods comprehensively as you walk him through it, looking somewhat shocked the more depth you describe her in.

“Oh wow,” he finally sighs at the end. You listen to his heartbeat rising and feel yours sink, “You can totally back out of helping me,” you remind him.

Alec shakes his head, “You’re asking me if I want to back out?”

You remain silent.

Alec’s lips spread into a smile, “You really don’t think I can handle this, do you?”

You weren’t amused at all, “Alec, I can hear your heartbeat – I know you’re scared.”

“Maybe, but I’ve never let fear stop me from being rational.”

“The rational thing to do here would be to back out.”

“No, the rational thing would be to weigh up how many fight’s I’ve won to how many I’ve lost- which would be zero.”

“That’s the thing, Alec. Those were your fights.”


“This is my fight, no one else’s.”

Alec stands up abruptly, “What’s with you?!”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m going out of my way here to try and get you out of this and you keep pushing me away like – like- like you don’t feel about me the way I feel about you.”

It was the first time the situation had been addressed – though you felt teasing him and making the entire thing seem like a joke would’ve been much less awkward.

“And I know I can’t hear your heartbeat or anything but I know you do.”

You look down at your chest as you feel your heartbeat rising and all of a sudden it feels so unfamiliar.

“Even if you’re right it wouldn’t matter,” you force a smile, “What do you think will happen? We’ll date – maybe even for a long time – fall in love, maybe. But eventually you’ll realize that you want a family, to grow old with someone and you’ll realize I can’t give you those things. We’ll break up but by then it’ll be too late, you’ll be too damaged and you’ll spend the rest of your life blaming your loneliness and misery on me.”

Alec looks like he’s stifling laughter and you angrily clench your fists together, “What the hell are you smirking about?!”

“Nothing,” he bites his lip in amusement, “It’s just that sounds like the largest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard – recycled bullshit as well – how many guys have you used that on?”

He was laughing now, occasionally holding a hand up to his face to try and return to a serious expression before caving and laughing even louder, “You’ll spend the rest of your life blaming your loneliness and misery on me,” he repeats in a monotone mockingly.

“Stop it,” you whack his arm and eventually his laughter comes to a stop.

“You can’t know all of that right now,” he smiles, “You may be immortal but you can’t determine the rest of your life and what’s going to happen.”

“Let me ask you something.”

He nods for you to continue.

“Have you ever wanted to be with a Downworlder? I mean, judging from the way everyone looked at me at your mother’s party, you Shadowhunters aren’t that fond of them.”

“No, I’ve never wanted to be with one. I never particularly liked Vampires until I met you.”

“So you’d never want to be one then?”


He didn’t hesitate at all. He didn’t even consider it.

“But I don’t have to be a Vampire to be with you,” he continues, “Why are you so serious about all of this?”

For a moment you analyse Alec and wonder if what he was really looking for was a quick fling though he barely seemed the type.

“Do you just want to have sex?” you ask and Alec’s jaw drops, “No – I – No, that’s not what I meant.”

He takes in a deep breath, collecting himself, “I just mean, haven’t you ever just dated someone? Without thinking about the rest of eternity?”

The truth was you hadn’t in a long time. The first guy you had fallen for after being turned was a human and he died, not even of old age but in a car accident, and you were reminded how fragile human life was. After that your love life consisted of hook ups with people you’d never let yourself care about and being on and off with a Vampire or two. Damon was the only one you’d seriously fallen for.

“I don’t get that privilege, Alec,” you say coldly.

“I beg to differ,” he takes your hand in his, “I’m – I’m not good at this stuff… but all I’m asking is that you give me a chance.”

You keep telling yourself to say no but against your will, your head slowly nods. Alec smiles widely before scrambling away awkwardly, “Okay, well t-then, h-how does a d-date sound later on tonight? I-I’ll pick you up at e-eight?” he was shaking.

“Alec, I already said yes, you don’t have to be so nervous.”

Alec nods vigorously in understanding, “Eight,” he repeats. He turns to walk away, slamming right into a wall before awkwardly pushing himself around it and mumbling an ‘oops’ under his breath.

Eight o’ clock came around in a blink and for the first time in centuries, you were nervous. You let Isabelle work on you for an hour – she was very excited her brother was finally going on a date after years of him taunting her about her love life.

“Make sure you torture him a little,” she had asked of you.

You give yourself a onceover in the long, stand up mirror before heading outside. Alec was waiting on a motorbike, holding out a helmet. You stare at it before raising a brow and he awkwardly puts it away, reminded of your immortality.

“Where to?” you ask. Alec doesn’t answer as he stares at you.

“What?” you ask self-consciously.

“Have you ever watched Twilight?”


“You know that part where Edward says his appearance was made to suck humans in?”


“Well I was just wondering if that was true or if you’re just incredibly beautiful.”

You bite back laughter. You weren’t sure if it was caused by the question or your own embarrassment – you were never good with compliments.

You climb onto the backseat, wrapping your arms around him, “You look good, Alec,” you say. He looked handsome, but you weren’t about to admit that.

You were on the road for fifteen minutes before Alec pulled up at a small beach front restaurant.

“What is this place?”

It was away from the other scattered restaurants that were facing the water, though you felt this restaurant had the best view – the twinkling lights over the city blinking in the distance, reflected over calm waters. A waitress stood at the front door, holding out a menu to the each of you before directing you upstairs to a table. She seated you on the terrace before leaving you to lull over the menu.

“My parents brought me, Izzy and our brother Max here once when we were younger – Jace, too. Shadowhunters don’t have much time for family commitments. I think it’s the only time I remember us all sitting and eating a meal together.”

You feel sad for him, for the loneliness that was evident in his eyes.

“I’ve never come back – I was scared I’d be reminded how lonely I actually am,” he laughs a hopeless laughter.

“So you’ve never brought a girl here, huh?”

He nods in embarrassment, “I’ve never actually taken a girl anywhere.”

Your eyes widen, “Am – Am I your first date ever?!

Alec hushes you, looking around in embarrassment as you giggle, “Oh god, Alec, that’s a lot of pressure,” you tease. Though you were admittedly flattered and touched.

“I wanted to wait for the right girl,” he says firmly, “So what do you want to eat?” he asks, studying his menu all too intently in an attempt to change the subject.

“The waiter.”

Alec stares at you and you roll your eyes, “I’m kidding. I might just get a grilled chicken burger, what about you?”

“Same,” he says before calling the waiter over. Alec orders with a smile plastered across his face like a kid choosing ice cream. You both chatter, waiting for your orders with growling stomachs – Alec’s more audible than yours

“Seriously, this is you helping her?” Damon’s voice booms. You both turn to find him walking across the terrace towards you.


The two of you stand up and he comes to a stop. He was glaring at Alec, “You wanted to stay here to do this?” he looks at you briefly.


“And this was all you could afford?” he spits at Alec.

“Damon,” you say firmly, stepping between the two, “What are you doing here?”

“I should be asking you the same thing. You should be coming up with a plan to save yourself and you’re out on a date giggling like a little girl with – with – THIS!” he shoves Alec who lunges at him. You push the two apart.

“What are you doing here?” you repeat.

“Rayna isn’t coming after you,” he states bluntly. His eyes were bloodshot and he looked a mixture of weary and angry.

“W-what are you talking about?”

“I was waiting for my flight when Stefan called me with Valerie. Rayna is going after him for now.”

For now,” you mumble.

“That’s not all,” he smiles weakly, “Valerie is going to transfer your mark to another Vampire.”

“Wha- no, that’s not-“

“Fair? Yeah, I knew you wouldn’t agree with all your morals and crap so we found an incredibly awful, serial- killer vampire. Happy?”

“How would it work?”

“You’d have to give me some of your blood. Since Valerie and Stefan are on the run, they’ve cut off communication but Bonnie can abracadabra it to Valerie who will do the spell.”

“Wait, if that’s possible then why not get rid of Stefan’s mark?”

Damon steps closer to you, “Stefan can’t know about this.”


“No, y/n, look. Once that mark is off your chest, you’re free, to go wherever you want,” he glances at Alec, “Or stay here. To be away from me and all the chaos I’ve brought into your life.”

You begin to shake your head and he places his hands on your shoulders, “This is your new beginning. Forget about me and Stefan, we’ll be fine. We’ll get rid of his mark too.” You knew there was something he wasn’t telling you but it was as though something within you wanted to jump at the offer of freedom. Just this once, you tell yourself to be selfish.


There was no point in pretending to want to go back with Damon. He would be able to listen to your heartbeat and know if you were lying immediately.

“Okay,” he says softly, placing his hands on either side of your face, “Okay…”

He smiles, looking halfway between frustrated and relieved, “You know where home is,” he sighs, “And you know where I am.”

You nod. Damon pulls you to his chest, holding you there until you slowly peel away and he turns to Alec. You feel yourself getting ready to jump between them but he simply claps a hand onto Alec’s shoulder, “I’d say take care of her but god knows she can take care of herself so just… treat her right,” he says awkwardly.

As a strong wind blows between you and Alec, Damon disappears with it.

Alec stares at you as you look out at the water with a heavy heart, “I should’ve gone with him.”

“There’s nothing wrong with wanting to live your life. You already proved your loyalty when you got marked trying to protect that Stefan guy.”

“I should be helping them – and why won’t they tell Stefan – they could save his life!”

Alec turns you to face him, “None of that is your problem anymore.”

“Alec, I-“

“Your first instinct was wanting to stay here – trust it.”

“But I-“

Before you can continue Alec swiftly presses his lips to yours, pulling you closer to him by your waist. The scent of the ocean and the crisp air mixed with the smell of Alec’s cologne and being cuddled against his chest felt like reassurance that everything would be okay. You had the whole of eternity to make mistakes after all. You just hoped Alec wouldn’t be one of them.

You pull away, resting a hand against his chest.

“You’re staying,” his smile is warm as he traces a finger over your cheek.

“Yeah but now that I don’t need protecting… I don’t really have to… you know, be with you.”

“Oh,” he says, looking down at the floor, “I mean, yeah – yeah, of course, I didn’t-“

“I’m kidding,” you laugh as he stammers. He stares at you with furrowed brows, “Stop doing that!” he huffs.

“Oh, were the two of you leaving?” the waiter appears with a plate in either hand, staring at you expectantly.

Alec looks at you hesitantly and you slip your hand into his, “No,” you smile, “We’re staying.”


(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
2 889
warning : smut
summary : Kai get’s injured and get’s horny so Reader has to ‘take care’ of him.
*not my gif


Y/N woke up from a knock on her front door. She had fallen asleep on the couch in the living room reading a book. At first the knocks came from a distance , slowly waking her from her dream. Quickly she got up , rubbing her eyes on the way to the door. Suddenly she felt wide awake seeing her boyfriend , Kai Parker , standing there covered in blood.
“Hello sweetheart.” he said managing a weak smile , his breath getting caught in his throat seeing Y/N was wearing only a tshirt barely covering her lower half.
“Kai ! What the hell happened to you?”
There was sweat on his forehead and his hand held onto his chest. He looked as if he might faint at any moment which got her really worried. Kai was a hybrid , a vampire and there were very few things that can cause him to look like this - a werewolf bite or a piece of wood stuck inside his body.
“Oh nothing. Picked up a fight with the wrong guy. He shot at me with wooden bullets …” he said , swinging his hand across her shoulders. Y/N helped him onto the couch and quickly went to lock the front door. “The usual stuff. You should see what I did to him …“
She sat on the edge on the couch next to him. Kai turned towards her , his eyes drifting to her neck. He was hungry but there were more important things to do first like taking that last bullet about to puncture his heart out of him.
Y/N placed her hand on his chest trying to figure out of there was a wooden bullet there. “Did you get all the bullets out ?” she asked ripping his shirt open , sending buttons flying everywhere.
Kai coming over in the middle of the night after a fight with someone was far from unusual , and he didn’t seem to figure out how dangerous all of this was. Not only for the people who dared to pick a fight with a vampire / witch hybrid but also for him.
“You are not completely indestructable you know.” she muttered digging her fingers into the open wound searching for the bullet he obviously hadn’t gotten out.
Kai winced in pain , closing his eyes for a moment. Y/N was leaning in closer to him , trying to see where the litte sucker had gone and Kai got a good look at her open cleavage. The way she had ripped his shirt open a few moments ago only adding more gasoline to the fire he felt burning inside him. Her eyes met his for a moment and he felt his breath get caught in his throat again.
“Y/N .. care-ful.” he struggled to speak. “It’s getting clo-ser to my h-heart.”
“I am trying. Or do you think I want you to die.” she said , feeling her fingers wrap around the piece of wood. A moment later she pulled it out with a victorious look on her face. “Next time , try not to pick a fight with a guy who has wooden bullets in his gun.”
“Noted. Could I … I mean … ”
Y/N pushed her shirt down her shoulders motioning for him to feed. Purple / black veins flickered under his eyes as he sank his fangs into her coroted artery , her warm blood slightly dripping down her body. Kai pulled away in less than a minute , her thumbs wiping away blood from his chin. She got up , her shirt slightly pushed up her ass and he felt himself getting harder just looking at her. He knew she wasn’t doing any of this on purpose but it was still driving him as crazy as if it was. And was it just his imagination or she really wasn’t wearing a bra ?
Y/N headed to the kitchen , coming back with a towel and a bowl filled with warm water.
“Thank you.. for taking the bullet out.” he said , not taking his eyes off her as she dipped the towel , twisting it dry and started wiping away blood from his face. “I don’t know what I’d do without you in my life Y/N.”
She looked up at him , giving him a small smile. “Learn not to pick up fights ?” she teased. “Now stay still. As hot as you look covered in blood , I miss your pretty face.”
Kai smiled to himself , feeling her fingertips lightly brush against his forehead and cheeks as she cleaned up the blood from his face. Dipping the towel into the bowl washing it up and draining it before repeating again and again. Y/N pushed his jacket off his shoulders , folding it into a ball to be tossed in the laundry later and swung her leg over his lap for better access.
“You think I look hot covered in blood?” he teased.
“No.” she smiled shyly. “You look hot in general , covered in blood you look hotter.”
It was true. Probably if she told someone else this , they’d thing she had lost it but not Kai. With him she could be 100% honest about everything. She dipped the towel into the bloody water again starting to clean the blood off his neck , pushing his shirt off his shoulders. Kai suppressed a moan feeling her hips slightly move onto his crotch. Y/N started cleaning the blood off his chest , right where the bullets had been , when Kai grabbed her wrist.
“Y/N…” he said looking intensely into her eyes. He didn’t need to listen to her heart beat to know what he was doing to her right now. Kai wanted her , right this second.
Y/N felt butterflies flap their wings in her stomach and her breath getting shallow noticing the change in Kai’s eyes. Her heart was racing as Kai’s finger trailed her jawline , brushing her cheek with the palm of his hand before pulling her in for a passionate kiss. Y/N’s hips swayed onto his crotch as he pulled her towards him.
“No.” she said getting up. “No , Malachai. We are not doing this…not now.”
Quickly she got the bowl and the towel taking them to the kitchen. She braced her hands against the kitchen counter , closing her eyes for a moment and taking a deep breath before returning to the livingroom only then noticing the bulge in his pants. Y/N’s eyes widened a little then she looked at the ground only then realising what had happened. She was wearing just her shirt … , no PJ bottoms no nothing. It was hard to tear her eyes off the bulge in his pants ,but somehow she managed and sat on the couch next to him trying hard not to let her gaze drift to the bulge which somehow seemed to get bigger , or maybe she was imagining it.
Kai glanced at her , noticing she was biting her lower lip and then followed her gaze.
This is your fault by the way.”
Y/N laughed nervously. “Sorry … not sorry.” she bit her lower lip , her hand sliding between her legs teasing her folds through her panties.
Kai gulped. What had happened before might not have been on purpose but this definitely was. Y/N ran her fingers through her hair as if she wasn’t doing anything naughty , parting her legs a little to give him a better view as her fingers pushed her panties to the side and slid inside her.
“You are not helping.” said Kai in raspy voice , lightly rubbing himself through his pants remembering her ‘no’ from a few minutes ago. “I … I’m gonna go.”
“Not a chance.” she said grabbing his hand leanining in towards him , her hand slid down his chest towards his crotch. His length was hard alright. Y/N pressed her lips onto his , kissing him deeply and tugging at his lower lip at the end of the kiss. She lowered herself down his body never taking her eyes off him.
“Y/N .. my balls feel like they weight 30 pounds.” he groaned , grinding his hips onto her hand. “If you plan on stopping at any point and leav-”
Y/N pressed her finger onto his lips shushing him. There was a devilish spark in her eyes which only turned him more. Kai was looking at her , closing his eyes for a moment feeling Y/N hands rubbing him through his pants. She kneeled on the couch , her ass propped up as her shirt slid down her back a little. Swiftly her fingers undid the button and pulled his zipper down pressing her mouth onto his thick shaft through his briefs , exhaling her hot breath onto his shaft.
“Y/N …please I need you ..”
Y/N pulled his pants down as much as she could and then swung a leg over his lap.
“How much?” she whispered , her lips almost touching his. Kai put his hands on her ass but she pushed them away. “No , no …”
“More than you can imagine.” he replied. “I want to grab you and have my way with you for the rest of the night.”
Her hips grinded against his and every time she moved.Kai tried to put his hands on her again , a low growl coming from deep inside his throat every time Y/N pushed him off her.
“Let me touch you.” he said leaning towards her , wanting to kiss her.
Y/N fought the urge to smile. Usually things were the other way around - she was the one begging for him but now she had her chance to get him to play by her rules.
You , mister , are in trouble.” her hips grinding on him a little faster. “Picking up fights , coming home covered in blood …" she spoke in low voice. “What ? Did you think I’d let you have your way with me ? No.“
Kai brushed his fingers through her hair pulling her face down towards his until their lips touched briefly before she pulled away.
“No kisses too ?” he growled in frustration as her finger traced his lower lip. He moved his head towards her , taking in her finger into his mouth. Y/N’s eyes fluttered closed for a second as she bit her lower lip , knowing fully well what might be going through Kai’s head right now. She pulled out her finger , brushing her nose against his while she continued straddling him.
“You are such a tease.” he whispered , his eyes drifting between her eyes and her lips.
She swayed her hips on his crotch a little faster , before pushing him onto the couch. Y/N dipped her head , leaving soft kisses on his neck then down his chest , her hands snaking around it while never taking her eyes off his.
“It’s a bit stuffy in here , isn’t it ?” she said innocently slowly lifitng her shirt up. Kai’s eyes widened and he tried to touch her but she slapped his hands away. “No touching , remember ?”
Instead her hands cupped her breasts , playing with them right in front of his eyes. She closed her eyes ,arching her back a little as a low moan escaped her lips. Kai licked his lower lip , fighting the urge to put his hands on hers and assist her. The more she said ‘no touching’ the more he wanted to do just that. Even more - he wanted to grab her and have his way with her this exact second , but something stopped him.
Y/N leaned in sucking on his earlobe before kissing his neck and slowly trailing her way down his chest leaving kisses on the way down never breaking eye contact for more than a blink. Her fingers tangled into the waistband of his briefs before pulling them down. Kai’s hard length flopped onto his stomach and Y/N leaned in licking a bold stripe from his balls to the tip. A moan tumbled from Kai’s lips and she suppressed a smile focusing on her hands massaging his balls.
Kai could’t take his eyes off her. Y/N ran her fingers through her hair , moving it to the left , the tip of her tongue drawing circles on the tip of his shaft , her hands stroking him slowly and feeling him twitch. She was dragging it out enjoying watching Kai close his eyes his mouth hanging open.
“Please Y/N..” he growled , his hands reaching for her head as she swiftly avoided them.
“Nah-uh pretty eyes.” she said in a low voice , blowing a light stream of air onto his shaft before taking it in her mouth. Slowly sucking on his tip as if its the tastiest lollipop to ever exist on the planet. Kai reached for her head again , his fingers digging into her hair as he pushed her mouth down on him , forcing her to take his shaft all the way in.
“Sweetheart , you seem to forget who’s the dominant one in our relationship.” he moaned out , feeling her hands massaging his balls. Kai bopped her head up and down his shaft over and over again , tears starting to fill her eyes from the lack of air before he let go off her. Y/N took a deep breath an idea forming in her head , something she knew he wouldn’t be able to resist.
“I’ll make you a deal..” she said , her lips pressing onto his balls. “If you can resist touching me in the next half hour … ” she said taking his balls into her mouth sucking on them and ejoying the sounds coming from Kai’s mouth. “You get to have me any way you want.. anywhere you want… for a whole week.”
“Damn it Y/N.”
Kai both loved and hated how she was manipulating him in that very moment , knowing fully well there is no way he’d say no to that. Y/N licked another bold stripe , pressing the flat of her tongue against it , feeling his hard length twitch. Her eye contact was driving him insane. She was doing dirty things yet her eyes looked so innocent it was driving him crazier and crazier. He gave her a devilish smirk and in the next moment Y/N moaned out louder , closing her eyes for a second.
“K-Kai … that’s c-cheating.” she moaned out again feeling pressure on her clit as two invisible fingers entered her roughly , curling inside her slowly before pulling out and pushing in even rougher making her body jolt forward a little. His pumps were fast and deep , slowly curling the invisible fingers around her walls and repeating again and again.
“You said ‘no touching’.” said Kai , his hands behind his head. “I’m not touching you… and in about 20 minutes when I win , you should prepare yourself for a week of hot hybrid sex in the most unexpected places.”
His words sent butterflies in her stomach , even more so with his invisible fingers pumping in and out of her. Y/N tried to focus of what he was doing but it was getting harder with the burning feeling between her legs building up. She pumped his thick shaft faster and faster , while her hands massaged his bowls.
“Fuck Y/N..”
Y/N took him in her mouth again , lightly biting him. Kai groaned in response , his invisible fingers assaulting her faster and faster. He snapped his fingers and her panties flew off her. She felt herself starting to drip down her thigh.
Kai was watching the clock on the far wall , knowing only less than 10 minutes from now he’d win and get to have his way with her anywhere he wanted. He felt his shaft twitch in her mouth , knowing he is getting closer and closer to his release. His invisible fingers pumped inside her faster and faster , Y/N’s moans getting muffled none the less the vibrations from them were just about to send Kai over the edge and he fought the need to let go for a little longer , a few minutes only.
Suddenly the pressure on her clit and the invisible fingers disappeared , leaving her flustered. A low groan escaped her lips while she kept bopping her head up and down his shaft.
“And the clock strikes midnight … ” muttered Kai with a smug smirk on his face, pulling her up in vampire speed. Y/N was out of breath , her lips colliding with his in a passionate kiss while his hips pushed up , at the same time hers pushed down, entering her hard and deep with one thrust. He felt her walls contract around his shaft bringing him closer and closer.
“Fuck .. you are so wet , you’re dripping on me.”
Y/N shushed him with a kiss , her lips hungrily attacking his. Kai’s hands instantly found her ass helping her sway her hips onto him. He thrusted in hard and deep a few more times before he came in hot spurts inside her , not stopping until Y/N came screaming his name. Kai pulled her in for another kiss tugging on her lower lip at the end of the kiss. Y/N could see devils dancing in his eyes and the next second she found herself laying on the couch , magic holding her hands above her head.
“OH Y/N … ” he said sounding like a teacher scolding a student. “Look at yourself … you are a dripping mess. I’ll have to fix this straight away …”


NOTE : (to the anon who requested it) I may have strayed a little from the original idea. I tried my best … sorry :(

MASTERLIST March / April 2017
dine and dash (stefan salvatore au ft klaus mikaelson, part v)

Plot: You and Stefan dated for three years while in high school. You both thought your relationship would last, but college managed got in the way. So you two decided to break up. You left to college in Massachusetts and Stefan stayed in Mystic Falls. While you were gone, things changed between you and a certain original, but you hadn’t yet let go of Stefan. Now, almost six years later, you’re both invited to Bonnie and Kol’s wedding. It’s time for a reunion.

Pairings: Stefan Salvatore x Reader

Warnings: angsty-ish, maybe language

A/N: sorry this took a while and is hella short but I wanted to make it good for Stefan. I still can’t come to terms with the TVD finale bc fuck that, but here. I hope you guys like this! :) (!!!!!!!!!gifs aren’t mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

dine and dash~masterlist


“What is THA-oh god, no,” you murmur as your eyes rest on a sleeping Marcel who’s got his arms wrapped around you. “Oh no no no no no.”

“What the hell happened last night?” Damon helps you up, careful not to wake Marcel.

“Nothing happened, Damon. We all passed out, and I guess I couldn’t sleep so Marcel helped,” you shrug, stretching as Damon leads you outside.

“Yeah, well Klaus seems to think something happened, so–”

You two step outside and are met with the sight of Klaus and Valerie making out.

“Did you need me for something, Niklaus?” You mutter spitefully as he slowly pulls away from that demon witch.

“Me? No, not at all. Please meet–”

“Oh you don’t want me to meet anyone right now,” you glare at the two asshats and walk inside, brushing against an apologetic Damon.

“Look, I swear I didn’t know she was gonna be out there. He saw you two and kept spewing angry bullshit and I don’t–”

“Damon, sweetheart. I’m too hungover to feel anything or say anything. I’ll be fine. I just have to show him what he’s missing… after I get some food and coffee.”

So you get your food and your coffee, but neither of those things help you feel better about Klaus and Valerie. Everyone else is still asleep, at least almost everyone. You’re drinking your second cup of coffee as Marcel walks over to you, rubbing his eyes and yawning.

“Hey, you,” he smiles at you and you almost let out a sigh of relief, recognizing the friendly tone of his voice.

“Hey there, sleepyhead,” you smile back at him as he playfully glares at you.

“It’s not my fault someone kept tossing and turning last night,” he nudges you and you raise a brow at him.

“Thank you for that, Marcel,” you place a hand on his shoulder and give him a soft, genuine smile. You squeeze his shoulder and shrug, taking another sip of your coffee. “The dreams aren’t too happy when I’m this stressed.”

Marcel furrows his brows and you see Klaus walk in, an interested and slightly concerned look on his face that leads you to believe he’d been listening to your conversation. You resist the urge to roll your eyes. How dare he?

“What do you mean?” Marcel takes a seat next to you and you shrug yet again.

“Sometimes I have nightmares, sometimes I can’t sleep because of them,” you tilt your head to the side as Marcel nods, not wanting to push. “If I ever want to talk about them, I’ll find you. I promise.”

He smiles and kisses your cheek, saying he’ll always be here before leaving to freshen up. You down the rest of your coffee, willing your hangover to go away as you’re approached by Stefan. You know you’re due for a lecture.

“You told me the nightmares were gone, Y/N,” Stefan crosses his arms over his chest, eyes boring into yours.

“I did. And at that point, they were gone,” you whisper, not wanting to wake up the others or draw attention to the two of you.

“When did they start up again?”

“First night in my dorm,” you press your fingers against your forehead and temples. “It wasn’t fun, Stefan. But I managed then and I’ll manage now. I promise.”

“You couldn’t fall asleep last night until Marcel held you. That doesn’t sound like you’re managing,” Stefan doesn’t let up, eyes narrowed  in concern.

“I don’t know what to tell you, Stefan. I’m sorry,” you shrug, realizing that you’re not giving Stefan much to work with.

“I’m here to help you. Always. I know I haven’t been the most supportive for a while, but I’m back. Your favorite Salvatore is back,” he gives you a soft smile and ruffles your already messy hair as you fight to keep your heartrate steady.

“I heard favorite Salvatore, so I’m here,” Damon walks over and smirks at you, resting an arm on your head.

“That’s my HEAD, idiot, and it’s pounding. So please,” you glare at Damon until he removes his arm.

“I’m her favorite Salvatore,” Stefan raises his brows towards Damon who in turn rolls his eyes.

Originally posted by babyblueeyes1864

“I don’t think so, bunny killer.”

“Oh come on, that again?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, deer boy!”

“Damon, I don’t–”

“What? Those are better than rip–”

“Damon, that’s enough,” you give him a look and he immediately quiets down.

“He’s not wrong,” Stefan sighs and shakes his head and Damon opens his mouth to apologize.

“Look, Stefan–”

“Damon, babe, I think you’ve done enough for now. Stefan and I are gonna go take a walk. We’ll be back in half an hour. You can apologize then,” you stand, handing Damon the clipboard. “Make sure everyone is up by then. Breakfast will arrive in an hour.”

“Yeah, got it,” Damon mutters, looking apologetically towards the two of you. You kiss his cheek and Stefan nods, the two of you heading out as Klaus glares at the back of your head.

“So why–?”

“Wait. I want to make sure we’re far enough away from the house before we talk. I don’t want our conversation to fall on unwanted ears,” you shoot Stefan a smile, staying quiet until you were far away from the house that you didn’t have to worry. “Alright, Stefan. What did you want to say now?”

“I just wanted to know why we’re going on this walk,” he’s got his hands in his pockets as you two walk.

“I know you hate remembering your ripper self, so I thought taking a trip outside would help. Well that and I have a killer headache and some fresh air would do me good,” you smile as you spot a park bench. “Come on.”

Stefan chuckles as you drag him to the bench, a permanent smile on his face as he watches your hair dance in the wind, your smile brightening the world around you. You turn and notice the odd smile on his face.

“What is it? You’re oddly happy after a fight with Damon,” you raise a brow at him and he shakes his head, chuckling and looking down. “Seriously, what is it?”

“Nostalgia, if I’m being honest,” he sighs, looking up and staring ahead.

“I know what you mean,” you whisper, taking your time to stare at the man sitting next to you. You take in his genuine smile, his plump lips, his hero hair. You love how the sun shines off his features, enhancing them and crushing you all in the same.

“What’re you staring at?”

“Happiness,” you chuckle, looking away and sighing. “I didn’t know it’d be this hard to see you. Hard but comforting.”

“I know what you mean,” he sighs, reality setting into both of you as you remember Ivy and your issues with Klaus and the nightmares.

“Okay about the nightmares,” you clear your throat, hoping to clear the air as well. “They were fine for a while, the summer before I went off to college. If I’m being honest, I think it’s because you were around. And then I went off to college and we lost contact. The nightmares rushed back full force. I thought taking sleeping pills would help, but they just made things worse. I developed insomnia and depression and anxiety, did terrible in school, didn’t speak to anyone. It was like that for a while. And then my second year rolled around–”

“You were that way for a year?” Stefan looks at you, the hurt and concern in his eyes enough to break down all your walls.

“I pulled through, Stefan. I made it. The only time I felt remotely better was when someone visited me. When Bonnie came over or Damon or–”

“Or Klaus,” Stefan raises his brows and looks down at his hands, growing angry at the thought of you and Klaus together even though he knows he had no right to. You two were broken up, and he took more than enough  advantage of that. But picturing you with someone else boiled his blood.

“Or Klaus,” you clear your throat, a bitter feeling resting in your stomach as you thought of him. “Granted, things with him haven’t gone so well.”

“You seemed fine a couple days ago,” Stefan turns back to face you, trying his best not to sound judgy.

“Yeah, I thought we were okay, but I don’t know. He’s bringing Valerie to the wedding. I saw them making out this morning,” you shake your head, sighing as you lean back on the bench.

“He’s bringing Valerie to the wedding? That’s ridiculous,” Stefan furrows his brows, eyes on you as you stare off into the distance.

“I sure know how to pick them, huh?” You turn to look at Stefan and find him already looking at you.

“Well you picked me, so you don’t have the best taste,” you chuckle as Stefan scrunches his nose at you.

“Oh shut it,” you laugh and rest your head on his shoulder, the familiarity of it all nearly overwhelming you both. “I picked you. I’ve already found my epic love. Maybe that’s all I get. I mean it makes sense.”

“No, come on. That’s not–”

“And I’m okay with that,” you lift your head up, your face inches from Stefan’s. “I had you as the epic love of my life. I was lucky to have you, Stefan. We get a fairytale romance once in a lifetime, and I had THE fairytale romance. We laughed, we cried, we fought, we loved. That’s good enough for me.”

“Y/N,” Stefan whispers, your name sounding like a prayer as it rolled off his lips.

You gulp, begging your eyes not to fall on his lips as he brings a hand up and cups your face. You close your eyes, leaning into his touch. He closes his eyes and savors the temporary luxury, pressing his forehead against yours. And for one fleeting  moment, everything was perfect.


After Frank Salvatore recovers from his wounds, he waits for Danielle’s shift to be over and corners her outside in a desperate attempt to ask her on a date, but all he does is blab nervously. She of course sees right through him but can’t resist his stupid sweet ass.

Inspired by Multiverse (x

Master List


Who to love

Cas x Reader, Cas x Hannah

Cas and the reader have just begun a relationship and everything seems to be going well until his first love, hannah, comes back into town and wants Cas back, both women love him and neither wants to let him go, leaving Cas with the most important decision of his life, go back to hannah, the love he always imagined himself with, or stay with the reader, his best friend, who he can’t imagine life without, follow Cas as he figures out what true love really means and he makes the ultimate decision of who to love.

part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4

Letters to Juliet

Sam x Reader

description: You and your fiance go on an early honeymoon to verona italy, along the way you find a letter written 20 years ago, but what happens when you respond to the letter and get an unexpected reply, find out in letters to juliet. (sorry if the description kind of sucks but it’s the best I could come up with)

part 1 part 2  part 3  Part 4  part 5

You wish

Dean x Reader

On Halloween night when dean and the reader are just little kids, they both make a wish on the same star, they wish for love, for each other, but as they get older the magic of childhood and the hope for love seem to fade, but what happens when fate intervenes and they finally meet each other, was it destined to be, or will life and circumstances tear them apart before they even have a chance?

part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4  part 5  part 6

Battles and Wars (finished)

Dean x Reader

Imagine after being saved from a vampire attack by Sam and Dean you want to go with them and become a hunter.

part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4  part 5   part 6  part 7

My Guardian (finished)

Cas x Reader

Cas is the readers guardian angel but she can’t see him and he falls in love with her. How will this epic love story undergo as Cas and the reader fight for the love of a lifetime.

part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4  part 5  part 6  part 7  

Taking over me

( Based off the song taking over me by Evanescence ) Dean has always had a thing for the reader, but what happens when she gets possessed , not by a demon, but by a poltergeist and looses her memory.

part 1   part 2   part 3   part 4   part 5  part 6   part 7  part 8  part 9   part 10

So close (finished)

( based off the song so close by Jon Mclaughlin ) someone close to the reader dies, and is missing their heart, Sam and dean take the case, but what happens when the reader and sam become a little too close.

part 1  part 2

Song One shot’s

Come Home

Cas x Reader

(based off the song come home by onerepublic)

Safe and Sound

Sam x Reader

(Based off the song safe and sound by Taylor swift feat. The civil wars)

The hunter’s daughter  

Dean x Reader

(based off the song the blower’s daughter by Damien Rice, if you haven’t heard the song I suggest that you listen to the Matt McAndrew version, I personally think it’s better then the original).

Hurts like hell


(Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak where both known not to where there heart on their sleeves, but did they hide their love for each other to well? The song is hurts like hell by Fleurie)

Lay me down

Cas x Reader

(based off the song lay me down by Sam Smith)

Remembering sunday

Dean x Reader

Based off the song remembering sunday by all time low)

Whiskey lullaby

Dean x Reader

(based off the song whiskey lullaby by brad paisley)

The Harold Song

Dean x Reader

(Based off the song the harold song by ke$ha)

The Man Who Can’t Be Moved

Sam x Reader

(based off the song the man who can’t be moved by the script)


The walk of shame

Jensen x Reader

Can u write one where the reader and Jensen Ackles are love interests on and off of supernatural. They run lines together one night and get too into the scene, then she ends up spending the night and Jared catches her doing the walk of shame which she try’s to play off but she doesn’t realize she has hickeys and her dress is on inside out?

The night heaven fell

Reader x Gabriel , Reader x Michael, Reader x Lucifer, Reader x Cas

I have a request! Um so, Gabriel, Michael, Lucifer, and Cas would all like the reader and they would all do little things like hold her hand and touch her leg, etc. And she can’t decide!! You can choose how it ends! I love your fics so much!❤ Thanks!


Sam x Reader

I have a request: Sam tells Dean that he’s in love with the reader, but he doesn’t know how to say it to her. The reader somehow finds out and confronts Sam about it. Lots of fluff please! Thank you 😘😍 I love your fics!!!

The Secret

Jensen x Reader

Can u write one where Jensen is dating his Co star but there keeping it a secret bc her dad is a producer for the show? Jensen x reader

I couldn’t leave you

Cas x Reader

Hey, could you write a Cas X Reader where the reader is around thirteen or fourteen and Cas becomes their age to hang out with them and maybe get to know them a little better?

Need you Now

Sam x Payton

Can I please have a supernatural ship? My name is Payton, I’m 5'3", blue hair and blue eyes, and I’m chubby/fat. When I first meet people I’m a little shy but after a while I’m kinda outgoing. I love animals and sometimes like to draw. And I like dark/creepy things but also cute/girly things.

(based off the song  need you now by Lady Antebellum)

Saving all my love for you

Jensen x Reader

you should do a song fic based off the song saving all my love for you and it should be about jensen and the reader :)

(based off the song saving all my love for you by Whitney Houston)

I have nothing

Hey I was wondering if you could do a jensen x reader to the song I have nothing by whitney houston were jensen and reader are co stars and jensen has a huge crush on her but the reader is really shy or something please and thank you :)

based off the song I have nothing by Whitney Houston

So what are we?

Dean x Reader

Can u do a fanfic where the reader and Dean are like best friend and the reader is younger like 5-8 years and is bobby’s niece and they fall in love and start a relationship after the reader hears Dean moan her name in his sleep (no smut) and r nervous to tell everyone because of the age difference and they have to tell Bobby and sam(who is like a very protective older brother) so they hide it for a while but get caught making out by Sam and end up telling every one but it all ends happy?☺️

Say Something

Cas x Reader

Hey can you do a song fic with cas and the reader for the song say something by a great big world 😆

(Based off the song say something by a great big world )

That’s gonna leave a mark

Dean x Reader

Request from the writing prompts

I knew you wouldn’t leave

Gabriel x Reader

Request from the writing prompts

Until next time

Gabriel x Reader

Request from the writing prompts

Walk away

Gabriel x Reader

Request from the writing prompts

Criminal Minds


The Date

Spencer x Reader

Could you do a Criminal Minds fic? Like Reid x Reader something really cute? Maybe it’s like Reid’s first real date and he gets all awkward and nervous or something? (Idk I’m sorry if this is a bad request

Wanna Bet

Derek x Reader

can i request a drabble of you and morgan teasing each other seeing who will snap first on a case

No competition

Derek x Reader

Can you make a multi shot drabble on the imagine where one of morgans fav bootycall (girl) joins the BAU, and reader (in love with Derek, derek is in love with her too) gets really jealous and quiet.. but reader looks hot everyday to challenge the bootycall??

Mardi Gras

Derek x Reader

Anonymous said Drabble request for the reader and Garcia going on a vacation during Mardi Gras to New Orleans. And they both hit on guys and get themselves into a lot of trouble ;) and Morgan gets super mad at Y/N but it’s his feelings talking… Fluff

Is it too late

Derek x Reader

I have a drabble request. I would like to read a story about the reader (temporarily) breaking up with Derek after he admits to cheating, but they get back together (imagine Garcia being supper pissed at Morgan after seeing you cry). I’ve recently called a break with my

I’m starting too

Derek x Reader

Request from the writing prompt list

Let me go

Derek x Reader

Request from the writing prompt list


Derek x Reader

Request from the writing prompt list

I just need some time

Derek x Reader

Request from the writing prompt list

Is that what you want

Spencer x Reader

Request from the writing prompt list

The Vampire Diaries


Me or her

Stefan x Reader

Request from the writing prompt list

The One With The Angel and The Demon | Shadowhunters x Vampire Diaries Crossover (Part 1)

Pairing/s: Alec Lightwood x Reader x Damon Salvatore

Summary: Elena’s absence in Damon’s life had led him right into your arms, that was, until The Huntress marked you, putting you on the run. You leave Damon, looking for Magnus to put a cloaking spell on you, only problem is that he has too much on his plate. In an attempt to help him, you find yourself fighting alongside Alec, who hates vampires.

A/N: so, time for voting again! hit up my ask box and let me know who you’d like the reader to end up with! damon or alec? also, do let me know if you like it!

MASTERLIST, MOBILE MASTERLIST (you can like it and save it for later!)

“Who are you?” snarled a high pitch voice as you stood outside Hotel Dumort.

“I’m looking for Camille,” you call out, your voice steady despite your heart racing. You take a quick look over your shoulder in paranoia.

“I’m afraid Camille is… no longer available,” she replies.

“Who’s in charge?”

You’re surprised by demanding nature of your voice; you were in no position to be pushing people around nor asking for favours.

“Who is asking?”

You step out of the shadows, pulling your hood down, “An old friend.”

She girl signals for you to follow her, leading you down a narrow corridor to a brightly lit room.

“Raphael,” her voice is low and submissive and you realize that he must be their new leader.

“It’s been a long time, Raphael,” you crack a smile and he turns to face you, “No way,” he grins, walking towards you. The two of you embrace for a moment, pulling apart when you remember there are curious eyes on you.

“What are you doing here?” he asks, his hands tightly gripping your shoulders, “The last time I saw you, you were playing the role of a high school cheerleader,” he taunts you.

“Yeah, well, I graduated but college got kind of…tedious. I’m just here for a break and thought I’d visit some old friends.”

Raphael’s brows furrow together, “As much as I want to believe that, your heart is beating incredibly fast,” he pauses, looking at the worn out bag that was slung over your shoulder, “You aren’t on the run, are you?

“Not exactly,” you mumble, “If it’s a problem I can stay somewhere else – I just wanted to see a familiar face.”

“Don’t be stupid. You’re always welcome to stay with me,” he smiles warmly.

Your eyes shift to a boy standing nervously next to the girl who had brought you in.

“Who’s the shaking, fresh piece of meat?” you laugh. It was obvious he was new to this, or else he wouldn’t look so intimidated. Most of the vampires at Hotel Dumort knew who you were.

“That’s Simon. He’s new.”

“I figured as much.”

“Well, while you’re here, maybe you can help him out? Show him the ropes, I mean, you’re much older and therefore much wiser,” he winks at you. He was referring to the fact that you had been turned into a vampire much longer before any of them.

“Sure,” you shrug, turning to face Simon, “Your training starts first thing tomorrow morning.”

“Morning?” Simon stammers, “W-we c-can’t walk a-around in-“

“Daylight?” you chuckle, holding up your hand to display a ring on your finger, “It’s a daylight ring. It lets me walk around whenever the hell I want and lucky for you, I carry a spare.”

You pull it out of your bag, tossing it to him, “You can borrow it, for now,” you state, “Six tomorrow morning,” you remind him, following Raphael upstairs.

“So, how do you know Raphael?” Simon asks as you walk down the street, watching as store owners start pulling up their shutters.

“He passed through Mystic Falls back when he just got turned. We ended up being very good friends and we came here to help him find more vampires – that’s when we found Camille. She didn’t really like me, she thought I was a risk to her power.”

“So she kicked you out?”

You scoff, “I would have loved to see her try. No, no – I left on my own. I was turned when I was 18 but I never got to finish my senior year or have a normal life so I went back to Mystic Falls to graduate, try out all that normal life crap…”

“I sense from your tone it wasn’t for you?”

“It was a total blow. Being a Vampire is totally awesome and being normal is seriously overrated. Which is why my first piece of advice to you is… embrace it.”

Simon frowns, “Embrace being dead?” he asks.

“Embrace being able to live forever.”

Simon looks down at the ring on his finger, “I could if I actually got to keep this.”

You smirk, “Maybe you will if you don’t piss me off until I leave.”

“How did you get it?”

“I have a witch friend.”

“I know a warlock,” Simon looks pleased with himself.


“Magnus Bane.”

“Take me to him,” you ask, trying not to sound too eager, “Please.”

“Simon, what can I do for you?” Magnus asks, barely looking up from his book.

“I have a frie- person – vampire… who wanted to see you,” he stammers nervously.

Magnus looks up at you curiously before walking over, “Y/N?”

You lean against his desk, letting your fingers idly trace over his scattered belongings, “You haven’t aged a day.”

“Nor have you,” he smiles, wrapping his arms around you, “It’s always good to see an old friend though I take it that this is more than just a visit?”

“Damon Salvatore. Do you remember him?”

“How could I forget?” A smirk plays on his lips. Damon was attractive to anyone with eyes so you weren’t surprised that Magnus would have had his eye on him.

“Well… we have – we’re-“

You couldn’t find the right words to describe your relation to Damon. Despite Damon’s sadistic tendencies and recklessness, the two of you had always had a connection. You had met him through Elena and immediately taken a liking to him. However, knowing he was in love with her meant that the two of you could be no more than friends. When Kai put the spell on Elena so that she would not wake until Bonnie died, there was a small window of opportunity that you couldn’t help but reach for. In his misery, Damon took it too, finding a small amount of comfort in being with you. That’s as far as it went for him, but for you it was more. He could never truly let go of Elena. Though you had anticipated as much. You had convinced yourself you could fill the time between then and when she woke up but you eventually realized you wouldn’t be able to keep that promise.

This wasn’t why you left. When Stefan got marked by Rayna Cruz, you had come to his aid, getting you marked too. Stefan had left with Valerie and Rayna had gone after him, leaving you a little time with Damon to say goodbye. And in your desperateness, you had said the words you had held back for so long. The words you knew would end everything. The words that made Damon’s eyes widen with what you were certain was disgust: “I love you Damon.”

He hadn’t reciprocated nor had he expressed any interest in seeing you again, he simply said, “I thought you knew this wasn’t…” and that’s all. He didn’t have the words to explain the meaninglessness of your relationship to him. You left as fast as you could, knowing you would have to go on the run before Rayna could come after you and somehow you ended up here

“Yes, I heard you and he were somewhat of an item.”

“Item,” you repeat under your breath. That’s all you were.

“What about Damon?”

“I need you to put a cloaking spell on me so that he can’t find me – so that no witch can find me.”


“Rayna Cruz marked me,” you pull your shirt down a little to reveal the mark above your chest, “She’s going to come for me.”

“So why don’t I just put a spell on your so she can’t find you?”

“Because I – I just don’t want Damon to find me or try help me,” you mumble. Damon had flooded you with messages and voicemail begging you to let him help you. But you couldn’t face him again.

“Rayna isn’t the problem…”

“I beg to differ. I’m familiar with her…work,” Magnus phrases it carefully.

“Who is Rayna Cruz?” Simon pipes up.

“A psychotic, vampire murderer,” Magnus states.

“And you’re leading her here?!”

You glare at Simon, “I’ll be gone before she even steps foot here,” you growl, turning back to Magnus, “Can you do the spell or what?”

“I can but you’ll have to come back tonight. Right now, I have a more pressing issue at hand.”

“Maybe I can help with it,” you offer, eager to have the spell completed soon before Bonnie did a locator spell.

Before Magnus can answer, a tall dark haired boy walks in, frowning at Simon before his eyes land on you, “What are they doing here?” he asks, a look of disgust displayed all over his face.

“They are here to help, Alec.”

Alec looks you up and down, “Doesn’t look like she can do much and I know Simon can’t,” he scoffs. Within a blink, you yank the rug out from under his feet, causing him to tumble to the floor. He glares at you as he stands up, trudging towards you threateningly.

“Stop it, both of you,” Magnus growls, taking the rug out of your grasp, “That is very expensive.”

“I’ve never seen you before,” Alec glances at you before looking at Simon, “She a new vampire friend you made?”

You step in front of Simon, “I’m barely a new vampire,” you laugh.

“Y/N here is much older than you in Vampire years so you might want to show some respect,” Simon tries to sound brave but his voice still shakes.

“And how old are you in human years?” Alec asks.


“Then I’m older than you.”

“Barely,” Magnus laughs, “Still. He is technically right.”

“I don’t care about technicalities and honestly, I don’t care for your pathetic Shadowhunter pride that makes you believe I couldn’t kill you right now.”

“I’d love to see you try,” Alec snarls, his eyes angry.

“I don’t have time for this. What exactly do you need help with, Magnus?” you ask, pushing Alec aside.

“We’re looking for another Shadowhunters mother, Jocelyn Fray, who was taken by Valentine.”

“Valentine? I thought he was-“

“Dead? Yeah. He’s not,” Magnus laughs nervously, “We might have a location on Jocelyn.”

“And you want me to check it out? Done. Text me the address.”

As you begin to walk towards the door, Alec catches you by the arm, “How do we know if we can trust her?” he asks Magnus.

You pull your arm out of his grasp, “Don’t ever touch me again,” you growl, walking away. Simon trails behind you.

“Magnus, you can’t seriously expect me to take them with me! Especially not this y/n girl. For all I know, she could be working with The Circle.”

Magnus stifles laughter, “Trust me when I say she isn’t and that you have a much better chance of helping your friends if she’s with you. Now make use of it before she leaves.”

Alec wants to argue but realizes he’s in no position to do so; he needed all the help he could get.


The locations Magnus had sent you to had been a decoy, but that didn’t stop Alec from bickering with you.

“The place is abandoned. If there was even a pin dropping in this place, I would hear it. There’s no one here.”

“I’m still going to check it out,” Alec pushes past you, walking up the stairs.

“Is he always like that?” you ask Simon who was biting at his nails.

“Hmm? Yeah,” he mumbles, absentmindedly.

“You should head back to the Hotel,” you state, noticing how agitated he was, “Let Raphael know I’ll be in later.”

“Y-you sure you’re okay here?”

You can’t help but laugh, “Yes, I can protect myself.”

“Oh, I know that. I just mean with Alec. He has a tendency to be a bit of an-“



“I’m fine Simon. You go ahead.”

Simon gives you a firm nod before disappearing.

Moments later there is a creak that sends chills down your spine, “Simon?” you call out into the darkness. When there’s no reply you take a defensive stance, preparing for something to jump out of the dark. Instead a figure slowly creeps out of the shadows.

“Damon,” you let you fists drop to your sides, “What are you doing here?”

“Looking for you,” he sighs, walking towards you. You step backwards, “Don’t,” you mumble.

“Look, if this is about that day you said you love me, I’m sorry okay! I thought you knew we – it wasn’t like that. You know there’s no one but Elena for me.”

“Yeah, I do.”

“Then why are you so angry at me?”

“I’m not. I’m angry at myself.”

“Okay, well you can deal with that later. Right now, I have to help you,” he urges you, his hands on your shoulders.

You stare at them, before placing your hands over his, “You need to go.”


The sounds of Alec’s footsteps interrupts the two of you.

“Really? More vampires?” he asks, giving you a pointed look.

“Who is this?” Damon asks. His voice is bored though his eyes are curious. Damon was never one for sharing his friends; he always became over protective. You didn’t mistake this for jealousy.

“This is Alec,” you smile, linking your arm through Alec’s. Alec stiffens and you tighten your grip before he can try to yank his arm away.

“And he is…”

“A good friend,” you force a smile. You knew Alec’s expression would give you away but you couldn’t help yourself.

“I’m going to go get my things. I expect you’ll be here when I come back,” Damon states. He pauses in the doorway, studying the two of our curiously before leaving.

“What the hell was that?” Alec pulls his arm away, rubbing at it.

You feel your cheeks flush red. Why had you tried to act like Alec was more than just some asshole you just met?

“I – I was just-“

You had no explanation. Admitting your intentions would be far to embarrassing in front of someone like Alec. Someone who you had acted so tough in front of.

“Is he your boyfriend or something?” Alec’s voice is calmer now as though he really wants to listen.

“Not exactly.”

“Well, that was vague,” he laughs softly.

“Can we just forget the past five minutes happened?” you ask, a pained look in your eyes.

Alec nods, “Consider it done.”

You were surprised at his willingness to give up an opportunity to taunt you.

“I’m going to head back to the Institute, it’s my mother’s birthday party. Simon will be there tonight, you can join him if you’d like.”

As Alec leaves, Damon reappears in the doorway, dropping his bags on the floor, “We have a lot to talk about.”

A/N: who do you want the reader to end up with? vote for either alec or damon here! and PART 2 is here!

                       KAI PARKER FLUFF -

  •  [masterlist smut]  •

•  Best Friends
(After the merge with Luke and Jo’s wedding. Kai never goes to Hell.)
Kai & Reader have feelings for each other but none of them would admit it , Kai doesn’t even know what those feelings mean yet.

•  I Missed That Smile
Reader breaks up with her boyfriend and Kai is there for her , in a way she didn’t expect.

•  Say Something - Part II
Kai and Reader are in a relationship ; One night Reader sees Kai kissing someone else at the Grill and shuts him out , but he is determined to get her forgiveness

•  Little Sister (ft. Damon / Stefan Salvatore)
Damon hurts reader when his humanity is off and Kai comforts her.

•  Midnight Visits
After 6.22 / Elena and Jeremy have a cousin (reader) who is a witch, currently living with them (more like with Jeremy since Elena is currently taking a magical nap)   Kai has feelings for Reader but doesn’t know how to tell her so he sneaks into her room just to watch her sleep.

•  Heights
Kai takes Reader on surprise walk in the forest (with an even more surprising end

•  An Old Friend (ft. Kol Mikaelson / Rebekah Mikaelson)
(After TVD 8.16 and right after TO 4.02)
Kai and Reader are having fun at the Mystic Grill when some old friends of Reader show up. Kai gets jealous and …

Reader and Kai have a fight , Kai ending up scaring Reader like never before.

•  Twins
Kai kidnaps Elena’s twin sister thinking she is Elena so he can practice magic on her.

•  Meet The Parents - Part II
AU :Klaus is still a hybrid , Caroline is born from a werewolf bloodline and they have a child together. Caroline dies in childbirth breaking Klaus’ heart but just when everyone think she is dead , Caroline wakes up and they realise that she had died with the baby’s blood (who has Klaus’ vampire blood) in her system. Later on she turns into a vampire.  Years go by and Reader grows up into a young woman.
After Kai gets out of the Prison world , he meets Reader and falls in love with her.  

•  Thanksgiving
Reader and Kai celebrate Thanksgiving in the Prison World.

•  Family  (Bonkai)
Bonnie and Kai are a couple , its been a few years since they had gotten together and now … someone has a surprise ;)

•  Give Me A Chance (Bonkai)
(after Damon leaves 1994) Kai has feelings for Bonnie and she has some feelings for him too , but she keeps trying to deny them.

•  Switch  (Bonkai)
Bonnie and Kai do a spell , ending up switching bodies accidentally.

•  Come Back
Kai is being distant and reader moves away ; When Kai finds out he goes to find her , begging her to come back.)

Back From Hell
Reader is a witch and a friend of Kai. She helps him get out of Hell and control his vampirism because she is in love with him.

Kai falls in love with Reader who has no idea about his past.
Kai’s father kidnaps reader to hurt him.

It’s Reader’s birthday and Kai has a surprise …

•  Making You Laugh
Reader has to ‘babysit’ Kai all day so he doesn’t do something stupid and Kai spends the entire day trying to get Reader to laugh…

•  Hold On
Both Kai and Reader have feelings for each other but none of them is willing to admit it to the other until Reader gets injured.

•  Friends
Reader is a witch and her friends try to hide her existence from Kai , but he finds out about her and shows up unannounced at her house.

•  Magic
Reader is a witch who lost all her power , Kai comforts her and tries to help get her power back

•  I’ll Be There For You
Reader has suffered a loss and Kai is there for her when she had pushed everyone else away.

•  You’ll Never Be Alone
story begins before the merge , when Kai moves in reader’s apartment building , the second half of the story happens after the merge

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Parasite (1/3)

Title: Parasite ( link right here)
Rating: M (Rated R to NC-17)
Pairing/characters: Bonnie/Kai, Elena, Damon
Category: AU, angst, more angst, romance/smut 
Chapters: 3 
Word count: 12,942  
Summary: ‘She doesn’t know why, but she needs him to look at her. She needs him to see it, her lack of remorse, the power which courses through her at the sight of his pain. In a way, it excites her.’ Post 6x17-snow-scene AU. Bonnie stabs Kai, but doesn’t leave him in 1903. Internal conflict, angst and a particular brand of hunger ensue. 
Warnings: Angst, mild dark!bonkai 
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine but they need me because Plec has failed them. 
Authors’ note: First draft of this was written in May, but real life… Partially beta’ed along the way, for which I owe a huge thank you to @leidi-bonny-zivah and @unicornsince88 and especially @slayerkitty who doesn’t even ship bonkai but still took a look at it for me. This fic is already completed, will be posted in three parts, second part will be up in a few days. Finally, English is not my first language, let me know if anything sounds weird. Enjoy! 

|| Part I || Part II || Part III ||


Her satisfaction is short-lived.

His blood on her knife hasn’t even dried before Elena tells her. Kai.

“Why didn’t you tell me before I-”

“I didn’t know Damon was going to come up with the idea to leave him here! It’s like you guys… You and Damon, you talk- you talk about stuff, just you two, scheming, and I- Damon didn’t tell me.” Elena looks dejected, her brown eyes all doe-eyed and tearful. As though considering there’s a part of Damon’s life that’s not about her leads to many a sleepless nights and profound agony. 

For once, however, Bonnie doesn’t feel it. It doesn’t hit her in that sweet spot, that Elena spot, the one that makes her want to give Elena everything. Maybe it’s the cold snow seeping through the cracks of her boots. Or maybe the spot is hidden underneath her rage now, her now permanent state of rage. Like her grandmother’s necklace underneath piles and piles of coats at Vicky Donovan’s birthday party that one time. She’d spent so long trying to find it. 1994 must have robbed her of it, of her need to provide comfort and reassurance to anyone but herself. Add it to the list of things 1994 took from her. Gave her, she thinks for a second, but she pushes the thought away.

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"We Could Have Had It All" A Stelena One-Shot (based off 5x18 promo)

A/N: So, this is written for a long time reader and twitter friend. I wrote it for an animal charity event. This one’s for you, Passionista23 :) Hope you all like it. It’s an AU loosely based off of the 5x18 promo.

We Could Have Had It All

“Wake up.” She whispers against his ear, tracing her fingertips against his jawline and leaning in to kiss him, gasping a breath when he wraps his arms tightly around her and rolls them over, tangling the white cotton sheets around their legs as she giggles into his ear.

“I’m going to be late for work. I have an editor coming in to the office today to look over my book.” Elena tells him, feeling his lips trail against her neck, a warm feeling of security and love rushes over her as he smiles and glances into her eyes.

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Little Gilbert

(requested by anon)
Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 4 461
summary : Reader is Elena’s little sister and the Salvatore’s are over protective of her. Kai ends up staying at the Salvatore’s over night and sneaks into her room.
*gif by jake-riley
keep reading after the cut😉

Y/N’s life had gotten complicated the past few years. When her older sister Elena had met Stefan , Y/N had still been in her third year of high school. Both Stefan and Damon had taken a liking to her and over time had become like family to her - like she had two older brothers. After Elena had burned down their house , Y/N had moved in with the Salvatores. Problem was they were super over protective of her. If anyone even dared to get too close to her , things would get ugly for that person. Once a classmate , her friend Jake , had come over so they can work on a project and he had played a prank on her - sneaking up from behind to scare her - and she had screamed. Damon , who had been at the kitchen in that moment making her her favourite snack , rushed to the living room and nearly choked her friend before even bothering to listen to what had happened. Stefan was the same - almost , he listened first before trying to hurt anyone. Y/N loved them and appreciated having two guarding angels at all times but sometimes things were getting a little out of control. Their over protectiveness was starting to suffocate her. Whenever a boy showed up to take her on a date , one of them would tag along and even though the Salvatore wouldn’t sit with them , it didn’t matter much because they could still hear and see everything. Elena was the only one who could get them to back off a little but that never lasted too long.

* * *
Y/N walked downstairs heading into the kitchen, her ponytail and white polca dot ribbon flapping behind her. She was wearing a black tshirt with print (the logo of her favourite band) and gray skinny jeans along with her favourite ankle high black converses.
“Hey sis.” she smiled at Elena. “And big brother.” she winked at Damon.
Her eyes drifted towards the cupcakes on the kitchen counter and just as she was about to grab one , her eyes fell on a stranger sitting on the kitchen table. He had blue eyes ,brown hair , perfect angel like features and was holding a cupcake , his fingers covered with frosting. The boy glanced at her , then at Elena and Damon.
“You have a little sister?” asked the boy. “Wait. Who’s sister is she? And …where have you kept her hidden until now?”
Y/N took one of the cupcakes , taking a bite which resulted in cupcake frosting getting on her nose. Elena wiped it away with her thumb , giving her little sister a warning look. Damon glanced between Kai and Y/N , who obviously were curious about each other by the way they were starring at one another. Kai had gotten up , shortening the distance between him and Y/N. He was smiling widely , outstretching his hand for her to shake as a hello.
“Hi. I’m Kai …and you are ?”
“Littlest Gilbert.” she laughed. “I’m Y/N , Elena’s little sister, well cousin.”
“A human.” muttered Kai to himself. “Didn’t think those existed in Mystic Falls with all the supernatural population. I see you like cupcakes as much as me. Hey maybe we can go out sometime - there is this bakery near the town square -”
“OKAY , slow down big brother.” said Damon pulling Kai away from Y/N. “You are not allowed anywhere near her. Got it? She is off limits.”
“Why not ?” wondered Y/N.
“Because he is the one who shot an arrow through Bonnie’s stomach and he is the reason she is all alone in the Prison World right now.” said Elena pushing her sister out of the kitchen door. Y/N got free and ran back towards Kai and the cupcakes.
Elena’s little sister looked at Kai , head to toe , curiousity burning in her eyes.
“He doesn’t seem dangerous.” she said. “He seems .. cute and cuddly.”
Kai laughed under his breath. “I think she likes me.”
“No , no , no.” said Damon. “No one here likes any body. Y/N , go to your room before things get ugly for mr. charming right here.”
Elena grabbed Y/N and started pushing her towards the door again.
“Fine, fine. I’m going. See you around Kai.”
“Yeah. See you around.” he replied with a wistful look in his eyes.
Damon was starring at him , his arms folded in his chest.
“What ?”
“If you touch her , you lose your head or heart. Or both.” threatened Damon.
“Damon !” exclaimed Elena. “Don’t threaten him. He said he’d help us get Bonnie back. That gives him a pass. At least this time…”
Elena kissed Damon on the cheek while Kai was glancing between them and the door , hoping that maybe Y/N would pop her head through there.
“You two together is still totally revolting to me.” sighed Kai. “Alright , where is that stupid Ascendant ?”

* * *


Y/N walked into the Salvatore’s , her phone in her hands as she kept texting her friends. Elena had convinced Stefan and Damon not to hover over her that day , so she can spend it with her friends before their graduation in a few days. The Salvatores’ overprotective attitude really was getting out of control lately.
Y/N took a few steps into the living room and left her bag on the sofa hearing voices coming from the library. Whoever had come for a visit didn’t appear to be wanted. For a moment she hessitated , but in the end curiousity won over and she headed straight towards the loud voices ignoring the fact Stefan and Damon would be angry as hell if she put herself in any kind of danger.

“I just need a place to crash.”
“One night.” insisted Kai. “Don’t think your house was my first choice. Look I know we don’t get along , specially after that wedding fiasco , for which I am very sorry by the way. What Bonnie did hurt me and I snapped. It’s not like you two haven’t screwed up majorly at some point in your life.”
Stefan folded his hands , nodding and rolling his eyes listening to Kai. Last thing he and his brother wanted was Kai spending the night over , specially with Y/N being in the house. Kai had been dangerous before he turned into a heretic and now who knew what he’d do if he got upset. None of them were willing to risk it.
“I am trying to be better.” added Kai. “Please ? See how nice I am ? I even said ‘please’.”
“You are not not staying.” argued Damon.

Y/N made her way down the hall as quietly as possible. Not that it would do her any good considering the Salvatore’s were vampires and could hear her coming from a mile away. Quite literally. Whoever it was in there with them , might not make it out alive unless she intervined.
“It’s just for one night.” said a very familiar voice that made Y/N stop right at the door. “Please ? I promise to behave. Also need I remind you that you owe me for not going through with that crazy idea your psychopath of a mother had about linking Elena to Bonnie for all eternity ?”
“Because you did that out of the goodness of your heart ?” asked Stefan.
“Not important why I did it.” said Kai. “The important thing is that I did and now you owe me.”
“Fine.” groaned Damon. “But you are not allowed anywhere near her. Got it ?”
“Anywhere near who?” said Y/N walking in. Damon and Stefan groaned. Kai looked happier than ever she had walked in in that moment. He ran his fingers through his hair and took a small step towards her , stopping a second later realising if he took another someone might snap his neck. Kai smiled widely at her and she smiled back at him , taking a step towards the Salvatores. “Are you two going to keep it up with the over protective stuff? I love you but seriously - I am graduating high school , the ceremony is in two days. Are you planing on going to Whitmore with me too ?”
“No.” said Stefan. “We are just -”
“Being the most loving , carrying yet extremely annoying not-blood-related older brothers ?” interrupted Kai making both Salvatoress turn towards him. He could see Y/N was trying hard not to start laughing. “Sorry. I couldn’t help it. Can I at least say HI to her or is this forbidden too ?”
Damon poured himself a drink and drank most of it while Stefan motioned for Kai that it’s OK if he wants to say HI. In a flash Kai hugged Y/N under the absolutely shocked facess of the Salvatore brothers.

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Started Writing a Bamon One-shot, here's a little Taste.

A few years ago I died.  It was no big deal – I came back to life.  Damon brought me back.  Before then we had a volatile relationship. At best. But something changed. At first I thought, maybe it was me. But it was him.

It was us.

We were changing, in spite of ourselves and we didn’t even know it.

“You brought me back… why?”

Bonnie stood there, waiting for him to speak.

He looked at her, conflicted.

“You’re Elena’s best friend… of course I brought you back.”

That wasn’t good enough.

“You didn’t have to bring me back.”

She looked him straight in the eyes and he was doing everything in his power to wear her down.

“What are you talking about? From the moment I met Elena I watched almost everyone in her life get killed off one by one. Her parents, John Gilbert, Isobel, Jenna, Jeremy, Ric –“

He struggled to keep his composure.

“You think I was going to let her lose one of the few people left in her life? Hell no.”

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When you're addicted to fan fics of ships you have no interest

Mind - Ugh, I don’t see how they are a couple. I mean how can they even be together? What am I even doing in this tag?

Heart- Oh God this fic is sooo awesome! Need to complete this 300,000 words fic tonight and better look for another one too.