the upside dome

A Long Rain

Created for Voltron Whump Week

Prompt: Day 4- Torture

Summary: Lance loved the rain and he really didn’t understand why Keith hated it so much.

Notes: I didn’t want to write a general torture fic, like someone gets captured and tortured for information. I can’t do that to them. So I ended up with this. Which is still pretty upsetting. General inspiration and most of the title lovingly stolen from Ray Bradbury’s The Long Rain.

Warnings for injuries, burns, illness, vomiting, and past child abuse.

A Long Rain

Shiro kept having to remind Lance that this wasn’t a game. This was dangerous. Well Lance already knew that. Of course he knew that.

When they had first come to this planet, Lance had stared outside of the large glass dome with amazement as water poured from the sky and soaked the large, grey, bare trees. Everyone else was impressed with the city that lived in what looked like a large upside down fishbowl. The dome protected the inhabitants from the constant rain that beat down on this planet. But Lance just kept staring out at the rain with longing. It was slightly acidic and dangerous rain, but rain all the same.

So when the locals requested their help with a search and rescue mission outside the dome, Lance had agreed to it without hesitation. The others agreed as well, though Pidge was staying behind in an attempt to coordinate the search efforts. Some of the city’s best scientists had been on an expedition to research some nearby caves and they hadn’t made it back yet. They were believed to be stranded, as flooding was common in the area.

“The storm makes communication unreliable, even our coms will be going in and out.” Pidge typed away at the computer they had provided her with. She was happy where she was, having no desire to scavenge through a forest that held puddles that often went up past her knees.

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Raymond and Rado. Architectural Forum Dec 1950, 88
“[Engineer Paul] Weidlinger has turned Brunelleschi’s dome upside down and filled it with seats.”