the upright citizens brigade

i just found out a guy i had a thing with in NYC like 10+ years ago is now a famous-ish actor??? i remember going to see him do some improv show at the upright citizen’s brigade and it was so weird and awkward??? i had to sit through that shit and now he’s rich and married god damnit anyway i’m at my mum’s house for the week and we’ve been watching a lot of hulu and his ad keeps coming on and it’s very weird my life is weird

If you’re not already subscribed to seeso you should go ahead and do that…it’s $4/month and they air mbmbam, some great stand up shows like Night Train with Wyatt Cenac and then this other great show I just finished called Shrink…plus they have like all of saturday night live without commercials and upright citizens brigade which is hard to even find for download. If you like comedy pay for seeso! Ok bye

Improv Class #1

I signed up for an improv class at Upright Citizens Brigade in order to explore and address my extreme social anxiety and discomfort on stage. Tonight was the first class.

I’m now experiencing the after-anxiety which is sort of the worst part. It’s after things that I feel the most anxious. This class is good because I will likely never see any of these people again after it ends. So I should be able to not care that I just had that experience in that room with those fifteen other individuals for three hours. I shouldn’t hold the space for any amount of time after I get home really. I do though.

I believe I’m the second or third oldest student. Most are in their twenties. I really like the women, there are five of us, eleven males.

I think I did ok. Sometimes I said funny or good things, a few times I froze up. I was mostly holding my arms over my stomach and on my arms the entire time to protect myself obviously. 7 weeks to go. I have to remember a water bottle next week. 



Story Time!

I can’t believe I almost forgot to post this on tumblr!

Well my friends and I decided to hit up NYC for an afternoon and we went out to eat and watch the Upright Citizens Brigade and on our way we saw a nail salon on the other side of the street that did manicures for cheap so we went to it. Then on our way to the theater we passed by this restaurant that immediately reminded me of the one from Matt and Karen’s first date in Daredevil because well they had chilis hanging from the ceiling. I turn to my roommate and I didn’t know if she got that far into the season 2 so I went “isn’t this… Well… Ummm… This looks like… Eh…?” And she went “OMG THIS LOOKS LIKE THE ONE FROM THE DATE” (which means she’s saw the episode). So we freaked out and went into the restaurant and she asked the waiter if a show was shot here and he said “yes, Daredevil I believe” then the screaming and fangirling commenced. We took pics and legit couldn’t believe that at one point they were shooting one of our fave shows here. And to think that if we didn’t decide to get an impromptu manicure we wouldn’t have been on that side of the street and wouldn’t have seen the restaurant

We decided to get manicures that led us to see the restaurant where Karedevil went on their date
How the Most Authentic Female Friendship on Television Found Its Home on USA
Playing House with its fast-paced dialogue and pop culture references is the Gilmore Girls replacement you've been waiting for.
By Joanna Robinson

“Amy Poehler and Tina Fey led the way for us to be fearless in the way we kept shoving our message and our comedy voice down people’s throats until they listened.”

We looked at men and women. There was no mandate that this needed to be three women,“ said Samberg, adding that their top choices just happened to be female.

What sold Samberg on the three Upright Citizens Brigade alums was an infomercial parody they all had previously acted in together. "I was watching it and I was like, ‘That’s the show!’ They all had a different energy, they played off each other really well and they all make me laugh really hard,” said Samberg, who went on to use the words “infectious,” “wonderfully weird” and “just f—king funny” to describe the cast.