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Norman Reedus photographed by Ira Chernova for The Unlimited Magazine 2014

‘I used to think that art came from dark emotions and my art, mainly sculptures, paintings, and photos, was made at the darkest times of my life. Though I did do some really cool shit back then, I got over that idea. Maybe it’s growing up or seeing the other side of the coin.’


Norman Reedus for The Unlimited Magazine

The Phantom Pain is a game that can also suddenly change in a survival horror game when the Skulls decide to thwart your missions. It is also a game that doesn’t eschew to give you the opportunity to kill/attack African child soldiers and face the consequences. The Phantom Pain is more than a game; it is the first real interactive product which differentiates itself completely in a positive way from anything I’ve been able to play previous generations.(Sorry, Bloodborne. Not even close.) The Phantom Pain feels like something from the future. And to think that I have only played sixteen hours and that you can easily invest ten times as much time in the final product if you want to experience everything. Hideo Kojima, you lovable bastard, you; I love you. If the remaing part of the Phantom Pain is as good as the first sixteen hours, then it will not only become the Game of the Year, but perhaps one of the best games of all time. And I say this while being completeley sober.
—  Power Unlimited (a Dutch Gaming Magazine) [translation]

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Winter crossed her arms, tapping her foot. "Deadpool, please explain to me why I found a box of dirty magazines underneath our bed." She said with a deep frown as she lifted up one of the magazines. "Jugs Unlimited? I took a look and it was NOT about jugs!"

“Every guy has dirty mags Winter. Every single one. Besides, I haven’t read them for…a few weeks."