the unzipping

Protective (Dean X Reader)

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Prompt: 5. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?” with Dean Winchester
Summary: A vampire hunt goes off tracks.
Word Count: 1000

You unzipped your black leather jacket and settled it on the back of the bar stool, knowing you had the full attention of your target. He was a vampire that had drawn your attention by his pattern of seducing women and leading them to their deaths. As you revealed your bare shoulders, you fought the chill that crept up your spine at the intense feeling of being watched. You watched him make his way towards you from your peripheral vision. You pretended not to notice him as you smiled at the bartender.

“What can I get for you?” the older man asked as he tossed his bar rag over his shoulder.

“I’ll just have a cold beer,” you answered politely.

You sound like my kind of woman,” a deep, smooth voice chuckled from your right. You turned and eyed the man with feigned interest. “Do you mind if I join you, darling?” he asked. You batted your eyes lashes and sucked your bottom lip between your teeth as you let your eyes skim over him. He was tall and lean, but you didn’t doubt he was strong.

“I don’t mind at all,” you smirked and leaned forward on the bar, revealing more cleavage. His dark eyes honed in on the movement. You couldn’t help but smile as he fell for your bait. Now all you had to do was lead him outside and snap the trap.

The bartender popped the top on a beer and set it in front of you. You picked it up and took a long swig, relishing the cold liquid as it slid down your throat. He grinned and never took his eyes off you as he sipped from his own beer.

“Open a tab, anything this lady wants, is on me,” he told the old man who nodded and walked away.

“Oh, you don’t have to do that,” you placed a hand on his firm bicep. He simply waved his hand dismissively and took another sip.

“A woman as lovely as you, shouldn’t have to pay for drinks,” he hit on you. You resisted the urge to roll your eyes at his mock chivalry. You played along and kept conversation headed in the right direction. You told him everything he would want to hear. You had no family, you were out here alone looking for work, and no one knew you were here. It made you a perfect target. As the conversation turned personal, he slipped his hand across your thigh. You startled slightly as you heard glass shatter from across the bar. You raised a brow and scanned the crowd to see Dean glaring at the back of the vampire’s head. You couldn’t help but shake your head.

“Why don’t we get out of here?” he suggested as he slid his hand towards your hip. You smiled flirtatiously.

“I couldn’t have said it better myself,” you smirked your red lips and stood up. You pulled your jacket off the chair and in a fluid motion, you put it on and threw a wink at him. He smirked and led you by your hand out of the bar. You spared a glance back at Sam and Dean to see them move forward.

Instead of leading you to the parking lot, like you expected, he led you around the building to the grimy, shadowed side. He pushed you against the wall and smashed his mouth against yours. Your mind spun as you were caught off guard. You expected him to take you to an abandoned place, like he had with all his other victims. His hands explored your body, and you felt violated by his touch. One of his cold, dead hands slipped into your hair while the other jerked your leg around his waist.

“I haven’t wanted a woman like I want you before,” he growled softly into your ear. You felt another disturb chill. “I think I’ll keep you,” he added, his voice growing rougher. When he pulled back, you saw the row of razor sharp teeth in his mouth. Your eyes widened and you shoved against him with all your strength. He stumbled back, taken off guard. With some space, you entered into a fighting stance. He sneered and lunged forward at you. You dodged and with a quick movement, pulled out the silver knife that you kept tucked in your boot.

“A hunter!?” he growled. “I’ll make a pet out of you,” he sneered before surging forward again. He tackled you to the ground and you brought your knife up between the two of you. Before you could make the killing cut, his head rolled off to the left and his dark blood splattered all over you.

“Eww,” you groaned and pushed his limp corpse off of you. You looked up to see Dean holding a machete now covered in blood. He looked worried and you wanted to roll your eyes. “I totally had him,” you complained as you took Dean’s offered hand. You frowned at the blood that smeared over your cheek.

“He was all over you,” Dean frowned as he started to walk away.

Wait a minute,” you grabbed his wrist. “Are you jealous, Dean Winchester?” you teased. He rolled his eyes and faster than you could blink, his hands were buried in your hair and his lips were on yours. The kiss was passionate and made your knees tremble. When he pulled away, his green eyes met yours and he smiled at the breathless state he left you in.

“I’m not jealous,” he answered. “I’m protective,” he smirked. You remembered exactly why you fell for him in the first place.

“Would you two please just get in the car?” Sam asked. You looked over at the tall man who had already seated himself in the passenger’s seat. You shook your head to clear away the remaining daze from Dean’s kiss and made your way to the black Chevy Impala that had become your home in the last few months.  

Opposites. (Daryl Dixon)

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After being grazed by Andrea’s bad shot, Daryl was fixed up and sent into his tent to rest. When everyone had gone to finish their chores, and after I finished mine, I brought Daryl a plate of dinner. He was lying with his back to the tent entrance, his back exposed and I could see the tattoo on his skin. When he heard the fly unzip he glanced over his shoulder, aiming his crossbow at me and I motioned to the plate, putting a hand up in surrender.

“Easy now. I wasn’t the one who shot you.” Daryl put down his weapon and glanced at the plate. “Does it still hurt?” I asked as I placed his food down and sat next to him.

“Nah,” he murmured. His body shifted so he was facing me now and sitting up. “Andrea’s a real bad shot, huh?”

I couldn’t suppress the smile forming on my face. “She’ll get better with practice. You’d just better be thankful it wasn’t anyone else taking that shot.”

“Ain’t nothing worth living for anymore.” Daryl muttered as he reached for his plate. My chest stung a little at his words. “How is she?”

“Still shaken up. Who wouldn’t be after almost taking you out? What were you doing out there anyway?” I asked curiously, watching him eat with satisfaction considering I rarely saw him eat anymore ever since Sophia went missing.

Daryl chewed slowly, shrugging nonchalantly. “Got lost.” I chuckled, rolling my eyes.

“A skilled tracker like yourself?” I teased.

This time he rolled his eyes while he cleaned his plate and after he set it back down his eyes met mine. He was smirking slightly and I raised an eyebrow questioningly. “When you thought I got shot, were you worried?”

My cheeks warmed up slightly and I pushed a strand of my hair behind my ear. “Um,” I picked up his plate and stood up, messing with my t-shirt nervously. “Do you want anything else?”

“An answer.” Daryl persisted.

“Of course I was worried. I thought you had died. You’re a valuable member of this group. Daryl.” I said, not completely bluffing. Daryl scoffed and shook his head.

“You know that ain’t the type of answer I want.”

“Get some rest, Daryl. Let me, or anyone else, know if you need anything.” I added quickly. Daryl smirked again and nodded before I headed out. My face still felt hot as I was washing off his plate in the sink inside the Greene’s kitchen.

Daryl and I didn’t exactly get along at the beginning of everything. He was impulsive and angry while I thought things through and kept a cool head. We were polar opposites and we butted heads a lot. Lately, the banter between us had somehow become more playful, flirty even, and it concerned me. It’s not that I didn’t think Daryl wasn’t attractive, I was just scared of how things would end or what would happen to the group if we were to get involved and then break up. Now more than ever our group needed stability. I couldn’t imagine getting caught up in a relationship only for one of us to die tomorrow.

I won’t deny it hurt me a little when Daryl said there wasn’t anything worth living for anymore. I had hoped he would try to live for me, I know I would for him. What was I saying? God, the guy gets shot and all these hidden feelings decide to rise up inside me like some schoolgirl crush.

Daryl continued to seek me out after our conversation. He’d ask me to go on runs with him or join him on a search for Sophia. We talked a lot, mainly about our pasts, or at least mine. It was something normal to talk about now a days. What had been and what we had been.

“A teacher?” Daryl questioned, studying the ground. “With little kids?”

I smiled. “Yes, Daryl, with children. Eight year olds, more specifically.”

“Did you always want to be a teacher?” he asked.

“Yeah, it felt like the only thing I was good at, and I liked it.” Daryl nodded and I could tell he was thinking of more questions to ask, so I stopped him. “What about you? You haven’t told me much about your life. I know about Merle. What about Daryl?”

Daryl shrugged. “Ain’t much to know. I was just some redneck. Still am.”

“That doesn’t mean you didn’t also have a life. Like the rest of us. What did you do before this?” Daryl stayed quiet, so I pressed on. “Did you have a girlfriend?” Daryl scoffed and looked at me incredulously over his shoulder. “What? I had a boyfriend. He was a bartender.”

“What was he like?” Daryl asked. I rolled my eyes deciding he wasn’t going to answer any personal questions. No matter how hard I tried.

“Quiet. He was kind, smart, he liked little kids but he kept that hidden with the rest of his soft side. He was tall and tough, but he was gentle and he had a lot of love to give out. I felt safe with him.” I thought more about my boyfriend and felt my heart ache with longing. I missed him. Daryl gave me a sympathetic look and I shrugged. “He died heroically. Like I always thought he would. He was protecting Jacqui and I, actually.”

“I’m sorry.” Daryl said after a moment.

“You remind me of him sometimes. You’re both reserved, but you care. Even if you don’t let on as much as others.” Daryl and I stared at each other and then he smiled.

“I don’t mind being like him. He sounds like a nice guy.”

“Yeah?” I grinned.

“Yeah,” Daryl smirked a little before continuing on the track he had found. “We got the same taste in women.” My cheeks burned brightly and I smiled to myself as I followed after him. Moments like these with Daryl were more than enough until we were ready for something more serious. Something greater than ourselves.

Requested: Daryl and Reader are opposites and have a love-hate relationship in which they dislike each other at the beginning of the outbreak but soon become closer after he is thought to be shot by Andrea. Man, this was a throwback. I miss the old seasons when all my babies were alive and well. Hope you like it! Thanks for requesting! xx

How to improve Stevonnie’s design

In order to change Stevonnie’s design, Steven and/or Connie’s would most likely need to change. Steven almost always wears the same clothes, so here and some fun design changes for Connie!

  • Braces- Stevonnie needs that hint of puberty, no?
  • Short hair, maybe?- I just like the idea.
  • Long and tight clothing- to save Stevonnie from sexy crop tops.
  • Layered clothing- for the same reason.
  • More oversized overwear- I liked her Supremo jacket! The main reason they have a crop top all the time appears to be to show off their gem. They should always wear that jacket, because if it’s unzipped it leaves room for their gem. Then they can go crazy with crop tops. (But maybe it should actually reach down to their shorts.
  • Tights!- Steven’s default pants give Stevonnie sexy short shorts, but I imagine if Connie had tights, they could go underneath their shorts and make their outfit less “revealing”.
  • Hair dye- she gets a couple streaks of it without her parents’ permission. During training, Connie has her usual braid, which gives Stevonnie little turquoise side braids. Not for improvement, but a nice idea.

Sorry for the sloppy post!

Tony likes to wear panties. Fight me

Okay but friend, pal, buddy … listen to this: Tony Padilla slipping his thick little booty and thighs into allll kiiiiiinds of cute panties. Lace, mesh, satin, baby-pink and baby-blue cotton, fuckin VELVET ughhhh

And like, that’s why tony swaggers around, head held high and short strides confident in where he’s going.

And one day when Clay comes to visit him at the garage, its a hot ass day so Tony has his frumpy grey jumpsuit unzipped and pulled down to his hips and his white beater clinging to his sweaty, greasy skin. And tony totally forgets that he’s still wearing his olive green lace panties

And clay does not notice at first coz he tries not to make it a habit of staring at his friend’s asses but he catches a small glimmer. And oh yeah, theres fucking rhinestones on tony’s panties.

On a Rainy Day

bleb. I was listening to music and this came out. It’s random and a blurb. I’ll do better next time!~

“Don’t you love days like these?” a stranger asked with a smile. You looked around, confused.

“I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not… It’s pouring. You’re soaking wet.” You had just stepped out of a new candy store that opened up near your apartment to rain showers. You looked at the stranger up and down. He had just ran under the door canopy for shelter from the rain. He laughed and looked down at the bag in your hand and then over his shoulder.

“You like candy on rainy days?”

Not knowing how to respond, you tilted your head in confusion. “I guess I do,” eliciting a laugh from the stranger. “What brings you to the candy store on a rainy day?”

He smiled and unzipped his jacket, revealing the name of the store on a soaked light green t-shirt. “Part-timer.” Glancing behind you, you furrowed your brows. “Why I am standing out here? Just conversing with a stranger.” He turned, reaching for the door. “B/N. See you sometime?”

Turning your body, you watched him enter the store. Giving him a half wave you muttered, “I guess?”

Two days later, walking home from work, you passed by the store again. Without realizing it, you slowed down to scan inside the store to see if B/N was working. No sign of him. You continued walking then felt a drop on your head. “Rain? The weather people were wrong!” Looking up at the sky, you were startled, almost running into someone.

“Looks like we meet again on a rainy day,” B/N said with a smile.

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So imagine this ok: Luke is like "if you come home with me, I guarantee you'll be a monoclinic magnesium-iron-manganese amphibole. (That makes a mineral called cummingtonite)" and Reid does that confused face while he's trying to figure out what that means so Luke thinks that Reid didn't like his pick up line until Reid is like "are you helicase because I'm gonna unzip your genes" and then they try to out pun each other.

Omg I don’t know anything about science but I love the puns


There’s a lot of emotion behind their skating outfits/// ❤️️


#This is an honest to god scene that actually frickin’ exists in real life #a sexually frustrated Killian Jones #standing in his kitchen #with his jacket off #and vest unzipped #talking about needing a cold shower #GOD IS THE REALEST OF REALS

I can’t get over Killian Jones not giving a fuck and telling his mother in law

YES YOU ARE INTERRUPTING and yes I NEED TO GO GET A COLD SHOWER. Ii was about to bang your daughter on the kitchen tableand I won’t apologize for it because it’s our house and we just got engaged. I just made it back from the Hook Realm Tour 2017 featuring Aggrabah, the Enchanted Forest and Neverland. I want to bang your daughter repeteadly. I’M AT HOME WITHOUT MY JACKET AND MY VEST IS UNZIPPED