the value of a new customer

Lie to me? Steal my work? Have fun going from 52K a year to minimum wages.

(warning: long story)

Takes place back in 2014, long read with a lot of buildup to revenge. I was about a year into my job and was being recognized for my talents and promoted pretty regularly. I was constantly being used as the liaison between my company and the client companies we had business and contracts with, and literally have saved our contract companies hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Then I was approached by Amy, who was in another department, for a job opportunity in the next month or so. She was going out on medical leave and was going to train me to take over her position in the interim and then fully take it over once she came back and moved into a new role. I was ecstatic because I knew she had a salary position and that’s what I really wanted. Most of the salaried positions in the company were the kind you had direct reports and in my industry there is a lot of stupid and handholding so I was not looking forward to have to deal with that stuff, but here was this angel offering me the salary I wanted and the stepping stone I wanted to get further in the company, all without having to deal with stupidity on a daily basis! So for the next 3 weeks I’m pulled from my current duties about twice a week to train in her position. In the beginning it was really menial stuff to get aquatinted with her department but then we started getting into the bigger Excel stuff. Now her job was 90% Excel based, but in having her teach me her job and the duties and deadlines for certain things I realized she was basically flying by with basic Excel knowledge (I’m taking formulas to do math and VLOOKUPs were the majority of what she used in EVERYTHING). Now I was really okay with it and knew I could bring a lot more to the position with my knowledge and really help out the management team and showcase my expertise to them.

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Black and White (Part 1)

Dean is a mechanic, running an illegal chop shop on the side to pay for his baby brother’s college tuition. Castiel is a local photojournalist who just so happens to catch Dean on film stealing a car.

Dean convinces Cas not to turn him in, and sparks fly.

But what happens when Cas appears to be involved with a rival group? Can Dean trust him at all? Or does Cas already know enough to ruin him?

Word Count: 3250

Warnings: None yet

A/N: Feedback appreciated! This is an AU that’s a little different, so I hope y’all enjoy this one!

There’s nothing left to do for the day, and Dean’s just about to lock up when a woman walks in, walking briskly and looking a little flustered, like most people who’ve just had unexpected car trouble.

“And what can I do for you?” Dean asks, eyeing her as she sets her purse on the counter. Pretty, but a little too upscale for his taste, with her manicured nails and name-brand everything.

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The Most ANNOYING kinds of episodes on Property Brothers

Scenario 1:

“Hi I’m Husband and I’m a High School teacher, this is Wife, she’s a stay-at-home mom. We’re looking for a place in the city closer to work. Our max budget is $900,000


Scenario 2

“Our dream home is 3 floor detached with a view in the city with 5 bedrooms, open concept chef’s kitchen, an ensuite with a claw foot cast iron tub, marble countertops and fireplaces, all new appliances, high end finishes, high ceilings, and custom walk-in closets. Our budget is $75.”


Scenario 3

Jonathan: I always budget 10% contingency money.

Couple: Does that mean we can get our custom walk-in his and her closets?!


Scenario 4

Jonathan: So this house is basically a blank slate. There are no walls so you can see everything, no kitchen , no finishes. The demo is pretty much done. And with the place at $500,000 market value, you have about $120,000 for renovation. You can pretty much do whatever you want.

Couple: …mmm I don’t know Jonathan… we’re not really looking to go through another renovation 


Literature Meme: 2/2 Movements


An artistic, literary and intellectual movement originated in europe between 1800 and 1850. The movement emphasized intense emotion as an authentic source of aesthetic experience, placing new emphasis on such emotions as apprehension, horror and terror, and awe—especially that which is experienced in confronting the new aesthetic categories of the sublimity and beauty of nature. It considered folk art and ancient custom to be noble statuses, but also valued spontaneity, as in the musical impromptu. In contrast to the rational and Classicist ideal models, Romanticism revived medievalism and elements of art and narrative perceived to be authentically medieval in an attempt to escape population growth, urban sprawl, and industrialism.[x]

Among Romatics can be listed Goethe, Victor Hugo, The Brontë sisters, Herman Melville, Samuel Coleridge, John Keats, Lord Byron, Mary and Percy Shelley, William Wordsworth and many others.


💙💜300 Followers Gift; Crystal Earrings💙💜

Hi Everyone!

Well first of all… I’d like the thank you for reading my posts and liking my content! You guys are amazing!❤️ With that in mind I thought of something with stars and eventually they became earrings. I hope you like them! The solids are in a Rhinestone Palette which means; most common jewel colors.

Please consider my TOU before downloading. 

Technical details:

  • New Mesh by Me, do not edit the mesh.
  • Base Game Compatible.
  • All LOD’s. LOD 0 (126 vertices 74 polygons) within EA’s standard value.
  • Custom Space textures.
  • Made with Sims 4 Studio Harmony tested in both OS (Windows and Mac).

Download the version you like or the merged file.

Download (SFS - No AdFly)

And last but not least…Enjoy! Let me know what ya think! ☺️

‘This One Hawk Keeps Fucking Our Drones’: 5 Questions With Jeff Bezos

As the founder and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos has upended the world of commerce and entertainment, and he’s only getting started. We asked the tech visionary five questions about his online empire, and his answers will blow you away.

1. Where did you get the idea for

Back in 1994, I was in a bookstore to pick up a copy of the Holy Bible, and the clerk had the nerve to ask me for money. I said, “Surely, there’s been some mistake. You can’t sell God’s word for cash. That would be blasphemy,” but no, the bookstore was actually trying to sell the Bible. It was revolting, so I decided to make an online store where the Bibles are always free, as the Lord intended. That’s why Amazon’s motto is “Bibles, Come And Get ’Em!” To afford printing all those free Bibles, we started selling other things, like toaster ovens and books that aren’t the Bible.

2. What’s the future of brick and mortar stores in the age of e-commerce?

Physical stores will always have an important purpose as a place to buy flowers after cheating on your wife by kissing a photo of Julia Roberts. Two-day shipping isn’t fast enough when your wife is furious at you for kissing Julia Roberts’ picture on the DVD cover of Notting Hill and you need those flowers stat to smooth things over. Amazon is dangerous for husbands because we sell DVDs of Notting Hill, but we don’t sell flowers that arrive fast enough to fix your marriage, and that’s why store owners on Main Street have nothing to worry about.

3. Why did Amazon decide to start making its own tablets?

If you look at other e-readers on the market, none of them are filled with a layer of caramel like the Kindle is. Anytime you need a tasty treat to perk yourself up, you can snap your Kindle in half to slurp out the delicious caramel. Compare that to the thin layer of yogurt inside iPads, which is also delicious but spoils just a few hours after you buy it from Apple. The innovative thing about Kindles is that you can shatter them months or years later, and although the caramel inside might crystallize and look kind of weird after all that time, it’s still safe to eat.

4. When can we expect delivery by drone?

Delivering packages by drone is still a work in progress because of this one hawk that keeps fucking our prototypes out of the sky. Every time we launch a drone, this goddamn bird appears and unleashes its passion on the robot until it’s just a pile of broken rotors and circuitry. I wish we could shoot the hawk, but it’s an endangered species, so we have to put up with it screwing our drones to pieces. The good news is that hawks only live about 20 or 30 years, and this one is already at least 10 years old, so you can expect drone deliveries as soon as it dies of old age.

5. What’s Amazon’s next big venture?

Imagine a ride-sharing app like Uber except the car is a fake police car. You could turn on the siren to breeze right through traffic, which is incredibly illegal, and the driver and passenger would both go to jail. In jail they’re going to want snacks, but they’re going to run out of commissary money before long. What they need is some kind of app that lets their family mail them snacks in prison, all at the push of a button. That’s why I’m excited for our new services Amazon FalseCop and Amazon JailMunch, which together will get people arrested for impersonating police officers and make it easy to mail snacks to their prison cells. Amazon values customer satisfaction above all else, and I think people are going to like being in jail and eating snacks.

“Hamilton” and the new “Harry Potter” play are the hottest theatrical shows of the moment, with “Hamilton” outgrossing everything else on Broadway, and Harry, Hermione and Ron drawing hordes of muggles to London’s West End.

But success has a side effect: Both shows have fallen prey to high-tech scalpers who harvest large quantities of seats and resell them at exorbitant markups. “Hamilton” has been hit particularly hard: When it first opened on Broadway, nearly 80 percent of seats were purchased by automated ticket bots, and for Lin-Manuel Miranda’s final performance, resellers were seeking an average of $10,900 a seat.

Now, as “Hamilton” prepares to open in London this fall and “Harry Potter” plans to open on Broadway next year, the producers of both shows are aggressively trying to contain scalping, a long-festering problem for the entertainment industry that has been exacerbated by technology. The producers of “Hamilton” are trying an unusual approach for theater — paperless ticketing — while the producers of “Harry Potter” are refusing to accept resold tickets.

And in the United States and Britain, policy makers are tackling the issue anew, concerned about the effect of industrialized scalping on consumers and artists.


Picture this: Instead of receiving a traditional ticket from the box office or a facsimile printed at home, you just get an email confirming your purchase. Then, on the day of the show, you have to bring the same credit card you used for the purchase — as well as the email confirmation and a photo ID — and run the credit card through a scanner to get in. The theory is that requiring the same credit card for purchase and entrance should complicate efforts by would-be resellers.

“Going to the theater is expensive enough as it is with the money that you need to charge to put these big shows on, so it’s absolutely ridiculous for it to be inflated by third parties,” Mr. Mackintosh said.

There are downsides: It makes it harder to purchase tickets as gifts, and there is a risk of congestion or confusion at the theater doors. And the method is not fail-safe. On the day “Hamilton” tickets went on sale in London, with a face value of up to $200, tickets were already being promoted for resale at up to $6,000. Their validity was unknown — the show has vowed to cancel resold tickets — but in theory, a reseller could try to circumvent the system by accompanying customers to the show.

For now, paperless ticketing does not appear to be an option in New York, which restricts such sales. There, “Hamilton” has tried a different approach: reducing the effect of resellers by canceling suspect purchases, and, more recently, by raising prices at the box office to more closely reflect the tickets’ perceived market value. […]

anonymous asked:

Out of curiosity and some positivity for Mon El. What do you like about him? And what do you love about karamel?

Hello, love! I’m going to try to answer this question without repeating myself too much because God knows some of you must be tired of hearing me indicating my reasons for why I ship Karamel. I’ve actually made a post about it some time ago if some of you want to check it out: here it is. But I never get tired of talking about this so let’s do it.

I love Mon-El so much! In spite of his upbringing and the rotten society of Daxam, he’s still innately good and that’s impressive. It shows how powerful his good nature is when it can outweigh his ingrained values and customs from his home world. And I love that he isn’t blind to his mistakes and he just really wants to be better. He’s always trying so hard and bettering himself step by step. And that’s cool. I love that the writers didn’t rush his character development and didn’t make him just have a sudden epiphany and magically become perfect. He’s actively trying to improve and find out who he is and where he belongs in this new world. Ultimately he’s not just a cardboard cutout character. He’s actually had one of the most interesting and complex character developments on the show. And he’s such a cute puppy, so naive and pure. And so damn funny! And I think that he isn’t truly conscious of how good he actually is beneath that exterior and that’s where he falters sometimes. All the times that we saw him act by instinct and not by thought, he’s always trying to protect people or just do the right thing. I love that Kara has been inspiring him to embrace this part of him and help him become the best version of himself which is already there but just needs encouragement and love.  

And obviously I ship Karamel because they complement each other, they’re different enough that they can learn from each other’s differences (he’s learning to be more courageous and selfless and she’s learning to let a guard down, loosen up, become more tolerant and stand up for herself as Kara Danvers); and they’re similar enough that they can agree and stay together in regard to the most important matters; they understand each other and they talk and reminisce about stuff that others can’t; they don’t have to hold back their powers when they’re together; they’re both cute, bubbly and playful which makes everything more exciting; they’re so affectionate with each other and Kara believes in Mon-El so much and he really admires her and that’s just beautiful. And I could go on and on or go into more depth but I guess you get the point. 

Dave at @defensivecreations just finished overhauling my non-functional @springfieldarmoryinc Range Officer Operator in 9mm. I can officially say that I now see the value in a custom 1911. The work Dave has done is phenomenal to this gun. It is now butter smooth, rails feels like it is on ball bearings, new @108performance trigger and internals is a massive upgrade, and I now have functioning sights. I did add the @wilsoncombat magwell and the @magpul grips on my own. Plan on seeing this ran at classes. Can’t recommend Dave enough. If you haven’t checked out the videos we have done with him, check out our YouTube channel. #1911 #practicallytactical

Focus on Love (Jasper Hale X Reader)

Nony asked

So here ya go Nony, I hope you like it ^_^. It has been so long since I wrote anything for Twilight, I honestly think I was like 15-16 when I last wrote something lol.

Characters: Jasper Hale/Reader
Warnings: None/SFW
Word Count:853

Originally posted by halemasen

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So perhaps going hunting with people who were pretty new to guns as not the brightest idea, but how were you suppose to know that one of them would be stupid enough to pull the trigger while the gun was near your leg?

“Alice I need you to get me some clean towels, Emmett go get my tools, Rosalie bring me some hot water” Carlisle spoke, laying you down on the bed, Jasper holding your hand and using his powers to keep you calm.

“I’ll be fine Jasper, it didn’t even go in that deep” You smiled, trying to ignore the searing pain at the loss of a chunk of your leg.

“Jasper can you go get me some bandage?” Carlisle asked, but his son’s gaze never wavered from yours, honey orbs meeting Y/E/C.

“Y/N there is…Something I have been wanting to tell you” He started, his powers spiking when Carlisle disinfected the wound, and you felt your back arch slightly at the pain.

“W-What is it Jas?” you asked, your breath panting a bit, your nickname for him brought a small smile to his face despite the situation.

“Y/N I…..” He started, though he seemed unsure how to finish. You two had been friends for quite awhile, ever since you first came to Forks actually. You had met Bella on your first day, and a week later she was introducing you to her family. Jasper had caught your eye instantly, and even after you learned of what they were, he still held your gaze.

It had been much the same for him as well, he felt…Alive with you. You were human; a warm, mortal human, with a heart that still beat, and yet…You captured him with a simple look. One look and he was yours and yours alone. He wanted to tell you this, but how would you react? Did you see him simply as a friend? A brother?

“Son, I don’t mean to interrupt, but can you hold the talk of love for a moment, and bring me some bandages to wrap the bullet wound” Carlisle said, a small smile tugging at his lips while he finished sewing up the hole. Jasper’s eyes widened a bit, before he was gone in a flash. You could feel your own cheeks heat up at the words…Love? He loved you? The smile appeared on your lips long before you felt it, and you heard Carlisle chuckle.

“It is good to know that his feelings are returned” He spoke, causing you to look at him.

“Jasper loves you a lot, I only ask that you don’t make him regret it” He smiled, a true father stood before you now, only looking out for his child.

“I won’t” You smiled, just as Jasper returned, handing Carlisle the bandages and grasping your hand again. But what he didn’t expect, was the emotions he felt coming from you. Shyness, excitement, awestruck, but the most dominate…Love.

“There you go, the wound wasn’t deep, but I would still try to keep off of it for a couple of days, just so you don’t tear any of the stitches” Carlisle smiled, helping you sit up.

“Thank you Carlisle, you’re the best” You smiled at him, before giving him a hug.

“It’s what families are for dear” He replied, before smiling at Jasper and leaving the two of you alone.

“You’re getting better” You noted, turning to the blonde who held a confused look.

“You didn’t have to leave the room because of the smell” You added, gesturing to your leg.

“It’s getting easier” He spoke, standing in front of you.

“You never got to finish what you were saying” you smiled, grabbing his hands and pulling him a bit closer.

“I….” he began, his eyes flickering  to yours, before he leaned in. His lips were chilled, like you always imagined they would be, but you didn’t mind. You had waited so long for this moment, and you weren’t going to pass it up. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you pulled him closer, hearing his hands come to rest on either side of you.

You heart sped up, and you knew he could hear it, but you didn’t care, it only made you press your lips against his more. The world around you faded, and the only thing you could focus on, was him, and the love you felt surging through your body. That is…Until you heard someone clear their throat. Looking over to the side, you saw almost everyone standing in the doorway, but it was Emmett who held the Cheshire cat grin.

“Didn’t know you had it in ya” He spoke.

“Looks like Jaspers giving you a run for your money when it come to human girls Edward” Rosalie smirked.

“I love you Y/N” Jasper said, turning turning you to face him again.

“I love you too Jas” You smiled, earning cheers from the watching crowd.

“Welcome to the family” You heard Jasper whisper as you buried your head in his neck, a blush taking over your cheeks.

“Feels like home” You smiled, kissing his neck and hugging him.

Installing themes on Tumblr is pretty straightforward. You look for a theme that suits your taste, you copy the code, you paste the code, and voila! Cool page for you!

BUT have you ever experienced installing a theme and then, when you view your page, there are some things that look off? Have you experienced installing a theme and then, your page doesn’t look like how it does in the theme preview? Like the colors are different (this could end up into an awful combination of colors) or sometimes the images from your previous theme are stuck when you switch themes (and they could go as far as being positioned in awkward places).

This is a terrible problem for people who are rather sensitive when it comes to their themes or for times when you found the perfect theme but it went wrong on your page. Here’s a simple fix for you, then.

Do this before you paste your codes in the customization panel.

  1. Scroll a bit futher down your existing theme codes and look for the set of lines that start with <meta name=“. You can search the codes (Ctrl+F for Windows; Cmd+F for Mac) but they are usually on the upper part of the codes and easy to see.
  2. Delete them. Every line that starts with <meta name=“. Every single one of them. ALL of them. Delete.
  3. Click Update Preview. Then click Save. Note: There will be no visible changes in your theme once you do this. But it does something. If you’re interested in coding, you can read the explanation I’ll give below the cut.
  4. You can now proceed to deleting the rest of the codes and pasting the ones for the new theme you are installing.

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Vintage Postcard 1930′s

The postcard is from the 1930′s. It dates back to a time when Europe disregarded ethnic and tribal boundaries to divided Africa up into colonies where land and people were exploited.

More adult oriented postcards from the era that were distributed privately among like minded individuals were more risque than the above card. In their depictions of same-sex behavior, typically shown were African males with huge sexual appendages dominating willing European males. In gay mainstream and general mainstream media, there is a phobia of showing men of African descent romantically involved with one another; and, few are willing to challenge the phobia.

The postcard above is evidently different in what it shows. The card is non-erotic. All the subjects in the card are African. In the midst of largely heterosexual couplings, one gay couple is featured prominently holding hands as they lovingly look at one another without so much as a disapproving glance from the straight couples.

Same-sex relationships in Africa is nothing new as anthropological and ethnographic observations predating European colonialism reveal. There once was a time when same-sex behavior was accepted as part of the larger arc of human expression and not frowned upon. Same-sex behavior could be accepted and even valued in Africa’s many ethnic tribes. Under the intellectual and Judo-Christian influences of a Europe claiming to have only the best interest of the people always in mind, much of this acceptance and valuation disappeared. .

After the colonial powers left, much of Africa chose to keep foreign customs or laws morally frowning or criminalizing same-sex desiring folk. Observed and oral histories that were evidence of a tolerance or an outright full embracing of same-sex desiring behavior became largely denied and forgotten to be replaced by the intolerable homophobia that make for today’s headline news around the world in a now “free” Africa.

Opentoonz #1 : Basic Guide

Before you begin, think about the project you’re working on. Is it a video? Is it a .gif you just want to make for an icon or website? What do you want to do?

Animating takes time, discipline, effort and a willingness to learn. Much like anything, it is a commitment and tedious hardwork, even if you’re just doing it for a hobby like I am. As long you are eager, anyone can learn this program! The program is free so take advantage of this opportunity if you can.


1. Resolution
2. Interface
3. Windows
4. Tool Bar
5. Drawing
6. Saving
7. Exporting

Click the cut to continue.

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New Year’s Eve

Pairing: Kai X Reader (mentions of other members)

Genre: Fluff

Words: 2693

Description: You get a nice surprise before the new year

A/N: This is my first fanfic on this blog and I was up til 5 am writing it, so I hope it’s enjoyable!! Feedback is greatly appreciated <3

Originally posted by 1v1

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“Storvacker. How do I even begin to explain Storvacker?

Storvacker is flawless.

She has two ancient Elven trees for claw sharpening AND a silver honey dish.

I hear that her claws are valued at 10,000 sovereigns.

I hear that she sells her shed fur to Orlesian master weavers in Val Royeaux.

Her favourite story is Hard in Hightown.

One time, she met Alistair Therein, fabled warrior of the Fifth Blight, and he told her she was pretty.

One time, she clawed me in the face. It was amazing.”

From ‘Ruminations upon the Avvar and their Customs’, by Reginald De George

A (Fantasy) Cliche/World Building Rant

Because I love fantasy, but I’m not loving cliched/bland/unrealistic worlds. Under the cut you will find:

  1. I Love Your Bracelet. Where Did You Get It?
  2. This Generic Medieval Anglo-Saxon World is Bland
  3. No Change
  4. The Seven Kingdoms
  5. I Know Everyone Has Had Cheese Pizza, but This One Has Green Peppers
  6. Fables, Fairy Tales, Folklore, and Superstitions Are Never Wrong
  7. Evil Uncles
  8. Warriors Don’t Die Quiet Deaths
  9. The Common Tongue

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Your ENTJ Unit User Survival Guide and Manual

Thanks to @intpboard for letting me do this :)


An ENTJ unit has been bestowed upon you. This ENTJ comprehensive user survival guide and manual will detail every necessary step in order to manage and care for your ENTJ (if they let you). Please return non-compliant models and enter a request for a replacement with our ENFJ customer service officer.

Your ENTJ unit will come with the following accessories:

  • Two (2) everyday outfits (business casual).
  • Three (3) suits (Jet Black, Charcoal Grey, Navy Blue)/dresses (Jet Black, Electric Blue, Blood Red) for more formal events.
  • Three (3) pairs of shoes (daily wear, comfort and formal events)
  • Two (2) watches (daily wear and formal events)
  • One (1) mobile device which constantly receives alerts and messages.
  • One (1) personal brooding corner for world domination planning space.
  • One (1) Take ChargeTM Real World Correction SystemTM.
  • One (1) weapons system to encourage compliance.
  • One (1) locked Strongbox of FeelsTM. Might arrive damaged. Not covered under our return policy. Fiddle at your own risk.
  • One (1) passcode to locked Strongbox of FeelsTM. ENTJ units would respond aggressively (with Excessive ForceTM) if forced to reveal passcode. Passcodes will only be revealed if ENTJ units are convinced of understanding and acceptance, but can be changed without notice if ENTJ units no longer deem passcode holders to be Premium Users.
  • One (1) locked caring and protectiveness module for Premium Users.
  • One (1) personal secretary to schedule your ENTJ unit’s time.
  • One (1) “The 48 Laws of Power” book.


Your ENTJ unit comes pre-programmed with the following traits:

Te: Your ENTJ will utilise its Take ChargeTM Real World Correction SystemTM to select and act on the most efficient and impactful route. Your ENTJ is highly capable of enforcing and pushing for the completion of tasks.

Ni: Your ENTJ unit’s brooding side stems from Ni, where it is used to stimulate direction for its Te. This provides your ENTJ unit with the drive to reach towards a better future (with your ENTJ unit as the global hegemon of course).

Se: Your ENTJ unit has the ability to quickly receive and collate information from the environment and physical results of their actions. This grounds your ENTJ in reality, allowing for quick adjustments to action plans.

Fi: Your ENTJ unit’s true drive is derived from its Fi. This provides personal morality and values to direct your ENTJ unit’s deepest desires and goals. However, it is often under-utilised and partially broken, so it is tucked away in your ENTJ unit’s Strongbox of FeelsTM.

Getting Started:

Fast boot (WARNING: This booting of your ENTJ unit would also trigger Excessive ForceTM )

  1. Accuse your ENTJ unit (unfairly so) of being incapable/other unique triggers (model specific).
  2. Proceed to engage in intellectual debate or physical exchange.

Normal booting

  1. Provide your ENTJ unit with a to-do list.
  2. Engage your ENTJ unit with potential ways to approach the tasks.
  3. Wait for a short while for Quick StartupTM to engage.

Trouble shooting inability to boot

  1. Provide your ENTJ unit with its brooding corner for auto-reset of functioning capability.
  2. Cuddle your ENTJ unit (For Premium Users only).

Your ENTJ unit should now be booted up and ready to go!


Task master:(Default) This is the default setting for your ENTJ unit, where it would push for the completion of tasks and demand compliance on common goals and plans.

Brooding nerd/geek: (Default): The secondary default setting for your ENTJ unit. Only activated when there is no one around your ENTJ unit to bother/engage it. Allows your ENTJ unit to formulate its devious plans.

Chilling: (Default): The secondary default setting for your ENTJ unit. Only activated when your ENTJ unit is safe and does not have to take up too much responsibility.

Take ChargeTM : Activated when there is an emergency and quick maneuvering as well as changes to the game plan must be made. ENTJ unit will demand immediate unquestioning compliance while taking up all responsibility to resolve the situation.

Binging party animal: Activated only when your ENTJ unit is presented with the opportunity to enjoy excessive material enjoyment without the need to take responsibility. Alternative activation pathway includes high continuous stress, which pushes your ENTJ unit to narcotise itself.

Shutting down: Activated when your ENTJ unit is too stressed out and cannot handle its Fi well. Characterised by self-isolation, intense self-loathing and general withdrawal from its usual extensive socialising.

Unleashing Strongbox of FeelsTM: (open alpha)


Dark Knight: Activated when someone important to them/a weak underdog is unfairly treated, utilising its caring and protectiveness module. Will simultaneously activate Excessive ForceTM for your ENTJ unit to protect its target.

Eruption of Fi: Activated when your ENTJ unit is unable to contain Fi any further. Often characterised by initial ranting, self-isolation and quiet seething before your ENTJ unit transforms into Satan.

Sharing of Fi: (Premium Users only) Activated when your ENTJ unit values you, would like to share its insufficient and often partially broken Fi with you and feels safe sharing (will not be manipulated). Your ENTJ unit might require your help to put away/patch its Fi.

Relationships with other Units:

Faulty ENTJ Unit: You agree with me? = Good you should

                             You disagree with me? = BulldozeTM

Functioning ENTJ Unit:

NT: Generally enjoyable to be around. NTJs are pretty reliable to work with and your ENTJ unit often find them good working partners. NTPs are often a lot less reliable, but your ENTJ unit value their creative contributions if they work out to be the better solution.

NF: Generally quite odd to your ENTJ unit, which often intrigues them to interact more with NFs. Can have the potential to hit off quite well, especially for NFPs.

SJ: The few who can rival your ENTJ unit in terms of sheer stubbornness. However, they are often highly valued for their reliability, loyalty and work ethic. While some SJs can hold your ENTJ unit back (which will annoy them), they also help to provide an alternative point of view in reviewing your ENTJ unit’s game plan that can prevent the repeat of mistakes.

SP: Viewed as one of the chillest that your ENTJ unit interacts with. It’s pretty much hit and miss with this one.


Your ENTJ unit would feed itself when it is functioning. However, high stress can destabilise your ENTJ unit’s feeding module, resulting in either over consumption due to binging, or under consumption due to the presence of more pressing events/worry. Your ENTJ unit generally appreciates gifts of good food.


Your ENTJ unit generally displays itself presentably. It might offer to help with your grooming if it deems you incapable of dressing presentably.

Personal hygiene is also taken care of by your ENTJ unit because it is necessary for task completion efficiency.


Your ENTJ unit will only sleep when the necessary tasks are accomplished/when it is more efficient to sleep and work when refreshed.


My ENTJ unit has suddenly hid away from humans, what do I do?

Let your ENTJ unit brood away in its corner. Offer help and support to your ENTJ unit, but don’t force them to take it.

My ENTJ unit is malfunctioning and is threatening to destroy the world, what should I do?

Quickly deactivate your ENTJ unit and approach our friendly ENFJ customer service officer for a replacement. Or fight it if you dare.

My ENTJ unit just shared its world domination plans with me, what do I even do??????

Congratulations! Your ENTJ unit now trusts you greatly and deems you worthy of being a Premium User. Be supportive of its plans, but call out any mistakes in those action plans so that your ENTJ unit can achieve greatest efficiency (functioning ENTJ units will value your contributions).

Again, CONGRATULATIONS on the acquisition of your new ENTJ unit.


As thanks for all the new friends I’ve made in the JJBA fandom and all the encouragement with my cosplay, I’ve decided to do a giveaway with some special limited items I designed myself!

There will be TWO winners chosen via RNG!


  • 1st Place: First choice of any of the 3 stand shirts (Crazy Diamond, Part 3 Star Platinum or Part 4 Star Platinum) made to your size! One Speedwagon custom embroidered hat.
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  • - Reblog this post for one entry (as many times as you want) (likes      don’t count but can be used for reference)
  • - Must be following me.
  • - Must be 18+ or have parent permission to do the giveaway.
  • - Must be willing to give me address so I can ship to you.
  • - No giveaway blogs, I will be checking!
  • - Will ship worldwide!

Ends on August 5th, 2016       
                                           @ midnight EST!

I’ll give the winners 24 hours to respond to me, and if I don’t hear anything, I’ll move on to the next person. (In which case the 2nd place winner will get first choice and the runnerup will get second choice.)

If you win, please say thank you and let me know when it arrives!

Good luck and thank you!

anonymous asked:

What advice do you have for a 13-year-old who wants to be a physician/surgeon when they are older? Is there anything you wish you would've known before you picked this profession?

What follows is basically an updated version of this post from 2011. Some of these are things I did and others are things I wish I did back when. 

1. Calm down tiny one. You are 13. Please gaze upon this calming kitten for 2-12 minutes and then continue reading on.

2. Be 13. And 14. And 15. Forget about med school. You are, at the very least, 7 or 8 years away from medical school. That is many moons. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Be 13 please.

3. Get the stars out of your eyes. I’m not trying to be discouraging, but understand that it is nearly impossible for you to have any real understanding of what a career in medicine will be like when you are 13. Wait a few years and then start doing some shadowing so you can get a tiny taste of reality.

4. Read and learn everything you can. On all subjects, not just medicine and science. Pre-med and med school is the time to dig deep into the science books. For now, learn about the stuff you won’t have time to learn about then, and cultivate other subjects you’re good at. Learn to play an instrument or crochet or paint watercolors or what politics is all about or how to invest money or how to fix cars or how to cook your grandma’s best dishes or how to write computer code or what the heck Faulkner was thinking when he wrote those impossibly long sentences or… (oh look now I’m doing it).

5. Work hard. Develop your study skills and work ethic now. But don’t stress too much about your grades right now. Do your best and get into a college that fits your personality, but don’t believe the lie that med schools care about your high school GPA. 

6. Get a job when you’re old enough. Preferably retail or manual labor or waiting table. Don’t work so much that you can’t keep up in school, but do work. Learn the value of working through tiredness and how to deal with unreasonable customers. That’s a big chunk of medicine right there. 

7. At some point before med school, learn how to be responsible with your money. You will be broke for basically your entire education, so learn how to make dollars stretch and how not to dig yourself deeper in debt. 

8. Get some life experiences. Travel. Talk to people who you wouldn’t usually speak to. Go do something new or something that makes you slightly uncomfortable.

9. Don’t go to med school to save the world or because your grandma had cancer or because you’re smart and your parents think all smart people should be doctors or because you think being a doctor will be a great way to get rich. None of those things will sustain you in your years of studying. You gotta understand what you’re reaching for and also have the intelligence and work ethic for it. And for goodness sake, be realistic. You may “love medicine” (or whatever that means when you’re 13), but if you do not have the academic prowess or the work ethic for it, look for something else. 

10. Look into other fields besides doctoring. You may find out that you’re more interested in physical therapy or being a PA or a nurse. Keep your mind open to all the possibilities, especially when you’re so young.