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Aim to Please (NSFW)

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Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Warnings: Smut

A/N: I fucking love this gif, I want this image of his little shithead face on everything. This boy is ruining my fucking life.

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Idea for the next animal crossing game:

you can choose the climate or your town. On the train or whatever Rover asks “what’s the weather like in (town name)?” And the options are “it’s super dry!” “Pretty cold.” “It rains a lot” and “normal, I guess.”

Dry- desert town, rains/ snows MAYBE once a month. Sandy areas instead of dirt on upper half of town.

Cold- snow from October to April. Sun sets much earlier in winter and much later in summer. (Making the winter and summer solstice days make more sense)

Rainy- rain and snow more days than sunny. More thunderstorms

Normal- default animal crossing weather

Worn to Paper (part 1)

He does not move.

Even as the sun dips below the mountain ridge, with its last flair of light setting the peaks ablaze with the amber-gold that gave Beacon Hills its name. Even as the evening bell sounds from the upper levels of town, finally bringing an end to the constant murmur of the open marketplace. And, yes, even when a snarl of hunger protests his refusal to follow the townsmen to the taverns for supper.

Even then, he does not move.

He waits, and the sky sinks into dusty blues, the first freckles of starlight shining brighter and more friendly than any tavern window. It’s only when the lamp-lighters make their rounds, sluggish from the heat of the day and full bellies, does he dare move an inch. Just enough to chance a look through the window he so precariously perched under all those hours ago. Unfortunately, the room remains dark, so he returns to his uncomfortable position with a silent grumble. He’d managed to wedge himself between the stone windowsill that, while lovingly carved with flowers, is also terribly pointy, and a small, slanted ledge designed for sending rain away from the lower windows. Not many could have managed the squeeze, but a good twenty minutes of silent prayers and sheer determination were all he needed before he settled in for the inevitable torture of waiting.

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7 Years: Part 8

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: It’s been 7 years since you walked away from the love of your life.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

The car ride was filled with idle chat and exchanged chuckles. The nervousness that both parties have felt in the beginning started to fade away. They both were starting to become comfortable again. 

Bucky drove up to a restaurant that you realized was in the upper side of town. You looked at him wide eyed with questioning gaze. He smiled in amusement, “I have connections, doll. Don’t worry. A friend owed me a favor.”

Your door opened as the valet came into view offering a hand to help you out. you thanked him as your feet hit the pavement. Bucky came to your side and you hooked your arm around his looking at the restaurant, “Okay, who exactly is your friend?” You asked walking in.

Bucky smiled then greeted the hostess at the podium, “Good evening. Reservations for Barnes?”

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CP 14 Days of Love #8: Single and Bitter is Better Together (anti-valentine’s day, single awareness day)

Day 8 of @softkent‘s Valentine’s Day fic-a-thon

Ah, today was turning out to be a lovely day. The wind was blowing, the snow was falling in a wintry mix between actual snow and straight up sleet, all the red decorations were being soaked. Bitty sat in a cozy little coffee shop in downtown Providence, having taken up residence in an armchair by the window with a cup of rare out of season pumpkin spice coffee. It was the day before Valentine’s and Eric Bittle was not above admitting that he really very much abhorred the holiday. It’s hard to watch everyone else enjoy themselves and be in totally utterly grossly in love when you’re alone, and have been alone for years, all your years if you’re Bitty.

“Hey Bits! I’m so glad you were free to meet tonight!” Lardo dropped into the chair next to his with a happy smile. “I just got a call that I think will be right up your alley!  I know you were planning to have the night free tomorrow but I have an assignment for you!” The unholy glee in her eyes would be at the very least disquieting to other people but Bitty knew her too well.

“Well what have you got for me, I’ll at least give it a listen, though I can’t promise more than that.”

Bitty and Lardo worked for a local paper on the Providence area, mostly the small towns in the area, Lincoln, Cumberland, that sort of small, middle to upper class town.  Lardo was one of the editors that oversaw the larger sections, she was in charge of arts and leisure. Bitty was her food and restaurant consultant.

“I got a call this afternoon, you know that little French restaurant in Greenville? Pets de Soeurs, they called and they want us to review them!”

“Wait, wait. The one that was just  reviewed by The New Yorker and The Washington Post? Why would they want us to review them?”

“The owners are unhappy that so many of their customers are tourists.  One of the two owners is a small town native and he wants their restaurant to have that feel he was used to growing up. They want a local paper to give them look and hopefully the residents in the area will take notice.  And they only trust our paper to do it!  What do you say, I know you don’t have any plans.”

Bitty couldn’t possibly resist. It was a good opportunity for the paper, it was a good opportunity for the restaurant, and it was a good opportunity to actually sample a pretty high end restaurant in the area.

“What time are they expecting me?”

Jack had just sat down at his table.  He was really looking forward to the night, not because it was Valentine’s, that actually put a bit of a damper on the night in his opinion. No, he was looking forward to it because of what he had planned.  His Maman had called last week about an article she’d read in the Wall Street Journal.  Apparently, there was a French restaurant that specialized in French Canadian cuisine in a small town outside of Providence and it had been getting good reviews from papers across the country. Jack was very much looking forward to a familiar home cooked meal. He hadn’t had one in years.

Jack was perusing the menu when suddenly all the blood rushed from his head to his feet. The front door had opened and a familiar laugh had wafted through the air. Jack knew that laugh. Oh no, oh please, no no no. Not that. The last thing he wanted to deal with was getting caught alone at a restaurant on Valentine’s day by he well meaning and very happily engaged ex. He couldn’t allow that to happen. Kenny would start pitying him and worse, trying to set him up. That wasn’t happening in this lifetime, thanks.

Bitty was just asking the very nice waiter for water without lemon and asking what the most popular appetizer on the menu was when a very tall, very cute, young man slid into the seat across from him.  

“Wow, how are you, I know I said I couldn’t make it tonight but I managed to get away.  I hope you haven’t order yet!”

The very cute young man was looking at him as if to say just go with it, please. Bitty flashed a cocked eyebrow at him before committing.  

“Oh, I’m so pleased you could come! I must have missed your text, hun! I’ve only order a drink, did you want to try an appetizer?” Nodding at the waiter to indicate that everything was fine, he totally knew this stranger and could we get him something to drink before he explains himself entirely?

The waiter took the man’s drink order and hurried off.

Jack had gotten lucky. So lucky. Now he just had to explain himself.

“I am SO sorry. Please go with me on this. I know you don’t know me but I swear its for a good cause.” Jack deployed his puppy dog pleading eyes at full strength.

“And what cause might that be, Mr. Total Stranger that I’ve apparently made plans to have dinner with?”

“My ex.”

“Your ex.”

“He’s here. With his fiance. Who is also my coworker. They can’t find me eating alone on Valentines.”

“So this is just your pride talking?” Bitty was regretting this more and more by the minute. “Just because you don’t want to see your ex boyfriend with a gorgeous girl on his arm and let him win—”

Jack cut in, “That’s not my problem.”


“That’s not my problem. And his gorgeous girl is about three inches taller than me and plays hockey with me so I’m not terribly concerned about how attractive his partner is. It’s worse than that. He’s going to start trying to set me up.  They’ve just gotten engaged and I’m very happy for them but they think, well he thinks that everyone should be as happy as he is and he started setting people up on dates…without telling them. I cannot get dragged into that. Do you have any idea how unpleasant blind dates set up by the least talented matchmaker on the PLANET are? Lemme tell you, they’re almost physically painful.”

Bitty couldn’t help it. He started to laugh. He tried to stifle it but there was no use, the giggles just bubbled out.  

Jack just looked at him, betrayed.

“Alright, that does sound fairly horrendous,” Bitty half shrugs, “I’m in.”

Jack sighed in relief.

“Well, what shall I call you then?”

Jack spent the rest of the night with Bitty, happily chatting over some pretty exceptional Quebecois cuisine, about who he was, a pro-hockey star, where he came from, Providence now, and why he hated Valentine’s, it’s hard to be a pro-athlete in the closet and then to come out without a partner. Bitty enjoyed every minute of it, sharing his own stories and dislike for the holiday. In fact they ended up closing the restaurant down that night, with a few quiet moments taken to speak to the married couple that owned the restaurant. As Jack and Bitty were walking out, Bitty was trying to work up the courage to ask for a second, or possibly first date. Jack had his hands stuffed into his pockets and was looking at his shoes as they walked towards the parking lot.

“Do you think, do you think I could have your number? I had a really good time tonight and I’d hate to lose contact because I wasn’t man enough to ask you for it.” Jack looked up at Bitty with a crooked, hopeful smile.

“And THAT is how Papa met Daddy by absolutely hating Valentine’s day!”

“And how you met Uncle Dex and Uncle Nursey and they catered the engagement party and the wedding and the baby showers!” Leena always remembered that part and piped in because Nursey had trained her to, he thought it was a very important part of their story.

“And Auntie Lardo was so happy that you found Papa that she paid to have a table dedicated to you every Valentines!” Jason was wiggling around under Daddy’s chair but obviously still listening.

“And Uncles Tater and Kenny STILL won’t let it go and claim that it’s their fault we’re together!” Jack called out, still aggrieved after all these years, from the baby’s room down the hall where he was taking his turn on diaper duty.

Bitty leaned back in his arm chair, with an unseasonable cup of pumpkin spice in a permanent to go cup, safe from his children, and looked out the window at the blowing snow, and smiled to himself.

“And they lived happily ever after..”


Lemon Drops and Chocolate Chips


ao3 -  chapter 1   //  chapter 2  //   chapter 3

Tumblr -   chapter 1  //  chapter 2

Huge thanks to @diokomen and @strix for beta-ing this chapter for me. They helped so much with advice, suggestions, and punctuation. I feel this is the most polished of everything I’ve ever written and I am so thankful for them!  And as always @a92vm, who is always so supportive. This story is for you after all! ;) 

Saturday night was usually the day that Betty treated herself. To quote one of her favorite shows, “treat yo self.” It was something she didn’t have a problem doing. She didn’t have a lot of extra money for frivolous things, but it was usually something like a bottle of her favorite cherry wine and a bubble bath. Or maybe take out from a restaurant she really fancied, because she didn’t really have anyone to go out with. Occasionally, she would do some online shopping.

She was going to cook a meal for Jughead on Sunday, so today she was spending her night grocery shopping. Betty actually really loved going to the store, it must have went along with her love of cooking. Otherwise, she preferred online shopping for everything else.

Last week after she and Jughead exchanged phone numbers, they texted briefly the following days. Short, snippets of conversations. Jughead worked a varied schedule depending on the type of thing he was photographing. Whereas Betty was typically home after 5pm every day. They hadn’t really talked about much of importance; just about their days, weird things that happened to them, or Jughead’s woes of unpacking. Jughead was always asking Betty what she was cooking.

Most of the time she didn’t have such an eloquent response for him. She ate homemade, but most things were fairly simple. She did cook or bake for her blog at least once a day and he was always interested in that. One time, when she had told him she just bit into a crunchy peanut butter sandwich his response was a series of emoji’s that she had raised an eyebrow at. A shocked face, hands over mouth, a peanut and a slice of bread, a tongue, and raised hands.

Another text followed after, in which she almost choked on said peanut butter sandwich.

J: stop talking dirty to me

She couldn’t help the laughter that escaped her. If she had learned anything about Jughead so far it was that he loved food (literally any food) and also innuendos. She rolled her eyes, and sent him the corresponding emoji. He sent a winking face back at her.

He was cute, to be honest. He texted the exact same way as he spoke in person – smooth and confident. She wondered if he knew what he really sounded like, if it was a conscious effort or not.

So she had followed that up with a promise to make him something worth talking dirty over and it had kind of escalated from there. They were both free on Sunday from their obligations, so Betty was going to cook. Easy. Simple.

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Eastern Massachusetts Gothic, Part 2

In Salem, tourism is a thriving industry, built on the infamy of the Witch Trials. Witches, ghouls, and ghosts walk in costume in Derby Square, handing out fliers for nighttime ghost tours. Perhaps this is how Salem buries its dead, you think, realizing that you never even learned all of the names of the 19 victims of the Salem Witch Trials. The Grim Reaper walks up to you. He hands you a flier with a discount for a nighttime ghost tour.

Hundreds, perhaps thousands of people pass Boston’s homeless on the streets each day, averting their eyes and quickening their pace as they walk by people holding donation cans, signs, pleas for money or assistance, some acknowledgement of their plight. You walk by too, and you always feel a twinge of guilt. Sometimes you contemplate buying one of these people a sandwich or a coffee, or asking them if they’re alright. Most people wonder the same thing. But no one stops; kindness disrupts the monotonous, soulless routine of daily life. You continue walking.

In your upper-middle class suburban town, you are always told to avoid the poorer neighboring towns or cities. They’re dangerous, you’re told, dirty and mean and not meant for you. They’re places to be ridiculed, scorned, and feared. You must stay where it’s safe, in your social bubble. Here, you’re told, everything is fine. People are kind, the schools are good, the community is close. Stay in the community, you’re told. And you stay.

After Halloween, many pumpkins remain on porches, stoops, and sidewalks, left to rot. Their carved features become distorted as the structure collapsed on itself, blackening as it decays and liquifies. You begin to avoid the houses guarded by Jack'o Lanterns.

Some mornings, you wake with a start to the sound of gunshots and fleeing birds. It takes a few moments to realize that you are not the target, and that the firing comes from across the border in New Hampshire. At nightfall, you can’t sleep; the sound of fireworks and rockets going off from across the Merrimack River keeps you up. Fucking New Hampshire.

The shores of rivers are plentiful with trash turned treasure. You find clay pipes, marbles, bottles, and broken china fragments with beautiful patterns. You also find dead fish and animal bones. There was that time you found what looked like human teeth. You wonder how they got there, but you’re not sure you really want the answer.

Everyone has a Harvard or BU sweatshirt. And yet, you know no one who goes to Harvard, and only a handful who go to BU. You never bother to say anything about it.

There are also a lot of people with Cape Cod t-shirts and sweatshirts. You assume they’re not from around here. Almost no one goes to the Cape. It will be underwater soon enough anyway.

Drummer’s Bang Harder

Description: Phil gets the chance to meet his favourite band, ‘Dark Kills’ and meets his favourite person in the world, Dan Howell, only Dan steals his ‘Drummer’s Band Harder’ beanie and meets Phil up after the show. 

prompt here from phanfic!!

Tags: Bottom!Sub!Phil; Top!Dom!Dan; Rockstar!Dan; NonFamous!Phil

A/N: I changed it too a beanie after because, who doesn’t want Dan fucking in a beanie. I loved writing this and got the smut part done in maybe a night. I’m so fucking evil!! Wow!! and i used a website for proofreading this one so maybe it looks better anon!! I won’t be writing all that much starting in about a week because we’re starting a writing unit in english and i just now thats going to fuck my schedule something fierce. im tired enough when i get home. i actually finished a prompt!! Wow!! So proud. So here’s some fun sin. (u guys make me write so much sin, i love it) 

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Old Catholic Cemetery, Marquette, MI. Today, the forest has reclaimed the old cemetery property off Pioneer Road. Gradually, while some of the bodies were left behind, all the gravestones were removed. Across the street from the former Brookridge Estate, on the corner of County Road 553 and Pioneer Road, is a patch of woods where once the Old Catholic Cemetery existed. It became the burial place for Marquette’s Catholics in 1861. Prior to that, Catholics had been buried on the property where the cathedral now stands. The new cemetery would within fifty years become the Old Catholic Cemetery. By the early 1900s, the new Holy Cross Cemetery off Wright Street opened, and between 1912 and 1925, some 165 Catholics’ remains were transferred from the old cemetery to the new one, although not all the bodies were removed.

I knew you were the one - shadow hunter / the vampire diaries/the originals cross over

chapter one 

I took a deep breath and looked at my phone and saw the caller ID was my cousin elena from mystic falls. “ hey” I said as I put the phone to my ear “ hey Y/N how are you?” she asked me “ I’m good.. you” I said as I tried put my shoes on. “ alright but damon is being a pain” she said which made me laugh “ isn’t he always” I said as I got up from my bed. “ hey I heard that” I heard a voice which belonged to the one and only damon Salvatore. “ shall may I say that I am offended by that comment” damon said which made me laugh “ you always get offended” I said.  as I walked out my room and down the hallway. I contunied to talk I saw jace, alec, izzy and clary about the table talking. Once they heard footsteps they all looked up at me. “ hey elena I got to go now.. but I will call you back later” I said as I tried to hang up. “ alright talk to you later” she said and hung up. “ I’m sorry about that” I said and alec nodded his head.   

 “ so there have been demons attacking around the city and the reports are that they could be shax and ravener” alec said and we nodded “ however in the upper town there was a report of hunger demon so jace and Y/N you two will go uptown and deal with the greater demon while izzy, clary and myself will deal with the others” alec said and we nodded. We all walked to the weapons room and the gear that we needed and walked out the door.  As jace and myself parted ways from the others we walked up the main street. “ who was on the phone earlier?” jace asked me “ my cousin in mystic falls” I said and he nodded his head. As we walked, we looked around us to see if there was any signs of the demon near by. “ dose she know what you are?” he asked and I shook my head “ no she dosen’t… and I want to keep it that way” I said and jace stopped and looked at me “ in a way why?” he asked and I stopped and faced him “ because jace she dose not need to be sucked into this world of what we are.. as it is she has enough on her plate as it is” I said and he nodded. 

   We continued to walk when we started to see things which meant the hunger demon was close. I was about to step when jace pulled me to the slide “ wat was that for?” I whispered at him. He just pointed a trap on the floor what a few seconds ago I was about to step on “ thanks” I said to him “ no worries” he said as we as close to the wall as possible. As we walked both jace and myself could feel that we where close to this demon. We turned around the corner and saw the hunger demon.  

 The hunger demon was huge. And I mean huge. Its body looked like hard bony scales and had a few fanged mouths, such creeped me out.  “ so what’s the plan?” I asked jace “ you distract it while I sneak up on it and then we kill it” jace said it “ why do I always distract the demons.. why don’t you” I said “ and what wreck this pretty face… I don’t think so” jace said in a joking matter. I shook my head a t him and took a deep breath “ hey dummy” I said as walked to the demon. The demon looked at me and started to lick it’s lips, which gaive me the chills since it has more than one mouth. “ something tells me that today is not your day” I said as I kept an eye on the demon “ why dose that make you so sure… I could kill you right now shadowhunter” the demon said and I nodded my head “ that’s true… but I believe he won’t let that happen” I said and the demon looked at me and I gave him a signal to turn, but before the demon could turn jace stabbed the demon and then I jumped in and started to do what I needed to do so that jace and myself killed he demon. 

   “ hey dummy is that all you could think of” jace said as we walked back to the institute “ what that’s what came to my mind at the time” I said which made jace laugh and I just smiled at him. Once we reached the institute clary went up to jace and kissed him, which he gladly retuned. “ I think I just vomited in my mouth” I just said as I walked passed him. “ I know I think I did the same” alec said which and he laugh a bit. “ I’m happy that jace found someone” I said and alec nodded “ same” he said. “ how did the mission go?” alec asked “ yea it went well.. we killed the demon” I said and alec nodded his head “ besides Y/N walking almost into it’s trap” jace said as he reached us. Alec just looks at me and shakes his head. “ what” I said and they laughed.  

 I felt my phone buzz in my pocket and took my phone out to see there was a text message from Raphael. “ who’s it from” jace asked “ none of you business” I said in a joking matter and he just smiled at me. All of us walked down the halls towards our rooms. We all said our good nights and went into our rooms. Once I was in my room I took my phone out and started to read the message that Raphael sent.

 “ are you up?”   it said. 

I replied saying that I was. In a few minutes my phone started to ring and Raphael’s name popped out “ hey” I said “ why hello to you too” he said which made me smile. “ are you going to bed or” he said “ no… not just yet.. I just came back from a mission” I said and I could mentally see Raphael nodding his head. “ if your not too tired do you want to come over for a bit?” he asked “ yea sure… just let me have a shower first and I will head over there” I said “ alright see you soon little hunter” he said. I put my phone down and headed into the bathroom where I turned on the hot water and took off my hunting gear and hopped in the shower.  

 Once I was done I walked out and wrapped a towel around me and headed back into my room and just put on random clothes on and quietly walked out of my room and out the doors from the institute. I walked to where the hotel was and let myself in. as I was walking I could smell something cooking. I followed the smell and ended up in a kitchen where I was Raphael making something “ I did not know that vampires have kitchens” I said as I leaned  on the door frame “ well you learn something new every day” Raphael said as he walked towards me and opened his arms for hug. We hugged each other until my stomach decide to give a growl out “ looks like your hungry” Raphael said with a smirk on his face.  

 He took my hand and led me into the kitchen where there was a kitchen bench and chairs and I took a seat on one of them. “ I did not know what to cook you so I cooked something from what my mother taught me” he said as he handed me a plate of food. “ it looks delicious” I said as I picked up the fork and started to eat. When I took the first bite a moan came out of my mouth  “ oh my god this is amazing” I said as I continued to eat “ I’m glad you love it” Raphael said as he looked at me. “hey I will be right back in 5 minutes” he said and I nodded my head and he walked off.  

 Once i was finished with the food I hopped down from the chair and walked over the sink and washed the dishes up. “ you don’t have to do that” Raphael said “ no that’s fine.. I want to” I said and he nodded. “ so how was the mission?” he asked “ alright  we managed to kill it.. it was one greater demon” I said and he nodded his head as he put the dishes away. As we finished we walked into the main room and took a seat on the couch. We started to talk about things of what happened during the day. As we were talking I had a hard time being awake I had closed my eyes for a second, but the sleep took over me.  

 I felt someone lift me and carry me somewhere. “ shhh I got you” I heard Raphael say. I felt that my body was laid onto something soft and slightly cold then something went over me. Subconsciously I turned to my side and snuggle deeper into the bed. 

   Raphael’s pov   

 Once I put Y/N to bed. She Subconsciously turned to one side of the bed snuggle deeper into it. For some reason it made me smile. I softly stroked her hair and her side of the face. I have no idea why I am feeling this way for a shadow hunter. But for some reason I don’t know. Maybe it is gods way of punishing me or giving me something to give me life again.        

( so this is my first cross over … so tell me wht you think….

this idea of the cross over came by @icharleecongrevemultifandomsblog 


Manly King

Pairing: Reader x Crowley

Word Count:  ~970

Warnings: Fluff

Request:  Could I request a Crowley x Reader? So the Reader is a hunter and is working with Sam and Dean on a case, she usually works with them, and Crowley tags along because why not? And for example like while they research can the reader try to hold Crowley’s hand or cuddle or kiss him but he avoids it subtly because he doesn’t want to seem not manly in front of the Winchesters

Author’s Note: I hope you like this- Took me sometime to think about how to type this out ^^; But what still fun to write! Honestly, I’d like to write a part two to this if people would like :D

(I am also taking requests and prompts <3 Also, gif is not mine)

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