the untitled mag


Photos by Kailey
1. Retro Barbie ( Self portrait as the original 1959 Barbie )
2. For Galore Mag.
3. For Galore Mag.
4. Untitled
5. Shrimpton ( Self Portrait inspired by Bert Stern’s portrait of Jean Shrimpton for Vogue)
6. Kailey on the set of Darling Distraction’s Lookbook Shoot
7. Self-portrait as Marie Antoinette.

jade-star-deactivated20120820  asked:

Hi, new follower here. I just wanted to tell you that I was delighted to see that you had written an article for The Untitled Mag. One of my friends helped start the project, and she's currently part of the staff.

Thank you! The untitled mag is a great project and everyone should support it. I would have volunteered my regular time when it was getting started, but I can’t really sign myself up for anything with my senior year of college approaching. So I was really delighted when I was asked to write an article! There need to be more inclusive mags that talk about important things like this out there, and all the people involved are great.