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-Kinetic Abilities Prompt List A Edition

Acidikinesis - Control Sloth

  • I have a personal vendetta against someone wildly more successful than me so I’m trying to make them lazy.
  • You don’t know how to relax so I’m literally filling you with laziness but you just won’t stop.
  • I work at an animal shelter and I sometimes make the animals fit what people are looking for by removing or adding laziness. You haven’t lived until you saw a cat with 0% laziness.

Aciukinesis - Control Sharpness

  • Did you know that most man made spheres are still more jagged than the earth itself? You haven’t experienced softness until you felt a perfectly smooth ball. There’s also not a lot of traction so please cup it in your hands.
  • I’m one of the only chefs here that doesn’t have some sort of hot or cold ability. But me being very clumsy, the ability to make all my knives dull saves my fingers a lot.
  • I keep making all the knives in the kitchen blunt so I can watch my parent-in-law get frustrated and lose their dominance over me.

Aerokinesis - Control Air

  • I can control the air but that doesn’t do a lot so I just got a few wind turbines for my property, so I get power for free. It’s a small win, but I like it. 
  • Sometimes I go to the beach and set up a kite rental booth while making it windy. It doesn’t make much but it helps with rent.
  • No one thinks that controlling air is that cool of a super power until I take it out of their lungs.

Aestatekinesis - Control Summer

  • I hate sweating so I made this summer really mild but it’s affecting my town’s farming economy.
  • I forgot that Alaska’s still supposed to be pretty cold in the summer and I may have made the ice caps melt a little more.

Aggressiokinesis - Control Anger

  • I work in tandem with a crisis clinic and so far, there isn’t a patient I can’t calm down.
  • My anti-aggression dog classes are the best in the business. I even stop by pet shelters.
  • I just love watching these people tear each other limb from limb with blind rage. I’m gonna be sad to see you go though.

Aidoskinesis - Control Humidity

  • One of the only things good about my powers is that I can make my boss’ office so humid they have horrible hair and sweat stains for their meeting with corporate. 
  • My greenhouse is always at the perfect humidity even in the dead of winter.
  • I’m gulty of making someone so humid they’ve taken off their shirt before. It’s a blessing.

Alcokinesis - Control Alcohol

  • You always get too out of hand with your drinking so I just take the alcohol content out of your drinks.
  • My coworker bugs the hell out of me and they’re going in for a company-wide drug test today. I made their breakfast have a healthy amount of alcohol.
  • It’s very fun to see someone pantamime being drunk when they think they are when in actuality I’ve taken all the alcohol out of their drink.

Amokinesis - Control Love and Desire

  • Shit are you actually in love with me or did I manipulate you into liking me?
  • As a joke I was going to make my classmate fall in love with whoever came in next but you did and now I’m very jealous.
  • I make people forget about me when we break up so it’s easy on them but I can’t get rid of my own love for them, even when there’s no chance of getting back together ever now. 

Anthracokinesis - Control Coal

  • I like being alone so I move to Centralia and just turn off the surrounding coals when I’m walking over them. It’s very quiet but very smoky. I need to leave town to buy a gas mask.
  • I bought a bit of land and made a little mine before buying a truckload of coal and just stiking it in the walls. Then, I compressed it all into diamonds.
  • So my parents gave me a little tough love as a child and gave me a piece of coal one christmas. I’ll admit, I was a naughty child. But that piece of coal made me learn of my powers. It’s the only piece I’ll never manipulate anymore.

Antikinesis - Control Antimatter

  • No you can’t come to my antimatter dimension. It’s very private.
  • I think we had a good run, I’m just gonna get a black hole in here real quick.
  • I always wanted to visit Chernobl, good thing I can just sort of turn off the gamma radation and go for a walk. 

Argentokinesis - Control Silver

  • Whoops I’m in werewolf country better make all my clothes and stuff have silver mesh.
  • “Yes this is genuine gold” I say to someone when I took the silver content out of a ring.
  • So I don’t have the best impulse control. I made my rude neighbor’s prized dog into a silver statue and now it’s like… eighty sets of flatwear.

Arthrokinesis - Control Joints

  • I may be a very inactive person, but damned if my joints ever pop. I’m doing sprints anytime I feel like it.
  • I got too excited testing how much I could let my joints move and may have dislocated by shoulder. 
  • Yes, I tried to suck my own dick. Yes, I should have realized that there is actually bone stopping me from bending my spine like that. Don’t laugh at me.

Asterokinesis - Control Cosmic Energy

  • I’ve ascended to be the god of the universe and all I want to do is to stop being in charge and just have some time off for once.
  • I saw how much earth was desperate to meet other beings so I made some closer planets support life. 
  • I’m not just some giant being in space. I’m a regular person. I buy groceries, collect rocks, and I’m desperate for people to never know I made them. 

Astrakinesis - Control Astral Energy

  • I am nearly constantly disassociating. The good news is that I have like thirty dream selves I can be while the others go on autopilot. 
  • I can see spirits so I just deal with ghosts for a living. Most of the time they’re just confused.
  • I can work as a medium for ghosts to talk through but you roleplaying with your dead datemate is the last straw.

Astronkinesis - Control Remnants of Cosmic Substances

  • I realized that in my lifetime I would never see a mission to a star so I made some much closer to us.
  • I don’t feel like this world’s really going anywhere. I’m just gonna supernova the sun next weekend. 
  • My tarot card readings are always perfect and I sincerely want you to leave the country.

Atmokinesis - Control Weather

  • I am the best weather forecaster the world has ever seen. I work for a small town in rural country though. I think I have five hundred viewers on a daily basis? 
  • I always make sure my neighbor’s/parent’s/friend’s/etc farm gets the best weather.
  • My entrences are always punctuated with lightening and I love it.

Atomkinesis - Control Atoms

  • It’s like 3-D printing, only much better. Check out this awesome watch I made.
  • I hope you like nuclear wastelands, because that’s what you’re getting.
  • Surprise, your house is full of radon gas!it’ll stay that way until you do what I say.

Audiokinesis - Control Sound 

  • Nothing quite like a day of absolute silence when you have an audio processing disorder.
  • Movies are very fun to watch when I can make one character silent and just ad lib the dialogue.
  • The fact that I can chat style silence someone is the best.

Aurokinesis - Control Aura

  • I can see how people act before ever talking to them, that’s why you’re the only one in the room I’m going to talk to. 
  • Where I live, auras are very important. So I can easily hide among them as someone without giving an inkling of malice.
  • I personally hate you so now you get too radiate bad energy until you apologize. 

Aurokinesis - Control Gold

  • I’m allergic to what they use in fake gold but I have no money for good jewelry so I just make it gold after I buy it for cheap. 
  • It’s not quite the Midas touch, but I’ve pulled that prank before. 
  • I make golden jewelry and sculptures by making them out of clay/wood/etc and turning them into gold for huge profits.

Autumnuskinesis - Control Autumn

  • My hometown capitalizes on my love of pumpkins and sweater weather by becoming a destination for those looking to beat the heat but don’t want to own a down jacket. 
  • I can make things rot. So I rotted my neighbor’s garden a week before harvest. 
  • I make autumn immediately follow winter so now the world’s harvesting systems are fucked because I get pollen allergies. 

Avarikinesis - Control Greed

  • I’m trying to make the world fair by taking all the greed out of high-ranking officials but sometimes that was their only driving force and they have no actual job experience. 
  • I made someone comically greedy because being a superhero in a town in which no banks need protecting is boring.
  • I want so desperately to not have to take greed out of anymore people. It’s getting so tiring. I need to go on a vacation. 

Avikinesis - Control Avains

  • Having hawks fly to my aide when my boss was giving me shit in the parking lot was definitely a sweet move.
  • I may live in this cottage alone, but these birds are more than enough company. One of them just told me about someone who ate shit on pavement last week in a city ten miles away. It’s awesome.
  • “Bats fly, right? Why can’t I control bats?” “Please just let me do my work.” ‘What about bugs?” “Please go home.” “Do flying fish count?”
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anonymous asked:

Hi, what kind of fantasy themed book would you recommend? btw love your blog

Sorry for taking so long to reply anon 😅

My favourite fantasy books are those that combine romance and adventure. I am such a bookworm I can’t possible choose one so I’ll do a rec list for you. You’ll see I have a real thing for Urban Fantasy and Paranormal romance lol  

A word of warning a lot of these are adult orientated books but some are young-adult. 

Amazing Authors to check out and I’ll put a * by the series I’ve re-read multiple times. Some of these really are guilty pleasures lmao  

I’ve read a lot more but these were the first ones to catch my attention on my good reads list. 

Kristen Ashley - Fantasyland Series *

Elise Kova - Air Awakens

Anne Bishop - The Others Series

Suzanne Wright - The Dark in you Series

Alwyn Hamilton - Rebel of the Sands Series

Rebecca Zanetti  - The Scorpius syndrome & Dark Protectors series

Sally Slater  - Paladin 

Karen Marie Moning - Fever & Highlander series

Rachel Hartman - Seraphina 

Trudi Canavan - The Black Magician Trilogy

Lindsay J. Pryor - The Blackthorn Series

Juliette Cross  - Vale of Stars Series

J.R. Ward – Black Dagger Brotherhood Series *

Sherrilyn Kenyon  - Dark Hunterverse *

Christine Feehan – Dark Carpathians 

Nalini Singh – Psy-changling and Guild Hunter series *

D.B. Reynolds – Vampires in America Series

Jeaniene Frost – Night Prince Series

Cynthia Eden – Phoenix Fire, Purgatory, Midnight & Night Watch Series *

Christine Warren – The others series *

 Helen Harper – Blood Destiny Series

Amelia Hutchins – The Fae Chronicles *

Laurann Dohner – New Species *

Gena Showalter – Lords of the Underworld 

Thea Harrison - Elder Race Series *

Holly Black - Modern Fairy Tales

anonymous asked:

So I've watched a fair few karl urban movies like the loft, priest, star trek one or two others and i gotta say... Damn he's one hot peice of ass Care to give a girl a list (big or small, no fuss) of movies he's been in Kinda feel like watching a mini marathon of his movies.

Aww yeah girl, here we go! This is going to be quite the list. Buckle up!

Tv show: Almost Human - Everyones favorite grumpy officer. Very good, still bitter they cancelled it.

Tv Show: Hercules and Xena - I still have not gotten around to watching this(I’m almost afraid to, haha). What is wrong with me?

Tv Show: Comanche Moon: Cowboy Karl was pretty great, the rest of the show, I give it a solid “meh”. I love Karl trying to have a southern accent for a bit, then he just kinda gives up on it haha, poor guy.

And Soon the Darkness: Not as much Karl in it as I would have liked, but it was still a good movie regardless.

Priest: Karl as a vampire, with fangs? What more could you ask for?

The Bourne Supremacy - little assassin Karl, speaking Russian, grumpy expressions the whole time, also a good movie.

Doom: Oh how I love Karl in Doom. Not a good gamer movie, but a great Karl movie. (Super thrusting @bkwrm523)

Dredd: Another weird but excellent Karl movie. He did dredd so great haha

Lord of the Rings: Where I first fell in love with Karl. Eomer will always have that special place in my heart.

Pathfinder: Another completely weird Karl Urban movie. Honestly, I just watched this one for Karl specifically. I wasn’t disappointed with him.

Pete’s Dragon: I watched this one because I loved the original, plus Karl was in it. Unfortunately I didn’t think this one held a candle to the original. Came for the nostalgia, stayed for Karl(even if hes a bit assholeish)

RED: I loved this movie. Great action packed movie, and funny as well. I love Cooper.

Star Trek: I mean, we all know about this one right? I don’t have to say anything here.

The Loft: How I love Karl in this movie(even though he is a definite asshole.) I just can’t help it, he looks so damn good.

Truth about Demons: I watched this the other day, and I’m still not quite sure what I watched. Karl still looked good in it though.(plus a small sex scene)

Walking with Dinosaurs: Another one I still haven’t gotten around to watching. I might need to do that later. Karl in flannel though, yes please, besides all that scruff and hair.

Theres many more, like: Short Poppies(Tv show), Riddick(movie), Black water transit(movie), Out of the Blue(movie), Ghost Ship(movie), The Price of Milk(movie), Heaven(movie) but a few are pretty obscure and hard to find so I haven’t seen them yet. But the list above is all my favorite things Karl has been in! Hope this helps :) (and sorry if this is super long, I got carried away, whoops)


A post shared by Shonagh Scott | ShowMe MakeUp (@showmemakeup) on May 14, 2017 at 2:17pm PDT

N E W     P R O D U C T S   -   B L E N D E R E L L E 

On a weekly basis I’m fortunate enough to receive new products to test out from various companies within the beauty industry. But due to my busy lifestyle I don’t always get a chance to blog about each individual item, and I as I don’t want you to miss out on all the best ones I decided to filmed a video featuring some of my current LOVES, LIKES and a couple of dislikes.

One of those LOVES being this little gem featured above!!! The Blenderelle.
If you’re using a beauty sponge within your makeup routine then you NEED this in your life! 

FYI, I will continue to blog about my favourite new products as and when I get a chance to sit down and snap some images, but so you don’t miss out here is my video! 


Five hidden worlds just below London

1. You yourself may have encountered pigeons which seem to have only one leg, or perhaps one and a half legs, or even some other fraction of legs. This is an illusion. These pigeons are abundantly supplied with leg. Some even have three. London being what it is, as countless authors can tell you, sometimes has rains from the sky of teensy-tiny portals to grubby underworld dimensions. These pigeons have got their feet stuck in them. Even now their feet are having excitingly gothic adventures without them. This is why pigeons go into bars and cry.

2. Similarly, you yourself may have had the sort of incident in London where your pie and a squirrel come into closer contact than you as a pie-eater would like. Would you be surprised to learn that this is also due to a murkily sinister alternative dimension lurking just below London? I would not be. These squirrels are in exile and are constantly on the lookout for a route home. Their original portal was cunningly designed as a rotating pie; press on one end, and you are flipped down into the raucous depths. Is it any wonder that they seek to spin your pastries?

3. Have you seen the sort of genteel little city square whose bounds are locked and triple-locked against the entry of plebs like you? This too is an illusion, and a cunning one. Step past the fence and it all becomes clear: what seems to be a square is actually a reflecting pool of cunningly-fashioned ghoststuff leading into yet another moist little underLondon. There are many of these in London, because there are.

4. London being, as I believe I have mentioned, a hive of underdimensions over overdimensions beside portals through portals; that said, you can imagine the challenges to build an underground railway through the place. Tubular engineers must take an oath never to reveal the sinister doorways that have yawned in their general direction. In fact, there are many gaps in the network where tube trains simply leap across chunks of other worlds or, in one notable example on the Victoria line, a small segment of translocated deep space. Sometimes one may even hear the whistling chittering of those things that lurk beyond. But usually not if you have headphones in.

5. Then again, there is that other theory: that we are already all living in a London below some other London and its extended outworld. Scientists who have looked into the matter say that this is by far the most likely option. Indeed it may well be that we are all living in a London below some other London that is itself below an even Londonier London, and so on all the way up. Who knows what the top of that stack looks like. Perhaps it connects again to the bottom, leaving us with no London at all other than the ones we made along the way.

My Top 11 Favorite Horror Films

Other Lists:
Top 11 Favorite Vampire Films / Top 11 Favorite Zombie Films

In honor of Halloween, I’ll be posting weekly Top 11 lists related to the holiday. I’ve been a fan of horror movies since I was eight years old, when I saw Scream for the first time. I snuck into my grandparents living room while they were watching it one night and, while it scared the crap out of me, I was fascinated. From there, my mom and I began a tradition of going to Blockbuster and picking up the newest horror movie every week. I’ve seen a lot of horror movies since then, so this was a difficult list to narrow down. I ended up going with the movies that I’ve watched the most and never get tired of. Happy Halloween!! 

1. Alien (1979)

2. The Thing (1982)

3. 28 Days Later (2002)

4. Event Horizon (1997)

5. Resident Evil (2002)

6. The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

7. The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

8. Scream (1996)

9. I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)

10. Urban Legend (1998)

11. The House on Haunted Hill (1999)

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Inktober Day 1 - The Heroine

The prompt list I’m using is the Urban Fantasy list from here.  I’m going to be using Amelie and characters from her world. She started as an urban fantasy/magical detective sort of character, and I want to poke around in her original world a bit. See if I can get my Mignola shading on. Maybe finally decide on a design for a few characters.


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Leonard McCoy

Flattery Gets You Everything
Obvious Setup
Lattices Are For Climbing
New Year’s Eve
Leonard McCoy’s Guide to Hula Hooping

Dammit, I’m Trying to Kiss You (drabble)
I Really Love Holding You, Darlin’ (drabble)

John Kennex

Birthday Cake
Variety is the Spice of Life
The Slug
The Dinner Date

Urban Fantasy Prompt List
  • A hoard of mini-dragons invaded my backyard tree-house and they insist on annoying you, my neighbor, by snapping at your outdoor gargoyle, I’m so sorry.
  • You’ve started playing violin out on your balcony and I think it’s a great instrument and all but I got cursed a couple years ago and I go into trances when I hear music. I just woke up halfway up a pine tree, can you call and warn me next time?
  • You’re sitting out on your deck and my dragon decided that you were invading their area, I’m so sorry that they tried to rush you off your porch.
  • I’m studying to get my fantastical veterinary degree but I cried and ran out when we had to dissect the fetal unicorn and you’re a nice bystander buying me coffee to calm me down.
  • One of our mutual friends talked us into being their victim for their first love potion and they need to document it for class.
  • You came into the animal shelter looking for a manageable pet but you came out with the most snobby and angry gargoyle we had. I just saw you in the park a week later and they were the most well behaved creature there, tell me your secrets. 
  • I cause lightning storms when I get a headache and my sinuses have been pretty congested because of all the pollen and you make tornadoes when you get headaches so I don’t want to get you sick, but I still want to talk to you so we Skype every night. 
  • My teleportation spell didn’t send me to my Mom’s house, it sent me to yours and I didn’t know if I should try to leave again, but the good news is, I walked your dragons while you were out. 
  • You run a unicorn ranch across the road from my Pegasus ranch, and a few of them keep going over to your ranch to visit with their friends so we meet a lot going back and forth with them but sometimes I tell them to go over there if I want to see you because you’re actually quite good looking. 
  • I broke my leg trying to clean my house with a spell but you’re the really nice doctor that insists I tell you the whole story later. 
  • I’m a mermaid and you’re the only one in the area that makes deep depth water proof phone cases and I have to go visit my parents in Marianas Trench, and also, would you mind if you pretend to be my date?
Did the Dungeons & Dragons TV Show Originally End With Everyone Dead?
In the latest TV Legends Revealed, discover if the 1980s animated series, Dungeons and Dragons, originally had a rather bleak ending!

TV URBAN LEGEND: The original, unaired finale of Dungeons and Dragons ended with the reveal that the kids had all died during their original amusement park ride at the start of the series.

One of the most acclaimed animated series of the 1980s was Dungeons and Dragons, about a group of young people who go on a Dungeons and Dragons amusement park ride…