the valley of the giants

Dark Souls 3 has so many cool boss fights, such as:

–Large Man in Armor
–Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze
–Evil Treebeard
–Yur a Wizard Crow-Man
–The Entire Vatican
–The Wolf Furry Fanclub
–Mega Papyrus
–The Last Demon’s Soul’s Reference
–Lightsaber Pope & his Stand, Star Platinum
–Small Onion vs. Machete Giant
–The Very Hungry Caterpillar God Eater
–Mr. Freeze’s Ballerina Sister
–Evil Butterflies Seek Revenge Through a Piece of Armor
–Dragon Daddy & Revolver Ocelot
–Large Man in Armor (In the Dark)
–Sibling Comradery in its Weirdest Form
–Dragon with the World’s Softest Head
–Jesus Riding a Dragon
–You, but Cooler

combining two different character tropes is my kink

Goth Surfer (”Dude. I want to die. But on this gnarly wave first”)

Rogue Herder (what’s he stealing? Other people’s sheep? I love it)

Berserker Valley Girl (you insult her bff & she sees red, carries a giant ax in her purse)

Bad Gym Teacher Priest (”I want to see some HUSTLE in that prayer”)

Gay Jock Cleric or/and Necromancer (resurrects his teammates for the Big Game; loves his bf, a zombie angel)

Genki Girl Monster-Beast (a huge werewolf throwing a peace sign into the camera)

Hawaiin Shirt Dad Biker Gang Leader (no leather, just Hawaiian shirt and dad jokes about taking out rival leaders)

Character cliches aren’t boring, creators just need to combine them in new ways

Chapter 2 - The not so long trek to Naamche.

I woke up at 5am but breakfast wasn’t until 7am so I stayed snuggled up. 12 hours in bed. Believe me, it’s not all hardcore hiking. My throat aches, the cold I’d felt coming on yesterday is well and truly here. My muscles ache more than I expected.The beginning of the day was easy enough, I hit a crossroads and ascended up the better trodden path. But as I climbed higher and higher not running into any other trekkers I began to wonder if I’d taken the wrong path. I had to ascend 700m today. I didn’t want to walk up, make a mistake and then have to do it all over again.
Right when I was ready to turn back and find someone to ask for directions an Australian and english lad walked past and assured me I was on the right track. The english lad stressed to me “Go slow! Go super slow!” He was suffering altitude sickness, he’d ascended too fast, his heart was racing and it felt like his brain was pressing into his left eye. He’d been feeling terrible for days but was used to the pain. He’d wanted to evacuate but he’d made a mistake with his insurance and was instead self evacuating. (Don’t worry, my insurance covered me. Thankfully as I almost used it…keep reading to find out WHY!) I assured him i’d take my time and I took a step. “TOO FAST” They both yelled, making me jump. We all had a hearty laugh and then I went on my merry way. I would have enjoyed trekking with them I thought to myself as I continued alone.
The blogs and fellow hikers all told me the hike to Naamche was one of the worst parts of the trek. (I agree based on the dust and the sheer amount of yak pee you have to step over…it STINKS worse than any stench you could imagine)
Yet another steep ascent. My guesthouse told me it would take 3 - 4 hours to get up. Luckily I was quite aware I was hiking up a steep mountain and was expecting some horrific ascents, so this didn’t come as too much of a shock. What did shock me was that I discovered i’d hiked up in 2.5 hours. The whole way up i’d been berating myself. You’ve hiked annapurna Lou, you should be faster than this! Turns out I was.

Note: The best way to train for a hike up Everest is to hike another, equally high and difficult himalayan Mountain. I recommend the Annapurna circuit.
Note: At 3400m and i’m not feeling the altitude or the cold too drastically. So different to Manang in Annapurna.
Revised note: Ignore what I wrote earlier. I feel like I’m dying.
Yet another note: STOP EATING YOUR DATES!


Acclimatisation day in Naamche.
Oh what torture.
Last night I fell asleep thinking ‘i’m going to be strong enough to stay up all night at base camp and get an epic time-lapse. I’m so strong and capable. How exciting.’
The new day dawned and instantly quashed that ridiculous notion. I felt horrific. Blocked nose, my coughing my throat raw, so hard I almost vomitted (will i ever stop posting about the disgustingness of my body online? Probably not.)
Still telling myself I’m a strong capable woman, I got up and was going to attempt a 3 hour acclimatisation hike. After breakfast I got back in to bed.
“Just for a moment, just a quick nap to re-energise”
30 minutes later I stood up and got into my hiking gear, finished tying my shoes. Stood up. Sat back down, took my shoes off. Paused, berating myself. Put them back on. Took them off, finally admitted defeat and jumped back into bed where I proceeded to stay for the rest of the day. Feeling incredibly sorry for myself, I spent the entire day wondering if i’d make it up to base camp. Weakling! Failure! The usual negative self talk.

I knew it was just my tired, sick brain that was in dire need of a hug and chose to ignore it. Just as I reached the height of my tirade I looked out the window and noticed the clouds had disappeared and I had a clear view of the worlds giant peaks just across the valley. So close I felt like if I leaned out of the window I could touch them.
I aired out my sick room and the crisp mountain air worked it’s magic, taking away the feelings of despair i’d been laying with all day.


Everything I did, I tried to be the antithesis [of style here]. What I saw around me was surf, skate and valley girl culture, whereas all I wanted was to wear a giant sweater, tights and boots. My style is a reaction to being a California girl. I love Patti Smith and Katharine Hepburn. They had a freedom, wildness and didn’t care. That to me is much sexier than a tight dress where you can’t move.

But alas… I am now dead. I was fine until I marched off to Snowhead by myself, hoping that I could drive off a demon. It had been wreaking havoc on Goron Village…Then the blizzard at Snowhead blew me into the valley. …And now…Here I am…”

The Goron Mask! Poor Darmani… The giant gash on his stomach is always a sight…!

Process Video here!

> Great Fairy’s Mask
> Keaton Mask
> Captain’s Hat
> Giant’s Mask
> Don Gero’s Mask
> Deku Mask
> Kamaro’s Mask
Zora Mask
> Blast Mask
> Garo’s Mask
All-Night Mask