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How do I pin down a wig on my head? I don't know how to do it without bobby pins showing

Bobby pins similar colors to your wig help. Honestly I”ve used several, SEVERAL bobby pins and never spotted them. It’s all about where you put them. The flat side is UP and the grooved side is down, that helps. You really only want to be getting the edges of the wig into your wig cap. 

If you can, tousle the wig hair a little to hide the pins if they are showing (all my wiigs are fluffy so I don’t have much of a problem). Put them in places where large chunks of hair lay. Make sure to get thin ones as well if that helps. 


Kravitz (taz) aesthetic

Teddy Bear

Summary: Sebastian is a fuzzy teddy bear!! 

Word Count: 1.3k (oops…)

A/N: this little idea came from my beloved @justasunflower, and some new old pics of Seba today [see below], so I hope you all enjoy! :)

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2016 Bluecoats but every time they go down a slide the pitch goes up a half-step

dating tom holland | pt. 2

Part One

  • okay so we’ve established that he would be the absolute perfect boyfriend in the world 
  • he would always try to make you happy, putting yourself before him
  • so if you’d get sick he’d freak out at first
    • like ??? what does he do
    • “do you need some soup?” “cough drops?” “a popsicle?” “cuddles?”
  • even though it’s just a cold and you constantly tell him that you’re fine 
  • he’ll still wrap you in a billion blankets like a burrito
  • and then proceed to lay on top of you
    • “Tom you’re squishing me,”
    • “Shhh it’s fine just relax,” as he peppers kisses on your face
    • “You’re crushing me,” 
  • not letting him kiss you when you’re sick cause you don’t want him to get sick (because that is a nightmare)
  • him pouting and whining
    • “pleasssseeee,” and 
    • “it’ll make you feel better,”  
  • he ends up kissing you and whadaya know, he gets sick
  • he’s super handsy with you at home and sometimes in public he forgets so there’s papped pictures of his hands on your bum 
  • jumping onto his back at random times telling him where to take you
    • “to the fridge!!!!!”
    • “we’re in the kitchen, [Y/N]…”
  • there’s one time where you jump onto his back and he completely face plants onto the floor
  • you know you should feel bad but you can’t control your laughter 
    • “are you okay?” in between breaths
    • “stooooop laughing at me,” as he rubs his nose 
    • “I’m sorry bubs, is there anything I can do to make you feel better?” As your laughter dies down
    • “kisses and cuddles,”  
  • spending hours in bed or on the couch kissing and cuddling 
  • sometimes it’s full on makeouts where you’re straddling his lap with his hands on your hips as your both moaning and panting 
  • and other times its just lazy kisses while you lay in each others arms 
    • nudging his head into your hand when you stop as a silent plea for more
  • he’ll run his fingers up and down your arm or sides leaving goosebumps in his wake 
    • “can i try braiding your hair?” as his fingers card through your locks
  • the braid isn’t great but its not terrible either 
  • there’s so much lazy sex don’t fight me 
  • not like half assed sex but like when he’s still jet lagged but hella horny 
    • “baby, please,”
    • Tom you need to sleep,” 
    • “no, I need you,” and he’d definitely whine and pout
  • you finally giving in and riding him because poor baby is so whiny and needy and tired
  • calling him baby boy and bubs making him blush 
    • “don’t call me that,” in a high pitched whiny voice
  • but he secretly adores the nicknames you’ve given him
  • nuzzling his head into the crook of your neck whenever he can
    • “you smell so good,”
  • tapping your nose with his index finger lightly to get your attention 
  • “can we have sex when we get home??????” as he bounces up and down lightly in anticipation 
  • waking each other up with oral yes 
  • surprise blowjobs when he’s tired or stressed or tensed or bored 
  • his favourite thing is when you’re both in bed wide awake at three in the morning because of jetlag and talking about anything and everything 
  • as you’re both transfixed in each others eyes
  • his fingers twirling a strand of your hair as he listens to your words 
    • “i love you, darling,” at random times in the day 
  • sigh im so in love with tom honestly 


Gods help me, I’m going to type up a Dragon Age thought that was bugging me this afternoon that might lead to Discourse.

Okay. So. The arguably dominant religion in Thedas is Andrastianism. It is, for all intents and purposes, a monotheistic religion with a singular Maker and His Bride, Andraste. The leaders of the faith are women (we’re not going into Tevinter because that shit’s complicated, yo). Andraste’s image is plastered up one side and down the other. So, you’d think that this world would have greater equality when it came to the sexes, if not tipping the balance toward women.

Yet, outside of Empress Celene of Orlais, most of the positions of political (not religious) power are filled by men. There’s a King in Ferelden and most of the Bannorn there are men. The leaders of the Templars the the players encounter are mostly men (except for Meredith in Kirkwall, but notice how she was the only one on that chain of command and how everyone in power beneath her were men?). The hierarchy is just full of men.

Now, there’s probably some fantastic in-world explanation that covers all of this. After all, Maric just happened to only have sons and his sons became the Kings of Ferelden (depending on your playthrough). Heredity and genes and all that. Yet, for all these characters ostensibly revere Andraste (Dragon Age Jesus mashed up with Joan of Arc, let’s be real), women are still relegated mostly to domestic roles.

Arl Howe gives a female Cousland crap about playing at being a man. There’s a thread of casual sexism throughout the game. Now, maybe that’s intentional. Maybe they’re trying to make some kind of Statement. Or maybe, just maybe, the creative team and writers can envision a world with dragons and magic, but can’t quite conceive of one without sexism inherent in the system.

Our Little Secret - Part Ten

Summary: Dean wakes you up with some bad news about Vegas

Series Masterlist

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Square Filled: hand-holding  for @spnkinkbingo

Kink(s): Mutual Masturbation

Word Count: 5100

Warnings: Smut, masturbation, ANGST, torture, canon typical violence. THE PLOT GOT AWAY FROM ME AND THERE ARE SO MANY FEELS

A/N: Thank you so much for reading. I’m really loving these character and this series. Thank you for your wonderful responses. A special thank you to the people who looked this over for me.


“Sweetheart?” Dean’s voice is there, your brain groggy with sleep. You moan and hug the pillow tighter, burying your face into it.

He chuckles, “C’mon, you gotta get up.”

“Nuh-uh,” you protest, curling up more.

His hand runs up and down your side, “Sam heard of a hunt and we are the closest right now.”

You grumble incoherently, opening one eye. Deans sitting on the edge of the bed in front of you, fully dressed, looking amused, “C’mon.”

You shake your head, flipping over and pulling the covers around you like a child. You had been sleeping so damn go so you are a little put out.

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i can’t wait for the day when i can wake up and walk into the living room, and you’re there, sitting on the couch, and i can walk up to you and plop down beside you and snuggle up to your side, while you can put your arm around me. and we can talk and laugh all morning, and your scent can be all around us and *sigh*

How BTS would go down on you

This one took me a while, hope you like it.


He loves going down on you and eating you out like he eats a good meal. At first he would suck your clit and then starts pushing his tongue inside you. After that he loves pushing one finger inside you…all while still sucking your clit. He would put another finger inside you and another one. He will take his time and always lets you adjust to his fingers. No harsh pushing. You can hear him moan the whole time how good you taste and that he would love to do an episode of “Eat Jin” involving you. And sometimes he would just sit in front of your spread legs and blow against your entrance. His finger and sucking game would make you cum quite fast. But sometimes he stops before you cum, just because a loves seeing you being all sweaty and ready for him.

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He loves to used his fingers and his tongue. There’s not much sucking like Jin would do. But there’s no need to. He fingers and tongue alone would make you cum quite easily. He knows how to work those beautiful fingers and sometimes surprises you by pushing in three at a time without a warning. You’re body starts shivering while you’re whining a little and telling him you can’t take this. He would be super vocal all the time and drives you crazy with his voice. 

“You are so sweet and juicy…so wet for me”

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Lots of finger and tongue play. Similar to Yoongi but he would lick and finger you faster and less rougher. He loves going down on you and just wants to make you happy and satisfied. He would give you multiple orgasms before he even started fucking you. I feel like he would even try toys on you, if you ask him to. And whenever you’re close he wants you to moan for him. Moan his name praise his “work”. But you will do anyway.

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He would bury his whole face into your pussy and start licking and sucking like crazy. He would start off with fingering you. Pushing one after another into you. But all slowly and with lots of deep groans. Like Hoseok, he would also love using toys on you. But he would be the one asking you if your okay with it. Or maybe even not asking and just surprise you to see your reaction. But he wouldn’t let you cum that easily. You’re only allowed to cum when he tells you to.

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Those lips and tongue would work magic on you. He would lick across your whole pussy and stop at your clit. He would slowly start sucking and licking it while groaning how good you taste and pretty you look. After some time he would push his fingers into you while still sucking your clit and ask you if this feels good. He would also bring in some toys but before using them, he would ask for your permission. Depending on his mood he would give you multiple orgasms or stop pleasuring you right before you cum.

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Just look at his beautiful fingers and lips. He couldn’t get his hands and lips off of you and your pussy. He is a little more experimental then the others I think, and would want you to sit on his face so you could have a little more controll. Be he wouldn’t want you to facesit him that often. Just when he’s in the mood. And he would sometimes go a little harder on you and squish your boob with one hand really hard while fingering you with the other. 

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He loves when you tell him what you like but sometimes also likes to try things himself to see how you react the them. Most times he is a little more on the basic side. Use two fingers to finger you while licking up and down your clit. Also lots of groaning and moaning. And he would praise your taste and beauty like crazy.

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miraculous-oceanseyes  asked:

So for the 100 ways to say I love you meme, I'm so sorry to ask for Klance, (I'm sure you've done a lot) but could you maybe do Insecure Keith for no. 50 "you're beautiful"

Mmmmm boi I’m 100% into this request. Like I NEVER see insecure Keith (it’s usually Lance) so I’m super down with this. Hella down. Thanks so much!

Keith lays on the warehouse floor. His ears ringing badly and his entire left side searing in pain. He’s nauseous. When his eyes blink open, it takes him a moment to process his surroundings. The visor of his helmet is cracked. Bright light dances around him.

“Keith! Keith!”

Lance’s cries sound muffled. Keith groans as he pulls himself up on all fours. His left side buckles almost immediately. He looks down.

The under suit of his armour has been burnt away and has left raw, charred skin. His blood is sticky, and parts of his suit have melted onto his wounds. Keith winces. This doesn’t look good. 

He begins to crawl along the ground. He has no idea where Lotor or his generals are, but he hopes that they’ve assumed he’s dead and are now distracted with something else.

“Keith?! Keith?!!” Lance’s cries sound panicked. His heavy footfalls clang on the metal walkway just above where Keith lays.

“Lance?” He tries to call, but his lungs are filled with ash. 

He’s not dying here. Not like this.

Keith rolls onto his right side and manages to stand. He clings to the smooth, metal wall for support, and tries to hobble along it to get…. somewhere else. Somewhere he hopes his friends are and this fire cannot reach. Lance’s footsteps sound distant now.

He turns a corner and reaches the holding area of the warehouse. Large racking reaches up to the domed ceiling, holding rows and rows of glass cylinders. The gold liquid in them swirls and oscillates like a lava lamp. Keith’s eyes widen.

Just a bit. He thinks. It’ll be ok. It has to, and with his wounds as bad as they are… what other choice does he have?

With the hilt of his sword, Keith smashes a glass cylinder above him. The quintessence pours over him like honey. It feels cold, and his burns hiss at the contact. Keith screams.

“Keith?” Lance screeches to a halt. His chest aches from lack of oxygen, but he continues sprinting, this time in the direction of the howl. He soon comes to the belly of the warehouse, flames dancing between the liters of quintessence. He’s about to yell out when he sees him.

Keith, slumped against the wall, his chest heaving with exhaustion. Lance bolts towards him.

“Keith!” His eyes and hands start to roam over Keith’s body, looking for signs of injury. His under suit is almost gone on his left side, and Lance examines the melted and charred edges that stick out from beneath Keith’s armour. His fingers paw at pale skin. Beautiful and unblemished. Lance’s hands move up to Keith’s neck and he forces his friend to look at him.

“Keith! Are you hurt?! What’s wrong? Can you walk? I can…” His questions hammer out of his mouth. Keith forces his eyes to stay open. The pain from his side is gone, but exhaustion flows through his veins. The world spins. The heat must be getting to him. 

“I’m fine!” He manages. Lance notices how he sways on his feet.

“I’m getting you out of here!” Lance hoists Keith’s arm over his shoulders and tries to take most of his weight.

“But the others…?!”

“They’ve already gone. It’s just us, now let’s go!”

Keith only vaguely remembers Lance dragging him into his lion, the hum of the machinery, and Hunk hoisting him into the castle. They placed him in a healing pod, but the pod released him after only a minute. Nothing wrong with him. 

Exhaustion, Coran had offered. Dehydration, Pidge diagnosed. Lance carried him to bed after drinking 2 litres of water. It definitely made him feel better. Lance places a cool rag on his head and lays him down.

“Call me if you need anything, ok?” His fingers linger on Keith’s cheek. Keith smiles brightly and giggles.

“I’m fine Lance. Stop worrying.”

Images of Keith’s melted armour flash before him again. Lance tries not to dwell on it.

“Ok… ok… We just can’t afford to lose our leader.” He pats Keith on the shoulder and stands. His hand trails along the door frame as he passes through.


Lance pauses. He smiles over his shoulder.

“Yeah, man?”

Keith sleepily smiles and sinks into his blankets. 

“Thanks for always having my back.”

“That’s what sharpshooters do.” Lance winks before he passes through the door.

Lance rapts his knuckles loudly against Keith’s door the next morning.

“Hey buddy? You survive?”

“I feel like I’ve been hit with a truck.” Keith grumbles inside.

“So nooooo to training then?”

Keith groans louder and Lance chuckles.

“I just wanna sleep.”

“That’s fine. I’ll check on you later.

Lance doesn’t see Keith emerge for the rest of the day.

“Keith?” Lance softly knocks on Keith’s door the next morning. “You feeling any better?”

There’s a drawn out silence.


“Can you get Allura for me?”

Keith’s reply surprises Lance. The anxiety that had been slowly simmering in his gut heats into a roaring boil. Lance starts to punch in the code to enter.

“Can I come in? Keith I…”


Lance jumps back from the door. Fear grips his throat.

“Just… just get Allura for me…” Keith’s voice softens into pleading. “Please…”

Lance spins on his heal.

He delivers Allura, who slips into Keith’s bedroom… without Lance.

It shouldn’t hurt Lance as much as it does. It shouldn’t twist his gut every time he sees Allura enter Keith’s bedroom, sometimes with Coran, sometimes without.

Hadn’t he and Keith bonded now? Didn’t they trust each other with everything?

Lance was supposed to be his right hand man…

Jealousy and fear poisons his thoughts for the next two days.

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