the unseen photos


Candid photographs of John Lennon, George Harrison and Yoko Ono a year after the split of The Beatles. The photographs were taken by Phil Spector (an executive for Apple records and Decca who worked on The Beatles final album Let It Be) in July 1971, in a New York appartment where George asked John to perform at his charity concert for refugees in Bangladesh. But soon after the photos were taken a row sparked between John and Yoko, and John ended up pulling out. George stipulated it was only John he wanted to perform and not Yoko.

Luhan posted an unseen photo of Tao and said:

M鹿M:@SwaggyT-ao 生日快乐!祝演唱会顺利!咔咔的,哈哈

Luhan: wishing @SwaggyT-ao a happy birthday! Wishing the concerts a success! Awesome Ha ha

Tao replied:

Tao: my Lu ge ah I love you. May Fighter of The Destiny’s ratings and views be great *muah* Let’s work hard together! Just do it!

anonymous asked:

What are Ryan's stretch goals?

$5000 – Cooking stream! (and, if he can find them, Ryan will release his previously unseen modelling photos)

$4000 – Lightning round Bad Sex Advice stream segment.

$3000 – GTA V heist stream in cosplay!

$2000 – Sky Factory Stream.

$1000 – Ryan will make a Minecraft server.

…and as a super extra special stretch goal, at $6000 – Ryan will try to find his old modelling portfolio and share it on stream!

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Audrey Hepburn photographed by Zinn Arthur for Love in the Afternoon, Paris, France,1956. From the upcoming Christie’s auction.

Truthfully, what hurts me most about this auction, there are so many photos and personal items belonging to Audrey that we will never see again.  They will be sold and stored away.  It’s such a shame. So many rare, unseen photos, clothes, and jewelry that will be forever gone.

Maybe some saint will buy it all and create a traveling exhibit.  Fingers crossed.