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You were awake around midnight due to Damon waking you. He told you to pack a very few things so you could be away as soon as possible.

“We can’t just leave”,  you protested. “Well, why not? We just take care of ourselves.” “That’s quite selfish, don’t you think?” He was gathering some clothes for you but stopped in the track when these words were said. 

He sit on the bed next to you, taking hold of your face and looked at you sternly. “Well, if it’s selfish to take care of the most important person in my life, well, okay. Then I am selfish, (Y/N). But don’t you think I’d ever regret protecting you”, he said, placing a kiss on your forehead. 

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32 & Damon Salvatore :-)

Damon Salvatore - “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

You were not going to tell him tonight. You couldn’t tell him. You were just going to leave Mystic Falls behind, start a new life like everyone advised you to and say goodbye. You had to say goodbye. Caroline would kill you if you skipped the party she was throwing you. You just weren’t sure if you wanted to see Damon again. He made you uncomfortable, made you want to get away from him as fast as you could because you knew it wouldn’t end well if you’d stay. Not for you, not for anyone around you.

“Come in, Y/N…” Of course it had to be Damon opening the door when you arrived at his house where the party would be. He seemed to smirk slightly when you felt your heart speed up at the sight of him and you really hoped you saw that wrong.
“I have to say, I didn’t think you’d be serious when you said you were leaving. Everyone says they leave, no one ever does.” Damon proved himself right the moment you entered the living room, where everyone was gathered for your goodby party. 

You had no idea who put the cup of beer in your hand, but you gulped it down eagerly before grabbing another one. If you had to get through tonight, you’d better get slightly buzzed. Someone even managed to get you dancing when you were three or four beers later. You kind of lost count. Until you landed in Damon Salvatore’s arms. Typically your luck. 

“You’re not gettig out of here without at least one last dance, Y/N.”, he grinned while he swirled you around. “You’ll have to admit I’m by far the best dancer in the room here…”,he grinned while he was holding you tight when the music had changed. 

“I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.” You suddenly wanted to get out of his arms. You were as sober as you could get when you realized what you had said. He wasn’t supposed to know that. You were just supposed to leave, forget about him and forget about that stupid crush you had had for a few years now. He could not know.

But now he knew. And he didn’t even sneer like you had expected him to when you imagined telling him. 
“That’s… an interesting confession.”, he smiled down at you while he still refused to let you go.

“I was not supposed to have said that. I was drunk. Just… act like it never happened, ok?” You would be gone anyway the next day. That way it would be less embarrassing for everyone.

“And what if I don’t want that?” He raised his eyebrows while he steered the two of you away from the rest of the crowd, closing the door to the kitchen behind him, which left the two of you alone. “They always say that you tell the truth if you’re drunk, so…” He put a hand on your heart. “And even though your heart is doing a lot of strange things tonight, it didn’t skip a beat when you confessed that.” He smiled when he pulled you even closer to him. “Maybe I’ll have to find a way to convince you to stay anyway.”, he said before kissing you.

10 Favourite Ships: Part 1

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it was another lazy Saturday, your parents like Normal were out of town. leaving you the house to yourself. well leaving the house with only your and your annoying older brother who found a new girl to bring over every other weekend. So you left the house and was walking around. going to the Salvatore house. you been there too many times. seeing Elena going into the house you rushed over saying wait up. Elena was beautiful, Fragile, the Damsel in distress often. Elena had dated three guys out of your small group. Stefan, Matt and Now Damon. sometimes you see her as your best friend. then she does things like cheat on Stefan with Damon. Or when Bonnie was in danger once again she selfishly turned it around on herself. you loved Elena but you also knew she wasn’t 100% kind.
she let you in as she smiled, “what you doing here?” rolling your shoulders, “woke up to three different women in the house.. I needed to go.. put a padlock on my door. and i ran.” she chuckled softly. you knew Elena was a vampire, and also Stefan, Damon, and Caroline were one too. Tyler was a werewolf and Bonnie a witch. you and Matt the only humans left in your group of friends.
“Just tell her man. what’s the worst that could happen she says no?” hearing Damon speaking loudly. what was he doing? he had to hear you and Elena come in. you could never sneak up on Damon (you tired)
“because Damon every girl who gets close to me ends up dead!” “your using that as a excuse.” hearing Damon and Stefan talk about Stefan’s love life you spoke, “we should.. announce yourself or something.” Elena shook he heard as she spoke, “i gotta learn who’s Stefan like Shh.” you went quite as you didn’t hear the conversation. Elena had to tell you.
“Damon is calling him a chicken.” Just then you heard Damon scream, “everyone knows you love Y/N.” your eyes grew Stefan liked you. Elena jaw dropped you couldn’t tell if she was happy or annoyed that Stefan moved on from her. so you stayed quite letting the information sink in.
Stefan taught you how to play pool, let you cheat off of his Test in Math (you hated math) Stefan was always their for you. making you smile when you were done. “Come on brother… we have guest.” just then Stefan zoomed to where you and Elena were standing as Damon appeared seeing you. he grinned his devilish grin. he knew you were their. “opp.” Damon walked off grabbing Elena’s arm. you noticed how she tried to pull away. but Damon just picked her up and carried her outside.
“how much did you hear?” you rolled your shoulders, “All of it.” Stefan nodded his head weakly. you smiled brightly. your cheeks were Red as you grabbed his hand, “lets go do something.” he smiled weakly nodding his head as you reached up kissing his lips softly. “race you.” you ran off fast heading out of the house towards the car. of course Stefan used his Supernatural abilities and beat you and pulled you into another kiss