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All because of James

Can we just take a moment to throw a whole load of appreciation at James because you know what, yeah yeah, their debut album came out today but you know what? IF IT WASN’T FOR JAMES WE WOULDN’T HAVE AN ALBUM DUDE WE WOULDN’T EVEN HAVE A BAND TO BLOG ABOUT.

He is the reason I’m going all fangirl and the reason I have this blog and the reason for the existence of The Vamily. So James… *CLAPS VIGOROUSLY TILL HANDS FALL OFF*

Brad imagine, you have a panic attack around the other boys; 

[Requested on wattpad] 

“I’ll be right back, okay babe? I just need to use the washroom quickly,” Brad says, standing up from the bench in the mall. You and the boys all decided to go to the mall for the afternoon, but after walking around for at least two hours, you’re all resting your feet for a little bit. “Okay, hurry back,” you reply, smiling as Brad walks off to find the washrooms. You turn your body to look at Tristan, who’s sitting next to you. “Anywhere else in the mall you guys want to go?” You inquire. “Don’t think so,” Tristan says. “I might want to go to the shoe store and get new running shoes,” James says. Connor shakes his head. “I’m fine.” A loud scream makes you jump and tense up. You see about five girls rushing over to you and the boys. Tristan smiles widely when he sees a Vamps shirt on one of the girls. “Hello,” Connor says as he stands up to greet them. James does the same, giving one of the girls a hug. Tristan walks over to the girls, but you stay seated - as you’re not a fan of crowds. The small amount of girls doesn’t bother you, but when more girls start to crowd around you, you begin you panic.You stand up so the air around you isn’t so stuffy. The boys don’t seem to notice your discomfort, and they continue to greet and take pictures with their fans. You look around and realize that the small group of girls has turned into at least twenty or thirty teenage girls, all pushing their way through to the boys. A whimper leaves your mouth when you feel your chest tighten. Your body begins to quiver, and tears fall down your cheeks freely. “Tris!” You call out desperately, gasping for breath. Tristan looks around at the sound of your voice, and once he spots, you he frowns. “Everyone make a path please, Con, go get Brad,” he says loudly, making his way to you. Soon, Tristan’s hands are on your shoulders and he’s leading you over to a quiet wall where he can calm you down. “It’s okay, Y/N. It’s alright, you’re okay.” He wraps his arms around your trembling form and rubs your back gently. “Brad will be here soon, it’ll be okay.” You feel your tears starting to stop, and your chest beginning to loosen up. “You’re alright,” Tristan whispers. “Y/N!” Brad exclaims as he runs over. Tristan lets you go gently and allows Brad to take his place. You hug Brad’s torso and bury your face in his chest. “I’m so sorry I wasn’t here with you,” he murmurs against your hair. “It’s okay. Tristan helped,” you reply in a small voice. Brad looks at Tristan and mouths thank you. Tristan nods and smiles slightly, then goes back to the fans with Connor. Brad kisses your head. “I’ve got you. You’re safe now. You’ll always be safe in my arms.”


A reminder that the boys love and appreciate us ❤️ - taken from their thank you sections in the album cover of Night and Day

From top to bottom - Brad, James, Connor, Tristan

Mainblog masterlist

I feel like I haven’t been writing as much lately, so I just thought I’d give you guys the links to my Vamps writing on my mainblog… Here you go :)

1. Brad imagine for Aiesha

2. Brad imagine, you move to Birmingham

3. Picture imagine

4. Brad imagine for Elisa

5. Tristan imagine for Charley

6. Brad imagine, you have a nightmare

7. Connor imagine, you meet him

8. Connor imagine, you two fight

9. Brad imagine, you’re scared from a movie

10. Tristan imagine, he’s on tour

11. He gets jealous of another member

12. Argument

13, Connor’s sister, Brad’s girlfriend

14. Brad imagine, he comforts you

15. Tristan imagine, management doesn’t like you

16. Brad imagine, he stands up for you

17. Connor imagine, he asks you to stay the night

18. Brad imagine, he asks you to stay the night

19. James imagine, you’re studying for exams

20. Tristan imagine, meeting the other boys

21. Tristan imagine, you fight then make up

22. Brad imagine, he’s overprotective

23. Brad imagine, a lazy day

24. Tristan imagine, your anniversary

25. Brad imagine, you go to a school dance

26. James imagine, you hate each other but end up dating

27. Brad imagine, he finds out you self harm

28. Brad imagine, a day in NYC

29. Connor imagine, a day out with your daughter

30. James blurb, smut

31. James imagine, pillow fights

32. Connor blurb, make up sex

33. Tristan imagine, you have the flu

34. Brad blurb, late night chats

35. Brad imagine, he’s hyper

35. The vamps blurb, after the break up

36. Blurb, what kind of girl he falls for

37. Brad blurb, a romantic dinner

38. Connor imagine, you watch a scary movie

39. James imagine, he meets your kid

40. Connor imagine, you go sledding

41. Brad blurb, sex after a long day at work

42. His nickname for you

43. Tristan imagine, you give birth

44. Brad picture imagine

45. Brad imagine, the boys find out about your relationship

46. Brad imagine, a day at the beach

47. Blurb, they help you masterbate

48. Brad imagine, you hate each other but end up dating

48. Brad picture imagine

49. Brad imagine, you meet at a concert

50. Blurb, tickle fights

The Vamps preference, announcing your relationship:

Brad; “So Bradley, I’ve seen some pictures of you and a girl… Who is she?” An interviewer asks. Brad’s face flushes and he looks at his lap. “No one.. She’s just a friend of mine” He replies. James laughs and shakes his head. “Yeah.. Friend” He snickers quietly. Brad elbows James in the side and frowns. “Come on Bradley, we all know you’re a handsome young man, you surely can’t be tied down” She smirks at him. The other boys laugh, as Brad blushes and sighs. “Um y-yeah I uh.. That girl is my girlfriend… Her name is Y/N..” He says confidently. The boys wolf whistle and the interviewer smiles. “Well, congratulations on finding someone.. I must say, she is very pretty” She compliments. Brad laughs and glares at her playfully. “Hey, she’s mine”

James; “James, come here for a sec?” You ask, holding up your phone. He goes over to you and smiles. “What’s up babe?” He questions. You sigh and show him a picture of the two of you kissing in the studio. “Shit.. How did the fans see that?” He runs a hand through his hair. “I guess there were some of them who could see us through ther window?” You suggest. He sighs and nods. “I guess so.. Well, no point in hiding it anymore…” He starts to say, taking his phone out of his pocket. “What are you doing?” You ask, looking over his shoulder. He smiles softly and pecks your cheek. “Setting the record straight” He tells you, opening his twitter app. He tweets, “So I guess you’ve all seen the picture of my and my girlfriend @Y/T/N…” You giggle softly as his and your twitters blow up with mentions. “Well, looks like they’re taking it pretty well..”

Tristan; “Tristan!” “Tristan who’s that??” “Is she your girlfriend?” The fans scream at him as he tries to lead you through the crowd. He holds you close to his side and frowns. “What do I do?” He whispers to you quietly. “Should you tell then?” You ask him as he guides you towards the car. He sighs and nods lightly. “I guess so… They were bound to find our eventually..” He decides. He opens the car door for you and lets you get in. He turns around to face the crowd and smiles. “Uh that’s Y/N… And yes she’s my girlfriend” He tells them. “Really??” “You two are so cute!” “How long have you been together for?” The fans start to ask a bunch of questions excitedly. “I’ll answer all your questions on twitter later, we have to get going” He replies quickly before getting in the car with you, driving home.

Connor; “Hey guys” Connor waves to the fans through the twitcam. “Helloo” Brad says from beside him. “We’re at my house, and we got bored.. So we decided to have a twitcam for you guys” Brad explains with a smile. You skip down the stairs and into the living room. “Con, what should I wear for our date later?” You ask, oblivious to the thousans of fans who can currently see you. “Ah- Y/N.. Shit… Uh….” Connor stammers nervously. You raise an eyebrow before you realize what’s going on. “Oh…. Uh… Oops….” You mutter awkwardly. After seeing all the comments that the fans left, Brad starts chuckling and he pulls you down onto Connor’s lap. “OTP!” Brad exclaims, causing both you and Connor to blush. The rest of the twitcam was spent answering lots of questions, but thankfully, most of the fans supported you two.