the up underground music community


So last night The UP Underground Music Community hosted Thursday night of The UP Fair.

We were all so busy backstage it was crazy but I don’t think it ever got out of hand. I loved it actually, maybe because I was on stage a lot taking pictures but even when I’d run to the other side of the fair grounds looking for someone to report to I found it nice. Like a really good feeling of accomplishment.

Also got Ramon Bautista, Gabby Alipe, and Lalay Lim to sign my Organizer’s pass.

AND I met 2 Tumblr people in person. Hello Butchito and Tish!

(side note: here’s my first ever UP Fair pass signed by Urdandub)

Today I made the down payment to a bar for this gig me and my UG batchmates are organizing. May 17 guys, save the date.

This is nice because I recently gushed about how good things have been going for me the past month and I wanted a way to repay everyone for being so unimaginably generous. So this is my chance.

I can’t repay everyone but I invited a few bands of friends that have been insanely supportive of my band to play. So this gig will be a little way of giving back to them for being so good to us.

Feels really good tbh. :)