the value of void

the purpose of this poc meetup is to give representation to the people of color in this fandom. the majority of people seen in meetups are white and i’m just trying to show the other side of this group. so if you are really unsure whether or not you “belong” in this meetup send me an ask but otherwise just make a judgement call. if you were to post during this day meant to celebrate people of color, would you overshadow them? or would you be adding to this cool meetup?


Seen here are the many many many cards (which I hope are all explained in the instructions) , the Jungle board, the spinner, and the Celestial Stairway board. If anyone more artistic than me wants to take a stab at redesigning these, lemme know!

I hope you all don’t mind that I took some creative license on aspects of the game that weren’t clear by the podcast, and I tried to keep as true to canon as I could! (Though I definitely added a few of my own touches.)

Without further ado, the directions! @personalinsanitymoment @iamzachvalenti I hope I didn’t make too many mistakes in the translation, or that at the very least you enjoy my take on it!

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I’m not sure how to tell you that you aren’t worthless
In a way that you’ll believe it
You’re convinced your lie is the truth
That your value is void
Like a coupon that expired a long time ago
And it was only a dollar off such-and-such anyway

But people care about your life
Your death would ripple around your lake
Like skyscrapers falling in
On all the little minnows

Guessing yourself like a gameshow
Maybe it’s all you’ve ever known
But I’d wish much better for you
Than to fall off the earth into
Some other thing

You were there for me in my darkest time
More than others ever were
And I’m here for you too, your help this time
To ease the insecure notions
You keep in your pocket
To hurt yourself on like a barb wire locket

Well, don’t throw away the key.

Am I getting too old or too radicalized when my unfiltered brain says shit like, “You can’t fucking opt out of identity politics because that’s a privilege that assumes all humans are inherently the same, like a writhing pile of featureless and indistinguishable maggots, and not specialized and highly unique while performing dynamic roles in a wider social organism. Opting out of identity politics implies opting out of having an identity. It means erasing the existence of individual people for the perceived benefit of unity, which results in the contrary outcome. When one tries to erase identity, they sound like fucking Syndrome from The Incredibles. Everyone is special, so nobody is? No. Fuck that, that’s noise. Everyone is special, period, and needs to be valued for fucking existing at all and filling a void. That’s why suicide is a tragedy. That’s why genocide is a tragedy. People fucking matter. Opting out of identity is opting out of humanity. If you don’t value identity, you don’t value people, and that’s antipathetic to me.”

What is that word salad? Christ. I can’t even pretend I got that from this blue hell website. I got that from libertarian science fiction. I got that from Heinlein.

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void i'm having a real hard time with anxiety and life right now and would rlly enjoy visiting you

You are always welcome here, my dear. You are safe and loved and valued. There is no one like you, and the Void is so glad that you exist.

The newest TAZ episode is…so good? like, really really good! The fact that we are humanizing the hunger is fascinating. Merle has grown so much, and to see how he values life is so heartwarming. 

Also, VOID FISH OFFICIAL RED ROBE!!!! I’m so excited to know more about our void fish and the whole species. 

“To be able to listen to her own centre, a woman must value herself. This means that women must attune to themselves first rather than simply following or pleasing the outer world. With too much emphasis placed on externalized value, a woman is unable to hear what lies in her centre. Her creations may be attempts to give herself a sense of value. If instead a woman comes from her centre, then she knows her inherent value and she brings this value to the world. She creates and lives not from a void, but from the abundant beauty that arises from her core.”

~Tami Lynn Kent

Nothing is inherently dirty; dirt expresses a relation to social value and social disorder. Dirt is that which transgresses social boundary. A broom in a kitchen is not dirty, whereas lying on a bed it is. Sex with one’s spouse is not dirty, whereas conventionally the same act with a prostitute is. In Victorian culture, the iconography of dirt became deeply integrated in the policing and transgression of social boundaries.
Dirt is what is left over after exchange value has been extracted. In Victorian culture, the bodily relation to dirt expressed a social relation to labor. Dirt was a Victorian scandal because it was the surplus evidence of manual work, the visible residue that stubbornly remained after the process of industrial rationality had done its work. Dirt is the counterpart of the commodity; something is dirty precisely because it is void of commercial value, or because it transgresses the ‘normal’ commercial market.
If, as Marx noted, commodity fetishism flamboyantly exhibits the overvaluation of commercial exchange as the fundamental principle of social community, then the Victorian obsession with dirt marks a dialectic: the fetishized undervaluation of human labor. Smeared on trousers, faces, hands and aprons, dirt was the memory trace of working class and female labor, unseemly evidence that the fundamental production of industrial and imperial wealth lay in the hands and bodies of the working class, women and the colonized….
[Cullwick displayed] the public evidence of domestic dirt, banished by Victorian decree to kitchen and back-corridor and garret- the architecture of the unseen. In refusing to take off the slave-band Cullwick was refusing the social abjection of her labor and domestic dirt.
—  Anne McClintock, “Imperial Leather: Race, Cross-Dressing and the Cult of Domesticity”
With too much emphasis placed on externalized value, a woman is unable to hear what lies in her centre. Her creations may be attempts to give herself a sense of value. If instead a woman comes from her centre, then she knows her inherent value and she brings this value to the world. She creates and lives not fro a void, but from the abundant beauty that arises from her core.
—  Tami Lynn Kent

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I'm afraid that I'm going to be forever alone!!!

Speak things into existence. So if that’s all you’re worrying about and telling your inner self, it’s most likely to happen. Spend time falling in love with your own company so much that when someone else comes along, they’re solely there to compliment it and add value to it, rather than filling the void of loneliness. 🌻

Sometimes I wonder about my life. I lead a small life - well, valuable, but small - and sometimes I wonder, do I do it because I like it, or because I haven’t been brave? So much of what I see reminds me of something I read in a book, when shouldn’t it be the other way around? I don’t really want an answer. I just want to send this cosmic question out into the void. So good night, dear void.
—  You’ve Got Mail (1998)
Two Triads of Pairs is a Triforce, Or, Aspect Pairs Create Things Together!

Space creates the physical Objects that exist, their Dimensions and the Distance between them. Time creates the various Timelines that they all exist inside.
Together, they create the basic Universe.

Void gives a vast expanse of Null Values between and inside objects in a universe into which Data may be written. Void is the empty Paper for the Words. Light gives those objects Definitions, Words and Data. Light says a Sun is hot and full of energy, or a Planet is ball of rock and water that orbits around a Sun.
Together, they give Function and Purpose, Patterns and Movement to the Universe.

Life is what happens when those objects and their functions really get going. That sun heats up that planet and gives it energy to create new things of its own, like plants, animals, ameobas, Life. Doom is what happens when that energy runs out, things decay, rot, go back to what they once were. Things die or are destroyed and there are rules and systems made for things that borrow Life’s energy.
Together, they are the Cycle of Life and Death that gives rise and fall to all living things in a Universe.

These first 6 aspects, in their 3 pairs form a triangle, a Triad of Pairs that all together creates an environment in which a whole functional Person with the power and will to affect things may be born into and start existing.

The next 6 aspects, also in 3 pairs, form a smaller triangle or Triad of Pairs inside the first one that all together creates a whole functional Person with the power and will to affect things that exists inside the environment created by the first Triad of Pairs.

Blood is what creates the Flesh and Blood, the Skin and Organs of a Person. It is their very corporeal form. Breath is what creates their Spirit or Pnuema that makes their Flesh and Blood Organs move. What makes their heart Beat and their lungs Breath and their fingers Twitch.
Together, they make a living breathing Body, born into that circle of Life and Death and ready for a Unique Person to inhabit

Heart is what creates a Soul, the unique inner desires and feelings of any one person and their natural instincts and internal feedback. Mind is what creates Memories, the thoughts of yourself and others, and how that external feedback and what you remember of yourself can affect yourself.
Together, they are what makes up a Complete Unique Personality to inhabit that living breathing body.

Hope is Unconditional Trust and Love, the Yes, the Right, the Truth, the Authentic. Hope is the Unstoppable Force pushing you Forward. Rage is Unconditional Doubt and Fear, The No, the Wrong, the Lie, The Counterfeit. Rage is the Immovable Object holding you Back.
Together, they encompass the Answers to any Choice that must be made by any Person. The two equal opposing Forces of Will that either Push you into Action or Caution you into Inaction.

You get this constant narrative, and you start feeling like you know them, but this is my point…you don’t know this person. She’s very professional, she makes what she does look easy. Some people think she has an easy job, but it’s very hard to look that natural when you’ve got a bank of cameras in front of you. She doesn’t give any information away, she’s a very private person. I’ve met her lots of times - I don’t know what her dreams are, sort of politics, what frightens her…other stars we do know about that. I think that what we’ve done is almost fictionalized her as there’s nothing to contradict what we think of her. When you don’t have the information about her character, I think we kind of fill the void with our own values. Some people say ‘nice smile,’ 'clothes,’ 'nice character,’ 'privileged.’ but I think what she does is she doesn’t give anything away but herself. She’s actually telling us something about ourselves. So if you look at her - your automatic reaction says something about your values and that depends on where you’ve grown up, how you’ve grown up. But I think why she is so interesting is because she tells us something about you.
—  Max Foster on what attracts people to Kate Middleton
How Scorpion Will Be Bigger and Sexier in Season 2

Walter O'Brien’s genius will face the ultimate test this year: a “will they, won’t they” relationship.
When Scorpion returns for its second season on Monday (9/8c, CBS), Homeland Security pulls Team Scorpion in on an urgent case, but not before Paige (Katharine McPhee) can do what she does best: get in touch with her emotions. Specifically, she reveals to Walter (Elyes Gabel) that she kissed him while he was unconscious at the hospital. Walter, because he is Walter, freaks out very privately.
“That [knowledge] will reverberate emotionally but on a deep level throughout that episode when he realizes what exactly happened in that hospital room,” executive producer Nick Santora tells “It will culminate in that episode [with] a much more cognizant kiss between the two characters. We’re going fully conscious on this one.” Exec producer Nick Wootton adds, “This kiss won’t be so much of a crime.”

Despite locking lips again, Walter and Paige won’t decide to become a couple right away. “As the season goes on, it makes for some complexity in their relationship,” Santora says. “The team has always lived by the idea of the greater good. Does [a romance] fall into the category of the greater good or does it put Scorpion at risk?” And yes, this means the attraction between them will be more palpable than ever.

Check out what else to expect this year on Scorpion:

Clear and present danger: As usual, Team Scorpion will have to save the day under dire circumstances, often with only a few hours’ notice. “One week they might be stopping a nuclear-powered satellite falling from orbit toward the ground, which if it strikes, the sound would have the same effect as an A-bomb to capturing a war criminal in a foreign country to possibly stopping a runaway train.” Also expect the guys to visit Cuba and Eastern Europe, go underwater, and one team member will even land behind bars.

Walter’s trauma: If you recall, Walter was in an accident that landed his car on the side of a cliff. He’s now going through some physical therapy for his hand and the aftereffects of a concussion. Meanwhile, his team has been sidelined since he’s been in the hospital. “They haven’t been able to take cases, and we see how fractured the team is, how distracted these guys are without Scorpion. And so they’re all very very excited to get back to it. What we see … is that Walter may have come back too soon and that this may have very drastic consequences.”

Walter gets a bro: For once, Walter will make a friend outside Team Scorpion, a fellow named Ray Spiewack, played by Kevin Weisman (Alias, Hello Ladies). “He’s a guy who gets nailed for a nonviolent misdemeanor now and then; he’s more of a nuisance criminal,” Santora explains. “[He] has a heart of gold, lives in his ‘72 Gremlin… In short, the question this relationship asks the audience is, what can the smartest man in the world get out of being friends with possibly the dumbest man in the world? And the truth is, as we learn, maybe a lot. But Ray is a unique, strange, off, but lovable character.”

Turning a new Paige: While Paige has always fulfilled the emotional component for the team, she’ll add more tangible contributions this year as she tries to make them into a “commercially viable association that can actually do jobs outside of the government sector,” Wootton says. “What we’ll see is this is like herding cats, and also that these guys … do great work but they’re still not quite ready for prime time.” Also, expect her to take on some of the more physically dangerous roles, not always by her own free will. Meanwhile, her son Ralph (Riley B. Smith) will be doing some college work but also helping Team Scorpion on the runaway train case.

C'mon get Happy: Paige and Walter won’t be the only ones dancing around each other. After Toby (Eddie Kaye Thomas) failed to show up for his date with Happy (Jadyn Wong) last season, she clearly doesn’t want to risk getting hurt again. But Toby is nothing if not persistent (read: annoying), which makes for some delightful scenarios when they’re working together. “They both have to move on with their lives now that Happy has said, ‘I value our friendship more than romance.’ So they have this void now that they decide to be friends, and how do they fill it?” Santora says.

Sylvester’s woes: Sylvester (Ari Stidham) has a more clear-cut relationship with Walter’s sister Megan (Camille Guaty), who unfortunately suffers from multiple sclerosis. Santora says, “We established him basically falling in love with a woman that he knows is gonna die. Sylvester’s biggest fear is his mortality, and he has to face it head on.”

The fearless leader: Meanwhile, we’ll find out what Cabe (Robert Patrick) has been doing when he left Homeland Security, but clearly he’ll jump right back into action when they reinstate him. “Hopefully this season we’ll see Cabe get to the point where he can get past the loss of his family that he loved so much and maybe start to rebuild a life for himself outside of Scorpion,” Santora says.

The new boss: Alana de la Garza joins the show in a recurring role as Adriana Molina, the new director of Homeland Security. No-nonsense and stern, she’s also gunning for Team Scorpion to succeed.


I’m of the opinion that the conflict between Individualists and adherents to organization, consists mostly of phrases which are void of any value in practical situations. In Italy, it’s frequent for Individualists to not realize that they are against organization, them being better organized than the defenders of organization, which are always defending the necessity for organization, but never implement it. Also, frequently in groups where individual freedom is so advocated that there’s more authoritarianism than in societies that are called, by them, authoritarian only because they have a Chairman and pass resolutions. Enough of empty words, let’s dedicate ourselves better on practical actions. Words separate, actions unite. It’s about time that we organize our forces to obtain decisive influence over social events.
—  Rudolph Rocker, Anarchy and Organisation, 1921