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TVD 1x14 Review

You guys know the drill. I am too fucking tired from Boot Camp to explain ;)

1. Even when they’re in danger, Elena is treated much better than Bonnie. Elena is on the bed while Bonnie is passed out in the bathroom, THERE ARE TWO BEDS.

2. It really bothers me that no one on tv checks the pulse of the other person who is knocked out.

3. I love the way Matt smiles when Caroline comes near hm, his entire face lights up.

4. Sheila Bennett. Not. Taking. ANY. Of. Damon’s. SHIT.


6. Every time Elena meets a female adversary they bond over dead parents. Anna with Pearl and Rebekah with Esther and Katherine with Klaus slaughtering her family. How on the nose can you get. *Cordelia voice* “Find a new theme.”

7. What I find really funny is that Anna and Jeremy’s storyline should’ve been Damon and Elena’s in the sense that Anna shows up trying to get close to Jeremy to open the tomb for Pearl but her con allows her to get to know Jeremy and she actually begins to fall for him, it’s not an original idea but the content makes it unique to Jeremy and Anna. They debate about vampires and get to know each other in that sense, their debating techniques, points of view, they play games, and he thinks she’s weird but endearing and she’s taken aback by how much she actually likes him and it’s organic, it makes SENSE. It isn’t forced at all. And the parts that are forced are supposed to be forced because Anna is being creepy lurker chick trying to get the journal.

8. And Damon caring about Elena is like … OK, we talk a lot about how it doesn’t make remote sense for Elena to feel anything toward Damon at all ever but it also makes no sense for Damon to be preoccupied with Elena either. THEY DON’T DO ANYTHING.  Elena hasn’t done anything in these 14 episodes to make Damon have a low-key affection for her. I mean, I find literati i.e. Jess & Rory very problematic but I at least think it makes sense on both parts. Jess is drawn to Rory because she is nothing like he expected, he goes to Lorelai’s, expects her to be like every teen he’s met so far when he wants to ditch the grownups and Rory is like oh no Sookie cooks amazing food and my mom is pretty cool and Jess is like … what? Plus they have the same interests to which they can debate, like the build-up is actually there and the bonding is actually there. That cannot be said for DE.

9. Stefan rolling up like a G.

10. Elena and Stefan holding hands :)

11. “We need to let him have Katherine.” “No! He doesn’t deserve to get what he wants.” “What other choice do we have?” You can kill him.

12. Also people like to talk about how Elena emotionally manipulated Stefan when what Elena did with Stefan is appeal to his emotions but Damon she actually emotionally manipulates, she tells Stefan, Bonnie and Grams, she knows what to do to get Damon on their side and she uses their ridiculous “connection” to get what she wants. It’s self-serving.

13. “I didn’t compel you in Atlanta because we were having fun.”You two were barely together.

14. Wow, any chance Damon has to manhandle Elena, he’ll take it.

15. Lol Tyler is such a dick. “Do you even HAVE any friends?” Tyler, all of your friends kind of hate you. Relax.

16. Aww, Elena holds onto Stefan as she watches the Bennetts do their witchy thing.

17. Omg vamp speed, Stefan.

18. This is what happens when yo mess with Stefan, Ben. Like you‘re on fire, bruh.

19. Elena being in the tomb surrounded by the desiccated vampires was shot nicely.

20. Aww Bonnie runs after Stefan as Stefan runs after Elena because she screamed!

21. Yeah Yeah Damon going crazy because Katherine isn’t the tomb. Sucks. Whatever.

22. Still love that SE hug right when the tomb door closes.

23. OK again, this scene is supposed to show how Elena has a large capacity for compassion which is why she hugs Damon, moving past the fact that it is super gross that she does this, Jeremy has been KNOCKED OUT, he could have a fucking concussion, and she just leaves him on the ground because Stefan says he’s OK???? This is what I mean about shitty writing because by trying to show how empathetic she is, she actually just looks like a shitty sister and that’s completely unintentional.

24. Anna’s panic over Damon killing Pearl is so real and well-done.

25. Damon’s sad face about Katherine is whatever, you have caused so much fucking damage in this town for shits and giggles, bye.

26. Grams’s death is still fucking heartbreaking.

27. They built the tomb vampires up so much and it was just OK.

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anonymous asked:

what are your favorite se hugs?? :)

In season 1, their 1x17 cuddle is my absolute favourite:

They’re both just so at peace with each other; tomb vampires are out, Damon is being Damon, it’s going to be another stressful, shitty day but in that moment they’re good because they’re in each other’s arms by the fire and just comforted.

And the hug in1x14 is a close second because there’s so much tension, Stefan almost doesn’t make it out of the tomb in which he’d be stuck forever if Elena didn’t run in to save him and they barely make it out in time and when they do they just have to cling onto each other:

There are a lot of hugs in season 2 that I love.

Their 2x08 hug is one of my absolute favourites:

Because the sheer relief at being in Stefan’s arms is so genuine and so real, like it’s sort of true love at work because look at the face:

and Damon sees it:

and what’s great about that is that Stefan and Elena aren’t even trying to flaunt the way they feel about each other, it’s just so powerful and so obvious that you can’t help bear witness to it and that was what Damon was experiencing and Elena genuinely thanks for helping Stefan in saving her life but her relief at being in Stefan’s arms wins out, Stefan wins out, it’s just kind of a fact:

The 2x11 hug is also one of my favourites because when Elena sees Stefan walk into her room, that unrestrained joy:

and when they hug, the expressions on both of their faces at being able to hold each other again, Elena is just happy and Stefan relishes it:

I also love the 2x13 hug because Elena is having a shitty day and Stefan just came back from decimating werewolves and the way Elena just runs into his arms:

and Stefan has that furrowed eyebrow expression like, this, this is what I needed all day:

That 2x14 cuddle is a big favourite of mine too:

I mean they just LOOK happy. This is a couple in love.

I also love when they hug after they fend off the werewolves:

Because it’s not even like, “let’s drive out of here now!” it’s “omgomgomgomg I need to be in your arms, come here, please!”

The 2x04 hug I feel is a little underrated but I love it too because they’re both clinging on to each other just happy that they’re not actually fighting:

In season 3 they don’t have many hugs, in fact I think they only have 3 and I love all of them.

The 3x03 hug because Stefan is supposed to be “gone” but the minute he’s in Elena’s arms:

The 3x20 hug because the assurance that Elena still has Stefan is all Elena needs to hear and she collapses into him, vulnerable and unrestrained:

The 3x22 hug because they’re both home:

I love their hug in 4x04 or more like their cuddle because they’re just s in love, which makes 4x06 completely implausible:

Their hug in 5x19 is also great because it shows how little has changed,the way Elena still nestles her head in the crook of Stefan’s neck:

And I also adore their one and only hug in season 6:

Because it legit looks like they just got engaged, they look so happy.

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