Dating Klaus Mikaelson would include...

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bc he wants everyone to know that youre his 

“hello, i’m her boyfriend, look at her like that again and i’ll rip your face off” 

calling him niklaus 

being best friends with rebekah 


being super protective 

hiding you upstairs when marcel or any of the witch come over to do business 

being jealous when you speak to elijah 

“i’m yours niklaus, i swear, elijah is nothing more than a friend to me”

his accent turning you on\













having a summer house that you two can escape to when his family overwhelms him 

helping you with your studies 

“klaus, i don’t get ittttt”

“darliing you have to try”

klaus loving you more than life itself

“i love you so much darling, so much”

“i love you too niklaus”

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is elena's necklace stelena or delena thing according to you? ders: "Stefan gave it to her to protect her from Damon... but after that it was always Damon bringing it back to her like this is pretty obviously more important to Delena's story than to Stelena's. Stefan gave her the necklace but she had more scenes with damon with it, she also fell in love because of it. it started out being a stelena thing but ended up being all about Delena..just like the show & every Season finale" DElusionals

Well the DErs aren’t wrong in saying that the show took an SE symbol and twisted it into a DE one because that happened, that’s why so many of us were upset about 6x02. However, the fact that the show did that isn’t really saying much since poaching symbols and “things” from other couples is sort of what DE does, if anything that’s the only original thing that they have. Pancakes were a Bamon thing, a Bamon symbol and Delena took that too. Years as in waiting for someone for over how many years was something Damon did for Katherine and now that’s somehow suddenly a DE thing.

But the thing about the necklace is that it’s fundamentally a Stelena symbol, even when Elena fell in love with Damon because he gave that necklace back to her, she fell in love with him because he gave it to her knowing what it represented to her and Stefan. Not to mention that the necklace has multiple meanings for Stelena. What it represents for Delena is simply Damon’s “growth”. He keeps giving back the necklace to Elena to show that he didn’t compel her even when he could’ve because he wanted it to be “real”. Whatever. But with Stelena, it goes beyond just one thing, it’s not simply about protecting Elena from Damon, as Stefan says in 1x06 it’s also about protecting Elena from any selfish impulse he may have, it’s about her knowing that her decisions are her own, it’s about choice and Stelena is all about choice:

More than that, the necklace represents hope. As Lexi says in 3x07, “The necklace. Ok. That necklace. At least tell me you remember how you felt about that. You found it during your darkest time. And you said, when you made it through, that that necklace represented hope.”

And Stefan doesn’t just give it to anyone:

because hope is a Stelena theme as well, first of all they say hope to each other or about each other a lot:

But they symbolize hope for each other and tell each other to have hope, the “don’t give up” is keeping hope alive:

KW’s whole “it’s about two souls, two lost souls, one human, one a vampire, who together, their love for each other brings them back to life” theme is about hope and the necklace is a physical embodiment of that so Idgaf how many times Damon gives Elena back that necklace, it doesn’t erase the multilayered significance it has for SE.

Prompt List

Here is my prompt list! It is organized and labelled! Feel free to send in requests for the numbers and reblog and use for yourself, just give credit where appropriate ;) Enjoy! (I can always add more categories! But this is what I have for now!)


1. “I like your face.” 

2. “You’re too damn overprotective!” 

3. “Stop being so jealous will you?” 

4. “You’re my favorite.” 

5. “Come cuddle me.” 

6. “I just need a hug.” 

7. “I’ll kill the bitch.”

8. “Are you sure you like me?” “One hundred percent.” 

9. “You’re too damn perfect.” 

10. “Why do you send me porn audio messages while I’m in class?” “So you can meet me in detention and we can try that under the desk.” 

11. “Hold my hand so people know we’re dating.”

12. “Did you just lick the side of my face?” “I claimed you.” 

13. ”Okay but if my parents catch us, we’re dead.” 

14. “So we order a bunch of food and pig out?” “Pretty much.” 

15. “Come sit on my lap.” 

16. “Don’t cry, please?” 

17. “There’s no need to shove your tongue down my throat. I just wanted a kiss.”

18. “Your makeup is running. I think I know a way I could help. “

19. “You know I’m here if you need me.” 

20. “I can try to help you with your homework.”

Marriage/Relationship after wedding-

21. “Are you still sure you love me?” “A thousand percent.” 

22. “I can’t tell you enough how beautiful you look in that dress.”

23. “I can’t tell you enough how handsome you look as my groom.”

24. “So who will be the first to get cake smashed in their face?”

25. “We’re so having fun tonight after the ceremony is over.” 

26. “Just wait until I get you back to the hotel.” 

27. “Thank you for loving me no matter what, even though I piss you off a lot.” 

28. “Do you have to spoon so close to me?”

29. “I like this bed sheet.” “It doesn’t matter for me, you take all of the blankets and mattress space anyway.”

30. “Is walking around naked really necessary?”

31. “Watching you do you makeup still turns me on to this day.” 

32. “I still appreciate your lingerie.” 

33. “Can I help you make dinner?” 

34. “What do you want for breakfast?” “Is it pancake Sunday?”

35. “You’re sick, just chill out and let me clean for you.” 

36. “You mixed the reds and the whites! I’m never letting you do laundry ever again!” 

37. “So how about children?” “You think we’re ready for that?” “I’m ready for anything with you.”

38. “Join me in the shower?” 

39. “I’m taking you out tonight, go get ready.” 

40. “You know I’d do anything for you.” 


41. “So I have really good news…”

42. “So what do we name him?” “Girl…its a girl.” 

43. “I can feel it moving! Get over here quick!” 

44. “I’m really craving salt and sugar.” “I’ll go get you something from the store.” 

45. “Is there a reason you’re hunched over the toilet bowl?” “I should have told you this sooner…but I’m pregnant…surprise?”

46. “I feel fat.” “But you’re perfect.”

47. “This stomach just makes it harder to cuddle.” 

48. “I love the both of you with all of my heart.” “Actually, the three of us.”

49. “Twins? No that can’t be right.” 

50. “I skipped my period…” “What? No no no…” “Oh my god.” 

51. “So these are the pictures from the doctor’s visit?” “Yeah, that’s our baby right there.” 

52. “Every night at midnight I have to pee I swear.” 

53. “I can’t look at food all of a sudden.” 

54. “That sandwich looks really good right now.” 

55. “At least your boobs are bigger.” “Is that too much?”

56. “I hope the baby has your eyes because they’re beautiful.” 

57. “I think my water just broke.” 

58. “Can you feel it kicking?” 

59. “Um…we need to get to the hospital right now. This child is coming out of me.” 

60. “This hurts so much. We have to use condoms next time, you can never plan this pain as much as you plan for the baby!” 


61. “Don’t eat that!” 

62. “Mommy will be mad if you do that!” 

63. “Daddy won’t be too happy if you do that!”

64. “I can make you pancakes or waffles for breakfast.” 

65. “Be nice to your sister!” 

66. “Don’t treater your brother like that!” 

67. “No cussing in this house young man/young lady!”

68. “We can go to the park if you do your homework.”

69. “Mommy, Daddy, I want a little sister or brother.” 

70. “Where do babies come from?” 

Sex/Sexual Suggestions-

71. “So how about we take this…down the hall?” “No.” “Oh come on! Please?” 

72. “We haven’t had sex in like a month, you’re just going to tease me like that?”

73. “Aww you’re blushing, but I’d like to make another pair blush.” 

74. “Don’t bite that fucking lip.”

75. “You know you can go faster right?”

76. ”Did you just…really?! Inside me?” 

77. “You’re literally perfect.” 

78. “Did you dress like this all for me?” “You know I did.” “Well let me unwrap you.” 

79. “I could watch you ride me all day.” 

80. “Your head between my legs sounds good right now.” 

81. “If you dressed in a suit I would fuck you as an equivalent to you fucking me in lingerie.” 

82. “You have ten minutes, if my parents hear us or see us we are done for.” 

83. “You’re really cute when you’re bent over and waiting for me.” 

84. “My hand or the belt?” 

85. “Let’s get you cleaned up and I’ll buy you something to eat.” 

86. “What are you doing? That was my favorite shirt, I told you not to tear that.” 

87. “Keep the panties on, I’ve only dreamed of fucking you in that exact pair.” 

88. “Are you sure?” “Yes I trust you with my life.” “Well then get over here.” 

89. “Don’t make too much noise, we wouldn’t want everyone to hear you now would we?” 

90. “Why so much noise? Have you never been fingered before?” “N-no.” “Good let me continue to enlighten you.” 


91. “Why do your eyes look like that?” 

92. “No you can’t be, no no no.” 

93. “So how old are you really?” 

94. “My boyfriend/girlfriend is a vampire.” 

95. “How did you do that? I mean you just changed into something stronger.” 

96. “If we want to be together then you have to tell me the truth, that’s all I ask. I’ve been nothing but truthful to you!”

97. “Y-your teeth. What?” “It’s nothing.” “That isn’t just ‘nothing’ what was that?” 

98. “I think its best if you stayed away from me, you’re nothing but dangerous to me.” 

99. “I’ve thought it over…I want to be with you still. You being a vampire doesn’t change how I feel about you.” 

100. “Tell me everything. You know I soak up history like a sponge.” 


101. “What is with all the chains?” “You shouldn’t be here.” “I’m just curious. Is something wrong?” 

102. “No! You’re obviously in pain I’m not leaving you!” 

103. “That’s how you break the curse? Oh…my god.” 

104. “Isn’t this going to cause problems between you and I?” 

105. “Your mate? No way.” “But my wolf desires you.” “You’re crazy this isn’t real.” 

106. “I appreciate you protecting me but isn’t it getting to be a little too much?” 

107. “I’ll keep your secret.”

108. “Y-your eyes…they’re beautiful.” 

109. “How many…people have you hurt since you turned?”

110. “I’m not afraid of you. So don’t think I am.” “You should be, you’re stupid if you aren’t.” “I do a lot of stupid things and falling head over heels for a werewolf is one.” 


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Request: Can you do 38 with Damon

38- “You fainted… straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

This turned out being longer than I expected, hope you like it. _______________________________________

Since Bonnie taught you how to use your magic all you have done is practice, doing every single spell you see in a grimoire. You use the Salvatore crypt as your place, where you are now doing a new spell you saw.
At first everything feels normal, as if you were doing any other spell but suddenly you start to feel very weak very fast, your legs seem to not support your weight anymore and you abruptly fall to the floor. You touch your nose feeling a warm liquid coming down from it and see it’s blood. You lay down on the floor closing your eyes, hoping to feel better soon.

“Hey.” You hear voice which makes you open your eyes. You see Damon kneeled by your side. “Come on, let me help you.” He gently grabs your arms to help to get up.

Y/N: “Damon…” You sigh but suddenly your gaze turns black making you lose consciousness and swoon immediately.

You are awake but your eyes stay close. You feel two strong arms under you, carrying you. You remember what happened which makes you open your eyes to see what’s happening. The first thing you see is Damon profile. What a way to wake up.

Damon: “You’re staring.” He stills looking to the front.

Y/N: “What happened?” You ignore what he said.

Damon: “You fainted… straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” He looks at you now. You laugh at his commentary.

Y/N: “But I got it, didn’t I?” You say teasing him.

Damon: “Definitely.” He smiles. He stops walking when you arrive to the boarding house, he puts you on your feet and opens the door.

Damon goes to the kitchen and you sit on the couch feeling a lot better than before.

Damon: “So, what kind of creepy spell were you doing? It knocked you out.” He hands you a cup of water.

Y/N: “Just practice.” You drink the whole water at once. Being around Damon makes you nervous every time. The things between you two are strange, at least to you they are. You have kissed, like three times and he doesn’t seems to want more than that, he’s been always careless about it and you want him to think you do the same which you don’t. The truth is, you’re starting to feel thing for him.

Damon: “You will die beginner then. You should stay here tonight. It’s late and you seem tired.”

Y/N: “It’s not necessary, Damon. I can go.”

Damon: “Oh yes, I’m pretty sure I’ll find you blacked out somewhere in the woods tomorrow. You’re staying.”

Y/N: “Okay, dad.” You roll your eyes.

Damon: “I would rather you to call-”

Y/N: “Shut up.” You cut him off already knowing what he was going to say, he just smiles.

Damon: “How are you feeling?”

Y/N: “I’m better, thank you Damon.” You stay looking at his eyes and he does the same. “How did you know I was there?”

Damon: “I… I didn’t. Simply coincidence.” He removes his gaze of you.

Y/N: “Were you following me, Damon?” You ask serious.

Damon: “What? No… I just wanted to make sure you were okay, that all.” He plays innocent.

Y/N: “So you were following me.”

Damon: “If by following you mean worried about you, then yes.” He looks at you again.

Y/N: “You were worried about me?” You know Damon cares about you because you are his friend after all, but is it possible he has another reasons? “Why?”

Damon: “Because… We’re friends, aren’t we?” That broke your heart so bad. You knew it but a small part of you was hoping for him to say he likes you.

Y/N: “Yes, we are…” You say noticeable disappointed. “I’m… I’m going to sleep now.” He doesn’t say anything, he doesn’t even looks at you, he keeps his head down as you go upstairs not really knowing where to go because Damon didn’t give you a room.

Damon: “Stay in my room.” He says behind you.  Walking to his room without even looking back to see his face was harder than you could ever imagine. You sit in his bed with your elbows on your thighs with you head down.

Damon: “Wear this.” He hands you one of his shirts.

Y/N: “Thank you.” Is the only thing you say. You wait for him to go but he doesn’t.

Damon: “I know that wasn’t what you wanted to hear.” That makes you lift up your face. “What do you feel for me?”

Y/N: “I… Don’t know.” You say sincerely.

Damon: “Neither do I.” That makes you feel a bit better but you know there’s too much to say yet, later.

Y/N: “Come here, we both need to sleep.” You invite him to the bed.

You two change your clothes and lay down on the bed ready to sleep, you giving your back to him. Then, totally unexpected, Damon places his arm over you, spooning you. A smile escapes of your mouth and you fall asleep immediately.

Elijah Mikaelson: Thank You

Words count:

Warning: None

Requested: Sorry it took so long, but i was on Vacation now I’m baack and back to writing. hope you like this.

Elijah Mikaelson one shot of being the youngest Salvatore sister who has been BFFs with Rebekah since the 1920s and Rebekah cooks up the idea of having a Mikaelson family game night to bond them and the reader does everything she can to make sure all the Mikaelsons are there and in ‘good’ mood because she sees how much it means to Rebekah and after the reader is cleaning up and Elijah comes in and thanks her for putting Rebekah above everything else and confesses to loving her?

Elijah Mikaelson: Thank You

“Okay, okay. I’m on my way.” You tell Rebekah on the phone and get your keys. “Be glad I love you.”

“Oh, I am glad see you in a bit love.” She says and hangs up.

“Where are you going?” Stefan asked you, he just walked in as you were leaving the house.

“I’ meeting Rebekah.” You told him and he didn’t look pleased, but he and Damon knew not to comment on it after all the fights you had about that subject. You were the youngest of the Salvatore siblings, you had a hold on them that even Elena didn’t have.

“Okay, just be careful.” He said and I gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“I love you Stef.”

“I love you too (y/n).”

You got in your car and drove to the Mikaelson’s. It was a quick drive with the speed you were going on. When you got there you didn’t bother with knocking, every person who lived here could hear you before you stepped in, and they all seemed to like you.

“Bekah.” You called and looked for her.

“In the kitchen!” You walked to the big kitchen and found Bekah with a few cooking books around her.

“You look like you’re in desperate need of help.” You smirked and gave a laugh. Rebekah just glared.

“If you’re done laughing, can you do what you came here for?” She asked and you stopped laughing and helped her set everything for the dinner.

“This is a lot for a family that can live without food.” You told her after you looked at the recipes. “We’re even making dessert?”

“Yes now help me!” she exclaimed. You started with dessert since you were expert in them.

You got flour, butter, sugar and eggs and all the other things you needed to make a cake. You were done in an hour and the cake had to cool down before the icing.

“Hey (y/n) I hate to ask you this but can you go remind my brothers of tonight?”

“Sure.” You said and turned your vamp hearing to listen to who’s in the house.

“Don’t bother they’re all out.” She smirked and you just rolled your eyes.

You got your hand bag and got out.

“Where to? Where to?” You repeatedly asked yourself. You decided to go to the grill.

You drove to the grill, it was as busy as ever. You stepped inside and looked for a Mikaelson, and a Mikaelson you found. But he wasn’t alone he was in the company of your older brother Damon.

“Damon, Kol what a surprise seeing you both in one room.” You said and clapped them on the back. “Now what are you two gentlemen doing?”

“Your brother was just giving me a warning about hurting you and all that older brother stuff.” Kol said and you turned to Damon and raised an eyebrow.

“Damon, brother can we have a talk you and I?” You moved your head towards the door, he nodded and you both walked outside and far enough for Kol to not hear you. “Look Damon, I usually let you and Kol fight, but please not tonight any day you like just not tonight.”


“Just do it.” You said begging him, Damon eyes softened and he nodded. “Thank you.” You throw your eyes around him and hugged him. “I love you.”

“I love you too, little sister.”

You pulled away from Damon and walked back inside and to where Kol sat at the bar.

“Kol, Rebekah sent me.” You told him and sat in the seat beside him.

“What for?” He asked smirking, after he turned to look at you.

“To remind you of tonight, so please don’t be late for dinner.” You told him, looking at him pleadingly.

“For you I won’t.” He said and you sighed in relief. You gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you.”

You left the Grill and Called Klaus.

“Hello love.” Klaus’ British accent greeted you.

“Hello Klaus. Where are you?” You asked him getting in your car.

“You know somewhere doing somethings.” He said, and you could tell he was smirking.

“I don’t even want to know. Just be home for dinner.” You told him and started the car. “It will mean the world for Rebekah, and you especially. She loves you more than anything.”

“Don’t worry (y/n) I’ll be there.” Klaus’ soft voice told you.

“Okay, see you tonight.”

“Good bye.” And he ended the call.

‘Elijah, where would you be?’ you thought to yourself. You decided to call him too. But he didn’t answer, so you texted him ‘where are you? I need to talk to you.’

You were surprise when you got a text back saying: ‘in the woods.’ So you drove to the woods, and got out of the car, locked it and started walking into the woods. You extended your hearing.

“Over here.” You turned quickly, your heart racing. “I apologize.”

“It’s okay, Elijah.” You said walking up to him. “What are you doing here?”

“I was thinking.” He said and started walking.

“What about?” You asked him walking beside him.

“I would like to keep my thoughts to myself.” He stated and you nodded in understanding.

“Well I came here to remind you of tonight.” You told him and stopped walking, and so did Elijah.

“Don’t worry I’ll be there.”

“Okay, will I’m off then. I have to make sure Rebekah didn’t burn down the house.” You joked and left.

When you got back to the mansion and helped Rebekah with everything as, some waitresses for Tonight arrived.  They were all compelled by Bekah.

By seven everything was ready and the Mikaelson brothers were on their way. One by one they all arrived. First Elijah, then Klaus and lately Kol.

You left the siblings in the inning room, and saw that everything went as planned in the kitchen and what else. It was a few hours before the Mikaelsons were done and they all were hammered, or drunk. So that left you for cleaning with the few still living waitresses. You let the waitresses leave early as you felt sorry for them, and you cleaned the last bit by yourself.

“You don’t have to do that, you know?” Again Elijah scared you. 

“You have to stop scaring me like that.” You said, your hand on your heart. “And I know, I just want Bekah to be happy. And she planned for the girls to clean this mess up and I sent them back to their homes.”

“You are too nice for this family.” Elijah stated and you blushed.

“That is not true, I love this family and I love Bekah as if she was my sister.” You said.

“I want to thank you, for putting Bekah above all else.” He said and took a few steps close to you. “I enjoy how you make my family hope, they all love you and care for you.”

“What about you?” You asked him nervous of the answer. “What do you feel about me?”

“That was what I was thinking about today in the woods.” He stated and taking another few steps toward you. “And in the end I came to the conclusion that I do not care about you like my siblings… I care about you more than them.”

This time you took a few steps closer making you, chest to chest with him.

“I love you.” He said and put his lips on your and they moved in sync. You pulled back in need of air and smiled up at him.

“I love you too Elijah.”

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love isn't a choice. If it were, Elena would have ended up with Stefan in the end instead of Damon. Elena fought her feelings for Damon for 3 seasons before she gave into them. That's essentially 3+ years. But when you love someone that deeply, no matter how hard you try to suppress your feelings, they will eventually reach the surface. That is what made her & Damon's relationship so great. It doesn't necessarily mean Damon is the better choice, but he was definitely the better match. (1)

But what she fought wasn’t love, what she fought was attraction which is why in 3x05 Caroline gets fed-up and doesn’t say to Elena, admit that you have feelings for him but admit that you’re attracted to him:

It’s always been about wanting what you “shouldn’t” want:

External image

And if it wasn’t physical then it was still just about being attracted to someone who is intensely attracted to you. That is why there is no substance to their relationship, even what you’re talking about is rooted in their tension, it’s rooted in their build-up, which is why in season 6 instead of the show actually showing Damon and Elena be in a relationship, the writers erased Elena’s memory so she could experience resisting something and giving in all over again because that’s all DE really is. It’s rooted in trying to fight something but that something overpowering you but just because it overpowers you doesn’t mean that it’s love and that is where the show fails.

There are no receipts for the grand declarations Damon and Elena make to each other. Where does Damon push Elena when it has nothing to do with her feelings about him? When does Damon make Elena feel free, when do they do anything impulsive or exciting? What do they talk about in their relationship? What do they do besides have sex? The show had to insert a flashback to a first date because there was nothing in relationship that they could draw on in previous episodes. Every time there is a flashback scene it’s always of their sex scenes because that’s all there is because they don’t talk, they don’t share intimacy or vulnerability:

Elena goes to Stefan for that and Damon goes to Bonnie.

And as the above gif illustrates, Stefan is always the one who has to tell Elena to fight for Damon or push Elena toward Damon (like literally every season):

Because left to her own devices, Elena:


so how could Damon possibly be a better match for Elena? There are no receipts for their dialogue, they’re a relationship that’s substantive in words only,  there is no action.

*not all of these gifs are mine*

Happy Birthday

Imagine your favorite character saying happy birthday to you ( I made this because my birthday is tomorrow! 🎉)

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Baby Gilbert


(Y/N) Gilbert is the youngest Gilbert sibling and being Elena’s biological sister. Despite finding out she was only Jeremy’s cousin she remains close to him and they often find themselves in trouble. Her best friend, Matt Donovan’s younger half-sister Rosie, has been the voice of reason since she moved to Mystic Falls.

(Y/N) was turned by her sister, Elena, shortly before her first Cheer Squad try-outs. Being the only person to remind Elena of her humanity the sisters stayed close despite Elena switching her humanity off, a final factor in Elena’s plans to turn (Y/N).

OC Character Card

Part One