the val party

“I was using the book Emma a lot as far as research and structure. At one point, there was a party, and Emma didn’t think she should go because the people weren’t high-class enough for her. I wanted that kind of feeling — what would make her have to go to the party? It would be in support of her friend. And it would be a party she didn’t really look forward to going to. So the equivalent of that would be going to the Valley.” – Amy Heckerling on the ‘Val party’ scene (Variety)

Last One Picked

Fun tip: The companion you choose last at the selection screen for the Val Royeaux portion of Josephine’s “Of Fallen Fortune” quest line will be the one to wave back to the Inquisitor. Easy to miss if you’re in the habit of choosing your love interest first when you leave Skyhold.

(Selection order for above GIF: Varric, Sera, Blackwall.)

Things everyone in the Killjoys fandom agrees on:

-Party Poison is a furry

-No one is straight

-Kobra is Zone Dad

-Ghoul has issues

-Jet Star is Ultimate Zone Mother

-Everyone wants to fuck Show Pony

-Val Velocity is TRASH and possibly the worst thing to happen to the zones since BLI 

mcr-and-coffee  asked:

i think you should know whenever im trying to come up with an insult, ur drawing of party decking val in the face saying 'you punk little BITCH' comes into my mind every time without fail (also i love that drawing and all ur art)

thank u bless u also that drawing is one of my most glimmering achievements tbh


“I’m not going to make it to the after party.” Val tugs on Mark’s arm and speaks in a low voice, scanning the crowded room.


Mark stares at him incredulously. “What do you mean you aren’t going to make it? Val you never make it to the after party- this is the 25th anniversary. So whatever you gotta do, get it done and get yourself there,” Mark hisses.

People are starting to stare and Val yanks Mark by the arm- hard- a few feet away from the crowd. He faces Mark, resting a hand on each of the other man’s shoulders.

“I’m not going to make it Mark,” he grits out between clenched teeth. “Zendaya is in labor.”

“Oh shit! Oh my God!” Mark yells, then yelps as Val jabs him in the ribs, heads turning to where they are standing. “We’re having a baby, people!” Mark yells, blowing Val’s cover. And like he’s uttered some type of battle cry, heads start to pop up out of the crowded floor, one by one:


Things become hectic for a few moments, some people blinged out in costumes, some just dressed to sit in the audience. But they are doing what they do best, almost moving like they are part of some kind of choreographed routine; pushing through the crowd- which is now getting a little control thanks to Mark- and within seconds they’ve formed a cocoon around their friend.

Then they are on the move, through back hallways and then somehow out into the parking lot. They are splitting up, no one really talking, they just know what to do. They’ve been together for so long, even if not always physically present in each other’s lives that they move like one body.

Maks, Peta, Meryl and Alex have Val who seems to be holding up well while Rumer and Jenna try unsuccessfully to push Mark into their car. He is losing his mind, like he’s the father.

The back door bursts open and Sadie practically falls into the parking lot, breathless and still dressed like Princess Peach because she had been just about to change out of costume when she heard the news.

“For the love of GOD Mark, get in the car!” She shouts, and time stands still for a second as everyone looks at her because even at age 32 she still never curses, and definitely never at her husband who still has to put money into the swear jar at their place.

Then they are a flurry of activity again as doors slam and cars roar to life, squealing out of the parking lot and weaving in and out of traffic because in L.A. everywhere is 45 minutes away.


Val is already out of the car while it’s still moving when they arrive at the hospital and the others race to find parking, shoving through the big, sliding glass doors and into the lobby in a swarm.

“Zendaya Chmerkovskiy!” Mark practically shouts, collapsing on to the reception desk.

The receptionist raises an eyebrow. “If you mean Larisa Coleman,” she starts with a wink, “you’ll need to take the elevator to the third floor.”

“No!” Mark yells, “Zendaya Chmerkovskiy!”

“Mark!” The group all shouts together, Jenna pushing her way to the front.

“Yes, Larisa Coleman. Thank you so much for your help.”

The receptionist sighs, pulling enough visitor stickers for everyone off the roll on her desk. “Put these on, please.”

They skid around the corner, each one jamming on the up button of an available elevator, until the one in front of Alex opens and they all dash in.

Maks mutters to himself in Russian when the elevator stops on floor two for the world’s slowest moving janitor. They almost trample him running out when the elevator signals the third floor and manage to stop for a second to pull themselves together.

“Ok, let’s stay calm and behave like the mature adults we are.” Peta addresses the group, staring pointedly at Mark, the sequins on her costume reflecting the fluorescent lighting. “Larisa and Sasha are going to be in there and Kazembe and Claire and this is their moment.”

Everyone is nodding and it’s crazy that Zendaya is having a baby, some of them haven’t even thought that far into the future yet.

“And if you scare my kid, Mark, I swear to God I’ll kill you.” Maks blurts out, opening his wallet and handing Sadie a twenty dollar bill before she can even ask.

All eyes are on Mark and he’s doing some kind of Zen thing, nodding, eyes closed, hands out to his sides.


Larisa, Sasha and Kazembe come into view when they turn the corner into the waiting room, which is blessedly empty tonight.

“Papa! Mama!” A little girl with caramel colored hair rushes to Maks, letting him scoop her up and place a kiss on her cheek.

“Hi princess! Are you excited for your cousin?” Maks questions, handing her to her mother while he bends down to kiss his own hello.

“Oh, yes!” She beams.

“Come sit with me again, Lissy,” her grandmother says. “Mama must be exhausted from dancing and running in those heels. You don’t need glitter all over your clothes anyway.”

Meryl lowers little Larisa into her grandmother’s lap, laughing and leaning over to give Sasha a kiss. “I’m definitely not as graceful as I used to be.”

“Oh, stop!” Peta exclaims, dropping down into the seat next to Sasha. “You still look amazing.”

“You looked pretty damn good yourself,” Alex starts, settling himself onto Peta’s lap while she looks at him in disgust.

“Alex, what have we talked about?” She questions.

“Fine, fine, I’m sorry.” He apologizes, standing up and taking the seat next to her. “I’ll still try until my dying day.” He adds, causing her to wrinkle her nose.


All eyes whip to Mark who is still standing in the middle of the room. “Zendaya? Baby?”

Kazembe chuckles, breaking his silence. “Claire just went to check on her.”

As if on cue, Claire enters the room, a huge smile on her face when she sees the crew that has assembled.

“It’s go time.” She explains, her eyes sparkling.

A cheer goes up in the room and Mark bursts into tears.


“It sure is taking a while.” Sadie muses almost two hours later, her head resting on Marks shoulder.

“First babies normally do,” Meryl responds, lifting her head momentarily from the coloring book she is working on with her daughter. “This little booger took almost three hours.”

Maks groans. “Felt like three days.”

“That’s why I’ve left all of this stuff up to you guys,” Peta interjects as she stops braiding Jenna’s hair for a moment. “Have me over for tea parties and birthdays, but once the mess exceeds ten minutes worth of clean up or someone poops, I’m out.”

“Ouch!” Rumer yelps from the front of the braid train as Jenna’s hands, shaking from laughter, pull her hair. “I’m glad he finally fell asleep.” She inclines her head toward Sadie and the younger woman gently lifts her head so as not to wake up her husband.

“Me, too. Makes me wonder whether we should ever have kids,” she jokes with a smile.

“She’s here!” Val bursts into the waiting room, looking shocked and delirious. “7 pounds, nine ounces, 21 inches long. Oh my God you guys, she is beautiful.”

There is cheering and laughter and tears and Sadie is so happy she lets Val off the hook just this once.


Later, after the grandparents have gotten their fill for the moment, Alexandra Valentina Coleman-Chmerkovskiy finds herself happily snuggled in her mother’s arms as the friends all stare at her in wonder.

“I don’t even have words.” Mark says softly, gently letting go of her tiny hand.

Zendaya glows. “I’m struggling too, but I might be biased, she is my child.” She says it on a breath, looking up at her husband, who leans down to kiss her forehead.

“No,” Rumer adds from her place by Zendaya’s feet. “She is unbelievably beautiful.”

Jenna reaches down, smiling as she brushes a lock of dark hair away from Alexandra’s forehead.

The friends sit in silence for a few minutes, staring at the little miracle they know will change everything.

Suddenly, Alexandra starts crying.

“I think she’s hungry,” Zendaya murmurs, shifting the fuzzy, lilac blanket.

“Well, that’s my cue.” Peta announces, standing up as they all chuckle and follow her lead. They all take turns leaning down to kiss mother and baby as they move toward the door.

“Hey, guys,” Val calls out just before they leave, the group turning back to look at him. “Thank you. For everything. Sorry you missed the after party.”

Closest to the door, Alex raises his fingers in a salute, the rest of them mimicking him, smiles on their faces.

“Fam over everything.” Mark grins as they all turn and walk out the door.