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people asked me to fuck up Welcome to the Black Parade and I figured, hell, I’ll fuse it with some other song, because at this point I’m basically just a mad audio scientist playing God with song DNA

so I went into my iTunes library and

what could I do? it was destiny

so I created the terrible child of these two songs and

holy shit

it’s a Pokémon battle

I’m sorry

The Night Before The Wedding Short Story: Shu

What’s the story behind the two “rings” ?

―― I wonder why I have to be in this kind of place before the ceremony.


Sighing, I flung the both of my legs onto the desk. A stack of books fell from the impact, but I could care less.

I’m at the mansion in the human world. Originally, I had planned to return to the demon world where the woman’s waiting, but I’ve been staying here for a few days.

This is all because the ring hasn’t been delivered yet thanks to the merchant’s work delay. And on top of that, the ring will probably be finished right before the ceremony.

“The ceremony’s tomorrow… …yet there’s still no contact?”

I grabbed the remote control for the audio system and turned it on. Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” started to play.

“Tch… …”

I completely forgot that I had left off on this song. I reflexively clicked my tongue at the rapid melody.

“Damn it… …! It’s like even Wagner’s rushing me.”  [1]

I immediately stopped the music and left the room. That’s it,  I’m going back to the demon world. I was going to wait for the merchant to contact me, but I’ve waited enough.

Besides――I do have a ring as backup. I began to dig through my jacket.

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I know what i’ll be learning this weekend…

Ride of the Valkyries on Three Melodicas The Fabulous Bäckström Brothers.


“Hail to the W A R R I O R woman on the equinox morning, white-armored, choosing the slain by her own glorious criteria, harbor to the defenders of beauty. Oh F R E Y A who rides with valkyries, give me strength to defend all that I love for I am dull and frightened with years of defeat and I have forgotten the mystery of shield mates in love.”(x)

Before there was Imperator Furiosa...

There was Zenobia in Chains.

(Harriet Goodhue Hosmer, Zenobia in Chains (detail), 1859, marble. On view in the Virginia Steele Scott Galleries of American Art.)

There was this lady beating this dude in the face with a shoe.

(from William Bowyer’s Heroica eulogia, 1567, manuscript.)

There were Valkyries.

(Arthur Rackham illustration “Ride of the Valkyries” in in vol. 1 of Ring des Nibelunden by Richard Wagner, 1910-11.)

There was Juno in her Chariot.

(Edward Francis Burney (1760–1848, Juno in her Chariot (rendered here in a black and white photo), undated, pen and watercolor.)

All continuing to be fabulously formidable at The Huntington.

QandA 4/14

tiny-viking-boy asks: What do you know about decapitation and soul imprisonment?

I’m so glad I got this question! It’s really fascinating. Most of my initial research into it was through HR Ellis Davidson’s work. She took the examples from the sagas the mythology for some really powerful observations of imagery. The thing about decapitation, is that the head is the seat of consciousness. There’s some evidence that if someone is separated from their body (someone meaning their head) they will not be able to find their way to the afterlife. Their consciousness and soul will remain in this world. Furthermore, it seems like whomever owns the head can make it do whatever they command. Odinn keeps Mimir’s head in order to ask it questions and gain wisdom. I recall another story where a bard was decapitated, and the man who killed him kept his head and forced it to sing and perform for his parties.

The earliest descriptions of the valkyries consisted of them riding wolves and carrying human heads. Since whomever holds the head commands the soul, this makes sense. This is also why I am always really intrigued when “viking” burials supposedly come up and they have been decapitated. Also, the soul can be released by returning the head to the body, as that way it can find its way back to its body in the afterlife.

jarn-tungu asks: Could you Remind me which Gods/Goddesses survived Ragnarok? Or I guess more accurately weren’t mentioned to have been slain?

A lot of this kind of has to do with how you interpret Ragnarok. The only gods which are actually named as having returned are Hoth and Baldr, but Voluspa also mentions “other gods” and “the aesir.” Nidhogg is also brought up, which could be a kenning for Jormungandr as I have speculated before, but this is not an accepted theory.

We know that these figures die as a result of the events that begin and include Ragnarok: Baldr, Nanna, Loki, Odinn, Fenrir, Thor, Jormungandr and Mani (the moon). Voluspa, however, appears to be a condensed version of the story and we should assume that we are only hearing about the most important and most notable deaths.

If you’re interpreting Ragnarok to be linear, meaning that the world does not literally start over and instead a new world has taken its place, than I think it’s fair to assume any of these gods not mentioned are survivors. However, I personally prefer the cyclical time model, in which case all the gods would come back to life along with Baldr and Hoth.

Majortibb asks: What is your favorite Norse myth centered around loki?

There are so many good ones! I think my favorite might be Lokasenna, where Loki gets drunk at a party and insults everyone there. I think it’s just such a brilliant illustration of Loki’s role. He’s there to keep the gods in check and keep them from getting too cocky, and he does that job well.

maeglian asks: How much is known about Angrboda in the myths? Why did Loki keep returning to her despite the fearsome nature of their offspring?

Not much. We know she a jotunn and is the parent of most of Loki’s monsterous offspring. As to why, I think with the Trickster we have to ask “why not?”

For a more literary analysis answer, Loki is bridging of two worlds: that of the nature-oriented and chaotic Jotnar and that of the Aesir which represent human civilization. All of Loki’s “monstrous” children help to bridge this gap in vital ways. Hel, of course, is the keeper of the underworld and all the souls of the departed, which is an undeniably important job. Jormungandr is possibly the one that holds Midgard together, although this is never outright stated in the source material as far as I know. Sleipnir allows his rider to cross between the worlds of the living and dead, connecting the gap. Loki is all about the liminal space- the world in between. Perhaps that is why he parents children with another spirit who, by virtue of being Jotunn, is tied to the raw forces of nature.

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Heaven Opens the Path to Divine Destruction with Valkyrie & Freyja!
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