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Jack Sparrow, Piratas del Caribe: La maldición de la Perla Negro -  No todo el tesoro es plata y oro, amigo.

Rafiki, El Rey LeónEl pasado puede doler. Pero según lo veo puedes huir de él, o aprender.

Bella y la bestia - La belleza se encuentra en el interior.

Rapunzel, Enredados -  La cosa es que yo no tendre miedo nunca más.

Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story - No estoy volando, estoy cayendo con estilo.

Bruce, Buscando a Nemo - Soy un buen tiburón, no una máquina de comer.

Muntz, Up -  Aventura está ahí fuera!

Christoper Robin, Las aventuras de Winnie the Pooh -  Eres más valiente de lo que crees, más fuerte de lo que parece, y más inteligente de lo que piensas.

Merchant,Aladdin - Como muchas cosas, no es lo que esta afuera, sino lo que está adentro lo que cuenta. 

Jack Skellington,Pesadilla antes de Navidad - Sólo porque no puedo verlo, no significa que yo no lo puedo creer!

Leslie Odom Jr. to reflect in Hancher on portraying Aaron Burr, path that led there

His first bigger lead arrived in 2013, when he played Sam Strickland in the short-lived but critically-acclaimed NBC show “Smash,” coproduced by Steven Spielberg. And another up-and-comer took notice: actor, composer, and writer Lin-Manuel Miranda.

“While not many people were watching the show around the country, people in the theater watched it a lot,” Odom said. “Lin had been watching.”

Miranda shot Odom an email asking if he wanted to come read “this thing” around a table.

That thing would become Hamilton, a sung-through musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton achieved through a widely diverse cast and music styles. Last year, it received a record 16 Tony nominations, won 11, earned the 2016 Grammy for best musical theater, and received the year’s Pulitzer Prize for drama.

But, at the time Miranda reached out, Odom said, wasn’t offering a Broadway show or a Tony Award.

“He’s just offering an opportunity to have an opportunity,” he said. “He’s offering me the chance to get in a room and try it out.”

And that went on for years.

“Every time Lin invited me into a room to try it out, to sit around a table and read this thing for him and bring it to life for him, I looked at every single time as an audition,” Odom said. “It was a role of a lifetime, the opportunity of a lifetime, that’s how I looked at it.”

Odom said he knew it from the start.

“I knew the quality of the writing was so rare.”

And yet, he said, the whole “wild and wonderful” Hamilton experience wasn’t entirely expected.

“I had no idea that people would feel about it the way they do, and that America — this country — would take to it the way they have,” Odom said. “But I knew how I felt about it.”

The part was groundbreaking not just in its structure and style.

“I knew that Aaron Burr — that a role like that — I had never been offered a part like that, I had never seen a part like that before for an actor of color,” he said. “So if I could be the guy, I wanted to be the guy.”

Performing eight shows a week for a year and a half — totaling more than 400 performances — never got old or tired, Odom said.

“It was such a privilege and honor that I got to be their guide through the first time they were experiencing this piece that I loved so much — these characters and actors that I love so much,” he said.

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Debbie went to be with Carrie. She always worried about her. Carrie left too soon and now they are together again. My heart is literally broken. For 8 years she was my mom. She was pure energy & light when she came on stage. She was loving, and bawdy, and playful- a consummate pro- old school and yet had the work ethic and investment in her craft of a new fiery up and comer. She was always running off to Vegas or somewhere else “on the road” to be a hoofer, to sing and dance and make people laugh. She performed 340 days out of the year. An inspiration on every level. A Legend of course, the epitome of clean cut American optimism, dancing with Gene Kelly as an equal, a warrior woman who never stopped working. A devoted mother and grandmother, and aunt and great aunt, and friend. I lost my mom a few years ago. She loved that Debbie was my TV mom. I hope they find each other and hug and kiss and my mom says, “I got you, Debbie. Carrie’s waiting for you.” RIP Bobbie Adler. ❤

Inside Llewyn Davis, the Coen Brothers’ drama about the folk music scene of the 1960s, was acclaimed for its eccentric characters, original songs, and the closest we’ll ever get to a Star Wars movie where Kylo Ren and Poe Dameron put aside their differences to jam with Justin Timberlake.:

For the character of Llewyn Davis, the Coens took their inspiration from Dave Van Ronk, a legendary folk musician who, like Davis, played the New York coffee house circuit. They straight up took scenes from Van Ronk’s biography and put them in the movie, such as when he tries to rejoin the merchant marines but realizes he’s missing his seaman’s papers or his painful audition for the ‘60s folk equivalent of Simon Cowell. 

The only problem? Despite the fact that the two share so much in common, the Coens made their character a self-centered douchenozzle whose talent for folk music is surpassed by his knack for mooching and womanizing. While the late Van Ronk was a friendly figure who encouraged and influenced young up-and-comers like Bob Dylan and went on to have a long career, his thinly disguised film version is a pathetic sad sack who clearly went nowhere.

This was a problem for at least some of Van Ronk’s friends, who were unhappy to see the iconography of his life’s work attributed to some fictional jackass.

6 Movies That Unfairly Turned Real People Into Monsters


House Of Vans Chicago: NoName

We opened up the night of our brand new venue with a smooth performance featuring hip hop up-and-comer, NoName.  This girl is about to kill the game as she’s featured on Chance the Rapper’s album, Coloring Book, and touring up a storm. Can’t wait to see everything this talented artist accomplishes this year. 

Photography: Jonthan Mehring 


Hii! So basically we’ve wanted to do something together for a while but been unsure what, and I’ve wanted to do tumblr awards so… this is the result. Also this is a thank you for helping me reach 1k because you’re all great.

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Sure, UFP would have been better off picking more girls for the 8th Momusu audition, but hindsight is always 20/20. When Aika got chosen, the lineup had its established stars in Aichan/Mikitty(lol) and its up-and-comers in Reina/Koha (still at the height of her Kirari push). In comparison, the company was still reeling from Yaguchi’s dating scandal, Aibon’s first smoking scandal, Reina and Ayaya being Friday’d, and Meguchan quitting after a dating pic leak. NO DUH their first priority was finding someone with a strong “traditional” work ethic. Aika “I’d rather go on stage with a fractured foot than alarm the staff” Mitsui was a great choice in that respect. Idk, sometimes I feel we need a timeline to give new/forgetful fans context to whatever goes on.

The Sad Moment

When you realize, for season 2, one of the current finalists will have to lose if Victor comes back to the Grand Prix Finals.  Or Victor won’t be able to come back.  That’s not even counting if any of the non- Grand Prix Finalists vastly improve or other up-and-comers appear.

the omgcp characters as @dril tweets

bitty: what if all the locker room heteros want to kiss the gay player & it messes up their performance on the court? can we truly afford this #NBA

jack: sometimes i love to be able to want to be the man who is able to want to need to have his wants and needs able to be fulfilled sometimes

shitty: “This Whole Thing Smacks Of Gender,” i holler as i overturn my uncle’s barbeque grill and turn the 4th of July into the 4th of Shit

lardo: if a terrorist tried to get me. i’d just say like, “gods fake dude” then punch the gun out of his hand while hes contemplating the hereafter

ransom: mmy masters in agricultural science was just deemed invalid after footage arose of me dying

holster: please tell me I wasnt the only one screaming at the tv last night, begging for one of the VP candidates to recognize budweiser’s sacrifices

dex: always looking for exicting new up and comers in the realm of breathtaking digital online content to block

nursey: the last indie twitter acocunt. ..yeah thats me

chowder: “Why should there be only one good friday. Let’s try our best to make all the Fridays good. Thank you” -a quote i invented which made me cry

parse: I.m taking a break from people who think it is good to make a fool of me for drama purposes. Basically dont look at my page until im not mad


A/N: Thought I was joking in that last post? Nah, it starts now.

You sipped on your hot coco as you sat and thought as you always did. Day in and out, your eternal and never changing routine.

 You look up when you here the cracking sound of a new comer. Back to work you guessed.

You went out and saw a boy who looked your age, or the age you were when you died anyway.

‘What the hell?’ he said.

‘Getting warm.’ you said making him turn to you.

‘Welcome to the Underworld, I’m (Y/N), the welcoming committee of sorts.’ you introduced.

‘I know what it is, why does it look like-’

‘Storybrooke? No one knows why, but the older inhabitants appreciate the upgrade.’ you interrupted. 

‘I guess a diner is better than the fire and brimstone I had expected.’ he said as he looked around.

‘Oh it’s not all as harmless as it seems, the bodies of water here are actually The River of Lost Souls. So careful where you swim. Also the beast Cerberus is very real, but Hades keeps him leached well.’ you warned.

‘Anything else?’ he asked.

‘Also Hades doesn’t like it when people try to move on, so it’s best not to even try.’ you added.

‘Are we done here?’ he asked.

‘I believe so, just find your place here. Standing around wallowing is how you become a lost soul without going near the waters.’ you finished.

‘I feel I already know my place here.’ he said as he looked at the pawn shop.

‘Alright then, my job is done.’ you said as you headed back to the diner.

‘Thanks for the warm welcome.’ he called.

‘Enjoy your afterlife.’ you called back

Wait. If – IF – Louis and Bebe Rexha are coming out with a collaboration together, that means that another wave of promo is going to happen. And from what I can tell, this girl isn’t connected to JGG/any of his other teams. so I’m really curious as to:

1) how this came about? and,

2) if louis is going to have a new team by then? 

because I highly doubt anyone (esp an up and comer) is going to want a repeat of louis promo vs steve promo but….. we’ll see!