the value of a tree


“Farewell, Master Burglar. Go back to your books, and your armchair. Plant your trees, watch them grow. If more people valued home above gold, this world would be a merrier place.” – Thorin Oakenshield, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014)

“Attention is awareness, mindfulness, and watchful consciousness. Your attention is energy. You have the freedom to place your attention anywhere you choose, the freedom to develop or ignore your attention - it is all up to you. To know yourself you must have command of your attention, you must learn to treasure and value it, and most importantly, you must figure out how to properly use it.”

Barbara Marciniak - Path of Empowerment | Art via @dimensao7

“We don’t have to send him a thank you card if he didn’t get us a present, do we?”

makes this comic to justify being late for the twins’ birthday forgive me

and yes that is the cipher from journal 3 all over the letter! I hope you have as much fun deciphering it as I did writing it up :D which I think basically means I hope you suffer with it but enjoy the suffering? huh

Just having some thoughts
What if all the flights have different currencies. They’re all worth the same, but different styles of tokens and coins?

Light: Perfectly octagonal coins made with various metals. The one treasure coin is the smallest and made of copper while the most valuable is the 100kt, a massive disc of gold stamped with lightweaver’s visage

Lightning: The only flight to use paper bills, each one depicting a value and a stylized dragon. The ridgeback is worth the most.

Shadow: Wooden tokens. Each value is only slightly different from the others, best to know the differences well and count them fast before you get short changed.

Wind: almost as confusing as Shadow in the fact that nearly each individual coin is perfectly unique with a value stamped…. well somewhere. How do they use these things? Very pretty, but nigh impossible to count if you weren’t raised in the system.

Water: Smooth stone tokens carved with images of various shells. Often times they are hollowed and filled with cork so that they float when lost.

Fire: Dark steel coins valued by their weight. The sizes are standardized, but every coin is the same cast black color.

Ice: Stamped iron coins each baring the ice flight rune on one side and a printed value on the other. The stylization of the rune grows more complex as value increases.

Plague: Round, often blank cast coins. Lower values are made from stone, while higher are of iron. Within these, their worth is told by size.

Nature: Square wooden tokens often hand carved. They are made from the wood of naturally fallen trees and are valued by the type of wood from which they are made.

Arcane: Tokens made from shards of crystal. They are irregular in shape

Earth: Cut tokens made from semi precious stone. While each is only a plain disk, they are all patterned with the intricate swirls and bands of the stones from which they are cast.

Write me off, give up on me
Cause darling what did you expect
I’m just off, a long shot
Don’t even take this bet
—  A Little Less Sixteen Candles, a Little More “Touch Me” - Fall Out Boy
Flying Graysons (Dick Grayson)

Request:Hey love! I came across your blog and I can’t describe how in love I am with it. Can you do an imagine where the reader is dick Grayson’s real sister and she passed away with his parents but the boys find a picture of this really beautiful girl and they ask him about it? Thank you lots! And hope you have a great day or night haha 💜

Gifs don’t belong to me.
Notes: While I was writing this, I realized John and Mary (Dick’s parents) have the same names as the Sherlock and Supernatural characters!

I headcanon that Dick is such a hoarder. “You can’t throw that old pair of tennis shoes away! I played basketball with Bruce for the first time with those!”

Warnings: Death, Blood, Grief,, ANGSTY AND SORTA FLUFFY??, Swearing
Since the ages didn’t line up, I made Reader 18 and Dick 10 when you died.
Italics are memories.

Hope you like it, anon!

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The Story of Us

PROLOGUE || 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 || 10 || 11 || 12 || 13 || 14

Chapter Fifteen: Wedding Bells

Word Count: 8121

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮

Throughout the week, Riley’s errands regarding the wedding continued and the more time she spent out, the more locals would stop her and press for details about the upcoming nuptials. Of course something like this is big news for the tiny town and it seemed that everyone wanted to be apart of it.

What was originally planned to be an intimate family thing in Jed’s own backyard turned into a Hillford Creek Spectacular held right in town square. Riley worried the towns involvement would take away from the magic of the reunion, especially since hardly any of them actually knew Jed on a personal level. Sure, maybe a few locals had surface level conversations if he ever ventured into town for groceries or to run errands but none of them - except for Cassidy - had made a real effort to befriend Jedediah.

Despite Riley’s concerns, both Jed and Rhiannon insisted that the only thing that mattered to them was that it happens and not how it happens.

It’s Topanga whom suggested they marry under the tree in which Rhiannon asked Jed to ‘come with her’, an idea Riley was more than happy to support. 

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[ OOC ] Gelmorra/Duskwight Lore Bomb

@gelmorra used to have this posted on their Tumblr, but it doesn’t seem to exist anymore.  Considering how useful it was to me as a Duskwight roleplayer, I’ve taken the liberty of reposting it here.  I hope it helps others as much as it helped me, and huge thanks go to the original author for compiling such an amazing collection of Duskie tidbits!

<snip snip – for length and potential spoilers!>

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Different kind of Afterlife (Thorin x reader)

A/N:  When Thorin is killed by Azog the defiler he drifts off into what he expects to be the afterlife but things are not as he thought they would be. Based off of a dream I had. Story was too good to pass up, Hope ya like it. Please let me know what you think.

Originally posted by tinysofia

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holyfant  asked:

We got our cat one of those enrichment feeding trees about a month ago, but she refuses to use it. She went without eating for the first three days we had it, and wouldn't try to get the food out no matter how many times we tried to show her. In the end we just pushed out the kibble ourselves, which she then ate. I guess we trained her now that we'll do it, maybe? I can't figure out if she's just too stubborn to use it or if she doesn't get how it works. Should we keep trying or give up?

Both! I’d keep trying, but make sure she has access to other food - you really don’t want cats to not eat for long periods (it can be dangerous for them). I’d give her some of her regular kibble, and then put super high value treats or food in the feeding tree. Make it into a game you bring out sometimes where she gets a ton of food and attention for even sniffing it - you’re going to artificially inflate the value of interacting with it until she starts doing it on her own. Then see if she’ll paw at it or if you can help her figure out how to get food from it herself. 

minamiya21  asked:

Hey can u make story about saizo and hotaru

A/N: I loved writing this Saizo/ Hotaru brothers drabble! I think the best part of Hotaru is the dimension he gives to Saizo (I have a lot of feelings about Hotaru and think he’s pretty problematic as a character (but my favorite lord is Yukimura so like I’m aware of the hypocracy) but still love him and think he’s adorable nobody kill me), and I love writing about casual relationships and goofy encounters between my favorite characters… so thanks for the ask!! 

It was times like these that he valued the most. Perched in a Cherry tree, hidden by the young blossoms, nobody would find him here. Languidly, he closed his eyes and let his back fall slack against the sturdy wood of the tree’s trunk. 

He listened as down below to Yukimura and Sasuke coming up with increasingly wild ideas of where he was in between sparring matches, as they often did when he was on his own like this. He chuckled in spite of himself. Surely they would be disappointed to learn that most of the time when he vanished from their view he was just after a little peace and quiet like this, often in their presence without them even knowing. 

The sound of things proceeding as normal lulled him into a sense of comfort—wooden swords clacking down below, maids gossiping and scrubbing the laundry, laughter, conversations. The next sound might as well have been the crack of a whip.


Saizo lifted his eyelids enough to glare at the young man crouching on an adjacent branch.  

“I thought I told you to stay in my room until dinner.” Saizo sighed, closing his eyes again, willing his younger brother to disappear.

Hotaru had arrived unexpectedly at the palace that morning, alone. That meant the job of caretaker fell to Saizo in the interim, a duty he was not interested in holding.

Hotaru ignored Saizo’s statement, peering down at Yukimura and Sasuke training below. 

“Yuki told me about them.” He commented plainly. “They’re your best friends.”

Saizo responded without opening his eyes. “They’re more like my children” he corrected.

“Even the big one?” Asked Hotaru.

“Especially the big one.” Saizo responded.

After a moment’s silence, Hotaru spoke again: “I like them.”

Saizo was beginning to tire of his brother’s presence. He opened his eyes again to find Hotaru’s gaze fixed on him. The young man had a penchant for deep, unwavering eye-contact. While most people found it profound or even unnerving, Saizo usually thought it (like most things) annoying.

“Why are you here, Hotaru?” he asked, feeling yet another sigh escape his lips. All he wanted was a little time alone. Hotaru’s gaze bore into his own, unwilling to relent in intensity or break contact. Saizo stared back obstinately.

“I hadn’t seen you for a year” he finally conceded. A few pensive seconds later he continued, “I don’t like that room.”

Despite his best efforts to suppress his emotions at all times, Saizo felt the tiniest of pangs in his heart. Hotaru had trained hard to be an excellent assassin, but because he had the strange ability to compel anybody to do anything with just a single command, he was kept locked up under the supervision of their sister Yuki unless he was needed by the village of Iga for a mission, which was infrequently.

When Yuki was gone on missions Hotaru sat alone in his room. 

Saizo understood. He would probably go insane if he was locked away like Hotaru had to be, especially since Hotaru had been such a carefree, energetic child. The two had always been relatively close—he had cried for days when Saizo left for his first mission, and then again when he left for good to serve Lord Yukimura.  

But that was a before. Before he could kill a man with one word and people shied away from him like he was a monster. It had left Hotaru timid and unsure. At times it seemed that even he was afraid of himself. 

The brother’s bond had since only been strengthened by the fact that Saizo was one of the only 2 people on the planet that Hotaru could speak to freely, without having to worry about his words, but undeniably damaged deeply by the amount of time they spent apart.

“Can I have one of your dango, Nii-san?” Hotaru changed subjects to a much lighter one quickly and intentionally, referring to the plate sweets balanced innocently on a branch between them.

“No.” Saizo responded flatly.

In a flash, Hotaru reached to swipe one of the treats, but Saizo was faster, slapping Hotaru’s black-nailed hand so hard and reflexively that he lost his balance and fell to the branch below.

“Ow!” He whined loudly, a sound that Saizo had heard all throughout his childhood but now sounded odd in the tone of a grown man’s voice. Anymore, he saved such speech for his brother only, much to Saizo’s dismay.

“That’s what you get, you punk.” Saizo shot back “I said no.”

The commotion in the tree had gotten the attention of Yukimura and Sasuke, who put down their swords and were making their way over to investigate. 

“Look what you’ve done.” Saizo admonished his brother. “You’re just as bad as they are. What do I have to do to get some peace around here?”

“Hotaru?” Called Sasuke’s little voice once he recognized the figure in the tree “Is that you?”

“Can’t find Saizo, huh?” Yukimura asked, smiling kindly “We never know where he is either. Come hang out with us until he reappears!” he beckoned enthusiastically.

Hotaru turned to flash his concealed brother a surprised, even alarmed look “They want me to hang out with them?” he mouthed nearly imperceptibly.

“Children” Saizo mouthed back. “Now go play before they find me.”


Awwww Walter loves plants (and is bad at whistling)

He waited for a while on the bridge, monitoring the steady accumulation, until he was assured the operation was proceeding normally. Only then did he move on to check on one of his favorite parts of the vessel. The part that was green. The part that was Earth. Hydroponics Section was filled with vegetation, most carried for its nutrient value and eventual planting, some for purposes of experimentation, other sorts simply to supply memories of home. For their psychological value to the colonists. Ornamental plants and trees shared space with cucumbers and quinoa. He strode among them, whistling aimlessly as he checked flows of nutrients and water, analyzing the lighting to make certain it was just the right wavelength to maintain healthy growth. His hands gently caressed stems, leaves, trunks, flowers, bark, as he whistled.

“That’s a fallacy, you know.” Mother, always present, always watching.

He didn’t look up. “What?”

“That music facilitates plant health and growth.”

“Why, do you think I was whistling to the plants?”

Very droll. Though I don’t know I would call the sounds you were making ‘music.’

——From The Official Novelization