the vampire diaries (3)

public service announcement:

Klaus Mikaelson uses violent and controlling behaviour to cover up the fact that deep down he is so vulnerable and so desperately just wants to believe that he is worth something and that there are people who truly love him. After growing up with a mother who cursed him to be a vampire, an abusive father who wasn’t even his real father and being the only werwolf in his family, making him feel like a worthless and disgusting outcast, he spent his childhood feeling weak and like he was never enough. He was made to feel like there was nothing good or valuable inside him. As he grew up he attempted to fill this hole he felt by lashing out violently and showing hateful behaviour to those around him. If they wouldn’t love him or appreciate him, then he would make them fear him. He surrounded himself with people who he could control and who feared him so that he would not slip back into the feelings of weakness and so he could try and make himself believe he was powerful and superior. There are so many moments in the Originals when for a small moment we suddenly can see Klaus’ true emotions and it is heartbreaking. When he meets his real father we see that really Klaus is still just a child. We look at this mans face and we see the beaten and weak outcast child who only ever wanted his father to see him as an equal. Klaus has such love inside of him for his siblings, Hayley, Caroline, Cami, Marcel and of course his daughter, who he loves more than anything else. Deep down Klaus Mikaelson is extremely gentle and loving and emotional and sensitive and his life has made him so vulnerable. He just wants to believe that there is good inside him and he wants something better for this daughter than what he had. WE MUST PROTECT KALUS MIKAELSON.


Elena Gilbert in (1.02) The Night of the Comet
“Dear Diary, this morning was different. There’s change. I can sense it, feel it. For once, I don’t regret the day before it begins. Because I know I will see him again. For the first time in a long time, I feel good.”

public service announcement:

Freya Mikaelson and Elijah Mikaelson did one of the worst things I have ever seen done in a tv show (of course I’m not trying to say that Klaus, Kol, Hayley and the rest of the family haven’t done awful things; they totally have and it isn’t okay but I feel like not enough people talk about this). Freya and Elijah killed Davina Claire and it was unlike any other death on the show. Davina Claire was a child. She was so young. But more than anything else, she was so good and so pure. She was the most kind hearted and good willed person on the show who wanted to make the world a better place. They knew that. They also knew that she was the love of their brothers life and how she changed Kol as a person and was so important in his life. They also knew that even Klaus himself who was the one in danger and who could be saved by Davina’s death, said that they must find another way and must not kill Davina. Everyone said that they could find another way. Freya and Elijah Mikaelson didn’t care. Freya and Elijah Mikaelson murdered their brother’s girlfriend when they knew that he had never loved anyone or anything like he loved Davina and that he had tried so hard to get better for her and was so close to a happy life with Davina. Freya and Elijah Mikaelson killed Davina in front of Marcel who was basically Davina’s father. Marcel had saved Davina’s life and spent years caring for her, keeping her safe, watching he grow up and having her be like a daughter to him. For a long time she was the one good thing in Marcel’s life. And they made him watch her be killed. Freya and Elijah Mikaelson made him watch them murder her. I also think it’s important to say that it was a particularly horrific way to die. Davina Claire did not even get the courtesy of dying peacefully. She was so scared. She was scared and they let her be torn apart. Freya Mikaelson looked this child in the face while she was bleeding out of her eyes, crying and screaming for help and for Freya not to do this. Freya did it anyway and didn’t even look like she felt bad about it. Everyone else said that they would work for another way to save Klaus, even Klaus himself. Freya and Elijah didn’t care. They didn’t care that Davina was a light in Kol and Marcel’s life and they tore her apart. I will never, ever forgive them for Davina Claire’s death. DAVINA CLAIRE DESERVED BETTER.