the unknown rebel

best “new-to-me” films: may 2017
  1. rebels of the neon god (1992, dir. tsai ming-liang)
  2. a brighter summer day (1991, dir. edward yang)
  3. mekong hotel (2012, dir. apichatpong weerasethakul)
  4. goodbye, dragon inn (2003, dir. tsai ming-liang)
  5. friday (1995, dir. f. gary gray)

honorable mentions:

  • oki’s movie (2010, dir. hong sang-soo)
  • silent light (2007, dir. carlos reygadas)
  • my beautiful laundrette (1985, dir. stephen frears)
  • code unknown (2000, dir. michael haneke)
  • viola (2002, dir. matías piñeiro)

short films:

  • ashes (2012, dir. apichatpong weerasethakul)
  • gasman (1997, dir. lynne ramsay)
  • sink & rise (2003, dir. bong joon-ho)
  • vapour (2015, dir. apichatpong weerasethakul)

favorite new releases:

  • lovesong (dir. so yong kim)
  • the lure (dir. agnieszka smoczynska)
  • alien: covenant (dir. ridley scott)
  • buster’s mal heart (dir. sarah adina smith)
  • Me before seeing "Rogue One": Well, it's not Episode VIII, but it has Darth Vader and it's still a Star Wars movie, so maybe it'll be decent enough to hold me over :/
  • Me after seeing "Rogue One": Was there a time before Rogue One and stardust and the Erso family I don't know but I will forever claim Jyn, Cassian, Bodhi, Baze, Chirrut & K-2SO as my precious little cinnamon roll babies who deserved so much better than what they got and I will never again think of a beach without sobbing over RebelCaptain nor can I watch the New Hope opening crawl without screaming about the unknown "rebel spies" who were galactic heroes and while we're at it, hey Lucasfilm, how bout some Rogue One references in the future Star Wars movies or maybe a cameo in the Han Solo movie actually you know what, no one really wants the Han Solo movie anyway so how about a prequel about the Rogue One crew instead...???

It was 22 years ago today that the Unknown Rebel aka “Tank Man” blocked the path of tanks during the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 in Beijing, China. 

“Tank Man” stops the advance of a column of tanks on June 5, 1989, in Beijing. This photograph, taken by Jeff Widener of the Associated Press, became one of the most famous images of the 20th century, and an international symbol at the end of the Cold War era. (Wiki)

So I’ve made a connection...

We all know Freddie Prinze Jr. voices Kanan.

And we know that his wife, Sarah Michelle Gellar is going to be in season two of Rebels voicing an unknown character.

And how they both played Fred and Daphne in the Scooby Doo movies in the early 2000s.

And we all know Star Wars Rebels is on Disney XD…

Guess what other show is on Disney XD.

And Gravity Falls fans all know who Wendy is.

And she is voiced by Linda Cardellini

Who played Velma in the Scooby Doo movies.

I had to share.

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Hi, I love your blog! I've been looking for some Anidala fanfics, do you know any good? Also, do you know any AU fics with this couple? I found some, but they were mainly about the love triangle (obiwan and the two). I don't know where to look... Have a nice day! :)

hey, sorry this took me so long fam…i’ve had the same problem in the past MANY times, but i have a TON of saved stories from all of my extensive digs for good fics so fear not!!!

i’ll link all of my favorite stories here (one shots and multichapter), and either reblog and add more when i find them or i’ll create a separate masterpost in the near future

if anyone wants to add some feel free :)

if it’s rated M i’ll make sure to note it but yeah here we go

Where Catalysts Stand Down by SphinxScribe - Palpatine issues Order 66, and Anakin and Padmé flee Coruscant. ROTS AU.

Turn to Me by finnickisalive - Sensing the Dark Side of the Force infiltrating in Anakin, Padmé is able to intercept him before he attacks the Jedi Temple with the 501st Legion. But what happens after she is able to make him see light - will Darth Vader continue to rise or will Anakin remain? Rated M for later chapters.

Silent Angel, Prodigal Son by LadySkywalkerKirkland - At this point, Padme Amidala didn’t expect to fall in love, not after everything she’d believed in had been all but destroyed. Certainly she would have laughed at the idea of falling in love with a presumed-dead Jedi castaway. And the castaway in question never expected to be given a second chance - at life, at destiny, and at the love he thought had long forgotten him…

The Enemy Among Us by Evergreen98 - Unknown to the Rebel Alliance, an enemy has slipped into their ranks. He hides in plain sight, unkown to even himself. He is their greatest threat, but he could also be their salvation. All he has to do is pick a side. Anakin Skywalker, or Darth Vader?

Grocery Market AU by jedikhaleesi - The Fetts own a grocery market. Chapter 5: Obi-Wan and Anakin make pie.

Love and Lies by Evergreen98 - Padmé lives in a world of painful memories, in a galaxy shadowed by the dark Empire. Darth Vader has been given a new mission by his master…and this assignment starts with her. Will Padmé see through his facade, or will Vader succeed in his mission? How far will their lies go? (suitless Vader)

Rediscovery by jedimasterroyal - Palo’s back and to Anakin that might seem like a wrench into his marriage, but it turns out to be something completely unexpected. I mean, let’s be honest, the only real threat ever has been Rush Clovis…and now thinking about it Palpatine. This summary has told you very little of what the story really is about. Read it though, it’s a comedy. I’m back.

Gust of Wind by jedimasterroyal - Anakin and Padme spend a week in Naboo for the festivities. Of two things Anakin was certain when he came back from the festival. 1. He was lucky to love and be loved by Padme. 2. Naboo threw one hell of a party.

The Game by jedimasterroyal - Anakin and Padme have this game that they play every time they are reunited.

A Sky Full of Stars (Stardust) - Padme has a bad experience with stars but her husband makes her see a different point of view.

Afraid - Takes place during the Clovis Arc. Anakin royally screws up, but so does Padme. A take on what was not shown nor expanded upon between Anakin and Padme during three episodes.

She Doesn’t See - Anakin tries his hardest not to care when Padme Amidala doesn’t notice him. But she’s the center of his universe and it’s the only way he knows he can make a connection with her.

A Thin Dark Line by Shawn30 (Rated M) - Passion, darkness, and an enduring love mark Anakin and Padme’s marriage throughout the Clone Wars.

Amnesia by jedimasterroyal - What happens when Anakin becomes amnesiac after an emergency surgery and Padme has to feed him? Awesomeness, I assure you. Based off the actual events of Jason Mortensen. 

Double or Nothing by ayunlu - In which Anakin Skywalker finally tells the Jedi Council about his secret marriage to Padme Amidala. Their reaction is unexpected, to say the least.

Breaking Boundaries by SphinxScribe - After the Battle of Endor, when his sister Leia is kidnapped for reasons unknown, Luke must enlist the help of his self-exiled father to help him find her. Post-ROTJ AU.

A Second Chance by SphinxScribe - After the Battle of Endor, Luke, Leia, and Han go back in time to the days of the Old Republic, where they join Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi on a diplomatic mission to Naboo. Time-travel AU.

Children of the Revolution by Rosecrystals - Anakin’s disappointment with the Jedi Council’s treatment of him leads him to make a series of decisions that will affect everyone around him, namely his relationships with his Master Obi-Wan and lover, Padme. (AOTC AU)

1000 Words by EternalRandomChick - A sort-of songfic set to 1000 Words (don’t hate, that song’s good!). I guess it begins before Mustafar, but it ends shortly after the Endor celebration. Padme is slightly Force-sensitive in this version. Contains Anidala, and some family moments for Padme, Anakin, and Luke.

The ‘F’ Word by Shy Snootles - After his conversation with Obi-Wan’s spirit on Dagobah in ROTJ, Luke is thrown back in time right in the middle of ROTS, days before his father’s turn. Stuck in Padme’s apartment, he struggles to figure out the reason that brought him there.

Whisper by Shawn30 (Rated M) - Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but can also whither your soul and breed doubt in your heart. 

Shadows of Winter by Shawn30 (Rated M) - With six days to spend together celebrating their two year anniversary, Anakin and Padme travel separately to a remote planet in the Hoth system. Romance, passion, and danger await them.

Admit the Truth by Disco Shop Girl - Anakin and Obi–Wan have a heart–to–heart about his relationship with Padmé.

The Ties That Bind by Shawn30 (Rated M)- Given a brief period of time off during the Clone Wars, Padmé and Anakin visit her family at the Lake Country estate on Naboo. A family that still doesn’t know they are married, although they are about to find out.

My Last Breath by Above the Winter Moonlight - I loved him, he was there with me, I know he was and I knew there was still good in him. He was there, standing at my side, a silent apparition, as I drew my last breath… Anidala hurt/comfort oneshot

getting home to you by irnan - Anakin always said it was Padme’s fault, but he was the one who spotted that broom closet.

Sins of the Father by indie (two chapters have an M version and a T version) - Alternate Universe where Obi-Wan did not win the battle on Mustafar, Vader was not disfigured and Padmé did not die.

Vanilla Latte by acrossthestarss - Coffee Shop/College AU where Anakin and Padmé are terrible flirts and everyone is in the mood for caf. [my story]

It’s Alright to be Afraid by ThornlessRose96 - Palpatine wasn’t the only thing frightening Padme, despite what she tells Anakin time and time again, she does fear dying in childbirth.

Horizon by Lady Aeryn - In bed, Anakin and Padmé discuss the possibility of children.

Perfect Imperfections by Daenarrah - Despite the marks the war has left on him, Anakin will continue to be her husband. And Padmé wouldn’t love him any other way.

The Boy Next Door by HermioneLunaPotter - When Padme Naberrie returns to her home after 10 years, the last thing she expects to find is her childhood friend, Anakin Skywalker; the boy next door. But 10 years is a long time, and he has changed more than she is prepared for. How will she react when little Ani is now a grown man, impulsive, handsome and completely infatuated with her? Modern AU.

The Girl From Harvard by HermioneLunaPotter - Absence makes the heart grow fonder. It also makes it grow more paranoid. Padme is in her last year of Harvard. Anakin has just started at the University of Chicago. Though they won’t admit it, their long-distance relationship is taking it’s heavy toll. Will their love prevail or will the distance prove too much for both of them? Sequel to The Boy Next Door.

infinite by HermioneLunaPotter - My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep; the more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite. (This is basically my take on the missing moments at the end of AotC.)

wow ok this was long but yeah i’ll make a masterpost of ALL my fics soon but until then enjoy anon and everyone else, may the ship be with you (??)

Ahsoka can’t die until we know all that she went through to get to this point. Why is she suddenly so spiritual? When did that happen? How did she get her new kyber crystals? She looks nothing like the vision of herself that she saw before, is that simply because things changed, or is there more behind her appearance? Where is she going when she does all of her research? How did she convince everyone that she was dead? Did she ever find closure with Barriss? Did she ever learn with the fact that Riyo Chuchi approved of the invasion of neutral worlds and did their friendship survive this? How did she meet the Syndullas?

There’s too much to answer but this isn’t her show but she can’t just die now or it means so little.

We are pleased to announce that the theme for Scriptorium’s Autumn AU is: ROYAL MASQUERADE.

Royals from around the world have gathered to attend a massive masquerade. With so many high ranking officials in one place, threats from an unknown rebel group were inevitable, and the tragic assassination of a princess sets off a panic that throws the party into complete disarray.

Will the knights be able to swallow their pride and ask for help from the commoners outside before more blue blood is spilled?

character role(s): royalty, guard, rebel, other [peasant, merchant, etc.]

The AU will officially start on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17TH and run through SUNDAY, DECEMBER 10TH.

We would like the original authors of this AU idea (there were 2) to please contact us via the Tumblr messaging system to help with this AU’s world building and Character Template. Prior examples can be found HERE and HERE

Please contact us as soon as possible so we can put the necessary information up this week.

Stay tuned for more information!


Those scenes in Siege of Lothal bother me a lot for two reasons:

1) Tua said she did everything to find any information about Rebels, yet the moment when her life was in danger, she magically found out that Old Jho has a connection to Ghost Crew.. and successfully persuaded him to cooperate. How she did that? Or if she knew about it all the time(?), why she didn’t report that to Kallus and save everyone trouble with Tarkin and Vader?

She could redeem herself with that information. Instead she ditched Empire thinking only about herself. I understand that not everyone is a heroic enough to put loyalty or beliefs above being alive but it saddness me that the only one named & active imperial female character showed at the time on the screen was so… useless until her death scene. I don’t mind that she worked for Empire or that she wasn’t warrior (like Sabine or Hera) or how she was a poor politician or how unkind she was to others. That’s okay. She had a lot of faults - all interesting characters have them. But the show didn’t really present any of her good qualities and when finally she had moral / emotional dilemmia and, you know, a bit of character development, she was killed. What makes me sad, because creators of Rebels proved with “The Honorable Ones” that they can show already established villian in new light without killing said character.

But what bothers me even more is:

2) the missed opportunity to make an interesting plot twist, because  TUA COULD BE AN UNDERCOVER REBEL SPY

Remember Gall Trayvis? A man who by more than half of first season was seen as a hero by Ghost Crew but turned out to be imperial agent? We could have similar yet reversed scenerio with minister Maketh Tua.

Think about it: how you would feel if Tua - a woman with political power yet not really respected by her fellow imperials, who most of time was unkind to everyone around her and who was shown as a joke & caricature of politician - turned out to be a brave spy who not only smuggled important informations to Bail Organa / Falcrum about imperial operations but also kept saving Ghost Crew’ asses time after time?

As much as it would be sad for me to not have any loyal named & active female character on Empire’s side, Tua being Imperial turned into rebels spy would made a lot sense. Just think about all scenes when she acted arrogant or plain stupid or angrily shouted at everyone around her and “add” a spy-related reasons behind such unprofessional / emotional behaviour and we could have something like that:

  • Remember Droid in Distress, when she - as minister from Lothal - was accompanied by C3-PO & R2-D2? Which no explanation why? Since we know now that Bail wanted to see the unknown rebels in action, he and Tua could work together in that aspect. She could be the one to inform him about Ghost Crew’s activity on Lothal and set a “test” for them (if Ghost Crew would fail, Tua would still known where the weapon went and gave bearings to Bail & Falcrum, so they could sent a trusted rebel soldiers to recapture it). Maybe Tua is like Sabine, when it comes to foreign languages? Maybe she all the time knew what her Alien companion was saying but since she needed a pretext to bring Bail’s droids, she acted as arrogant, uneducated and racist politician?
  • In Empire Day, when after rebel’s attack, she screamed at Kallus and Inquisitor, demanding from them to catch “terrorists”? She knew that Tseebo was wanted by the Empire; that Kallus was looking for him personally. And there was attack, so she had a reason to put pressure over ISB agent to forget about Rodian for now and look for rebels (maybe she hoped their attack was a diversion to smuggle important for Rebellion Tseebo from Lothal?) When I analyzed this scene between Imperial Trio for the first time I thought of Tua as arrogant person or acting on adrenaline rush - but then the thought she could be someone more than useless imperial politician never crossed my mind. If she were a spy, the fact she was ready to put Ghost Crew in danger for the sake of Tseebo’s informations would be a nice addition to her persona. Because as a spy she would make a very hard choices under awful circumstances. Not everyone has guts to do it, especially not after almost being blow up by people you try to protect.
  • Or Vision of Hope, when Tua called in question Kallus’ plan because she tried to discourage him from setting a trap for Ghost Crew. She even recalled Inquisitor’s opinion (who apparently did not support Kallus’s plan either) what pissed off Kallus. And since agent of ISB was too stubborn to change his mind and listen to her & Inquisitor, she practically barged into military operation, maybe hoping that rebels will use the moment of distraction and run away?
  • Coming back to Siege of Lothal, we could have something more than “self-absorbed politician solding informations to save a life” scenerio. We could have a very emotional moment, when Ghost Crew learn that Tua was actually their information (probably sending info via Old Jho) by the whole time and instead of asking them to save her, she could warn them to NOT COME BACK TO LOTHAL because there is someone far worse that Inquisitor. Tua warned them because she knows she will be found out pretty soon, but Ghost Crew still decide to come back for her. Except their action would lead to Tua’s death (and Imperial using it to discredit whole Rebellion). That would be depressing, not only because of sad end for a useful rebel spy but also because Ghost Crew would need to copy with their failure on more personal level and Kallus’ behaviour would made a lot of sense too if all his previous efforts were spoiled by Tua and now he had a chance to kill the traitor; of course he would be happy to lead her into trap

And you know what would be an interesting part of Tua’s role? She could gave a lot of useful informations to Rebellion, she could save main heroes, she could be smart enough to fool Kallus and Inquisitor but not enough to fool Vader, no shame here but still it was her signature on every imperial decree that hurted people of Lothal. Every order of deportation or takeover of land or maybe even execution. Think how Tua would feel knowing that as much as she helps Rebellion at the same time she hurts her own people. That what she did in part contributed to the execution of Aresko & Grint (two people she knew personally and worked probably for a long time; they may not be the best of people, yet they weren’t monsters either to deserve such a death). Or knowing that most of ordinary people will never learn truth about her; they may never knew she was a rebels spy, that she risked her life on daily basis for safety of galaxy.

Do you know how much I need right now Tua being something more than a pretty face of not really useful character - at least before her death? Because I would take courageous but also not-totally-without-fault Tua over just inefficient, opportunistic politician.




“Where are we headed after this?” Ray asked as the two held hands going down the broad walk.
“I think we should just let someone else buy our plane tickets and go there. Then it’ll be a true adventure to somewhere unknown.”
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ps i hope this kinda went with the song
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Hi everyone!

It’s time for us to vote on Scriptorium’s Autumn AU! Just like before, this AU will last for 3 months, with the tentative end date being December 15.

The AU will be chosen through an anonymous poll and, as usual, participation is completely optional. The AU will not disrupt or affect anything in the current Scriptorium canon. We do please ask that you put in a vote, whether or not you choose to actually take part in the AU.

The 3 AU options are listed below; one was written by the mods, and two were written by our members. We’ll provide a more detailed description of the AU that is chosen. If one of the two user submitted AUs is chosen, we may ask its original author to help with the finer details.

Please cast your votes by September 10! 


royal masquerade

Royals from around the world have gathered to attend a massive masquerade. With so many high ranking officials in one place, threats from an unknown rebel group were inevitable, and the tragic assassination of a princess sets off a panic that throws the party into complete disarray.

Will the knights be able to swallow their pride and ask for help from the commoners outside before more blue blood is spilled?

character roles: royalty, guard, rebel, other [peasant, merchant, etc.]

monster school

Step into Ashcroft’s Academy for Advanced Hauntings, affectionately known in the ghoul community as AAAH! This lively boarding school houses ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and a host of other young monsters eager to bite and claw their way up the ruthless social ladder. …And maybe actually learn a thing or two along the way.

character roles: student, professor, staff, other

haunted theatre

An up and coming stage company has found its home at the Royal Theatre, a recently renovated venue that lay abandoned for nearly a decade. A freak accident during their first performance sets off a long chain of unlucky events, including the gruesome death of the crew’s primary benefactor. 

What dark secrets lie hidden beneath the Royal Theatre’s main stage? 

character roles: actor, stage crew, ghost, other