the use of photoshop can be a satisfying experience

Illustration from Photography

I love taking pictures, of everything. It’s an open source of inspiration you can find everywhere. I would like to share with you a work process I used (still rough, it’s my own way, but still a work process) to work with one of this pictures as reference, and do an illustration from it.

1. Take a picture you love

I took this photography you can see below last week ; and when I was looking to the result on my phone, I just could not believe my eyes ; it looked so magic ! I could not let it by itself, I had to do something from it. But I believe now that the same process can be applied to any other picture I took in the past ; I can work with them if I want to, from the moment a picture is giving me an emotion, I can just try to think how to push this emotion by using my art skills.

2. Thumbnail

At this stage, I just drawn on a side of my sketchbook a Thumbnail (a small drawing from the picture, as you can see bellow) and then, I just had fun letting my imagination working with the photography : pushing shapes, creating a character from the light, an other on a side…. thumbnails are really useful to just let things getting alive, without getting bored by details !

3. Let’s Draw !

Now, it’s just about drawing skills ; put back thumbnail’s proportions on my sketchbook, draw in rough all elements, try to clarify shapes…

Then, to clean up and put all details, I chosen to use a black fine felt (it can be anything, it’s on your good will). I tried to put smartly my details (a good tips : always think when you draw !! it should be your golden word, in any situation, if you want to progress) The space was not very clear on the picture, so it was kind difficult to create my interpretation of the floor, stares, bushes, plants…

4. Shadows and color

I’m steel learning colors foundations for the moment, so my technique is not that good yet … Hope I’ll get better by practicing ! I can still share with you my way, but I’m sure, others are much better than me to advise how to color at this stage !

Well, here what I did : I’ve put shadows with promarkers, then a color pass with water color (a very bad idea, promarkers and watercolor are reeeally not working well together ; well from this experience, it was catastrophic) then I used polychromos (white and black) to save back my drawing by pushing B&W, and finally, some colors/balance corrections on Photoshop.

5. Conclusion

Now it’s done, I’m not very satisfied yet by the result… but it still was a great experience, and I really would like to try it again ! My technique still need to be perfected, but I think sharing this experience with you guys could just help ; I hope you’ll be able to try by yourself with your own references (I took a picture but it can be anything) and make amazing art with your own method !

Have fun with your pencils, and see you next time !