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So Today I Watched…. Batman & Bill // A Documentary by HULU (2017)

Bill Finger. The name will surely ring a bell for most Batman fans, but the casual person out there doesn’t know who he is. In this world where everything is up for grabs, and unfairness is all around. We get to bury our minds deep in the stories of these fictional characters without knowing that some of them have a dark secret behind them too. Such is the case of Batman and the story of how he came to be.

Batman was designed as a work for hire by Bob Kane in 1939 over a weekend. After getting a grasp of how much money Sieger and Shuster were making out of working on Superman weekly, he wanted into that kind of cash. The couple of Jewish kids of Jersey were making $800 a week in that time and that was a lot of money back then. The problem was that Bob Kane wasn’t as creative as the Superman guys. So he called in an up-and-comer writer who really wanted a crack in the comics business. A man named Bill Finger. Once they sat down to work, the crude concept of Bob evolved into the more familiar visage of the character you know and love.

Bob was quick to go to DC and claim solo ownership of the character. Seeing the willingness of Bill to work with him, he let him tag along as his personal work-for-hire paid out of his pocket. They went to develop Batman for some good 20 years until Bob retired and Bill was fired. As time passed Bob increasingly made his name more related to the character. He had done so since day one: he signed a masterful contract that has never been disclosed to the public granting him sole lifetime credit to the character. And of course part ownership and royalties over everything with Batman’s name on it. Bill faded into obscurity. Struggling to make ends meet he died alone in a tiny department in New york in 1973.

So far you may be asking what the big deal about this is. Bill was a work for hire and he had that clear to a T on his side. But looking your so-called partner grow rich out of your creation, is bound to cause some friction and scars over time. Bill was such a gentleman that he never fought for his rights. he never had the resources to do so either. Given his role in the birth of Batman he was entitled for more. You see, Bill didn’t just create the look of Batman and wrote stories about him for 20 years. Bill also crated the imaginary and names for The Joker, The Penguin, The Riddler, Robin, Alfred, The Batcave, The Batmobile, Commissioner Gordon and even Gotham City. Imagine for a minute that Stan Lee went to every convention and interview telling everyone that he’s the sole creator of Marvel Comics. And didn’t acknowledge Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko. That’s the hand Bill was dealt by Bob Kane. That’s what he had to live with for the rest of his days.

Marc Tyler took it upon himself to make things right. Batman and Bill is a documentary about his journey looking to right one of the biggest creative wrongs made in the creative side of the comic business. Marc Tyler not only manages to find out the truth behind what happened to Bill Finger after his time working at DC. He manages to track down the heirs to Bill and through patience and persistence he achieves what he set out to do. Bill Finger’s story is not a pretty one. It’s filled with sadness and abandonment. It’s a tale about justice being made, not about money being earned. The final fate of the players of this tale will leave you with a sense of closure for Bill. But It will have you wondering why this didn’t happen any sooner.

Bill Finger’s first ever Batman comic credit was in Batman#46 (vol.2) cover dated January of 2016. He was also credited in the film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and he will remain Batman co-creator until the end of times.


Personal Assistant (Jason Todd x Reader)

So this one is has a few warnings, Sexual harassment and a few swears. Nothing too bad.

Working as Bruce Wayne’s personal assistant had its perks. Working in a great building with a brilliant mind. Getting a handsome paycheck which was paying off your student debts. Having a job that finally got you parents off your backs for ‘throwing your life away.’

Working as Bruce Wayne’s personal assistant also had its downsides. Knowing that Bruce is the Batman, but not being able to tell Bruce you know. You are in a constant need for caffeine the people at the coffee shop across the street know your name, you figured the caped crusader deserved your help after all the help he did for this city. The fact that your parents are now bugging you about getting a nice boyfriend who treats you right.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a prompt of mpreg tony where there trying to figure out who is the father because a lot of guys want to be the father and at the end it's the one person they least expect to be the father.

This is actually going to be different from the mpreg I did not too long ago, and a bit on the odd ball side of things so.. enjoy?

Real quick, thank you @not-close-to-straight for helping me generate this idea, hope you guys like it.

“Mama, I wan’ a baby bouv’a.” Tony choked on his sip of water, a little bit escaping his mouth but most getting caught in the wrong wind pipe.

It took a minute for the omega genius to get his breath back and be able to speak but when he did he turned to his darling baby boy, stuttering out a weak response, “Where did this come from?”

“Some of the kids at school talk about their baby bouv’as and how i’s hard being a big bouv’a and tha’s wha’ I wan’ ta be.” His little munchkin was staring up at him, brown eyes big and pleading working over his mother just like Uncle Rhodey had taught him.

“Oh Petey-Pie…” Tony was at a complete loss, he was an omega parent of one with no mate. Peter was a lovely surprise but Tony hadn’t even considered more children. He was quite happy of his single parent life with his pup. Of course he had the help of his friends and teammates but for the most part it was him and Pete. He hadn’t even been on a date since he discovered he was pregnant. Much too busy with becoming a parent, running R&D, and consulting with SHEILD.

“Mama,” Little five year old Peter climbed up on the couch and into Tony’s lap, snuggling close but far enough away he could look his mother in the eyes. Little hands cupped his cheeks and gave him the saddest little eyes, “P’ease Mama, I wan’ a baby bouv’a.”

“BRUCE!” Said scientist jumped from his slouched position over his lab counter. The mild scientist had fallen asleep next to his microscope sometime last night (or was it this morning) and Tony’s surprise visit had woken him up. He had been looking at some samples that he collected from the team when Tony stormed in with Peter a few steps behind him. Bruce glanced at his watch, 8:13 great.

“Yes Tony?”

“Hi Uncle Brucie!” Peter skipped ahead of his mother, jumping a little when he got in front of Bruce.

“Good morning, Peter. What brings you two down here so early?”

“Mama’s gonna give me a baby bouv’a!” Bruce nodded along, too tired and too used to these two and their crazy shenanigans.

“Oh is he now?” Bruce looked up at Tony. The man looked as if he was on a mission, eyes determined and stance tense but prepared for anything.

“Yes I am, my baby wants a small baby and I’m going to give it to him. And you’re going to help me. Can you inseminate me?” Tony was standing in front of Bruce now, one hand going to mess with Peter’s messy bed head.

“Why the rush?” Bruce couldn’t help but ask, it did seem very sudden.

Tony leaned a little closer, lowering his voice, “The faster I do it, the sooner I can get it over with… and I can’t talk myself out  of it.”

Bruce snorted, Peter caught on that they were talking above him and glared up at them suspiciously. Both adults smiled down out him, acts of pure innocence, “Well, you’re in luck, I have some samples I can use.”

“Perfect let’s do this.”

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Words Written on Your Wrist | Part 3 | Soulmates! Spencer Reid x Reader

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Soulmates! Spencer Reid x reader

Requested: Nope, I just figured I’d jump on the soulmate band wagon

Requests: OPEN

Part 3/?

        Part 1 Part 2

Words: 2982

Warnings: none

Summary: Everyone’s wrist has three words on it, the first three words you’ll hear your soulmate say. You think the idea of soulmates is just a bunch of junk, but you’re in for a rude awakening when you meet your soulmate at your new job at the BAU. Because you worry you will lose your new dream job, you keep the fact that he’s your soulmate hidden, pretending as if those three words didn’t exist.

A/N: I may have shed a few tears writing this. I don’t know how many chapters I am going to do after this, but for sure there will be a 4th part. Thank you all for your kind words! Feedback is greatly appreciated!! I hope you all like this!!!

As the words left Spencer’s mouth you knew you had a split second to decide whether to act shocked and hide the fact that you knew, furthering the lie, or to resign to the fact that he was your soulmate. Luckily you were in the van with Rossi and Derek, so you didn’t have to face the astonished or judgmental eyes of the entire team.

             Morgan’s eyes widened before turning to look at you and you heard two gasps over the com, you assumed one belonged to Prentiss and the other belonged to Garcia. You set your jaw and pinched the bridge of your nose, squeezing your eyes tight. Barely a day on your first case and everything is already going to hell in a handbasket. You’re sure to to be kicked off or lose all of their trust, only to be treated like a pariah. You think you’d rather be kicked off.

             “Focus.” You heard Hotch growl into your ear piece and you reminded yourself that if you managed to get out of this with good graces to do whatever it takes to never hear him speak like that to you again.

             “Welcome!” You heard over the line again as Spencer and JJ were welcomed into the support group’s meeting. “We will begin the night as we always do, with an affirmation that everyone here is valid in their identity of being a Glitch. There is nothing wrong with it and by no means does it decide our future as successful human beings and no way does it restrict us from finding out own love.” The organizer spoke in a soft and comforting tone. At the last part, you thought you heard a very quiet, mocking, exhale.

             “Someone just scoffed, try and see who that was.” Emily said quickly, hearing it as well.

             “Now we are going to open the floor for whoever that wants to share.” The organizer said after a moment. Someone began talking about how he met his soulmate by a friend of a friend, but that once they were introduced it was apparent that he wasn’t her soulmate. He had kept it from her and they were now good friends, her having no idea what she was to him. The man went on and on about how tortured he felt every time he was with her, that he knew that she was perfect for him but it would never be reciprocated. Your felt a pang of guilt in your stomach, wondering if that’s how Spencer was feeling.

             A few more people went before the head of the group spoke up again. “Maybe one of our new comers can share their experiences?”

             “I ca–“ You heard JJ start but be interrupted by Reid.

             “I will.” He said firmly and he surprised himself with how his voice didn’t waver. This wasn’t about Y/N, he told himself, this was about finding the killer. He’d make something up and then say that him and JJ were seeing each other to try and get a rise out of the man who had scoffed earlier. As he walked up to the podium his legs felt like jelly and his heart rammed against his ribcage. Spencer took a deep breath before he started. “I met her a while ago,” He lied easily to the crowd.

             Meanwhile, in the van, you tried your best to not hyperventilate, your chest feeling tight and your head feeling far too light. You wondered what he was going to say. Was he going to make something up? Was he going to talk about you? You had just met him, that wasn’t a while ago, maybe that meant he was going to continue with a charade for the entire meeting.

             “She was new to the department where JJ and I work at,” Spencer gestured to the blonde woman he came in with, and your stomach dropped. “We work at a psychology practice together and I knew she was my soulmate when she was being introduced to us by our boss.” You knew they couldn’t go in there and say their real occupation, but that seemed to be the only thing that he was changing. You ignored the stares you were receiving from Derek. “She was about to say something when another one of our coworkers interrupted and asked her if she could help her with anything or get her coffee, and then asked her if she liked coffee, meanwhile this coworker was too excited to let her speak between this questions. The first thing she replied to was the last question and that’s what was on my wrist,” Spencer’s voice sounded strained, stuttering every once and a while. “I- I knew then. I didn’t know if she had heard me speak yet, but based on how she was acting, I didn’t think so. You see uh, since we’re psychologists we’re really good at noticing how people react, so after carefully formulating what I was going to say to her, of course I just blurted out the first thing that came to mind after she shared about a friend’s death was that I was sorry for her loss. I carefully watched the way she reacted. The words held no deep significance to her. And based on that and how she’s continued to act around me, I concluded I am a Glitch. Since then I decided I was going to take fate into my own hands.”

Damn, was this ironic. That’s exactly what you were doing, taking your own fate and deciding what you wanted, which was to be your own person. Meanwhile these women were being murdered for taking their lives into their own hands and choosing to be someone’s partner. The universe had a sick way of making thing play out, you thought before you turned your attention back to Spencer’s speech.

“JJ and I have been dating for a few months now, and I’m happy, even though I know I have to see my soulmate every day.” You noted his voice inflections changed. That strain was there and gone between the truth and the lies, and it was definitely there for that last half of the sentence. You were hurting him. You were going to make him go through his every day with the thought that his soulmate, the person made for him, would never be more than a work colleague. The thought of it felt like a knife in your gut, but the thought of losing everything that you had worked for going down the drain felt like a thousand. Veronica’s face flashed before your eyes, your childhood best friend lost at the hands of a serial killer. You had to do this for her.

‘But does it matter?’ You reasoned in your head. ‘What if they don’t let you stay because it could affect Spencer’s work? He is far more brilliant and a bigger asset to the team than you were, you would be the first to go if it affected the work environment.’ The thoughts in your head went a thousand miles an hour, knowing you had to come to a conclusion as to what you were going to do, and quick.

Spencer then thanked the group before stepping off the podium, quickly excusing himself to the bathroom to tell the team that there was someone who appeared extraordinarily distraught when he said that him and JJ were together, saying that his name tag read James but there was no last name listed. Hotch responded to tell him to try and talk to the man afterward to get a last name and if they couldn’t, to ask around. After that Reid dismissed himself to get back to the support group. You absentmindedly scratched at your wrist, and glancing down you saw the edge of the script, and your breath hitched in your throat when you realized it was now turning grey, not the normal inky black it had always been. It was fading. You didn’t even know that that could happen. Marks normally only faded after your soulmate had died.

The rest of the meeting went quickly, either that or you were in a daze, staring at the little bit of writing that peeked out from under your sleeve and bracelet. JJ had gotten a name for the suspect, and Garcia did a quick search to find that a one James Quinn’s best friend, and presumably soulmate, died from cancer the previous month.

“That’s the stressor.” Rossi said definitively, “Get him.”

“I think this is the fastest we have ever closed a case.” Prentiss said with a laugh as they hauled the man into the back of a squad car.

“Thank god Y/L/N figured out what the victims had in common so fast.” Morgan clapped you on the back and you had to plant your feet to make sure you didn’t go flying forward from the force.

             You noticed Reid’s sleeved were rolled up, and there, neatly on the inside of his right wrist, was your elegant handwriting. In a fading grey. You cursed to yourself, not knowing what to do. Soon Hotch caught your eye and he nodded in a way obviously saying ‘we need to talk.’ When you got back to the station, he asked to speak to you.

             “You and Reid need to talk.” His tone left no room for argument. “I need to know both of you can stay on the team. You are both assets I intend on keeping but we have to be sure the emotional strain doesn’t effect anyone’s work.”

             You opened your mouth to speak but before you could there was a knock on the door of the conference room you were currently occupying. Rossi entered moments after. “I assume you are talking about what just happened and the implications?” He asked and you and Hotch both nodded. “Are you still set on not telling him?”

             “Telling him what?” Hotch frowned, glancing between the two of you. Your eyes widened, you figured if Rossi knew that meant Hotch would as well.

             “That they’re soulmates,” Rossi said, frowning as well, also figuring Hotch knew as well.


             This time you spoke up, pinching the bridge of your nose again. “We’re soulmates. But I don’t want a soulmate. I didn’t tell him that we are and that its reciprocated.”

             “So, he only thinks he’s a Glitch?” Your boss asked, still confused, and you nod. “You really need to talk to him.”

             You only nod again, letting out a sigh of resignation. You figured that once your boss knew you were keeping such a large secret from another teammate it wouldn’t go well.

             “I’ll send him in.” Rossi said as him and Hotch walked out of the conference room. You assumed that meant that no matter what, if you and Reid couldn’t handle working alongside each other.

             Pacing around the room you cursed aloud, debating as to how to go about telling Spencer that he was your soulmate as well. Soon the door opened and he stepped in the room.

             “Listen, Y/N I’m sorry about saying that in the meeting, I wanted to make it seem believable and-“ You didn’t let him get any farther.

             “Did you know.” You stated, hands clasped together tightly.

             He shook his head, frowning in bewilderment. “Did I know what?”

             “Did you know.” You rolled up your sleeve and unclasped the bracelet, tossing it on the table. “Did you know that if you were to add up the costs of all of the items listed in the 12 Days of Christmas it would be around $1.3 million.” Your voice was solemn, resigned. You watched as realization washed over his face and his jaw slightly dropped.

             “I’m your soulmate. And, and you knew?” His voice was quiet, and when his voice cracked in the second sentence you swore something in your chest did too.

             “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I didn’t want a soulmate. I don’t want a soulmate. I don’t want my identity tied to someone, I’m my own person, not someone’s other half.”

             Spencer took a deep breath, trying to clear his thoughts. This was not how he imagined this would go. He imagined that his soulmate would be ecstatic to meet him, like something out of a fairy tale. Just his luck, he thought bitterly, he would wait all this time to find her, first think he was a Glitch, and then she wouldn’t even want him. Thinking over what he had to say, he played with his fingers for a while before lightly touching the tattoo on his wrist that was getting darker by the second, returning to the ink black it once was. “But the thing is, Y/N, I don’t think we’re two halves of a whole. I don’t expect us to be two halves of a whole. I think that we’re two separate people that just happen to work together perfectly. That’s what life it though, individuals coming together to form something that is bigger than ones’ self. That’s why you joined a team, wasn’t it, to be a part of something bigger? It’s the same concept with soulmates, in my opinion. We obviously aren’t codependent on one another, we’re already doing very well without each other. Imagine how it would be with us together, as soulmates, as a team.” His eyes glistened as tears threatened to fall and you looked away. Here it comes. You didn’t know how to say it, the true reason you didn’t want to be someone’s soulmate.

             “Did you know ants can carry over 20 times their body weight?” You ask, looking up and away as your own eyes filled with tears.

             “Wha- What does that have to do with anything?” He was obviously getting annoyed but knew that there was going to be a reason for what you had said so he resisted snapping.

             “That’s what by best friend said to me on the playground when I was 8. I was crouching down watching an ant hill when Veronica walked up next to me and told me that. I said ‘I did not’, and her face lit up as she shoved her wrist in my face. We were inseparable after that. We thought we were soulmates. We did everything together. That was, up until she was murdered when we were 16.” You paused, trying to control a sob that was building in your chest. “But when the words on my wrist didn’t fade, I knew that something was wrong. Either I had two soulmates or she wasn’t mine and she was a Glitch. But after I watched her casket get lowered into the ground I vowed two things. One, I would help stop the kind of people that did this so no one else would have to feel this way, and two, if I ever found someone else, I wouldn’t let them know that they were my soulmate, I couldn’t do that to her. So, when I thought that us being soulmates could ruin my chances at keeping this job, I panicked, my two vows threatening to be broken in one fowl swoop.” You managed out before the sob that had been building tore its way from your chest and shook your shoulders.

             Spencer stared at you in shock as you talked, watched as you fidgeted and avoided eye contact, as you wrung your hands and bit your lip when you paused. He found himself crossing the floor and closing the distance between you, quietly asking if he could touch you, and when you nodded, he enveloped you in his arms. “I’m so sorry.” You said quietly after you had calmed down.

             “It’s okay, I understand. I forgive you.” He whispered.

             “Can we start over?” You ask, wiping your eyes and looking up at him, you had pulled away slightly to see his face but his arms still rested on your waist.

             A grin spread across his cheeks as he nodded, “Did you know that if you were to add up the costs of all of the items listed in the 12 Days of Christmas it would be around $1.3 million? What is your favorite morning beverage?”

             “I love coffee.” You laughed tearily.

             The two of you stood there for a while, just staring at each other, as if not wanting the moment to end. Spencer’s eyes danced between yours and your lips, “Can I kiss you?” He asked softly, putting a hand on your cheek. You don’t respond, only standing on your tip toes and close the distance between your lips, kissing him softly.

             Spencer grabbed your bracelet off the table without you noticing before you two walked out of the conference room. And when you did, all eyes were on you. You froze, feeling very aware that you were under a microscope, and nervous since these people knew Spencer very well.

             “So?” Morgan asked after a moment, eyebrow raised.

             Spencer grabbed your hand and smiled, “We’re soulmates.”

             “Why did you keep it a secret?” JJ asked you, trying to hide the harshness in her voice, and you didn’t blame her for being upset.

             You glanced up at Spencer before telling the team the same thing you told him, about losing your best friend and who you believed to be your soulmate and how it had affected you. As you talked their gazes soften in understanding.

             “I trust you can work together on the same team?” Hotch asked after a moment to which you and Spencer affirmed.

             “Great.” He said with a stern nod, then turning his attention to the rest of the team. “Great job today everyone, lets head back home.”

             Soon you were back on the plane and sitting next to Spencer, who had fallen asleep. You watched his sleeping form, hands intertwined. ‘Maybe a soulmate isn’t going to be that bad after all.’ You thought to yourself.

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Lol, u spicy. That you for the Spanish prompt, especially this. I feel like my Latine expertise would reach it full potential if I wasn’t monolingual 🙃!-Admin Coran, Have A Nice Day! ♥️


  • Hunk is insatiably curious. That’s what his mom described him as when showing Lance baby photos of 2 year old Hunk in an oversized Shrek shirt with a rock nearing his open mouth. Then when her itiiti at age 5 sat on the living room floor with an advanced history book on his legs and mind working hard to understand the paragraphs of textbook jargon.
  • Later in middle school, Hunk with a smile full of braces, holding up a first place ribbon for the science fair. Lance is photoed struggling to use Hunk as an armrest, holding up a 7th place certificate.
  • Lastly, a new picture of Hunk holding up his acceptance letter from the Garrison, his infamous smile and his mother hugging him tightly, caught mid-laugh with happy, thick tears running down her soft face weathered over the years.
  • This translated over to languages. He learned Samoan quickly at a young age, than English as a second language. When Hunk went over to Lance’s house and heard the rapid fire and lively Spanish being thrown around with ease, the engineer grew wide eyed.
  • Lance helped him happily, excited to share something with his childhood best friend. Knowing Lance, flirtious phares and some curse words were top of the list. Now Hunk is semi-fluent, due to Lance talking about others and hanging around with his family often.
  • So excited when he finds out you speak Spanish!! He loves to hear you talk in Spanish, especially if it’s a different dialect.
  • One day, you two are in lounge, your boyfriend laying across your lap with heavy eyes closed and low murmurings. You run your hand through his soft, dark hair as he holds your other hand, rubbing his thumb over your skin.
  • “Hey, can you tell me something sweet in Spanish?” He asks, allowing you to catch a glimpse of his topaz eyes.
  • You chuckle, looking up with a slight smirk “Yo quiero comer tu culo, mi amor.”
  • Behind you, Lance erupts with rib hurting laughter. He had sauntered in a few seconds before and saw the whole exchange transpire.
  • Hunk had shot up, sputtering out a laugh and face growing red, all his tiredness disappeared with embarrassment and amusement.
  • “¿No sabías que Hunk sabe español guey?” Lance chokes out, wiping a tear from his eye.
  • You look around, even more stunned and confused than a Pokémon hit with confusion. “Hunk, you know Spanish?” A whisper leaves your mouth.
  • The laughter dies down, and Hunk turns around, knees planted against the couch and hands pressed near them. He leans close and smirks, “Claro que si, sucia/o.”
  • With that, Hunk lets out a giggle and shied away as Lance coughs with surprise.
  • You are left pleasantly (?) surprised with a burning face.


  • Monolingual brosephs over here 🤙
  • The moment he hears Spanish leave your mouth, he becomes highly impressed. Maybe a little jealous that you have such great control over a different and varying language, but 94% impressed.
  • Training was a big part in Keith’s day, but you were a bigger part in his life. So how does one combine the two?
  • “I can’t go on!” You croaked dramatically, falling against the cool, alabaster white floor. Drops of sweats traced your face as you attempted to breath steady.
  • Keith gave a chuckle, squatting down to place, siting criss cross apple sauce.
  • A sharp tap on your arm caught your attention. Keith handed you a water bottle which you took greedily.
  • “Gracias mi corazón.” You said after downing the cool water. You could feel how it traced throughout your chest and wished for more.
  • Keith hummed, looking distantly. He took sips of his drink even though he was as tired and sweaty as you.
  • “Tell me something sweet in Spanish.” He said with an oddly quiet voice.
  • “What?”
  • He didn’t respond for a moment. As you opened your mouth to ask again, he said “You just always say thanks and curse sometimes, but never anything sweet.”
  • The Black Paladin let his head hang down, fingers rubbing together as if trying to make fire spring forth.
  • Lifting yourself up, you lean against Keith, placing your hand on his forearm. “Yo quiero comer tu culo.” You whispered, face wearing the mask of an angel, though your words were devious.
  • Keith faced you, a blush hitting his face as a smile grew.
  • You leaned close, hands looking for each other.
  • “SHUT UP! YOU REALLY PLAYED HIM LIKE THAT??” A voice blasted through the still air of the training room.
  • Pulling away from one another in embarrassment and surprise, you could see Lance in room over head.
  • Dread filled your body as his snorting filled your head.
  • Keith was far too embarrassed to fully comprehend what Lance meant and pulled you out of the room.
  • Now you had to bribe Lance to keep his clam like mouth shut.


  • “Pidge, keep an eye on your right.” Your voice crackles over the voice comms. She snickered, pushing her Lion to speed up faster, leaving Lance behind her. “Don’t worry, this radar I put in will let me know if there’s anything near by.”
  • “Just watch your side cabrona.” You huffed, crossing your arms from inside the Castle. Coran looked over and snorted, reminiscing on his better days with Alfor.
  • “Hey, here’s an idea.” Pidge said with a mocking tone. “ You could say something nice and sweet to your girlfriend instead.”
  • “Hey, here’s an idea as well,” Lance cut in obviously annoyed by the joking couple, “Stop making me want to throw up.” You can practically hear the way his eyes roll and mouth being pulled down in a harsh scowl.
  • A deep smirk ran across your face as your lips leaned in close to the microphone on your headset. In a voice sweeter than honey, you said “Yo quiero comer tu culo.”
  • Silence filled the air.
  • Pidge scrunched her eyes together, trying to figure out what you meant since this wasn’t your usual sweet talk.
  • Coran, however, closed his hands into fists and stared at you with an open mouth, wide, shocked eyes, and face turned boiling red. You had forgotten that the Castle changes the language so diplomatic people can understand each other better.
  • Lance broke the silence with a sputtering laugh caught in his chest. “You really did NOT just say that.”
  • Pidge looks around though neither of you are there in the Green Lion, and asks “Say what?”
  • Now the both of you are cackling, but Coran feels the heat cover his face and just shakes his head.
  • “What? What did you say!?”


  • The dining room was spinning. Your nostrils filled with the scent of some fancy cologne he borrowed from Lance. His robotic arm held the small of your back, while the other held your hand against his chest. Eyes closed, Takashi Shirogane nuzzled into your shoulder as you did the box step around the dimmed room.
  • Music played like a hush through out the air. Your feet would crash into each other, leading to sheepish giggles.
  • Occasionally Shiro would whisper sweet nothings in to your ear, both in Japanese and English. He slows, before asking you for a few sweet words in Spanish.
  • You giggle, intoxicated by the scene of it all. The romantic dinner, impromptu dancing, the feeling of complete love growing in your chest.
  • “Yo quiero comer tu culo.”
  • Then a third voice cracked in. “I would leave that sweet talk for the bedroom.”
  • Spinning around, you saw Lance in the doorway of the dinning room, a bowl of green, jiggling, gunk in hand. He was wearing his delicate robe and face mask, but that damned smirk never changed.
  • Shiro towered behind you with a perplexed look. “ What do you mean?” His voice rumbled, but his was more curious than angry.
  • You shook you head as inconspicuously as one could, eyes pleading for Lance to keep his mouth shut, for once.
  • “They were talking about eating yo-”

  • The night before was a blur. Lance was walking around, rubbing his jaw where a spoon sized bruise formed and giving you dirty glares.
  • Shiro on the other hand grew red catching a glimpse of you or hear your name, making the others wonder what had happened.
  • Needless to say, the rest heard and it become a not so inside joke within the group.
  • It wasn’t too bad afterwards, expect when some began coming to you with questions.

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Headcannon: The Avengers hating you? But then slowly starting to like you maybe?

These Babies, i swear. I hope i did good! It’s been awhile for me and Avengers stuff. Polishing up my skills, Ha.

  • they hate any new comer, really, so it’s no surprise that you got many cold stares,
  • They honestly are kind of the worst. the only one who speaks to you somewhat normally at first is Bruce, and he still acts slightly cold (Though he’s just kind of like that, you find.)
  • You try really, really hard at first to impress them, baking cookies, making cake, decorating the place with all sorts of season type things,
  • But nothing. In fact, they seemed off put about it all.
  • Natasha purposefully went hard on you in practice (you thought), Tony was so sassily rude to you sometimes that you could only blink back a harsh stare, Steve gave polite smiles, but seemed to just not listen when you talked often, if you walked into the kitchen while Sam was there, he’d just finish whatever he was doing as fast as possible to leave, and or just set a timer and leave whatever he was doing. And so, much, more, from the was quite a lot to deal with.  
  • It was really getting on your nerves, you weren’t going to lie,
  • Slowly but surely, you gain the trust of them little by little. Them warming up to you, but still not liking it. A few of them actually acted completely normal around you (Steve, Clint, and Bruce) which was a huge deal to you. Their thoughts on you mattered deeply, and you considered them family, while they… Didn’t. 
  • The point was that you had felt like you had been warming up them all,
  • So when you found all of them in the bar, chatting and having a fun time, without you,
  • Oh boy,
  • You marched yourself in there, and you could almost hear a pin drop,
  • Right before you told them off, of course.
  • “I swear to GOD, do you all really hate me all that much? To isolate me to the poist where i walk in and all the fun stops? Do you not remember that i was picked to be an Avenger too? aren’t we supposed to be a team? Not a bunch of school kids that lock out someone because they looked at them the wrong way.”
  •  You had never seen a group of people so shocked, impressed, and offended in your life.
  • Tony even started to clap, Telling you that you had gained his respect, but to never do that again.
  • Nat just gave her classic smirk, and nodded firmly at you, sending a wink your way.
  • While the others were still just stunned.
  • Two days passed, and you had never been more feared, and it was a good feeling. Not only were you feared, but you were friends, all of you. And you couldn’t have been happier.
  • It takes an army to break into the unbreakable Avengers, but once you do, you’re in it for the long haul.

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Wool Socks - George Weasley

Prompt: Reader steals George’s socks before a cuddling session, which Fred rudely interrupts.

Word count: 1,389

Warning: None(:

It was magnificent what a change in weather did to the world. With the snow pouring down around the atmosphere like a snow globe, the homey landscape outside the Burrow appear as a scenery straight from a Hallmark holiday card.

There were no visible lights, other than the strings placed around the wooden hut. Flashes of red, green, blue, and yellow flickered on a timed schedule. All the world was silent while the snow cascaded down to the ground in a soothing waterfall pattern.

You positioned your weight forward, hands clenching the window sill. The prepossessing sight was more captivating than any show you had witnessed before. Winter was a beautiful season despite the harsh cold brought along with the change of season.

The snow blanketed ground seemed so near though as you pressed your hand against the chilling glass perception struck unmasking the hundreds of feet down to the covered ground.

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Poles Apart

taehyung, 13.6k, he’s a little bit different to what you are but oh well

warning: uh… idk, there’s a warning but if i say why it gives away the story

“Being different isn’t a problem.”

“Everyone acts like it is…they pull faces when you can’t answer their questions. They talk behind your back because they don’t think what they’re saying will hurt you. You’re the only person who hasn’t questioned my… being of me.”

Originally posted by bwipsul

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trainergorres: Sessions are so much better when the athletes can push each other. #USMNTup and comer @chris__durkin and #USWNT champion @alikrieger pair up for and the energy was unreal!! #TrainWithTheBest

Some Things Never Change

Title:  Some Things Never Change

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x Donna Hanscum

Word Count:  2049

Warnings:  None, really. Maybe canon typical violence.

Author’s Notes:  This is loosely based on this request I received (sorry, I don’t know who sent it, I forgot to make a note): a fic where Donna runs into her ex, Doug at another shindig and Dean swoops in and acts like her new husband (I did boyfriend). I do not condone violence between former significant others. If you can’t tell, I’m a Dean and Donna shipper. If you’re interested in reading any of my other Hanchester fics, here’s my master list for Dean and Donna.

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Good Girl Ch 32: Wrapped Around My Finger

“They are going to have a field day with this,” Jiyong sighs to himself before leaning towards me and whispering, “I’m going to need to put my arm around you.”

I stop in the building entry way to glare up at him, “What?”

He huffs, “I’m not hitting on you for once, it just that there are going to be a lot of people staring at us and I want to make it clear you are taken, even though it’s not by me.”


He is surprisingly hesitant to actually do it though, so I pity the suddenly cute man and take his arm and put around my shoulders. Ten feet behind us a chorus of hoots and other cheer rings out, Jiyong just glares back at them. We walk out into the chilly weather on to a nice busy street. It’s only 7 but the sun is already going down. He holds me closer as we join the crowd, I don’t mind too much only because he’s really warm. We walk for a quiet ten minutes down the nice street, glancing at the cafes and shops, it isn’t until we turn a few times that I begin to understand the whole arm around my shoulders and safety thing.

We aren’t in the nice luxurious area anymore, and even though the street is filled with mom and pa shops there is a strange atmosphere about it. There are creepy looking men and women in not enough clothing for such temperatures. I actually find comfort with Jiyong’s arm around me and his friends tailing behind us. Even though I doubt any of these people would mess with us, most of them are either shaking in their boots or just straight up running away. It’s kind of amusing, I used to seeing people doing that to my daddies at school, but it’s different seeing grown men run away compared to high schoolers.

Glancing up I see that Jiyong has a major bitch face going on, and I can’t tell if it’s because of the guys following us or if it’s just for show but it kind of scares me. Behind us his friends, well most of them are footmen, are wearing a matching bitch face. I’m kind of freaked out by how they all actually look like thugs for a second. The four oldest are leading the pack with their hands in their pants pockets and their eyes set on us. Junhoe and his friends are scanning the area around us, making sure no one is planning on trying anything funny. Jiyong leads me into one of the little traditional style restaurants. A bald old man greets us right as we enter, he bows to Jiyong and looks at me with surprise in his thin eyes.

“Knock it off old man,” Jiyong snaps as he kicks off his shoes and nudges them to the side. He crouches down next me and helps me take off my shoes before setting them neatly next to his own. I say nothing as he takes my hand and leads me into the empty restaurant. We sit down at the center table on the floor, my legs are crossed neatly while his stretch out under the small table and rest with one on each side of me. “My usual and than whatever those idiots want,” He tells the still gawking old man. The others join us in the room, they push two tables together and sit comfortably a few spots away. Of course the old man nods before scrambling away.

“I always forget you are a gangster.”

Jiyong blinks at me for a few seconds, “What do you mean?”

“You are always so sweet and gentle with me that I forget that you are the black dragon of Korea,” I stare down at the ring on my hand.

“Is that good or bad?”

I shrug, “It’s nothing really.”

“Do any of them set your alarms off?” Jiyong says without looking away from me.

“No, at least they didn’t make them scream.”

“What about Seunghyun hyung?”

I nod, “He still makes them go off.”

“What about Youngbae? You seemed a little unnerved when you met him.”

“I’m not sure,” I glance toward their table to find most of them watching us.

“What does that mean? You usually know right away.”

“He doesn’t set them off but he makes me nervous.”

He nods in understanding, “Who taught you about foot soldiers?”

“My daddies, Tao and Lay, were talking about their foot solider days and Kai yelled at yours.”

“Wow, Lay told you about his foot solider days?” He looks so surprised.

“Not really, hazy details.”

“Smile, you seem so down. Are you not happy to be here?” There is no angry or jealousy in his eyes, just guilt.

I shake my head, “It’s just weird seeing you looking so cold.”

“I look cold?”

“God this is sounds rude.”

“Don’t be afraid to tell me if I’m being weird, I can forget to turn it off every once awhile. Plus I’m a bit on edge having so many people seeing us together.”

“Lets forget about them,” I smile at him. “You have all of my attention for the whole weekend, you better make the most of it.” The weird atmosphere is shaken off as we smile at each other. Our conversation gets back it’s usual playfulness, we laugh and joke, earning weird looks from the only other table in the restaurant. The old man brings our food out, a large bowl of noodles is set in front of me and a pot of tea is in the middle. Time flies like normal but a nosy young blond man interrupts it.

“So Jooyoung-ssi,” Seungri says as he sits down next to me. Daesung is on my other side staring at me with so much interest.

“Yes?” I look from each man with a confused look.

“Why aren’t you afraid of us?” Seungri wonders out loud. They all watch me with such focus I begin to sweat.

I look to Jiyong for help but he only gives me a look that tells me to give them the answer he’s expecting, “You don’t set off my alarms.”

“Your alarms?” It’s Youngbae who questions me this time, why does he have to come over. He sits down on the other side of the table with Jiyong.

I sigh, “I’m very good at sensing people’s character, or at least I’m good at figuring out if that person is a threat.”

Seunghyun scoffs as he joins us as well, “It must be broken. You seem to surround yourself with very threatening people.”

“They aren’t a threat to me.”

“What makes you so sure?” Seunghyun cocks his head at me.

“I’m still here aren’t I? Look, I know it’s weird but the way my head works is very selfishly. I could see a person do terrible things but as long as I know they won’t harm me, my alarms stay quiet. Which is how all of this stuff started in the first place.”

“We never heard about how that happened,” Daesung leans closer.

“I was at a club, there was a shoot out, I climbed out the back window with my friend, I saw Xiumin kill some innocent guy, they debated on whether they should keep me or not, I said I wanted to go along with them, and after that it turned into rainbows and sunshine.”

“Rainbows and sunshine?” Seungri scoffs.

“I’m surrounded by attractive men all day who spoil me with attention and gifts. My world is nothing but sunshine and rainbows. I would be ungrateful to say otherwise.” They all hum in understanding, Jiyong gives me a small smile. The atmosphere is only slightly hostel because of Seunghyun’s presence, but other than that the others are actually really warm towards me. After awhile Seungri and Daesung tell me to call them oppa too since we will apparently be seeing more of each other. They continue asking their questions and in turn they let me ask a few of my own, and it surprised me how they answered without hesitation. Jiyong stops them a couple of times if they give me too much detail about something he thinks is too gory for me.

Our fun is ruined by someone busting into the restaurant, the familiar man walks in like he owns the place, but I’m 90% Jiyong does. The men around me glare at the new comer, Junhoe and his friends get up from their seats and stand in between the police and where we sit. I turn around to full face him, Daesung and Seungri follow suit.

“No need to look so hostel boys,” Detective Lee says casually, a few beat cops are behind him.

“This is a private party,” The leader of Junhoe’s friends says coming forward, standing toe to toe with the detective.

“Hanbin,” Lee pats the younger on the head as if they are close but I see the younger flinch. “It’s been awhile. It’s good to see that you surrounded yourself with good people.” I don’t know why I feel so annoyed by his actions, I know Hanbin can take care of himself but I for some reason feel the need to step in.

“What are you doing here?” Hanbin continues to glare at the man.

“I heard that Mr. Jiyong was walking around with a friend,” Lee looks past the group of boys to stare at me. “Nice to see you again Miss. Jooyoung. You always seem to have a group of men around you, how do you do it?” He raises a brow at me and I don’t know whether I should be insulted or disgusted.

“Watch your mouth detective,” Jiyong warns with a terrifying growl.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to insult her. Poor thing is probably sensitive,” I get irritated by his fake sympathy. He pushes past the group of boys who watch Jiyong for orders.

“That’s close enough don’t you think detective?” Youngbae snaps.

“I just want to get a better look at the little thing that was able to wrap the 13 most powerful men in Asia wrapped around her little fingers. That’s impressive, can you tell me something?” He crouches down a few feet away from me with a disgusting smirk on his face. “Do they all fuck you at the same time or is it more groups of three or four?” I’m on my feet in seconds ready to kick they guy in the face but Seungri kicks him on his back before me, a very pissed off look on his face.

“I would prefer it if you didn’t say such dirty things to my little friend,” Seungri cracks his knuckles as he continues to glare.

“Don’t tell me the little slut got you too?” Lee chuckles as he props up on his elbows.

Daesung is standing over him, the sweet man doesn’t look so sweet anymore with his foot on Lee’s neck and a killer look in his eye. “Jiyong hyung said to watch your fucking mouth. Who our friend is and is not fucking, is none of your fucking business. Understand?”

Lee nods, he taps on Daesung’s foot in a panic for air. I don’t feel bad as he gasps for air, or when he looks like he’s about to cry. Jiyong standing up, takes my hand and leads me to the exit. He slips on his shoes before sweetly putting mine on for me.

“I’m sorry about that,” Jiyong wraps his arm around me like before as we walk outside, the others aren’t far behind.

“Thank you,” I say to him and look back at Seungri and Daesung, who are a few steps behind us with their gangster faces on, “Thank you guys too for standing up for me.”

Daesung’s face falters at my words, “He’s an ass.”

“To make up for having such a great time ruined I have a surprise for you,” Jiyong beams at me. But you need to close your eyes.” Jiyong smiles at me.

“I feel like she’s the type to peek,” Seungri teases.

“Hanbin, can you hand me your beanie?” Daesung holds his hand out expectantly to the younger man. I feel bad when the younger hands it over without question. Jiyong takes off my snap back and replaces it with the already warm beanie. I snatch my hat back from him and leave his warmth to place my hat on Hanbin’s head. He is surprised by my actions but I just smile.

“To make sure you get your hat back I’ll leave you mine for now.” I turn on my heel without another word and take my place at Jiyong’s side again. He pulls the beanie down over my eyes so I can’t peek before wrapping his arm securely around my waist for safety reasons.

“You are so trusting,” Seunghyun clicks his tongue at me.

“I’ve been alone with Jiyong many times, if he wanted to do something bad I’m pretty sure he would have done it by now,” I snap back.

He scoffs, “Maybe he was just waiting for the right time?” Jiyong’s grip on me tightens, but I feel nothing but comfort from him.

“Even if he wants to kill me, there isn’t much I can do about it now, is there?” I look in the eldest’s direction.

“She has a point there Hyung, we got her,” Daesung’s voice comes from my other side, a lot closer than before.

“Will you guys stop saying stuff like that? I’ve told you about this many times.” Jiyong growls at them.

“About what?” I wonder.

“He is horrified of you being afraid of him. Nothing like this has ever happened to him before,” Dae tells me.

“Shut your mouth,” My oppa snarls between grit teeth.

“Don’t worry Oppa, you don’t scare me.”

They continue to tease my poor oppa about his weakness for me, I can’t help but blush at their silly words. We walk for awhile, I can hear other people talking and walking by; cars zoom down the street. A door opens and I’m brought inside a quiet building. Behind me the boys are laughing and whispering, I’m excited and nervous about where I could be.

Jiyong flips the hat up revealing a dark room. All I can see is his handsome smile and his shining eyes that make me smile so big my face hurts. Then the lights flip on and machines start going and suddenly I’m staring in aw at the empty amusement park in front of me.

“You didn’t rent out an amusement park for me,” I say gawking dumbstruck.

“I didn’t rent it out, I know the owner,” He quick tries to calm my worries.

“What kind of person do you have connections with that would own an amusement park?”

“That would be me,” Daesung says in a singsong way.

“Never mind I’m not that surprised.” I wave the kind man away, something he finds cute and laughs. “Oppa lets go on that one!” I point to a tall roller coaster that forms one pig loop.

“Lets go!”