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request! mccree and hanzo arm-wrestle... who wins?

it was rlly hard to pick a winner but..

i talked to @overdrivecow who figured out that theres more to arm wrestling than just pure strength; a lot of it is in the technique, which mccree certainly learned somewhere at some point!! 

if you ship/support/excuse shimadacest then unfollow me! scram! vamoose! hit the road! get out! go! walk out the door! just turn around now! cause you’re not welcome anymore!

Hey, all!  Amy here and feel free to skip this, but I noticed a huge thing going around with fanfiction writers and fanfiction readers. Kinda throwing arrows at one another over mistakes and how they should be addressed.

Okay, first off: stop.  Ew.  It’s gross. Y’all are big boys and girls and y’all can act like it.  You don’t need to attack each other at the knees behind the safety of your screens.

Secondly:  there are points on both sides.  People who write have a right to be proud of their work and can choose not to accept criticism.  On the other hand, people who read and absorb the work have the right as well to point out mistakes they noticed if it’s meant to be helpful.

So how can people interact civilly when it comes to fanfiction and it’s accompanying critiques? By following a few internet rules, plain and simple.  No, I’m not gonna tell you to forgive and forget or just roll over and let the other person have their way.  That’s not what you do IRL and that’s not what you do online either.  Instead, both persons have a series of rules to follow in order to try and make the most of their experience.

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I start with you because you’re the ones who have poured your heart and soul into this baby. And I get it, I do.  When you spend hours and hours slaving over your baby, going over the idea thousands of times in your head, trying to get the idea on paper, and trying to make it look good, then oh heck to the yes it’s your baby and you’re gonna defend it to the death.  I expect that and that’s okay.  What’s not okay is when it interferes with your ability to check in with the situation and see if they actually meant harm, so here are a few rules I’ve started to use over my years of fanfiction writing:

  1. Read the entire comment for content.  This is a bitter pill to take, especially if they sound condescending or snarky.  I’ve run into a few of them, and they’re never pleasant to deal with, but some of them have good ideas.  Try to filter out the junk of the comment and get to the meat of it all.  (I’ll get to what to do if there’s no meat later)
  2. Take a break from the comment when you get angry. And chances are that if it’s an unsolicited comment, you’re going to get angry.  This is your baby and you’ve worked hard on it.  If the crtiquer isn’t at least taking that into account, you may even get furious.  Get up and walk away.  They do not deserve your wrath.
  3. Decide for yourself if they have a point. Most critiquers tend to leave their comments because they’re trying to help in their own (somewhat obnoxious) way. If they’ve got a point, thank them, but also try to express if the critique was delivered well.  If it was, tell them so they can help more people. If not, tell them so they can work on it.  IF THEY DO NOT HAVE ANY POINT AT ALL AND ARE JUST BEING RUDE, get rid of it.  They’re not worth your time.
  4. Respond or toss.  This is up to you.  If they had content that was actually useful, then they were being helpful like they were trying to be.  If they had content and it wasn’t useful, it’s up to you what to do.  If they had zero content in their critique or it wasn’t relevant at all, skip it.  They’re not worth your time.

I actually formed these rules after an encounter with a critiquer who was completely neutral in tone, blurted my mistakes for the world to see, and essentially made me feel like the absolute worst writer in the world.  They weren’t harsh, but their critique did hurt me, especially because I’d still just been starting out.

The first thing that happened was I got angry.  I was livid, furious.  Like, how dare they?  Couldn’t they just sit back and enjoy the story?  I spent a good week or so avoiding my fanfiction account just because I was so pissed off.  I ended up talking to my mom and she asked me if they had any points.  I think she was going for “if they don’t, then they’re not worth your time”, but they did. After that, I went back and tried to see it from their point of view.

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Didn’t mean I suddenly wasn’t mad at them.  I was mad, but I also realized that they, in their own roundabout and hurtful (to me, who reads inflection into typed words and winces at every loud noise and criticism) way, were trying to help me.

I worked on it, and I don’t think they ever commented on my stuff again, but the people who already loved my stuff?  The people who said that my stuff was ‘cute’ or ‘genius’?  They loved it all the more!  The critiquer may not have stuck around, but those who did benefited.

(It really took me a long time to stop being angry at them.  Now I just kind of take a lesson from them.  As a fanfiction writer, and as a critiquer myself.)

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I’m saying this as someone who has pretty high standards for what I read.  I look into formatting, tenses, plot, characterization, spelling, and even comma usage!  These little things do actually bug me, and sometimes enough to the point of wanting to comment, but I’ve been on the other side of it and remember the frustration and the anger that can come from a wrongly worded comment, so there are a few rules that I’ve formulated in order to be the best critiquer I can be and help as many people as possible get as amazing as they can as a writer!

Note:  These rules are for critiquers who actually do want to help writers get better and improve the overall quality of internet written works. If you’re here because of some superiority complex, these rules may be difficult for you to follow.  I, however, encourage you to do your best and perhaps one day you’ll be a good critiquer.  *^_^*

  1. Find a way to figure out if the author even wants your critique.  One way to do this is to respectfully ask them.  Always open with a positive.  Something like “Hey, I liked ___ about your story, but I noticed something was a bit off. Can I give you a constructive critique?” Typically, an author would be happy to know you cared about their opinion, so this will go either one of two ways.  They will either (A) allow the critique and actually listen to what you have to say or (B) politely decline the offer.  This means they have made up their mind and you are to let it go.  The back button is a wonderful friend at this point.
  2. Follow the sandwich format.  This is a tried and true method for getting people to actually listen.  If you start in with the critique, the author will feel attacked and immediately get defensive.  Instead of wondering if you’ve got any point, they will find ways to contradict you and argue.  Instead, open with something you liked about the story.  There was a reason you read it all to the end, wasn’t there?  Mention that first (AND BE HONEST!  NO ONE LIKES SOMEONE WHO GIVES OUT FALSE COMPLIMENTS), and then get to the critique, or ‘meat’, of your critique.  When that’s done, exit with a thank-you for being willing to listen to your comments.  It takes a lot for a creator to listen to someone point out the flaws in their baby, even if they’re trying to learn.  Remember that you want this to be a positive interaction, not a demolition derby.
  3. No insults or other derogatory comments. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the writer is trying their best.  Insulting them makes them less willing to hear you out, much less accept your comments and get better.
  4. No elevating yourself over them.  It’s a no-brainer.  You’re not there to school them, you’re there to help them.  Helping requires a serving mind, which puts their needs before your ego.
  5. Do not hound the author.  If they listen but don’t take your comments, you’re not allowed to harass them.  Most likely, they don’t see a point in your comment and have elected to ignore it. And that’s fine.  The point is that you managed to bring it to their attention once.  Maybe they’ll come back to it later, maybe not.  Either way, once your critique is given, it’s done.  Unless they come to you asking about it, your job is to pack up and vamoose, or simply to sit back and enjoy watching the rest of the story unfold.
  6. Make sure your comments are objective.  Like, if there’s a comma problem, tell them about it. If there’s verb tenses being messed up, inform them politely.  If person A didn’t get with person B, then you’re not critiquing.  That’s a matter of opinion and doesn’t belong in the critiquing category.
  7. Be respectful.  They’re going on a limb and listening to you, and it’s the author’s choice whether or not to continue the correspondence. You don’t have to ‘kiss up to them’ or ‘serve them’, but you have to make sure you’re not being a jerk and that all your comments are warranted.

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I know there are a lot of rules, but critiquing is hard, especially with how a lot of people view them.  But you, the critiquer, ARE NOT EVIL.  You’re not the bad guy.  You’re not messed up.  You’re not ‘sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong’.  You’re human and you’re trying to be helpful.  These are just tips and tricks on how to go about it the right way and maximize your helpfulness.

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The last thing I’ll say is that not everyone will follow these rules.  They will think they’re stupid or pandering or all-around dumb. Some people who claim to critique will continue to slander our good name by acting like holier-than-thou snits. Some people who write will continue to get outrageously angry for persons daring to say something went wrong.

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Here’s how to deal with them:

  1. Leave the computer.  Or the website, just for a bit.  Enjoy the sunshine, take a walk, talk with your best friend, eat some ice cream, go play.  See if it just blows over.  They don’t get to take away your happiness because they’re angry.
  2. Delete the hate.  When you’re good and happy, you can delete the hate mail, or maybe grab a friend to laugh at it.  But don’t respond to hate with anger.  As my good friend Warlord Okeer said, you shall inflict “the greatest insult an enemy can suffer. To be ignored.”
  3. If they chase you down in anger, block them. This is okay to do.  For fanfiction writers:  if they continue to pester you with their comments after you say ‘no thanks’, block their tails.  For fanfiction critiquers:  if they got angry over a critique you gave, provided that they said okay and provided that you followed the rules of critiquing, you’re allowed to block them. You did it right.  Don’t even stress.

And then there are the times where we forget to follow the rules and insult someone on accident. It happens.  If you realize you’re in the wrong, it’s just one rule.

  1. Apologize.  No, you don’t have to grovel for forgiveness, but understand that your actions may have hurt someone else and react accordingly.  If they won’t take it, at least make the promise to yourself to be better in the future.

And that’s it.  I know it seems like a lot to swallow, but it all boils down to making sure your words are respectful, kind, and true.

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Come a Little Bit Closer - Bucky x Reader / Steve x Reader - One Shot

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A/N - Cant stop listening to the GOTG soundtrack. So enjoy this wonderfully strange rendition of Come A Little Bit Closer by Jay & The Americans.

Steve x Reader x Bucky - Steve is drunk on Thor’s mead at Wanda’s birthday party. He makes an accidental play for Bucky’s girl. 

Warnings: Just fluff. And drunk Steve,

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Hi! Your medical seventeen stuff have been amazing so far! Keep up the good work 😊 if it's no trouble, could I request a dermatologist!joshua scenario where he treats your acne? Thank youuu 💕

aaa thank u ever so much !!!! here u are ♡♡

  • let’s say you’ve struggled w acne for quite a few years and it’s reached a point where u just want it vamoosed
  • so u build up the courage to go to this dermatologist ur friend recommended u because “the doctor was hot”
  • and ur like pfft yea right
  • but when u walk in and see him sitting there u just think . o h
  • as well as having the most clearest skin u could ever imagine, his appearance and general aura is verging on ethereal
  • as u sit down he introduces himself as doctor hong (”but i’d much prefer joshua!!!”) and so on, then he asks how he can help
  • but u don’t even realise he’s asked u a question until he gives this amused laugh ,,, tbh u were too busy wondering what lip scrub he must use bc wow ???
  • so after he repeats the question, u explain ur problem with abruptly pinked cheeks
  • after asking to take a closer look he invites u to sit on the bed and ur like sure any day and then begins studying ur face
  • u, meanwhile, are on the verge of a heart attack as this impossibly attractive and gentlemanly doctor hovers inches from ur face so close that u can literally feel his breath against ur cheek
  • u feel quite self conscious so shy away every time he seems to get closer
  • but he subtly reassures you by gently putting his hand upon ur shoulder which is ?? strangely soothing ??
  • after drawing away he proposes different treatments etc etc at which point u just zone out and start admiring his eyes this time
  • when ur appointment is finished (to ur disappointment) u thank him, get up to leave, but freeze when he asks “have i got something on my face??”
  • u give him this inquisitive look
  • so he replies: “u kept .. staring”
  • at which point u suddenly have to catch ur bus this very instant or else life as u know it would end so u blurt out this random cluster of letters in an attempt to form a word before virtually sprinting out of the clinic
  • u start taking the medication he gives u and, to ur delight, begin to see a slight improvement !!
  • so the next time u go, ur smiling a lot more, which he instantly picks up on
  • he asks how the treatment is going and if ur experiencing any side effects etc, to which u gladly tell him how great it all is
  • so he comes over to check ur face again and u bring ur fingers to ur cheek to motion to an area u think has improved only to feel ur hand accidentally enclose joshua’s
  • at which point u suddenly can’t move and ur stuck there with ur fingers pressing against his
  • he flicks his gaze towards u with these startled eyes
  • u still can’t seem to budge ur hand and u feel urself growing redder and redder and ur heart is beating faster and faster
  • and u just think he’s a few milimeters i could practically kiss him-
  • until u finally jolt ur hand away and shove it under ur thigh
  • he just clears his throat, rubbing the back of his neck as he goes to sit back down
  • and u cringe and think great. how to be creepy 101 !!!!!!!!
  • so, again, u end up leaving in a hurry just bc ur embarrassed
  • yet in between appointments u get excited about seeing him and u try to tell urself it’s just bc of his pretty face but .. ur not so sure
  • one day ur out shopping in the grocery store and manage to reverse into a stranger and knock all the stuff in their hands onto the floor
  • then u realise it’s no stranger but joshua hong himself
  • u contemplate hiding but quickly help out picking up his things despite how he keeps insisting “nonono it’s fine honestly i can do it, it was my fault !!!”
  • and when he sees it’s you his face brightens and he’s like “oh!! y/n!!”
  • u kind of bashfully smile and stare down towards ur shoes
  • he leans closer and admires ur face and cheerfully comments “u look so much better!!”
  • when u look up he’s like inches from ur face bearing this cute little smile which makes ur eyes widen due to the way ur stomach flips
  • he mistakes it for u being offended so quickly adds “i-i mean i’m not saying u didn’t look good to begin with !! you look amazing !!! wait i-i didn’t mean that, i-i just mean-”
  • he trails off as soon as u start giggling at his dorkiness
  • which, for some reason, causes his cheeks to flush a little
  • he clears his throat and rubs his hand against the back of his neck again,, which seems pretty familiar,, , before saying “well i’ve .. got to to go” to which u quickly agree and almost collide into each other again as u try to get past
  • u can’t stop thinking about how he awkwardly kind of almost complimented u and the way he blushed and !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • the next time u visit him, u feel so much more confident than u did at ur first appointment bc ur acne is so much better,,, ur practically glowing
  • as u don’t have much to talk about he starts making small talk, asking how the traffic was, etc
  • then the conversation drifts off to finding out more about each other
  • and when u realise u coincidentally have the same favourite anime both of ur faces light up and ur both grinning and start talking rly quickly and excitedly and-
  • a nurse interrupts and is like “sorry to .. disrupt u both .. but u have patients waiting”
  • dejectedly u trail after her as she leaves, feeling somewhat sheepish
  • then joshua asks “do u like cookies?” causing u to pause
  • who doesn’t
  • u nod, at which point he comes over to u and hands u a cookie inside a paper napkin, saying “i-i bought one too many”
  • u gush ur thanks before disappearing out the door
  • as u eat the cookie on the way home u discover that on the napkin he scrawled his number with “if u need any advice :]” next to it
  • naturally, u guys begin texting other each other every day, w most stuff being completely un-dermatology-related
  • in between shifts he’ll talk to u as much as u can and will end up sending bungou stray dogs memes
  • u realise u may accidentally be in love w him and his gentlemanly dorkiness
  • especially when he decides to call u when he’s on his break just to see whether you’d pick up, and when u do, he gets flustered and ends up talking the most random yet adorable nonsense
  • but then u begin texting him less frequently as life gets harder
  • u have so many burdens on ur shoulders like stress about exams work money family and so on
  • ur skin starts breaking out even worse than before
  • and ur self esteem plummets
  • u almost feel guilty and think that u mucked it all up despite joshua’s help, and that it’s your fault
  • desperately u try all these fad skin cleansing diets which only make u have no energy or motivation or anything
  • some days u can’t even get out of bed just bc of how depressed u feel about not being able to look in the mirror
  • ^so much so that u miss one of ur appointments whilst refusing to answer joshua’s worried calls and texts
  • u build up the courage to finally go outside to get groceries but ur bundled up in a scarf to hide ur face
  • in the grocery store as ur reaching to get something u hear a familiar voice say “y/n?”
  • and u turn to see joshua standing there
  • u feel urself freeze and instantly glare at the floor
  • he moves towards u and is like “a-are u ok?? why haven’t you been answering my calls??” before anxiously asking “is something wrong?”
  • u try to mumble something in reply, but it’s lost in the fabric of ur scarf
  • so he shifts forwards to move ur scarf from ur face so he can hear u properly but, distressed, u grip onto it with ur fingers and rapidly shake ur head
  • and then suddenly ?? there are tears in urs eyes ??
  • he panics and is like “i’m so sorry ohymgosh come here” and courteously leads u out of the store w his hand reassuringly laid on ur back so u don’t end up crying in the middle of a public space
  • he walks u to his flat which is only a block away and sits u down and makes u coffee and provides a plate of cookies and is says “u can tell me anything u want”
  • ur hesitant at first but then u just end up spilling everything: about how u were embarrassed to see him in case he thought you’d let him down, and that u blamed urself, and that u can’t even look in a mirror and that life is just so hard and everything
  • as soon as u start crying he rushes round to ur side of the table and kneels down to ur height and places his hands on ur cheeks and says “ur so beautiful no matter what ur skin is like, the only thing that matters to me is that u are a beautiful person inside out and i’d like u whatever you look like. it’s not ur fault, and i wish you’d love urself. i hope u realise that ur not alone and that i’ll always be there for u and i just want you to be happy. that’s all i want, y/n”
  • the he leans forwards and gently plants a kiss on the tip of ur nose with this warm smile on his face and strokes ur cheek w his thumb and honestly it’s better than any medication anyone could prescribe

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They cut Reese getting the masks from someone on the street or something that they use in the Federal Reserve from return 0, also a mysterious motorcyclist cut from the final sequence, dialogue with Shaw on the phone at the end, and apparently 20 minutes from The Devil's Share, return 0, If-Then-Else and Deus Ex Machina.

Alright fandom let’s do this! Here’s your (not so) comprehensive list of deleted scenes that we know are out there somewhere:

1. Root and Shaw’s totally hot date in Panopticon aka when TM realized that Shaw needed something besides being a cosmetic salesperson and introduced her to Romeo’s amateur crew. (x) (x) (x)

2. Harold fishing TM out of the water at some point during BSOD. I can’t believe we were deprived of this amazing scene. (x)

3. Harold and Grace hugging at the end of Return 0. (x)


5. Shaw’s loft from Razgovor, also featuring whiskey, chinese takeout and a great view of the city. (x)

6. Root wearing black nail polish on her toenails when SAM came online because Amy Acker is so goddamn thoughtful and wanted to preserve that part of Root somehow. (x)

7. The Harold vamoosing to his childhood home scene from Beta that still makes me rage to this day (and there’s even video of this fucking scene)! (x)

8. Harold’s vests are integral enough to have their own origin stories! 

9. The Mysterious Motorcycle person from Return 0 that fandom simultaneously squee’d over and complained bitterly about for the longest time. (x)

10. Flashbacks to TM moving itself in God Mode. I would legit kill someone for the chance to see this. (x)

11. Shaw having a longer convo with TM at the end of Return 0 that they cut because it didn’t flow well. (x)

Feel free to add to these if I’ve missed any (preferably with credible sources)!

A Funny Thing Happened While Walking Through the Arboretum

The weeping willow said
She isn’t really depressed
Like everyone thinks, “Y'know,
I’m just grown this way.
Ever hear of resting sad leaves?”

The elm complained that,
Thanks to a certain horror movie
Franchise, his reputation is
A nightmare, wondering, “Why didn’t
They choose Oak Street instead?”

The oak shouted, “I heard that!
I think they picked perfectly.
Nothing says scary
More than an elm!”

The spruce mumbled,
“The spruce goose
Got loose and was looking
To roost, so I said ‘vamoose!’”
The others sighed,
“We never know what she’s saying.”

The pine moaned, “I wish I knew
Where the spring went.”
When having it pointed out
That it’s still quite spring,
He replied, “Yes, but not forever.
And I miss it already.”

The magnolia cried, “Why, I declare!
All this fussin’ and cussin’
Is leavin’ me blushin’! Is that any
Way to behave around a delicate
Southern belle?!”

The peach tree groused,
“I’m southern too, and even I
Think your sanity is
Gone with the wind!”

The trees were all atwitter,
With a titter here and there
A pitter of senseless prattle,
But one thing they all agree on:
“Keep away, stinkin’ caterpillars!”

Goose Eggs
Joanna Newsom
Goose Eggs

And every season, somebody burns
Downtown, taking turns–
Taking a bus, to take a train and just plain vamoose.
Now the wind blows coals over the hills.
Honey, I’ve been paying my bills
But, honey, it’s been a long time since I’ve come to any use.
And it hurt me bad, when I heard the news
That you’d got that call, and could not refuse

A goose, alone, I suppose, can know the loneliness of geese
Who never find their peace, whether North, or South, or West, or East,
West or East;
And I could never find my way
To being the kind of friend you seemed to need in me
‘Til the needing had ceased.

The Trample Pokémon
If a Vamoose is hit by a truck, the truck will be damaged beyond repair while this Pokémon will walk away with barely a scratch. For this reason, signs cautioning drivers about this Pokémon are common along Manito highways.

Coldness draped across her skin
Triggered not by the peaking December solstice
But by the words that came out of his mouth
“Let’s bring everything to a halt”, he uttered
Those words were like thin wisp of smoke
That spiralled through deafening silence
She dreaded this day coming
She tried to stifle her crying
Matched with convulsive gasping
and catching of breath
Until much too late
For her daze was already blurred with tears
And as hot raindrops fell freely
On either sides of her pink-tinged face
Like twin waterfalls
He also found his way
To vamoose into thin air
And oblivion.

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It's time for an-ima-niacs, and we're zany to the max! So just sit down and relax, you'll laugh into your slax, we're animainiacs!

Come join the Warner Brothers..

And the Warner Sister, Dot!

Just for fun we run Around the Warner movie lot.

They lock us in the tower

Whenever we get caught.

But we break loose And then vamoose And now you know the plot!


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The idea of intelligent life making contact with us from outer space... if I were them I'd avoid us too.

Yeah, I can’t blame them if they saw us and were like “OH man these guys don’t have their shit together” and vamoosed